Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/1/12

  The Knight of Coins.
Virgo. The overseer. He shines his light within the cave of unknown. He believes that it contains an answer. He is searching for the truth. For something that can be held and touched. He understands that this journey can be made because he is fresh and new. He is Earth power in the raw. He has trained for this adventure his whole life. As he walks into the cave of the unknown he holds up his power symbol. A coin. It shimmers in the dark and reveals the path that he should take. Now he is ready to find what his heart has been longing for.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/29/12

  The Ten of Cups.
The Sun is still in effect. We see our goal. We are choosing the color and size of the goal. We are dreaming of it. We can fly in our dreams and this leads us to other places of great adventure. Sometimes this can lead us home. Follow your heart and understand that your spirit tells you everything. Your spirit guides you on your way.

Blessed Be.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/28/12

  The Six of Coins.
The Sun gives us what is needed and this card advises us to give freely what the Divine has supplied us with. We all must understand that there is always more than enough. Today you must give in order to receive. Actually you must give with no intent behind it. You must give without the expectation to get anything in return. Give with all your heart and understand that it is all part of the grand scheme of things.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/27/12

   The Six of Cups.
This is about memories. With the Major Arcana Card The Sun, I am looking at a time of reflection. We see happiness in the memories of our past. We look to those things that made us happy and we can either choose to live within that past or move forward with the knowledge that we are stronger now. That we have grown up. That we are moving on and becoming a wonderful being of light. The Six of Cups is about our childhood dreams. Why is it that we were invincible when we were small? No one could bring us down. If we wanted something so much and put our mind to it, then it would be created. We understood that anything was possible and that there was a choice between light and dark. We wished for peace within our hearts and we found it within our creative minds. Now it is sometimes stifled by the mist and dew of our shadow side. Now we are bogged down by what we call life, but really it is only our imagination without clarity. This reality is a construction of our thoughts tied down to what is known as our Ego. Let loose our love and light that was bottled up and put on a shelf long ago when we found out that Santa Claus didn't exist within the grown up world, when love was only meant for those who were good, or when the wind could talk to us and we heard voices from our past leading us into the future. Move forward with that same joy and love of the archetype known as "The Child".

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/26/12

  The Sun.
The Sun shines bright on everything that it comes in contact with. The Sun is happiness. We have worked through our shadow side and can move forward with Victory. We see the shadow side of what was and move forward into what will be. Remember that our shadow side always lingers in the background. We never truly get rid of it. It is always there because it is part of us. We require it to exist within us in order to create balance in our life. If we did not know what evil or negative energy is, then we would not be able to know what positive or good energy is. We must have a shadow side, in order to celebrate the great things in our life. We must overcome our obstacles, in order to know when we have achieved our goal.

Blessed Be.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/25/12

  The Hanged Man.
We turn to a time of Faith. What is Faith to you? How much of it do you have?
Are you willing to give up everything in order to receive great things from the Divine. The Hanged man sometimes can mean a suspension in time. To stop. To hang upside down until everything that has been weighing you down falls to the ground. Even small things that you think you need throughout the day can weigh you down. We must learn to let go of these items, of these people, of the places that we think have meaning in our lives. Let it all go and let the Divine take over. The Book of Shadow Tarot Deck shows a man hanging himself from his light fixture. This is a dark representation of the Hanged man, but one thing is true. He is making a choice to move to the spirit world in order to find answers. He is willing to have faith that everything will turn out okay. He is willing to jump with the knowledge that all things work out for the greater good, even if it means giving up his physical body. This does not mean literal death and suicide, but a death of our shadow side. We are getting rid of the very vessel that keeps us from connecting with our spirit self.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/24/12

     The High Priestess. This card speaks to me about the unseen. We move from having faith and doing what our spirit wants us to do, to understanding that everything happens for a reason. We must trust our intuition and make decisions that will lead us to happiness. The High Priestess is in touch with the Goddess. She understands that everything has a counterpart and when found can create balance. She knows that everything returns to Source at one point in time. Everything returns to the Divine. Know that the steps you take today will create the happiness you enjoy tomorrow.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/23/12

