Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.31.13: Sometimes You Have to Give A Lot to Get A Little.

Wednesday 7.31.13:

The card of the day is Sacrifice = The Hanged Man. The hidden energy card is the Star. The card sits in the position of Amethyst = psychic ability and behavior patterns. 

Let us change our thought process. Let us think of a positive nature. I am not stating that there is no room for negative thoughts. We must be in balance. There will always be a negative thought that enters into our mind. There will always be a person who speaks of negative things. It is part of life. 
The real lesson is to accept that person with open arms. Accept the information that is being given, and in turn, allow it to drift past you. You must stay focused. If you want change to happen within your own environment, then you must be willing to flow with the energy, and move past a lot of the hog wash and nay speakers. 

You must accept their initial thought and opinion and understand that it is simply their way of thinking. There may be truth in their words. There may be lies. The choice is yours. Are you willing to stop your very existence because they say you should. Are you willing to snuff out your light because they state that you are wrong. No. 
They are still living. They are still breathing. It is your right to do the same. 

You must stick to your spiritual beliefs. You must trust in Source. 
That is the real trick. Trust in the very essence that is love and truth. Source is always around us. Source is always within us. Those that feel this is not truth can keep on living. Keep on moving. Or not. 

Remember what your goal is. Remember who you are. Think about what you are working towards. Change your mind and change your life. 

I think that things happen for a reason and that reason is always good. Chaos is required within our life to bring about the change that is needed. It can be scary. It can seem like a monster, but we require this change to reveal the good. It is always present. The road may not look like what you had planned it to be. It may not even be as smooth. Heck, you may have to create the path. One thing is for sure. You will come out victorious. We always do. We are still alive and breathing. Our existence is the gift. We are not dead. We have not given up. Like I have mentioned before; sometimes you have to give a lot in order to get a little. 
That tiny something will pack a powerful punch. Remember that you decided to try. To give it a shot. To create a path, when there was no path to begin with. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.30.13: Looking for a Key?

Tuesday 7.30.13:

The card of the day is Five of Cups. The hidden energy card is The Tower. The card sits in the position of Purple = Third Eye and Clairvoyance. 

What has happened in the past, should stay in the past. We must learn to let go of the heartache. We must learn to let go of regret. 

I made a decision. That decision has brought me to my current state of existence. I must now move forward. 
To accept the circumstances that are within this moment. 
To accept the beauty of destruction. 

The Tower card is hiding behind the curtain. We see the destruction taking place around us. Do we notice it within? 

Sometimes the cups must be overturned. Looking for a key? What if it is within the wine glasses that are completely full. You must sacrifice some in order to receive the prize. 
In the end, you only have spilled three, and two more are left over. What a victory. 
The good is "at least I did not have to pour out all five glasses". 

The day brings about the ability to listen with our spiritual ears. The spirits are always talking. Source is always whispering about the next great step. 

I have been asking my spirit guide for a little help. What should I do? I want to know what my next step is. 
She only answers with "you must be patient". 

I am a person who thinks "if I am not working, then I am not productive". 
I think that others will judge me. I think that if I do not look busy, then surely I am lazy. 

My spirit guide is always advising me that my Tarot Business should be my priority. I am to keep learning and reading. I need to experiment with the tools I have now and see what transpires. So many projects within my mind, but since they can not produce money and financial stability at this very moment, I push them out of the door. 

I need to really take a look at who I am. What I believe in. I need to believe in the unknown. It is time to be like the Hanged Man. To hang upside down for a moment in order to understand. To see things in a different light. 

Meditation and Prayer are calling my name. I need silence. I need to concentrate. 
What do I want?! 

I want to be happy. That is all. I want a job that is productive. I want to show up, check into life, and just work. Leave all the worry and stress at the job. To know that I can do what is required and leave. 
I want to be a clerical person by day and a great Spiritual Adviser by night. 
I think this is what stands in my way of advancement with my gift. 

I was advised that my gift is changing. My spirit guide is advising me that I will soon be upgraded to Aaron 2.0

Same Vessel, new program. 

It is time for you to be upgraded. Take your gift to the next level. Produce your greatness. Manifest your light. 
It is time to look at what is left over, after all the destruction takes place, and McGuyver the shit out of it. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.29.13: Expectations will only lead you to Disappointments

Monday 7.29.13:

The card of the day is Fertility = The Empress. The hidden energy card is the Lovers. The card sits in the position of Water = emotions, initiation, and rejuvenation. 

I woke up, with the expectation, of registering for classes and receiving a Pell Grant, in order to return to school and finish my Associates Degree. 
Expectations will only lead to Disappointment. Remember this lesson. We must never expect a certain situation to happen in a certain way. This would cause us to be disappointed with the outcome. If you were expecting a chocolate cake for your Birthday and received Carrot Cake (which you hate) then surely you would be disappointed. 
If you were expecting 20 people for a dinner party and 50 show up, then surely you would be disappointed. 

Disappointment is the act of regret. Regret is the act of thinking "lack of". 

I will get to the energy of today after I write about a few of my feelings. Today is about feelings and emotions. 

I really do want to write a book about how a Mystic gets depressed and that we are not always full of positive thoughts. 
The book would be about how to get past the initial feelings of loss. The initial feelings of regret. The initial feelings of "lack of". The book would be geared towards everyone who wishes to advance in their spiritual practice. It would advise them on what certain things may feel like, according to my experience, and how I worked through it. 
I do not wake up everyday with great joy in my heart. I also deal with thoughts of worry, doubt, and fear. 
Sometimes I want to sit in my own self pity and cry. It is only natural. We are all human. 

I woke up with an expectation, and when that expectation was not met, I started to go off on a rampage. I complained. I lifted up my fist at the sky and shook it very hard at Source. I was very hurt. I wanted to cry. 

