Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/31/2014: Everything Will Work Out In Your Favor

There are moments in your life where you have to listen to what the Spirits are saying. 

Listen to the advise they give you. Sometimes it may not agree with your Ego. It may go against everything you believe in. 
Our spirit guides are there to push us past the crap of everyday life. 

The cards speak of Faith. They talk about the choices we have to make and how sometimes we have to use our intuition to come to an answer. 

Your Ego will try to confuse you. It will state the opposite of what your spirit is telling you. You will feel a struggle. 

When you come to an answer you must stay positive and stick with it. You have to know that everything will work out in your favor. It will work out for the greater good. Everyone will benefit from your choice, not just you. 

I still struggle with writing my entries. I may change it. I may simply write two sentences. The big lesson I must learn here, is that, I am making progress as long as I write something everyday. 

Do not worry about what others think or what they may say. As long as you make a decision and choice based off of truth and clarity, rather than fear and doubt, then you are being truthful with yourself. 

Sometimes you have to look at the simple things in life. What if shit just didn't work out the way you thought it would? What if you just did not get what you want?

What happens?

Nothing. You keep on moving. You keep on living. You keep on breathing. 
I find myself still stressing over small matters. Do you have this issue?

I think it is time to lift up your arms and say, "Source! I am letting you take care of it."

Surrender. Give in to the movement of the energy around you. When you stress and worry, you go against the natural flow of energy. You are trying to push against the good that is manifesting. Allow it to rush over you. Move with it. Go with the flow.

That does not mean that you are to sit there and not make choices. A choice is your participation in creating good within your life.
It is time to have Faith. Know that it will all work out okay. You are okay. It is a lovely day. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/30/2014: Open Up Your Heart To The Message Of Love

I want you to open up your heart to your spirit guide and listen. I want you to ask your guardian angel to speak up. Ask them for more information. Ask them for a sign. 

Once this is done, stand still, and take note. 

They are constantly talking to us. They are sending us messages of love, of inspiration. Can you hear it?

They are telling you to move forward. They are stating "it is time!"
It is always time. It is time to get going and make something happen. What are you waiting for?

Open up your heart to the possibility of love. 
Open up your heart to the possibility of inspiration. 
Open up your heart to the possibility of prosperity. 

It is there. Hidden within the hurt and pain. 
You are not alone. 

They are telling you that you have Source on your side. My spirit guide wants me to talk about where I am at within my spiritual journey. 

I have a wonderful relationship with a great person. I love my job (at this moment). I am thankful for the prosperity that is here, right now. Yet, I still return to my old doubts and fear. For a brief second I return to what I am lacking. 
For a brief second I doubt the perfection within myself. Then I begin to listen to my spirit guide and she states, "Do not worry. You are worthy of only good. You are a great person. You are wonderful". 
I pull myself out of the negative thought process and into the positive. 

Today is about the language of love. Think of love. Be love. 
Treat others with the same respect that you treat yourself with. Examine that thought. How do you treat your current self? 
Maybe you should start at the beginning. 

Start with sending a little bit of that energy we talked about yesterday to your self. Fill it with love and send it your way. 

This is the message of the day. Love yourself and then open up your heart to the greatness that is all around you. 

Blessed Be. 

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/29/2014: What Are You Spending Your Energy On?

As I was sitting in my car, thinking about today's entry, the song "Let it Be" was playing on the radio. 

I was inspired to write. 

What are you spending your energy on?
Who are you spending your energy on?

You are receiving valuable information from Source this week and the question you should be asking yourself is, "What am I going to do with it?" 

The spirits are advising us to pull back the energy you have been throwing out into the great wide open. Pull back the energy that has no intent behind it. 

Spend your energy on your goal. 

Supply that seed with the love and perfection that it desires. 

To me the song "Let it Be" is asking us to reach a state of "Okay" in order for us to see the answer. 

The answer is always around you. It is not hidden. We hide it by putting our fingers in front of our eyes. 

I had to pull additional cards for this entry. The Spirits are stating that we must look at our goal in a new light. 
What do you really want? 
I really need to take a look at what I want this Blog to develop into. 

The cards also apply to me. What is my goal?

My goal is to return to writing about what I know. Cards and Spirituality. 
I know that it starts with our self. Our energy. Your energy. My energy. 
It is time to let go and let it be. I am going to lift my arms up and state to the Universe "I am ready!"

The answer will be revealed. Kind of like the new color books they have at the toy store. Where you scratch the pad and a picture is revealed. 
The information comes in blotches. In the end you reveal the symbol. Now it is time to reveal your symbol. 

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/28/2014: It May Not Be What You Want, But It is What You Need.

Today brings an agreement of some sort. The agreement may not be exactly what you want, but it will be what you need. 

The truth can present itself to us in an unusual shape and form. It may look dingy and dirty, raw and unfinished, or sad and broken. 
The truth can be dark in nature. It may cause destruction. 

