Friday, December 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/21/2012: Shadow and Healing

12/21/2012 Friday:

When I see the Shadow card, I think of the Moon and all of the psychic energy that comes with it. We are alive. Really, we are breathing in energy and letting it go. What if this was how being healed worked. Being healed was more about the absence of holding on. If you keep thinking about just how sick you are, then you will always be sick. Accept what is being given. Every piece of it. Every experience. Every relationship within your life at this very moment.

Balance and healing come to you when you stop focusing on what you do not want, and turn to what you really want. What do you want?

I know that there is only good in my life at this very moment. This thought forms like a rock, it is thrown into the deep ocean of Source, and it ripples into the future. If I was to hold thought of how good my life is now, then more good will enter in to my life, because I am paying attention to it. Do you wish to focus on what you do not want, or what you do want?

It does not have to be specific, for there are those out there that think it should be precise. What if you just wanted good. Do you think that Source would throw you a lemon?

Maybe. That lemon may be just what is needed to bring good into your life. Sometimes the balance of negative and positive must be provided. You do not want to stop the flow of energy. You want to accept it. Once you accept what is being given, then more good will come, for you are going with the flow of current, rather than pushing against it.

The shadow side of me can cause much trouble, but sometimes that trouble is brought on by my own Ego. Trouble is only a form of fear that is set there, so that I will stop existing. Do you wish to not exist? Do you wish to burn bright and become the wonderful person you were born to be? Then shine baby, shine...

Blessed Be.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/20/2012: Spiritual Union and Destiny

12/20/2012 Thursday:

The wheel turns and time moves with it. Where is your time being spent? Like money to purchase seconds, hours, minutes, days. Where is your love spent?

Destiny can be like this method of purchase. Destiny is like the steady paycheck you receive every two weeks from your job. It is there. The moment must take place, but sometimes we get lazy and do not pay attention to the small detail called a paycheck. We assume that it will take place every Friday. Like a dinner special that can only be purchased on certain days. It is coming around the corner, and since we are creatures of habit, we expect it to take place.

What if the diner closed down?

What if Destiny changed its course of action?

What then?

Well, you have to move with the flow of energy. You must understand that you have to connect to those around you. They are there for a reason. The reason can either be positive or negative, but you choose the final outcome. I am going to relate this to people as well. Relationships are put into our environment because we choose to allow them to be there. Let us say that there is an issue with someone within your life. You are tired of having the same old person bother you, and you choose not to mention anything, because you may hurt their feelings. You have two options: to either state something to them, or shut the fuck up and sit down. You are allowing it to take place. You are making it so.

You may state to me that it is very hard and you love them. Well you can love them from afar. Also you must allow them to grow in their own way and manner. If they are hurting you, then you have only yourself to blame.

Here is where you are probably stating to me that even Jesus loved those who did wrong. Yes, I will agree with you, but Jesus did not put up with people and their shit. He did not let them hurt him, nor did he stand there with them as they sinned. Are you standing there with them as they are sinning? Sinning all over you. Kinda like being crapped on. Do you like it when people take a huge dump on you and then tell you deal with it?
I do not.

I am not stating that you have to be mean to them. I am saying that you need to have a little more respect for yourself and that if you choose to take care of you, and love you, then in turn you will show them just how wonderful they are as well.

Believe me, it is not an easy road to walk, but you are a grown person, and you have the capacity to take care of yourself.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/19/2012: Regret and Shadow

12/19/2012 Wednesday:


What are you turning away from?
The Five of Coins usually talks about how we sometimes do not want to see the truth of things. That we turn away from everything within our grasp. How sanctuary is only a few steps away, but it is not what we expected. What do you expect?

Remember that Expectations lead to disappointment, because they can never be fulfilled. Walk in the light and let Source take control, and you will find exactly what is needed within your life. Open yourself up to the good within your life and you will receive good. Sometimes we must turn the other cheek, when others around us hurt our feelings, and then sometimes we have to really let it go, and not forget what has taken place. For that experience has taught you a valuable lesson. You are worthy of so much more in life.