Have you ever wanted to go out on the pier, or climb a tall mountain, and throw rocks at the sky, in hope that it will get Source's attention by poking him/her in the eye. 
"Now that I have your attention Source. Can you please help me? This being of light that has been listening to every command that you state. This wonderful person who is willing to give up all that is material, in order to aid others on their journey. Ya! This person who only wishes to be happy. This Mystic needs a fellow Mystic to talk with. Can you please pay a little more attention to me?"

Even children of God need a little Source Time. 

Now that I think about it. If I was given two minutes of time with Source's undivided attention, I would not talk about my problems. I would just sit in silence and know that everything is perfect. I may complain now and wish that I could walk right up to Source and state that I am upset, but in all of It's greatness, I would surely be filled with only love. The small things that I am complaining about are non important. They are simply items. 

This is how I work through my Ego. This is how I work through my doubt. I would imagine myself bringing it up to Source and in turn they just do not seem so big. They are not that important.

I am living. I still exist. I am still here. Everything works out in my favor. I know this is Truth. I am simply trying to be like that boulder in the river. The one that sits and wants the current flow of energy to stop. 
I must allow all things to take place and know that there is only good in my life. 

Now. Back to the energy of the day. 

The energy is about emotions. Female energy. Abundance. Today is about everything working out in your favor. So what if you did not get to register for college today. So what?! So what, if you did not get the job you wanted. So what?! 
The path is still ahead of you. You are still walking. It is okay to throw a fit. It is okay to be mad. It is okay to try and throw rocks at Source's eye. In the end we are still loved. We are still blessed. Source does not look at us and state "oh he is being a real Asshole. I am going to put him in a time out. "

We put our self in a time out. It is when we are in worry, in doubt, and in fear that we are sitting in a corner. Source is the one who asks us every second "Are you ready to receive love?"

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.28.13: Stop Juggling

Sunday 7.28.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Coins. The hidden energy card is Temperance. The card sits in the position of High Council = evolution, information, and potential.

Many people will associate the two of coins with juggling. A balancing act.
The show must go on.
We all must give attention to the items, within our life, that we think need energy. Here are the necessities. Here are the bills. Here are the items that I think make me.

We begin the process of keeping them off the ground. What truly has meaning? Source will always provide. With that in mind, what do we really need to balance, and keep up in the air?

Who are we becoming? What are we changing into?

Where do I want to go?

I am here. I will still be here after all the pain and heartache. After all the bills and mishaps. I am here. I exist.

The balancing game is simple. You throw crap up in the air and try to keep it from hitting the ground. What happens if the items hit the ground?
What happens if you keep them in the air?
You have a lot of crap in the air.
You have a lot of crap on the ground.

Are you trying to fling crap in the air?

I sometimes find myself doing this. I complain that I can no longer do it anymore. That I want change. I am afraid of what will happen if the crap hits the ground.

It is time to step out of the way. Let it fall. Look to the left. Look to the right.
Understand that when you believe and have faith in Source, then the items that are truly needed, will simply float in the air. They will maintain their own state of balance. Their own state of existence. 

I use to think that I had to be ahead of everyone, with my entry, so that I could prove that I was in touch with the energy of the day. That if I was to post something later in the day, then surely, I would be collecting from all of the sermons that I hear each hour. Did you know that people who speak to you, every day, are simply stating that they exist. It is their sermon of life. 
You are doing the same. What will your sermon sound like?

Now I understand that it is a collection of information that makes a great entry. If it is early in the morning or late at night, the information will be received at the perfect time. 

Balance is a constant in our life. Sometimes we see it. Sometimes it is lost. Other times it is found within the simple task of breathing. 

I am balanced in this moment. I am perfect within this very state of existence. Breath in and breath out. Acknowledge your life and in turn find peace.

Peace is simply the state of balance. The balance of chaos and order. It is time to stop flinging crap up into the air and realize that nothing bad will happen if you simply stop juggling. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.27.13: Create the Good in Your Life

Saturday 7.27.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Wands. The hidden energy card is The Fool. The card sits in the position of Autumn = abundance, preparation, and Harvest. 

There are moments when we look out of our window and dream. We dream about the wants and needs of our current life. We dream about what can and will take place.

I had a dream last night that involved so much spiritual information and a person named Kaligula. Everyone was waiting for this person within the caverns of a mountain. The dirt was orange. People wore red shorts and some were even naked. 

This person did not arrive. 

I was then taken to a place where I was a spiritual teacher. I was advising my students about the thoughts we contain within our mind.
I advised them that they should always carry a pencil, a pen, and a hair band with them. I then started to use the hairband as an item to teach them about our thoughts. 

I held the hairband between my thumb and pointer finger of each hand. I moved it in a side to side motion. I advised my students that there are two types of energy. The high level energy that are positive thoughts and the low level energy that are negative thoughts. When we think of positive things the hairband will start to attract like energy and it will bring about other positive items within their life. When we think negative then the hairband will move downward and attract negative energy and circumstances. Then there are times when we are moving between the high and low of energy planes and will attract things out of default. This is what Esther and Jerry Hicks call "creating by default". 

What do you want to create? 
If you are wanting good and positive things within your life, then think of other good and positive things. Advise Source that they are within your environment. If you wish to be successful then start with your self worth. 

Sometimes we wonder what will be next. There are times when we just want anything to happen. We do not care as long as it is something that will get us to our next destination. 
We must put intent behind that thought. 
What do you really want?
If you sell yourself short then you will always be creating by default. 
It is time to look at your canvas and paint! 
I want a tree here! So, paint it!
I want flowers in the garden. Do it!

There is nothing that is stopping you. 
It is time to let the energy flow and create with great intent. It is time to recognize the good in your life. It is time to take that step in a positive direction. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.26.13: Friends

Friday 7.26.13: 

The card of the day is Triumph = The Chariot. The hidden energy card is The World. The card sits in the position of Blue = communication and inner truth. 