  The Hanged Man.
We take that leap of faith into the unknown again. We move into something wonderful, but what could it be?
We understand that the Divine will take care of us, but we are still scared. It is the human side that says we should wait for the right moment. What does the right moment look like? No one knows. The right moment is a feeling you get when your spirit has had enough of your worry. The spirit then proceeds to push you into the new level of being. It pushes you, not nudges you, to your next destination because your body has tried to stop you for long enough. Now the Divine has broken down your door and dragged you out into the light. You have two choices now; to make the leap yourself and create the change, or have the Divine do it for you while you kick and scream the whole way there.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/22/12

What demon must we take control of? This card speaks about the shadow side of our being. The Tarot I am using shows us a woman holding the book of spells. She is using her energy to tame the monster in front of her. She holds him at bay and understands that he can be used to hurt or help others. Maybe the trials ahead of you are just there to show you that you can break through any barrier put in front of you. Maybe the trials are there to aid you on your journey of Strength. Maybe the trials are there in order to bring out the shadow side of Self so that you may understand what the dark is really like. That way you can move into the light and know what peace feels like.

Blessed Be.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/21/12

  The Two of Coins.
There must be a balance between spirit and earth in order for anything to be created, otherwise you may miss out on the opportunity that will open new doors for you. Remember that what comes in must always go out. The energy can not be stored. There is more than enough for everyone. You must learn to let go and move forward. The balance must be kept in order to manifest great things in your life, or you could not keep balance and live your life the way you have been living it. Now ask yourself this question...Do you like the way things are going in your life right now?
The decision is yours...

Blessed Be.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/20/12

  The Four of Wands.
This card is about foundation. It could relate to the home. The lesson card is about Universal Laws and Truth. What is the truth?
What can we find out about our life from a Universal Law? What truth can we receive from the circumstances we have created?
Home is where the heart is. Home is what we make of it. We celebrate the foundation that we have built our life on. We celebrate our life. Today is about the celebration of who we have become. Of what we have moved past. We celebrate our existence. Now keep it that way. You must exist, even during your fight with your Ego.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/19/12

We have gone through a time of healing, to a time of tradition and ritual, and now we are looking at the Laws of the Universe. Justice speaks to us about Karma and the energy we put out. If we put out only negative thoughts and actions, then we receive a negative experience. If we cultivate positive thoughts and actions, then we receive  a positive experience. Look at everything with a positive attitude. Understand that the Universe will take care of everything that is needed. Give it up to the Divine and Justice will be served. Remember that you can not live in the shadows and expect the light to find you. You must be willing to seek out the light, or truth, and it will be revealed. Justice is not always a bad thing. This could be the day that everything pays off. You receive exactly what is needed at the exact moment, because you planted the seed. Remember you had two options last week. You could have planted the seed and waited for it to sprout, or planted the seed and  moved on with your life knowing that it will happen.

Blessed Be.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/18/12

   The Hierophant.
A new lesson. An old teacher. We have moved through our time of healing, and now we return to the past. We return new. We return refreshed. This time we shall choose our path with great intent, instead of with great emotion. We will make decisions based off of facts. We will know that the path we choose will contain heart. Tradition and ritual can contain so many answers to the questions we have been asking. We do them day in and day out. So find out what they really mean to you. Ask yourself if this ritual or tradition is worth your time and energy. Today return to the past with the knowledge that you will come out victorious.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/17/12

  The Ten of Wands.
When I see this card, I think of the movie "Labrynth". There is a scene where Sarah meets a pack rat in a junk yard. This pack rat carries everything on her back. She wishes to not let go of them, because if she did then she would find out that she could be released from her own prison. Sarah figures this out when the items she loved as a child begin to pile on top of her. Sarah becomes scared and wishes to let go, but the avalanche of her past comes crashing on her. Her friends, three aspects of herself, show up to rescue her. She leaves her past behind and finally decides to grow up and accept what has been given to her. This is the energy of today. We must leave things from the past, within the past. We must move forward with our destiney. We must grow up and use our divine gifts.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/16/12