A shadow side of a card can mean that you must watch out for small incidents that change and re-arrange us for the better. Shadow is the opposite side of a certain aspect, that sometimes is needed, in order to balance out the light side. How will we ever make it through the dark forest? By becoming the light.

You are the map. The tools are within you at this very moment. Now use them.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/18/2012: Grief and Hope

12/18/2012 Tuesday:

When we begin to cry and have grief for something that causes us to change, we begin to complain about how things should have happened. Have you ever noticed how this is a form of distraction, in order to stop us from focusing on the timing of that great expectation?

What if you needed this time of complaining and sorrow, so that you could put your attention on something so insignificant? Then your great expectation could be manifested into existence. What if the great expectation was the distraction?

Where would you be then? In the same spot as before, just a little bit wiser. When I am faced with change, I am afraid in the beginning, but I soon discover that acceptance of that change is much easier than denying it. When you deny that change, you leave yourself open for negativity to come in and cause the energy to stay stagnant. To not move. To be pushed against.

Have you ever resisted a good thing in your life because you thought you were not worthy? We do it everyday with love, friends, and work. We hope for the best, but also hope for the worse, because it is so much easier to expect the bad, more than the good. It is hard my friends to know that we are worthy of everything that is in our environment. We are worthy of great love, not just the kind of love that hangs out on the street corner, waiting to be picked up so that it can survive within a world filled with light. We are worthy of a great job, not just some job that causes us to stress and have regret. We are worthy of a great experience, not the kind that sits on the side of the road advising us that this is the only experience left to have, a simple one.

Go out today and cause hope to change into faith. How do you do that?
By knowing, not expecting, the best from every step you take.

Blessed Be.

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/17/2012: Temptation and Disruption

12/17/2012 Monday:

I know, it has been two days since I posted an entry. Forgive me, but I have been dealing with spirits within the house. Also I am getting use to a new state and the weather associated with it. Dry Cold is not fun. As a matter of fact, it can be very itchy, leaving your skin too dry, and having to put lotion on every part of your body. Good Grief.

Now I am back in the saddle and ready to write a little bit, regarding the nature of the day's energy. There are times in a person's life that one chooses to cause destruction. To break it all down. To eliminate the process, deal the final blow to the rock, and find the hidden meaning of the issue at hand. Sometimes there will be parts of the Ego that creep into the mind and try to block our spiritual growth. The destruction that we planned on using to create beauty, now creates sorrow.

What is your sorrow? I worry about my old life in California. Even a spiritual person still struggles with letting go. I worry that things will fall apart. That the destruction I used to create my new life, will destroy everything else in my old life. Do not worry. That will only happen if I believe it to be so.

Change your thought pattern and you change your world. Let us start with the Ego. Tell your Ego to get a life. To stop lingering around your new life and to leave you alone. Leave me alone. Do not yell at your Ego, yet, for you may hurt its feelings. An Ego with feelings. How funny. Yes it is part of us, so it must also have feelings. Like a baby, it will run away and complain to itself. If it laughs at you while you tell it to hit the road, then you have permission to yell at it. Tell it to get the hell away from you and that you exist for good. Tell it that there is nothing that stands in your way. Love will guide you.

Which leads me to the second part of this entry. Disruption and Destruction can be like a puzzle. If you were to jumble the pieces up and try to put them together where ever you wanted, the picture would be distorted. Now if you were to throw the pieces on the table (destruction) and put them together one piece at a time, one grove at a time, making sure they fit, then the picture will be clear.

What picture would you want to show up; the picture that is distorted, or the picture that is clear?

Blessed Be.

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/14/2012: Deception and Transformation

12/14/2012 Friday:

What can a lie produce?

Well, have you ever really looked at a lie through a telescope? I have. It contains little spots and speckles that float around within the cell of a lie. It squirms and wiggles with glee, when it is noticed. To be noticed. 