They are the delight within our day. They require us to grow. They propel us in a direction that is sometimes unseen. We yearn for true friendship and at times it is a friendship with our own inner self that develops. 
Blessed be. 

We are a force of pure delight that moves with great intent. We move to the sound of the heartbeat of the Universe. 

I always refer to Buffy the Vampire Slayer when it comes to friends. She thought that she was alone on her journey. In the end she found out that her friends were the greatest gift in the world. Without Willow'a magic or Zander's insight, the fight would have been over and the world would have surely ended. 

Remember that the people around us are a reflection of who we are. Are your friends magnificent or Debbie Downers?

Once you understand that they are there to support us, then the journey is only half as bad. As a matter of fact I have found that, with friends, the journey means so much more. 

This post may be late. It may only reach a few but it will reach the perfect person. That person is You...

Blessed Be.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.25.13: The Sun Will Surely Shine Again

Thursday 7.25.13:

How wonderful it is to have so many opportunities within our life. To be able to choose. To have many options in front of you. How wonderful to see the Good within our life. 

The card of the day is Three of Swords. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Winter = reflection, transition, and release. 

When others are joking around and hit a sore spot, you tend to let your Ego take over, and your feelings can get hurt. 

I doubted every ounce of my decision, to move back to California, this morning. I doubted my self worth. 
Have you ever been in this position?

I wanted to cry. I wanted to give up. I started to worry. I became angry and wanted to yell at Source for leading me here. Back to a place where my Faith was being tested. How strong am I? What have I been doing this whole time? Where do I want to go?

I had to turn things around. I think the cards are literally talking about pain and sorrow that is associated with change and judgement, not from others, but from our own self. 
Our Wounded Child. The abandoned child that sits within us. 
We must get use to the fact that seasons change. A winter must be experienced in order to understand the wonderful joy of the Sun in Spring. We must learn to survive through the harsh cold of winter. We must learn to prepare for it. Summer moves into Fall. Winter moves into Spring. 

Should we just give up? Do we stop existing?
This is our confirmation that we are strong. That we can move forward. We must look at the good within the clouds. There is always a silver lining. The storm is short lived. Pain and Sorrow must be acknowledged and then advised to move forward. The energy must flow. I know what my self worth is. I know what my gifts are. I know that there is so much good here in California. Source would not have brought me here. Source would not have made it possible. I also was accepting of the fact that I could have stayed in Texas. I was open to both possibilities. I decided on the journey. I wanted to come home. I wanted to be wonderful and great here in California. I am worthy of this. 
I am worthy of a job that deals with Tarot and Spirituality. I am worthy of returning to school and learning. To achieve a goal that has been put on hold for the longest time. It is time for Aaron to advance. What is my next step?

You can put the energy out there and also affirm it, but if you have doubt or worry, then all of your hard work will be lost. 

Today we must move past the doubt and fear. It will all take place. Can you feel it? 
When you start to tear up for no reason today, please understand, that it is your spirit that is talking to you. Will you listen? 
Your spirit is advising you that something wonderful is going to take place. Something spectacular is happening behind the scenes. Can you feel the stage moving? Do you see the props being rearranged? The Sun will surely shine again. I can feel it. Can you?

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.24.13: Step Into The Light

Wednesday 7.24.13:

The card of the day is Temptation = The Devil. The hidden energy card is the Sun. The card sits in the position of Orange = creativity and change. 

I know I am late on this entry. Had my first spiritual energy class. It went very well and I really want to be a spiritual teacher. To give knowledge. To accept knowledge. 

I had to battle with my Ego today. I had to recognize the good within my life. I had to really trust in Source. 
Trust that all things are working out in my favor. Sometimes we forget this wonderful state of existence. 
The love that we hold within us. The ability to be wonderful and do what you want to do. I want to teach others about their own source of energy. How they can use it and also how they can manifest, that which is good, within their life. 

It is time to move forward into the light of day. It is time to let go of the fear. It is time for change. I am ready. Are you?

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.23.13: Plant Your Seed of Good

Tuesday 7.23.13:

The card of the day is the Eight of Wands. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of Dream Guide = teacher and guardian. 

My spirit guide is always around me. I can feel her. I can see her. She speaks to me at certain moments in my life. I ask her questions and she responds. 

Relationships can be hard. Time is moving forward and our life does not slow down. It moves forward with great intent and motion. 

The journey can seem difficult. I left one place of existence in order to return to another. This move has tested every technique in my bag of tricks. I must stay positive. I must change the way I think when stress and doubt creep in. Am I afraid?
A little bit. 

With every thought of fear there is a thought of love and peace. I may not be working right now but that wonderful job is making itself known at this very moment in time. 

With this change in thought, I am pushing my goal into existence, with great intent and motion. Things will start to move quickly. 
Your greatest technique is to dispel the negative thought from your mind. Advise the Universe that worry, doubt, and fear is neither person, place, nor thing. We must cancel out all thought of doubt and fear. 

My spirit guide is always advising me that if I do this then that will take place. 

If I give freely then I will receive freely as well. I am taken care of. I am in the perfect place at the the perfect time. 
Positive affirmations are the greatest technique. You must feel the outcome being present. This is the time to plant your seed. This is the time to tend to your wonderful plant of spiritual fruit. You must now take count of all the wonderful things you have in progress. If you only have one dream in place then tend to it with all your might. Let it grow. 
While you wait, allow all the good and love within your life to take place. Enjoy the time you have at this very moment. Enjoy the good that is around you right now! 
Listen to the voice of love within you. Can you hear it? 
It is advising you that you are wonderful. That you are love. That you are worthy of only good. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.22.13: The Answer is in the River

Monday 7.22.13:

The week begins with a new day. We find life moving forward, and no matter how hard we try to stop it, the motion of the Universe carries us to a new destination. 