  The Seven of Coins.
This card is about planning. Coupled with the Temperance card, we see a time of waiting. This healing process is all about planting the seed of greatness. We have two choices: to either sit and watch it grow or live our life and know that it shall flourish.
Understand that everything you do has meaning and will set you on a course of greatness, if you are willing to listen to God or the Divine. You will succeed if you are willing to really let God take over. The choice is yours. Free will is there for us to use in order to have a blessed life. In order for us to realize what is before us. In order for us to appreciate what we do have. Know that you are working towards something great. That you are working towards healing yourself so that you can go out and aid others on their journey.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/15/12

  The Four of Swords.
Temperance is a time of healing. It lingers in the air. She calls to us from above and lets us know that everything will work out in our favor. The Four of swords advises us to rest. We must wait and what may seem like a time of death is really a time of transformation. I spoke of home before. Do you know where your home is?
Can you find it?
Is it in another city? Is it in another state? Return to what you know. Return to who you care for. Understand that you will find exactly what you are looking for during this time of rest.

Blessed Be.

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/14/12

  The Three of Cups.
Temperance is the lesson card. Now we are going to move forward with a relationship. This is the card of celebration. The healing has begun and we are moving past our broken heart. We are moving past the pain of what has happened. The spirits are celebrating our return from the dark. They are guiding us to the next great destination. We find peace and tranquility on the other side. We find love. We find that person that we have been longing for. They may not be what was wanted, but one thing is for sure...They are what is needed.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/13/12

We return to the lesson of healing. We are looking past the pain and grief. We are moving towards healing ourselves...not physically, but spirtually. This is where it all begins. Within the spirit. Within the energy of our body. Within our aura. Within the chakras. The Temperance card is the balance of Earth and Sky. It is time to recieve what is needed. What is required. It is time to open up your life to something so wonderful. So great that you cry. You cry with joy because this is what you have been looking for. This is what you have been missing. The puzzle piece has been placed in the right spot. It was never missing. It was just looked at from a different angle. Now it all makes sense.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/12/12

  The Five of Swords.
The Devil card allows us to see our Ego side in a different light. We see defeat as an end of things, but really it is just the beginning. The number five talks about conflict within the middle of our journey. We move forward with the intent to come out okay. Our Ego can build so many walls that they can seem like a house. A house we call home. Do we really wish to live in prison or freedom. The house should be someplace we turn to for recovery. Look past the word "defeat". Look past the Ego and become free. Break down the walls and fight again. Pick up your sword of truth and push forward in a different direction.

Blessed Be.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/11/12

  The Three of Swords.
Coupled with our lesson card, the devil, we find that heartache can be brought about by our own Ego. It is up to us to move forward after the mourning period has ended. Do you wish to keep beating the dead horse?
There is a time for grief and a time for letting go. The only person who is crying over the situation is you. Understand where your heartache is coming from. Understand why you are upset. Then move past it.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/10/12

  The Six of Coins.
This card always speaks of generosity. To give without the expectation of getting back. This card is attached to the Devil card. We let our ego get in the way when it comes to giving. We get upset when the expectation of recieving is not met. We place that standerd on everyone we meet. We even place it on ourselves. For the standerd to have that other person give back is a standerd of doing something to recieve something in return. We must give with no intent. We must release our emotional tie to that situation once it is out of our existance. We must give freely and let the Universe handle the rest.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/9/12

  The Devil.
Keep in mind that this card is associated with the Ego. We keep ourselves chained to the ground. We keep ourselves locked within the cell. We contain the keys and can let our spirit free at any time, but we choose to self sabotage our dreams. The Devil is tricky. He knows our every move within the dark. So my advise to you is to stay within the light. This is a lesson card. This is the wall that is in front of us. We built it brick by brick. We placed it there and yet we wonder why we can not move forward. We wonder why things are not working out for us. Remove the chains around your feet and fly. Remove the wall that is in front of you and proceed.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/8/12