Sometimes lies are formed and scheduled by those around us, because they wish to be noticed. It is a great feeling to be noticed by someone else. What if the lie that was told to you, or the lie that you have told, was not really a lie, but a reflection of how we perceive things. Would your perception be a lie as well? Yes it would. 

Sometimes we need to hear a lie. Listen to its cry and understand that even a lie can contain Truth within it. Transformation would not happen if there was some sort of lie set within your environment. How would you know what Truth is, without the statement of a lie. Deception simply means that there is illusion within your Third Eye. You are seeing exactly what you want to see. If you think the person is not telling the truth, then they are not telling the truth. Do not let your Faith waiver. 
Keep on moving, for a lie is sometimes associated to the small misfits that hide in shadows. They wait for a being of light to walk by, so that they can latch on and feed of your energy. Deception is only short lived. You can only tell a lie so many times, before someone finds out what really happened. 

I turn to my spirit guide for clarification.....Did you know that people lie about many small things within their life, because if someone found out then the attention would be placed on them. The spotlight would shine bright on the person who spoke the lie, and they would receive some sort of attention, even if it was negative. They get what they want. Is this what you want? 
To only be noticed for doing something wrong?

Sometimes we are told lies by the Ego in order to make us stop moving. What if everything within your environment was a lie? Would you still choose to exist within it?
Some people do. They live within their life everyday and wish to not change. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, I would like to advise you that where there is a lie, there is also Truth. Look deep within the forest of lies and you will find it. Hidden underneath the biggest boulder in the forest. 
Why is it hidden under a boulder?
It was put there by the person who developed the forest of lies. Why would they want you to find it? 

No matter what happens within your life, you are the path maker. You choose what forest to enter and which ones you wish to walk past. You create the outcome. No one can lie to you and make you believe it. You must understand that it is just a form of words, placed in a common order, and set before you to decipher. So, look past the lie, decipher the damn thing, and get on with your journey!

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/13/2012: Patience and Faith

12/13/2012 Thursday:

Patience can mean many things to a lot of people, but the real meaning lies within you. How long do you think you have to wait for something to be manifested into your existence?

A day? A month? A year? A second?

My spirit guide advises me that there is no time within the mind of Source. That everything happens and it happens for a great and wonderful reason. I do not think that it waits in the background and looks at it's spiritual watch, counting down the seconds. Well, at least I do not think this happens.

So, believe that it is already here. State to Source "I am ready! I am ready for all that is to take place today, to take place!"

I think that Source smiles when you say this. It jumps for joy and at times runs around in a tizzy, surprised that a wonderful being of light who has been struggling, finally lets go....

Source always provides for us. It supplies us with our needs, not our wants. Sometimes we need to wait, in order to be ready and willing to move forward. Sometimes we need chaos in our life, in order to be ready for the great battle at the end. The great battle called Transformation.

Think back to one of my entries, where I give an example of the Caterpillar and how it too must struggle in order to become what is was destined to be.....beautiful and great.

Sometimes the wait is well worth it, for you find out the "why" of all the struggle. You find out who you really are...a beautiful creature set out on a wonderful journey.

Now, in dealing with a personal subject, Brian Calvin....

Yes I am talking to you specifically. Sometimes there is struggle. Sometimes we must feel pain. Sometimes the road seems very long. What you have to understand is I have walked a road similar to the one you are walking. You must keep on going. You must soak your feet in the water, dig your toes in the sand, feel the gunk at the bottom, breathe in exhaust fumes, feel the rain, know the sun, understand what the Raven is telling you. If you choose to rest, then know that Source will kick you in the butt, when you need to get going again. Water is never good for you if it is stagnant. The tools you carry with you may be simple: a walking stick, a dagger, a chalice, and a crystal. But they are there for a reason. The elements are in your favor right now. You know how to work magick, now work it. Create that spell. Write it down. Burn the paper. Let it go. Move forward with the thought that you are recognizing the good in your life.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/12/2012: Solitude and Justice

12/12/2012 Wednesday:

Karmic law states that "what you put out, you get back times three". What if you put loneliness and absence on that list. Would you be three times more alone than ever?