The card of the day is Hope. The hidden energy card is The Star. The card sits in the position of Problem Solving = resolution. 

Today will contain an answer. Hell! Today will contain two answers. 

Has the stress of life got you feeling down?

Ha! This sounds like a commercial. 

A commercial for spiritual information. 

Do you feel like your spirit is bogged down by all the hate and envy of others? Do you have a problem that you wish to solve?

Well do not worry! Here it is! The answer to all your little problems!
I call it "Spiritual Bowl Cleaner"!

Just one application of this wonderful liquid and all your negative thoughts will be washed away. Flushed down the drain!

If only it was so easy. But it is. 
Do you know that when you think with a positive thought, and apply it to your goal, it will propel you straight to your destination.  When you think of only good and apply it to your goal, then it will propel you straight to your destination. 
Love will propel you to your destination. 

There is only good within your life! There is only good within this moment. Align your spirit with your Divine Plan. Seek Love. Seek Peace. 

As I look at the cards in front of me, I find that it represents two goals. Two pieces of the puzzle. Two Choices. A great decision. You can not go wrong with either one. 

Step into the River and accept the flow of the Universe. It may look rocky and rough but when you reach the end, and you will reach the end, you will not have a scratch on you. Believe me. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.21.13: The Black Sheep

Sunday 7.21.13

The card of the day is the Hierophant. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The card sits in the position of Past Life =  gift and review. 

I was thinking of relationships today and how we are sometimes withdrawn from certain ones. How we separate out self from family and friends in order to find out who we are. 

As we get older, relationships become valuable, and we decide that it is time to connect. 

To connect to those who have grown. We have grown. 

Sometimes we need chaos and destruction to cause us to see the true value of love. The true value of a relationship. There are moments in our life that we must move past. 

The lessons we have learned are present. As we move from one destination to the next, we find that life does not stop, it keeps on moving. 

This entry is a little late. This entry may be a little short. 

I want to talk about the character of the black sheep. We may think that we are not welcome within the circle of sheep that are around us. That we are outspoken. That we are not the same. 
We are. 
We are all sheep. We are all human. 
Some may try to distance them self from the norm. Others will try to change appearance and shape to fit in. 

In the end there is only a change in thought. Do not struggle. Keep on moving. Keep on believing. You are unique. In the end you will find that it was all about perception. 

We must all value the relationships we have now. Value them for what they truly are. A reflection of you. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.20.13: The Existence of Your Dream

Saturday 7.20.13:

The card of the day is Seven of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The card sits in the position of Yellow = flexibility, adaptability, and personal power. 

Deception of what is seen. The lie is applied to what is known. 
Is someone stating a lie to you? 

Are you being advised of the wrong rather than the right?

Sometimes we mistake the truth for a lie. It wriggles and squirms under the light of the sun and in turn we forget to take caution. 
We walk our path with great intent but there are times when we choose to ignore the warning sign ahead. 
That is it! 
The warning signs. 
Are you paying attention to the signs that state danger is up ahead?

Sometimes our Ego can get in the way and it will cover the signs up with lush trees and sky scrapers. It will cover the warning signs up with free cotton candy and corn dog stands. No one can refuse a free corn dog!

We have to look past the distractions. 
The distractions are the killer of dreams. 
I have a dream. To be a spiritual teacher and adviser. 

I am following my path, but when you keep hearing that someone has to get a real job in order to survive, I have to turn to my Ego and tell it to take a hike.

Your dream is your dream, and no one can stop you, but your own Ego self. When things are just not going right. When things are just not happening for you. It is time to turn to your Ego and state that it is no longer allowed to speak. 

It is time to step out of the environment of relationships and into the environment of you. 
This wonderful being who wishes to express that wonderful dream of simple existence. 

It is time to wake up and say Good Morning. 
State it to your dream, for it is time for it to be born into the light of the Truth. It is time to manifest your greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.19.13: Every Relationship is a Connection to Source

Friday 7.19.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Moonstone = mystery and intuition. 

I understand that when someone is looking for that certain wonderful. That awesome state of existence. Then we have to make a connection. Connection to those around us. A connection to Source. 

Sometimes we can not see the good that is taking place behind the curtain. 

The energy is always flowing. 

Connections are always made. 

I recognize the good within my life. I recognize that there is only light. 

A connection can be made with anyone. Even with your enemies. 

There are moments in our life that take us back to the beginning. To the start. Sometimes we miss a few steps and have to return to where it all started. 

My life started in Ventura. I have lived in other states but I always return to that which I know. 
I think I understand that relationships have to be built across other states. They keep us connected to Source. They keep us from drifting too far off into the next plane of existence. 

I know that relationships will be started today that will be of a spiritual nature. I must use my tools. My keys. I must open the door. I have to keep the energy flowing. If I was to stop all that is good. If I was to stop my intention of growth, then surely my life would cease to exist. 

We are born to connect to those around us. We are born to make friends. To find family and partners that keep us alive. The relationships that make us move and grow. 

Do not be afraid of loss. The relationship never really leaves our field of existence. It simply is dimmed. It can be rekindled. The spark can be created but this time you will be in control. Control of your own energy and power. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.18.13: Throw the Pebbles into the River

Thursday 7.18.13:

When we do not know what is happening behind the scenes, we start to worry. Will it be bad? Will it be good? 

The card of the day is Ace of Coins. The hidden energy card is The Fool. The card sits in the position of Red = passion and survival. 

Red can also be associated with the base chakra. 

When we open our spirit up to the possibility of love, we begin to move with the flow of the Universe. The coins speak of money but let us take this a few steps deeper. We wish to manifest money and wealth into our life. Money is an ever growing energy that can tie us to a certain unwanted aspect of our life. We must learn to let this go. Wealth is a word that can mean so many things. Sometimes on our journey we find that we have an abundance of pebbles. As we meet the great river ahead of us we look around for the bridge to carry us to the other side. 