  The Knight of Cups.
This card can be associated with the sign Pisces. They are sometimes known as "the mystic". So how does this relate to our day? How does this relate to the energy?
Well I can tell you that we search for something to happen within our spiritual journey. Our sign post that advises us to "take this exit". Sometimes we get lost within the woods. We look within our cup of answers and sometimes we get lost within the results. The Universe speaks to us with items and pictures. They are to be symbolic of something. It is up to us to figure out what that item could be in our reality. Please look at what is happening around you and see the essence of what the Universe is bringing you...not the literal item.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/7/12

Here is the lesson of Universal Laws. This is a Goddess card and she deals justice fairly and with a sharp sword. She can see past all the bullshit and make decisions based off of the facts. She is ready to make a move and set things in motion. Understand that it is not about The Law of the people but the law of the Divine. What you put out, you get back times three.

Blessed Be.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/6/12

  The Four of Cups.
Sometimes this can be about getting lost within our thoughts. We look for an answer and in that process we get lost. We go searching for the moon. We go searching for fairies.
This card is about looking for something that is right in front of you. The answer is there and choose to ignore it. Understand that all you require in this life is found within you. Do not think too hard about what may happen, but think about the moment at hand. Live in this moment and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/5/12

  The Ace of Swords.
The Book of Air is a wonderful spellbook. It speaks to us about communication. It talks about force and will. You can enhance your ability to charm those around you. You can move forward with great force and call upon the wind to fill your sail. The major message that this card speaks to us about is the Force that is needed to get things done. We move at the speed of sound and break through any obstacle that is placed before us. The Ace of swords talks about our health. We are healed from the discomfort of our illness. We are healed from the fear of leaving this earth. We receive good news regarding our emotions and health. Let us move forward with great intent.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/4/12

   The Two of Cups.
This card has entered into our atmosphere, our galaxy, with great intent. This is the next step in a relationship. To be faithful. To commit. Sometimes we can get lost within a person. We get stuck within their glimmer, within their shine. What we do not see is the real person standing in front of us. We do not see what the other hand is doing while we focus on the trick. I would apply this card to a magicians trick. Nothing is up his sleeve. He commands you to focus on one hand while the other performs the trick. He causes you to be dazzled by nothing. This is how love can be sometimes. Look at everything within the relationship. Really try to see if this person or thing is willing to commit everything, or just part. Do you only want part of this person? Do you only want 50% of what they have to offer? Do you want more? You are deserving of the best. You are deserving of more. My advice to you will be about the amount of brightness you give out today. If others shine at a max of 10 then we will shine at an 11.

Blessed Be.

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/3/12

  The Five of Swords.
Defeat. This card is about the "Giving up" part of our spiritual journey. The moment we wish to just lay down on the ground and let the world pass us by. We sometimes see the trial at the present moment in our life as a defeat. We think that we have lost the battle. That we are to go home, crawl under the covers, and sleep for a year. Sometimes our body does need this rest, but this card does not state that. We are to give up the fight. We need to surrender to the Divine and let things just happen. Let that greatness take place. What can you do?
Sometimes the more we try to figure it out and worry, the more we find ourselves in a downward spiral towards depression. We get lost within the change, instead of finding our way through it. Today lay down your sword and walk away.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/2/12

This Major Arcana card speaks to us about Universal Law. What you put out you get back times three. Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. The Law of Karma.
This card is also about finding balance in our lives. We must give in order to receive. We must always be ready to create that balance and harmony that is needed in order for us to move forward with our dreams. Justice can also speak to us about revenge. Remember that you must always forgive those who may hurt you. Try to understand that they are also human. They also make mistakes. Today look at all things with a clear mind. Give both sides time to explain their actions. Make choices with the intent to be fair and speak the truth.

Blessed Be.