Good grief....

Sometimes in my life I have to step inside my safe zone, to think, and really stop myself from blowing up. Meaning that I have to bite my tongue for about five minutes and think about how I am going to handle the situation that is put in front of me.

I always state to my friends that when I am working through an issue, I require five minutes to myself in order to work through the bad feelings that have been produced. I do not want to take it out on them, for it is not their fault. They state that they understand and really they try, in effort, to abide by this law. This statement. In the end it lets me deal with my shit, so that I do not project it onto them. What a wonderful concept. To not project your bad day on someone else. Who are you projecting your bad day on?

Tell you what, I will make you a deal. You start projecting your great day on someone and I will do the same. Go and shove your great day in their nose and see what happens. Tell me if it does not rub off on them. It may not happen at that very moment, it may not happen that day, but eventually they will do the same to others. For as I always say; Monkey see, monkey do, or rather in this case; Being of light see, being of light do.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/11/2012: Journey and Destiny

12/11/2012 Tuesday:

The steps we are to take today, will lead us to our next destination. I always state this to anyone who is in worry or doubt of what may happen next. What if within that step you second guess your decision. Have you ever had this happen?

I have. It happens to me most of the time as my foot lifts off the ground and begins its journey back down. The second guessing of the decision is not what scares me, it is the thought that the action produces mid step. The thought of what is the worst thing that could happen.

I advise those around me to think of that before you start to worry and have doubt. They give me the worst case scenario and I then advise them that they are still alive after it all takes place. Isn't that the greatest gift that could be given to someone who decided to take action, rather than stay in one spot?

The journey may seem long and you may have to step outside of your comfort zone at times, in order to find the truth. My advise is to cross the river when you get to it, not before you have even been presented with the challenge. Cross the bridge that was built for you before hand. For maybe all the detours in your life that you have taken thus far are there for a reason. Maybe Source needed a little time to build you that bridge over the river, over the lake, over the that sea that you are faced with. Who knows? Maybe Source needed a little more time to gather the people, who contained the tools, who cut down the wood, to gather the nails, seek out the man-force, that produced the bridge that now stands in front of you.

Who knows....?

Blessed Be.

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/10/2012: Destiny and Solitude

12/10/2012 Monday:

Why do we go through the motions?
Starting the week over with what has been done the week before. We wake up, make the bed, get ready, eat breakfast, and go to work. In the evening we make up for lost time and fall asleep. What happens when we get a wrench thrown into the system of things?

Well we fall apart. At least I think we fall apart. I know that when a wrench get thrown into my system, I sometimes have to break down, blow up, and then move past the destruction that was created. We are never really broken. Source can fix us, but sometimes we do not want to be fixed. We want to carry the sign around that states "I am broken, now have pity for me".

Sometimes we wish to complain about how bad it is. What if the tools and the answer was inside of our spirit? Would you use them.
We must all travel the path on our own. One by one, marching to the beat of our own kind of music.

The soundtrack to my life, at this moment, would be a smooth build up to the climax of the movie. The part where all things seem lost, and the main character is struggling to push through to the other side. Actually it would be the background music that is played when an arch Nemesis is fighting the hero. The last blow is about to be made and the fight would be over, leaving the hero at death's door, but it picks up and he makes one last stand. A stand of victory and strength.

The battle needed to happen and the hero had to do it on his own, for he would not have understood just how strong he was to begin with. Evil is simply our shadow side trying to take over.

What part are you allowing to take over? Light or shadow?

In the end you find out just how strong you are. You eventually recognize the soundtrack to your life and figure out just when the fight should take a turn for the better.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/9/2012: Victory and Hope

12/9/2012 Sunday:

The obstacles that are set before us are small in manner. Victory is desired. What are we really fighting for?

If you think that you have to struggle, in order to deserve, then you are mistaken. The only struggle is with your Ego. Victory is always at hand. It is always within your environment and you are able to receive it, but you must be willing to accept the nature of the Victory. Sometimes it is presented in a package that is appealing and other times it is presented in a fashion that is not appealing. What happens when it is not appealing?