Sometimes we can not see it. Sometimes  we are blind to the possibility that is before us. 

What if each stone was a thought. Each pebble a memory. What if we are to throw these wonderful thoughts of self worth into the river, which will build an island, that will allow us to cross to the other side?

Those positive thoughts are well worth thinking. How many pebbles do you have? Do you have enough to create an island? I am sure you do. Source is always providing us with them. Can you see them now? It is time to cross over to your new found destination. 

Blessed be.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.17.13: There is Always More than Enough

Wednesday 7.17.13:

The card of the day is The Empress. The hidden energy card is The World. The card sits in the position of Nettle = boundaries and caution.

What a fine day. 

I am adjusting to the California environment. 

As I started to do things around the house and boss my partner around, I found that time was slipping out of my hands, and my entry for the day was put at the end of the list. I am sitting here, in the room that we are staying in, and writing about the energy of the day. 

I found a wonderful smokey quartz pendant that I could wear here in California. This is the stone that filters a lot of the energy that is around me, so that I am not always on overload with information. The stone that I had to wear in Texas was known as Brown Tourmaline. It did wonders for me. The energy would be pushed outward and the spirits around were silenced. When I concentrated on what was being said, I could hear the spirits around me, and pick up different images for those that I am reading for. 

So much information. I went to the DMV to see if I can get my California drivers license and also a lot of shopping for little things. 

Little things that add up in cost when you are on a budget. 

I have to remember that there is always more than enough. That there is always a constant. The energy is about understanding the cycles of change. That money is an ever flowing energy that we must learn to let go of. 

We must learn to recognize which items are a necessity and which items are not. 
I must understand that Source will take care of the things I need and also will supply me with the means to create abundance. 

I must not worry. One cycle of abundance will lead into the next. I am not aware of what is happening behind the curtain as the stage is being set. What will take place in Act II of my life? I am sure it is a musical. I am also sure that the stage will be set with gold and glitter. This is how we must see our life. What does your abundance look like? What will the stage look like with your Act II?

Blessed Be.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.16.13: Walking into the Dark Forest

Tuesday 7.16.13

The card of the day is the Solitude = The Hermit. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Obsidian = grounding, shielding, and void. 

It is time to settle in to my new surrounding. My new place of existence. I had to surround myself with great energy and positive thoughts in order to keep my Ego at bay. 

I am walking a new path. A path of information. 

It was a busy day. This entry will be short. 

There are times when you make a decision for the better. The Moon card has been speaking to me. No matter what path you choose, there will be obstacles set before you. 

You must choose the path that will benefit you the most. What lesson do you want to learn?
Sometimes the road less traveled will benefit you the most. You will receive confirmation of just how strong you are. You will know that the danger sign ahead is a blessing, for it will test your endurance. You will know victory. 

We all must walk down a path. We all must walk into the dark forest. The thing you must remember is that there is always a way out. There is always a light at the end. Do not let your Ego cause you to worry. Everything will work out in your favor. You just have to keep stating it until it becomes part of your existence. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.15.13:

Monday 7.15.13: 

The card of the day is Three of Coins. The hidden energy card is The Sun. The card sits in the position of Purple = third eye chakra, clairvoyance. 

The last stretch of road sits in front of us as we head to California. It was a wonderful adventure in Texas but it is time to use my wonderful gifts in a familiar place. To share my knowledge. To create my niche. 

Celebration can be short lived in the world of reality. We stand close to the edge of life and flow from one plane of existence to the next. 

One victory leads into the next phase of battle. We struggle with our moral compass and just how far we can push the boundaries.
What if I told you that the war is also short lived? 

The struggle to always be right or proven wrong can leave us empty handed. The only thing that really matters is your happiness. Others who love you recognize that you are worthy. The rest can go pound sand. 

To be recognized. I have returned home a hanged man. I am different. I have new tools to master. I know my self worth. No one can measure it. It is unbound. You are the same. Maybe it is time to recognize your true potential? The potential to open any door that you wish. They all will lead you to greatness.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.14.13: Three Hours of Spiritual Traffic

Sunday 7.14.13: 

The card of the day is the Nine of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Moon. 
The card sits in the position of Travel = journey, path, and location.

It started to hit me as we drove into Arizona. The big question "what is next?"

How will we make it? Where will the money come from? 

I sat in three hours of traffic. My hotel room was a half an hour away. This tested my spiritual dexterity. I was stressed! I worries! I had to use the bathroom. 

I asked Source why this had taken place. I recieved an answer within the cards. The moon advised me that no matter which route I was to take to Phoenix, there would have been some sort of obstacle to overcome. I think I needed time to think. Think about how I must return who I was. The meditation practice I once had in place. It was time to be within alignment of my Divine plan. 

I needed to send healing energy to the accident. To send love. I needed to let things go and let it all be taken care of. I must remember this when my life is stuck in three hours of spiritual traffic. 

Blessed Be.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.12.13: Where Does Your Tower Stand?

Friday 7.12.13:

The card of the day is Four of wands. The hidden energy card is The Tower. The card sits on the position of Daydream = imagination, allow your mind to wonder, and quiet time. 

I was so busy yesterday having small fits of destruction while trying to pack my life into a Yaris, that I lost track of time, and was not able to post an entry. 

So, here are my thoughts regarding the energy of the day for Friday. 

As I contemplated the Tower card, I started to think about wars, and how the tower was a line of defense. When the opposing side would charge forward, the tower would stand ground, shooting arrows and cannon balls at the enemy. Some great towers would stay solid and bound to the ground, while others would be destroyed.

Sometimes we are like that tower. We may crumble or we may withstand the harsh blows from those that strike at us. In the end, time is the greatest enemy of all. We all must succumb to the evolution of this world. We all must change. I built an awesome tower in Austin, but it was time to move forward to a new place and time. The tower still stands, not as a line of defense, but as a landmark. It states "Aaron was here". 