The cards are stating that today will contain the truth but it may not be what you expected it to be. 

What do you have your hopes set on? What is your goal? 
Sometimes the goal can blind us. The end result can be misleading. You have your mind set on a particular item. You reach out into the Universe and state "Make it so!"
You create that which you desire within your spirit and wait for it to be manifested into reality. Do not obsess over it too much. You will surely over water the small seed that you have planted. Do not forget about it as well, for you do not want it to be sitting on the shelf, of your root cellar, collecting dust. 

Sometimes your goal changes. Sometimes it is manifested in an undesirable way. It comes to you half broken and unstable. Do not worry. Maybe you are only looking to use the simple spring within the broken item, so that you can complete your masterpiece. 

Your life is your masterpiece. It is never finished. It is constantly being worked on. Painted with different colors and brushes. Your goal is part of the picture. What have you been working on? 
Be open to what is being presented to you. It may look small and meek but it packs a powerful punch. Your spirit will recognize it. It will glimmer like a ruby in the sunlight. 

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/28/2014: Support Towards Being Okay

Music inspires me to write. I think it will aid me in finishing up this weeks entries. 

Christopher Hayes posted a statement on Facebook last week which said,

"If my life was made into a country song I'd ask Reba McEntire to sing it."

This has been stuck in my mind for a while. I have been thinking about the soundtrack of our life. What if we could pick a person or group to sing our song? Who would you pick? Who would it be? What genre of music would the song be labeled under?

Music and lyrics are there to soothe our aching heart. They supply us with support. They can lift us up or bring us down. You relate the song to the situation that has been happening in your life. 

The cards speak of support. They speak of generosity and prosperity. The detour has led us to a new destination. That destination turned into our place of prosperity. What song will you be singing? 

What is playing on your spiritual radio? My song is half bitter sweet and carefree. A crooked smile. It provides me with a little bit of wisdom and disaster. It brings me to a state of "Okay". 
I use to advise those around me to think of a state of perfection. To state that everything is perfect. There were those that stated to me that it was hard. It was hard to see things as perfect when everything was crumbling to the ground. They use to ask how to see the good within the bad. Here is my reply. 

It is not about getting to a state of perfection without going through the grief. R.E.M. states it best when the lead singer states, "Everybody hurts". 

The change is only painful because we are wishing to stay the same. I agree that it can be difficult to change your train of thought from always seeing the worst to only seeing perfection. How about this?
Perfection is the acceptance of the current situation as only good. You are accepting the circumstance of your choice. 

I always tell my students during an important spiritual lesson that they have homework for life. It can be done now or later but it is always going to be part of their journey. It is part of the process and they will always be working on it. 

Your homework for life is to simply get to a state of "Being Okay". If you can achieve this then you will be able to accept the circumstance that has been created. Then you will be able to see the perfection that is presented. 

What does music have to do with this?
Music brings us to a moment of clarity. We associate our experience with another person. When I am mad I play this song or when I am sad I play that song. It helps me think. It brings me back to the start. 
Maybe you need to hear that song today to get you back to a state of "Being Okay". 
Perfection is already there, we simply have to recognize it. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

The Nature of Today's Energy 5/26/2014: Change in Direction

The spirits are telling me to write. So here I am looking at the blank page. They asked me to write back in March but after that one day I decided to stop. I think I needed a little bit more time of meditation and also review of my life. 
Where am I going?
What am I going to to do?
What do I write about?

I ask my spirit guide these questions all the time. The answer is always the same, "Write". 

In my opinion the spirit world can sometimes be very cryptic. It is kind of like the symbols that we see on the Freeway of our spiritual journey. The sign may simply have a turtle on it. What does it mean? Are the spirits advising me to slow down? Are the spirits telling me to hide?
Oh crap! Am I to seek out a turtle shell? You fly by the sign and wonder what will happen next. 
I wonder what will happen next?

I return to this blank screen and start to write my thoughts on the page. I have pulled some cards for the week, as usual, and there is information there. I find myself struggling with the signs that the cards hold. 

Let me start at the beginning. 

The cards speak of a change in direction. 
A change in plans. 
Today will bring a different off ramp. A different set of directions. 
In this day and age we have Google map on our phone or some sort of navigation application. It provides us with directions to our next destination. While you are moving forward it adjusts and recalculates the distance and duration of your travels. 
The cards are advising me that today will bring a recalculation of your spiritual travels. The directions are going to change. Source may lead you down a different avenue.
Do not worry. 
Do not be afraid. 

Sometimes we need a little bit of detour in our life. Sometimes we require a little bit of change. 
The message that the spirits are giving you today is to embrace that change. 
Embrace the detour. 
You never know what can take place. You may find that the detour will lead you to a place of prosperity. You have everything you need. It is contained within your very existence. It sits within your spirit. The sign will eventually make sense. It usually all comes together at the very end. 
It always comes together at the very end. 

Blessed Be.