Do you still look to the Star for Hope?

It sits in the sky as a constant within our life. Do you look up when in danger, or do you look down, with subtle regret?

As I meditate on the cards today, I am being advised that victory is constantly there in front of us, we just have to recognize it.

Do you recognize your victory?

It is not in plain sight. It is within you. Sitting there within your spirit, ready to be seen and heard.
Do you hear the cry of Victory?

It is your voice.

Do you see your Hope or Belief that has carried you this far. I can only relate these things to love.

Love is the greatest treasure in the world. It is not money nor wealth. Love is abundance.
Love is not frayed at the ends nor broken. It is eternal and whole. Who's love do you seek?
I do hope it is your own, for there is not greater power in the world, than finding your own love. Acceptance of who you are within your spirit.
Acceptance of what you can be. For you can be great. You are great. Has anyone ever told you that?

I just did. How did it feel?
Sometimes we place our hope on words that may never enter into our life, for they linger on someone Else's tongue. You may never hear it, so why do you seek it?

The truth lingers on your tongue. Are you ready to speak?

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/8/2012: Creativity and Destruction

12/8/2012 Saturday:

Simple acts of kindness filled the day. Creativity can not be produced without the act of destruction. Destruction can not be implemented without the push of creativity. It may happen without knowledge, but it still exists as a sister to each other.

I did not write on this day, because I was not feeling the inspiration to create. I waited, as instructed by my spirit guide, for the inspiration to write what I feel and know.

I waited until Sunday.

Are you listening to your spirit when it gives you advise?

Sometimes creativity will lay asleep within your spirit for a while, but eventually it will need to be produced. Sometimes destruction lays asleep within our hands, but it will eventually need to be harnessed, in order to create something new.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/7/2012:Balance and The Ego

12/7/2012 Friday:

Once you find balance within your life, and you are not trying to juggle the small things, you can move forward with great intent. The Ego is not far behind, though, and it can find its way into the smallest cracks of your soul. It wiggles and squirms its way through the spirit, into your heart and mind, advising you that you are not strong enough. Even if balance is part of your life, and healing has taken effect, you still may find a struggle with what is known and what has happened. Are you afraid?

Sometimes we are scared of the nature of perfect health, mind, and spirit. Of what comes next, if we apply our whole being to the path before us. The end is always near. It is always present within our life, but we must be willing to let go of that which holds us down.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/6/2012: Seeking and Balance

12/6/2012 Thursday:

When the day is over, we tend to forget the good that has happened in our life, and only worry about the consiquences of the bad actions.

When we seek to know our truth, our life, our inheritance of good, we choose to look in some of the craziest spots in this world, for completeness. What are you looking for?
Where have you been looking?

A lot of times, the balance in our life is found right where you are standing. In the middle of things. Right under your feet. You know when the card Temperance shows up in a reading, I usually advise the person in front of me, that they should take up things that relax and soothe their spirit, for a healing can not take place if they are constantly in a tizzy.

What whirlwind are you currently stuck in?

Do you ever feel like the answer is simply hidden under a rock, but there are so many rocks in front of your path, that you do not know where to begin. I always advise myself, when faced with an issue, to breathe and start at the beginning. Nine times out of ten, the issue eventually clears itself up and things get done. When your focus is not on the goal, but the act of doing, then you receive beneficial tools and tricks from Source.
What if you decided to let Source lead you to the perfect rock? What if the answer was under a rock, but it did not matter which rock you picked up, for every rock contained the answer. What would your life be like then?
Would you still worry about what could take place?

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/5/2012: New Skill and Death

12/5/2012 Wednesday:

Well, when people give you a new job, or offer you a wonderful opportunity, then you will have to leave one stage of your life and enter into a new one. Do you ever feel like you want to stay stuck in one spot?

Maybe you are too afraid of moving forward because of what may happen next. What if I advised you that you have to die a little in order to receive something new. Would you believe me?

Most people within their life will apply all their effort and energy in to creating what is already known and present. What if standing still was already known and present? Do you want more of it?
Of course not.