Pieces of my life and spirit still live within the tower. Some would even state that it was haunted. It is a foundation that was celebrated for it's great line of defense. In the end the brick and cement crumble to the ground. A piece of that tower is taken and is used to build the next one. Where does your tower stand?

Blessed Be.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.11.13: Say Good-bye to Your Ego

Thursday 7.11.13:

As I get closer to the trip back home. You may find that my entries will be shorter. They may not contain much, but I would rather write something, then have no entry at all. 

I think that writing every day, even if it is in small amounts, puts my spirit at ease. 

There are times when my words want to be put down on This is a page of some sort that will be remember in my book of life. 

The card of the day is Truth = Judgement. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The card sits in the position of Water = emotions, initiation, and rejuvenation. 

The last items of my life will be shipped back to California. Everything else is being given away to charity or to friends here in Austin. 

Source always provides. 

This is scary. I am scared. Another move. Another life. A new way of thought and process is recognized. My Ego is screaming at me, "Look! Look! Failure is at your door step! Watch out! There will be danger! You are not Worthy!"

Turn it around. The Ego knows that there is no turning back now. The last few moments of worry are coming to an end. I am moving forward with my life. 

I was out with a friend the other day and we were talking about my last job and the way things were played out. I decided to change my thought pattern. Why be upset. Why blame. I actually stated to my friend that I am thankful for the way things worked out. I am happy! I am ready for the great adventure ahead of me. I am returning home. 

I sometimes laugh at the detours and road blocks that have come up on my journey. They seem to lead me to the exact thing that is needed. I came to Austin, not for the advancement of my job, but to learn how to heal. To learn a new method of love and protection. I learned Reiki. Source brings me to new places to learn a spiritual truth. 

What an adventure. It is time to return to that which I know. 
To return to my life in California and aid others on their journey. 

To heal those who have lost touch with their own self worth. 
That is all a Mystic can do. Have others realize that they are connected to Source. They never really are cut off from the Universal Love. They simply pinch the chord a little when a decision, made out of "lack of", is created. 

It is time to wake up and say good bye to your Ego, for a bit, so that you can move forward with your dream. To achieve your goal. It is there. I can see it. Can you?

Blessed Be.  

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.13.13: Stepping Out of the Pond and Into the River

Saturday 7.13.13:

The card of the day is The Fool. The hidden energy card is The Star. The card sits in the position of
Yellow = flexibility, adaptability, and personal power.

I start my journey home. The car is packed and I am driving from one phase of my life to the next. I am carrying a lot o stuff and my spirit guide keeps advising me to get rid of things. To really think about what is needed. 

The first step must be taken into the flowing water. You have reached a moment of rest from the rapids and can flow gently down the stream for a moment. To catch your breath. 

I can see the rapids ahead of me. I can feel the pull of the current. It is time for another adventure of white water spiritual rafting. Did you know that I am an expert navigator, when it comes to white water spiritual rafting? 

I can feel a waterfall coming up. To the left. To the right. Hold tight. Let it flow. Move forward with the motion. Hold your breath. 

It is time to master your white water spiritual rafting skill. To move with grace and ease down the river of your life. To move from gentle water, to the fast moving pace of the rapids ahead. I can feel it. It is time to take the path less traveled. To be a great navigator on the spiritual plane, dipping in and out of the physical plane, with great force and skill.

Here it comes....

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.10.13: I Am Worthy

Wednesday 7.10.13:

The card of the day is the Tower. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Lady's Mantle = mother, healing, and alchemy. 

The Tower card brings about the destruction of things that are not needed in our life. The memory of the past needs to move forward. The lingering affair with a past lover will soon leave our field of existence. 

How the past can haunt us. 

The Tower and The Hierophant can leave me stumped at times. I must really meditate and pull from the energy that is around me. To really look at the two cards. Sometimes our life must be knocked out of sync. The Universe must push us back on track. This is the Tower card at it's best. We must pull our spirit back together. We must understand the reason why. 

Why am I making this trip back home?

Why am I taking this first step into the unknown?

Change our thought and change our future.  
Positive and negative thoughts cloud our minds everyday. We choose to project that thought into the future and with every tear drop, we find a new way of hope. 

What are you projecting into the future?

With every fall, there is a lesson. How spiritually strong are you?
When bad things happen, in your life, are you going to give up?
Will you let the outcome be created by default?

We allow things to take place because we do not know that we have power over the situation. We tend to think that there is nothing more that can be done. 
Did you know that you are creating the wall that sits in front of you?
It grows with every negative thought you put out into the Universe. 

Maybe it is time to change your way of thinking. 

It is only a bad experience because you are viewing it that way. It is only a negative reaction to the negative belief system that we have created. 

It is time to heal. It is time to love. It is time to move forward with great intent. 
I know that things will work out in my favor. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is always good. 

Think of the goal. Allow the Universe to bring wonderful and great people, places, and things, into your life. It will propel you down your course of action and take you to your new found destination. 

Think of it as a sail boat on the ocean. 
You look around and wonder when the wind will pick up, so you can move to the shore, for you are ready to touch ground. 
It is getting hot and muggy. 
It is time to return home. 
You have set your sail. 

Where is the wind? When will it blow in my direction that points home?
Oh no! If the wind does not pick up then I will surely die out here in the ocean. 

We begin to look around. Look at everything in our bag of tricks. Look at the life we are living. We begin to stress and worry. The trip may not take place. I may never return home again. Surely, I have to much in my boat to move forward. Maybe God is punishing me for going out to far on the ocean?

This is the thought of our Ego. The negative thought of "I am not worthy". 

I AM WORTHY!!!!!!!!!!!!


The moment you are silent and think this wonderful thought. The acknowledgment that you are worthy of living. That you are worthy of love. That you are worthy of life. 
Source responds. 

The wind begins to pick up. 
You think it happened just in time. 
Did you know that it happened at the perfect time? 
The moment you allow your spirit to return to what is known (that you are love, that you are perfect, that you are worthy) then you allow the path of energy to flow. Flow in and out of your life. We are not disrupted. We are within the alignment of Source. 

When I first looked at the two cards, I instantly thought of "saying your mantra", and allowing love to guide us. 

Your mantra can be anything. If you do not have one, then I suggest that you use the statement above as your mantra. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.9.13: Step into the Pond of Existence

Tuesday 7.9.13: 

The card of the day is the Three of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Fool. The card sits in the position of Amethyst = psychic abilities and behavior patterns. 

When you begin to put things into a box, the reality starts to set in, and the fear begins to fade away. 
Male energy is needed, during this week, in order to take our first step. We begin to take it on a Saturday. 

When we step into the pond, the dirt and items on the bottom are moved around, causing the water to get cloudy.
The first step is always noticed by your spirit. 

The cards speak of happiness. They speak about celebration. A new wave of joy and love. The journey will be blessed. 

I will be using my gift, to the fullest, today. There will be only good that comes from my first step into the unknown. 

I can feel the wave of change upon me. I am ready for it to sweep me off my feet and take me to my new destination. 

The destination may look like something familiar, but with every step I take, there is a brand new me emerging. 

I do stress about the small things. 

This move is a detail. The apartment is a detail. An accent that sits within the left hand corner of my painting. 

What is hidden within your painting?

Is this journey an accent or a major scene within your life painting?

Let us move forward. 

I need music to write on this hot Tuesday morning. 

The journey will be wonderful. I will see my family. I have a fresh and wonderful outlook on my life at this time. 

I use my gift with everyone I meet. I send healing energy to those who need it. I can send it from a distance or up close and personal. It is time to be me. To bask in the sun of my spiritual day. I am returning to my starting point. I am passing go and collecting $200. 

With every swift motion of thought and manifestation, we learn to dance to the heartbeat of the Universe. Today is about celebration of life. 
The celebration that we are breathing. 
The celebration of our positive outcome. 
The celebration of a lesson learned. 

There are no mistakes, only detours, and they will surely lead you to a pot of gold. Follow your rainbow. Catch your falling star. 

You have broken through the sludge and now you are living within the light. Do not be afraid. Do not pull the covers over your head. There is no need to be afraid. We are all worthy of good. It is time to get up!

Good Morning! 

Step into the pond and cause a ripple of love and joy. Of change. 
Change that will touch every wonderful being of light within your life. Within your field of existence. Source will take care of the rest. Believe me. 

Blessed Be.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.8.13: What do you have to Sacrifice?

Monday 7.8.13:

It can seem like you are the only one working, at certain times in your life, and this can cause a bit of regret to take shape and form in your soul. 

The card of the day is Authority = The Emperor. The hidden energy card is The World. The card sits in the position of Angels = support and guidance. 

How do you get rid of the regret?

Today is about male energy. Owning your male energy. Pulling from your dominant side. Making things happen. Understanding that there is no time to play while that certain cat is away. Who is the cat?

I love to make a list of things to do during the day, so that when it is complete, I can mark it as "done". The Emperor also loves to make a list. He keeps a list of people who he has helped and also who have helped him. He understands what must be sacrificed, in order to produce a fruitful outcome, so that life will move forward. 

The Emperor can also be very cold, at times, and not offer a second chance. The wolf does not get a warning shot from the Emperor, because he believes, that the danger you let live today will surely come back tomorrow to finish the job. 

trinkets and items linger within our field of existence. When we decide to go out on a journey, one must learn to make a list of things that will be needed, in order to take that first step on to that new found path. What list of things are you putting together?

I recently decided to return home. I am having to go through my books, which I love, and decide which ones contain value and which ones I can part with. The trip must be light. 
It is hard to give up an item that brought you to your current position, but in the end, it must be done. What has not served you for a year has to be recycled. 
I did not say destroyed. I am selling most of my wonderful books of information, giving them to goodwill, and shipping the ones that are essential. I narrowed it down to 10 books due to my spirit guide advising me that it needed to be simple. 

I know that the information will be brought back into my field of existence, if needed, and also I can buy the book online. The sacrifice must be made. Sometimes we have to give a lot in order to get a little. In the end, it will benefit me greatly, to learn the lesson of letting go. 

What do you have to sacrifice?

Do not worry. It will return to you, in some shape or form, when it is truly needed again. The journey is not over. You are starting a new one. 

I always ask Brian, my partner, "what would you grab if you were required to evacuate?"

He would answer with a small list of things and then I would respond, "Then that is all we need to take on our trip back home. Everything else is just details."

A simple way to state what is really important in life and also to let go of that which does not serve us at this time. 

What would you grab if you were required to evacuate?

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.7.13: It is Time to Use Your New Found Skill

Sunday 7.7.13:

The card of the day is Eight of Coins. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Mugwort = Rite of passage.

This is the last day of class. I am sleeping like a baby at night. On Saturday, I did my first full hour healing session, set up space, and also worked with my healing guides. I feel empowered. I want to use Reiki all the time. I want to set up practice in Ventura. My next step is to get a massage table. Such small things. 

Today I am learning about crystals and a few crystal layouts to add one more tool to my bag of tricks. 

When we add a skill to our current state of existence, we understand that it can only benefit us. It will add so much more greatness to the person that we are. Are you ready to move forward?

Manuals, books, and rituals are very useful in learning a new skill. We require the template of magic, in order to understand the "why"of it all. Once the "why" is understood, the books and templates are no longer needed. We use our intuition. We begin to trust Source. We begin to explore the outer regions of our new found gift. 