We were born to move in a circle, ebbing and flowing, round and round, until we understand how to let go. How to let go of that which holds us down. You know, sometimes the person holding us down, is us.

When I first set out on my journey into the great unknown, I was afraid. I would tell myself that I could not do it. That surely I had to suffer, in order to understand just how wonderful I really was. That I had to struggle in order to appreciate what was being given. Everyone wants their story.

You know the story I am talking about, how someone has struggled and walked so far, challenged all obstacles, and overcame so much, in order to get to their destination. They want other people to listen and sympathize or state that the story teller is a great person for overcoming so much. My story does not contain mountains of terror, obstacles of destruction, and mazes of peril.  It simply is about how I took a step forward. That is it. My story is about the first step.

When will you take your first step, from the old skin you lived in, to the new one waiting for you?

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/4/2012: Ending of Cycles and Faith

12/4/2012 Tuesday:

Sometimes when we come to the end of a cycle, we are afraid of what may happen next, and in turn we stop the energy from flowing. The energy gets stuck and eventually sputters out, leaving you asking the question "What happened?"

The end is only the beginning. Your journey is not really over. You have to keep on moving. What if I would have stopped mid way in my life? 
Well, I would still be in Ventura, asking for change to happen. Sometimes you have to accept what is being given to you at this very moment, even if it does not make sense. We can all complain about the package that our gift has come in, but really it is the item inside that counts.

If everything comes to an end, and I mean everything does have to transform into something new, then accept it. Move forward and be. Exist within your life with great intent.

The energy must flow in order for the change you desire to take place. It can happen by one simply allowing everything to take place. You must not ask "why" anymore. You must state "I accept it" and move on. This is where you are allowing Source to take over and lead you to your new destination.

Blessed Be.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/3/2012: Conserving and Karmic Law

12/3/2012 Monday:

After traveling for many miles from California to Texas, I find myself sitting in my new apartment. I am not just a drive away from family and friends. I was not wanting to write for about a good two weeks, as a matter of fact I debated with myself on whether I should write anything at all for the rest of my life.  I was happy to be alive. I was ready to live. I was living my good life, even though my Ego was advising me that surely I would miss California too much and want to move back. I stand now at my crossroad. I find that when I am happy, I tend to give up on my schedule. When I am influenced, I tend to give up on taking care of myself. I deviate from what is known, even though at this moment I need it the most in order to keep me from wanting to return home. Remember in my past entries, I advise us to really find out what home means to us. Where can it be found?

It is within all of us and we carry it with us all the time. We find out that home is where we lay our head at night, it is where we love, learn, and dance. Home is always there and you can return to it every time you close your eyes and center yourself. Home is within that acknowledgment of Source is within us and we are part of Source. No separation required.

Saying that, the energy is about how we sometimes forget to take care of our energy. We are willing to give it away, we are willing to hold onto things that have no concern and meaning in our life.  Sometimes we have to let go of everything associated with the past, in order to move forward within our future. We are strong, and in the process of understanding this, we can get lost within our own devices and traps. What traps have you set up on your path?

The laws of the Universe are simple. All thoughts and energy you put out, you get back times three. If you put out the thought of "I will get to it later" or "I know this is not good for my spirit, but I am allowed to have fun", then there will surely be a consiquence that you will have to deal with either in a few minutes or a few years. What are you cultivating?

My advise is to take care of yourself. Go for that walk without your significant other. Remember what you use to do when you were single, that was healthy and kept you on the track of meeting your goal, and do it.  Return to the charts and schedules that got you to the point where you are at now. For with every great action, there must be work put behind it in order to keep it going.

I have been feeling off centered lately and I know it is because I have been lazy. I stopped working out because I thought my neighbors could hear me jumping around, well who cares if they can. They can probably hear me walking around, so what is ten minutes of sparatic jumping going to do to them.....nothing. Why am I choosing to stop living?

Do not let others influence your routine and also your state of being. You have control, now take it.

Blessed Be.