I find my mind empty of all negative thoughts. Filled with only love but no way to express it. No thoughts of negativity are swimming around within my spirit.
I am love. 
I am joy. 

This class had to happen. I needed to advance. I may have to download more information later in the year, from Source, but I know that I will move forward with my ability. I will understand my technique. It may not look like other healer's techniques and hand movements, but it is enough. 

It is time to use my tools to produce a new spectacular prototype. It is time to create a new mold. 
To break the old one and create. 

I think of the tarot master. They are constantly reading, writing, and laying out cards. They are constantly learning about new symbols.
"Funny, I never noticed a castle in the background of the Ten of Swords." 

How wonderful to see that there is so much more within the cards. How wonderful that we are constantly evolving. 

I am awake. Now it is time to look through my old suitcase of stuff, that I carry, from one relationship to the other. 
That is it! 

We carry a backpack, trunk, or many suitcases from one relationship to the other. It is time to look through them. It is time to re-evaluate the items we have collected on our journey. What is no longer needed?

What experience must you examine, fill with love, and send off to Universe?

It will be taken care of. 
It is time to cut the chord. It is time to be healthy. To be whole. 

It is time to forgive. This is your right of passage. Are you ready for it?
It will not hurt. You will build a great work of art. 
The Eight of Coins card reminds me of a chef. 
The chef who works all his life to produce great food for a others.
Some will stay in their comfort zone and produce only what is needed to survive. Others will dream of great creations and only produce something new when it is needed. Then there is a Chef who dreams in the light of day. Who takes great items of yummy-ness and produces a spectacular dish! I think of Seth Nathan, a great and wonderful chef, who loves to cook and produce spectacular dishes. Believe me this chef really puts love into his food. I can taste it! I can feel it!

He is always thinking of new ways to make a dish even better. To make the person really enjoy what is being produced. To share his masterpiece with others. He does not hide it. He does not give it to only those who will surely give him positive feed back. He understands that the energy must flow from one person to the next. 
His gift is to make you feel at home. 

We must use our gift to do the same. To make those around us feel at home. To make them feel at ease. 
This must be our goal. To advance with our wonderful gifts and be the spectacular person we were born to be. This is the greatest gift you can give to someone. To be happy. To be love. To be worthy. 

The greatest skill you can add to your bag of to exist. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.6.13: Breaking Through the Sludge

Saturday 7.6.13:

The card of the day is Disruption or the Tower. The hidden energy card is the Sun. The card sits in the position of Moonstone = mystery and intuition. 

The safe house that our spirit dwells in can be destroyed at a moments notice. The tree house can be struck with lightening. 

What happens when our life is shaken up? Disrupted with a jolt of lightening. Sometimes everything within our life must be broken down. It must be destroyed. Struck to the ground with a spiritual arrow of Truth. We fall. Our Ego is bruised. 
In the end, we move forward, with the small pieces of love that are left over. The fringed pieces of love and truth that may not look like much but pack a powerful punch. They are the survivors. 
Brush them off. Look at them and examine the true potential hidden within. 

The sun shines once more. The light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter. You can see the end. We all pass through a stage of "breaking through the sludge". 

The slimy film that we produce as we pick up other people's energy and doubt. When we seek advise from those that wish to project their life on us, a small amount of energy is transferred to our spirit, and we cause a build up.
The energy is advising you to break through. The sludge is only two inches thick. It may cover all light around you. It may seem like there is no light, but if you simply put your arm out, you will surely find the other side. Leave it behind. It is time to see the Sun. The clouds need to part. They are only there because you wish them to be present. 

"Oh how gloom and doom things may seem. Oh how awful all of this seems. Oh what will I do now? I can not move forward." 

This form of thought leads us down a new path of destruction. A negative path of "lack of". A negative path of pure chaos where you are only a supporting actor, rather than the star. What happens in Star Trek to the supporting actor who goes with the main crew on their journey to the unknown planet? 
We all know that this person will surely not return. He will be taken and transformed into food or shot with a ray gun. Oh poor soldier #2. 

Let us not be an unknown actor but the main character. Step into the light and be the Golden Child. The prodigal son. Blast through your sludge and shine! Return to the light! 

Your thoughts become the theme music of your show. Can you hear them playing the heroine theme? I can. 
It is time to be known. It is time to exist. Time to be that wonderful and great person that was born to do awesome things! Who cares what the details may be. It is all about the recognition of your intent. The intent to exist.  

Blessed Be. 

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 7.5.13: A Little Can Be A Lot

Friday 7.5.13:

The card of the day is Six of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Moon. The card sits in the position of High Council = evolution, information, and potential. 

I start my Reiki training tonight. I begin a new phase in my spiritual life. 
I will receive valuable information on healing and energy within the next three days. I will receive confirmation of what is next on my journey. That I am to heal. I am to aid others on their journey. I am to 

The Six of Coins can talk about money, and also manifestation of items, within your life. It can also relate to energy. The giving and receiving of energy from one person to the next. 

As I sit here and type out my entry, I am watching the show "Laverne and Shirley". 
I love it!

Funny that the episodes were about the move to California. I am to make the trip home to California in the near future. 

They made it to CA okay. I shall do the same. 

With every great thought, comes a great move of action. There is not much I can tell you, about what will happen today, regarding the energy within our environment. 
I can state that you will receive great information from Source. That the keys you hold in your hand will start to open up some doors. The doors that contain treasure. 
What kind of treasure? 

The kind that will benefit your body, mind, and soul. 

I want to state that this entry is small and I have to realize that it is okay. Not everything has to be large and grand. The greatest thing that anyone can do with an entry is write something.
Even if it is small in nature, you must write everyday, in order to keep the energy flowing. 
Here are the words I must state. I think that it will be enough. Who knows?
Tomorrow might be longer or it may be short. 

Blessed Be.