Friday, August 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/31/2012: Relationship and Hope

8/31/2012 Friday:

The energy will be about a reunion of some sort. Maybe an advancement of a relationship or a movement in a new direction with someone who you care about.

I am writing about the basics?

Okay, so yesterday was a horrible day. You know how I always state to you that one must find the good within the negative experience. Well, I was being put to the test yesterday regarding this issue.
I was complaining to Source regarding how no matter if I am positive or negative, I get the same results.
Sometimes I wish I could be oblivious to all this energy.
Sometimes I wish I didn't understand.
Sometimes I wish I was blind like some of the people in this world. Walking the walk and talking the talk of the lost.It is hard being a Mystic.

Sometimes I want to give up. Give up on working the process. Being the example. Sometimes I want to complain and live in the dumps, just so I can say, "Hey! I am just like you today. Let's relate and complain together."

What would that get me?
I would still be in the same place. At the same time. In the same moment.
I know I am playing the Victim. Complaining about how it is not fair. How nothing is going right. How I deserve more.
I need to understand that no one is stopping me. I am the creator of my dreams. I am the only one standing in my way.
I must have compassion for those around me. To let go of my Ego and know that everyone deserves a chance to do good. We all deserve a chance to get up and move.
Today the energy is about relationships in our life that we wish to see advance and grow. Who do you want to be close to?
Where do you want to spend your energy at?
Relationships are simply a reflection of who you are and what you would like to be. The characteristics of that person are within us. We simply have to acknowledge it.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/30/2012: Inspiration and Disruption

8/30/2012 Thursday:

I know. I know. Inspiration and Disruption?
I thought the same question when I saw the two cards together as well.
What does this tell me?
Well, my first thoughts were about work. The information, that was downloaded from Source, was about having this wonderful opportunity to move forward will be dropped into my lap, and in turn be told to "Deal with it".
Disruption takes away what is not needed and destroys any obstacles set in your path...wait!
Yes, Kali destroys anything in your path that is an obstacle, which is usually your Ego, and pushes you forward.
No walls in front of you.
Just a decision.
What will I choose today?
How will I react?
I was born to grow and move.
To become something wonderful, rather than just ordinary.
Who wants to be normal?
I always turn to movies that speak to the audience about the outcast, who finds out later that they have great power within them. Hell, every comic book starts out this way. The hero always stumbles upon their power and in turn struggles with trying to fit in, because society can not deal with the process of being healed. Of being safe. Of right defeating wrong.
People are so use to seeing only the bad. The negative aspect of each person and in turn of one self.
So here is your destruction, disruption, and inspiration.
What will you do with this opportunity?
Remember that being normal and ordinary will only get you normal and ordinary. Why not try for extraordinary. You may find that extraordinary is the new pink.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/29/2012: Strength and Relationships

8/29/2012 Wednesday:

When I am faced with a decision, regarding a relationship, it is usually because I have put myself in that situation.
I challenge the growth and also where it will lead into the future.
One thing that I have noticed about relationships, is that they are there for a reason.
They aid us on our path. Kinda like a slingshot.
One can get stuck at certain times in their life and that relationship is what I like to refer to as a "Beautiful Disaster".
Some view a Disaster as a negative form of distruction. One sees the aftermath in the physical world as chaos and death, but a mystic will view the disaster as a blessing.
Disaster within our life can look scary or painful, but one thing is for sure; it will take place whether you like it or not.
This is how I view relationships within our life at this present time.
I view it as an accident that takes place in your life, but you come out without a scratch on you. In looking back at the accident you notice the point of impact and can state that you saw it coming. Within those brief seconds you could see what could happen, where it could lead to, and how it will eventually turn out. The disaster takes place and you thank Source for taking care of you.
You may be shaken up a little. Hell you may even feel like sleeping for a couple of months afterward, but one thing is are still alive.
Look at the relationships within your life this way. What disaster is happening right now?
Know that you will come out of it alive and ready to face the world once again.
The relationship will slingshot you in the right direction. Nudging you to move. To do something about it, and push forward to your next destination.

Funny, I always talk about your next destination, but never really advise you of what it is. That is because only Source and your spirit know where it will be and when it will take place. I only know that you are moving towards something wonderful.
Today is about having the inner strength to move forward with people you care about. To look at those within your life and ask:
What value have I placed on this relationship?

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/28/2012: Wish Fullfilled and Wisdom

8/28/2012 Tuesday:

I know that today will bring about the manifestation of a desire. It will be about wishes. What have I wished for?
I only wish to move forward and be in a state of peace. That means letting go of the past and future outcome in life, allowing everything to take place, and really listening to my spirit.
I am guided by love and at times taken to a place where nothing makes sense.
The Hierophant is the hidden energy card and it speaks to me about tradition. What do I return to?
Earth Magick?

I know that it also relates to wisdom. What is received from Source is to be used here on Earth.
The Wisdom is all there for us to use. It can be applied to any situation and now I am seeing that.
I usually get upset when others around me are just not willing to aid me on my process, especially when I ask a simple question and get a response that is full of distaste and fear.
This morning I received just that and it made me think.
I still moved forward and accepted the situation at hand. I allowed it to take place and understood that it could be done later. My attitude remained peaceful and happy. I thanked the person for all their help and also advised them that "It is okay".
This pushed the energy around us in a different direction. Instead of becoming frustrated or in a state of confusion, the energy pushed towards helping and understanding. He went above and beyond his state of comfort and tried...yes tried his very best to see if anyone could help me...and he found someone. They were there all along.
I was at first baffled by this incident. I now understand just how much our attitude on life and our attachment to things of a shadow nature can really lead us down a road of distruction. A positive outlook and a thankful heart can lead us down a road of distruction...wait that doesn't sound right.
Oh yes I meant to clarify that last part:
A positive outlook and a thankful heart can lead us down a road of positive distruction. Yes, that sounds better.
What path are you going to take?
They both lead to a road of distruction, but are you wanting to have it run smooth or bumpy?
I know that I am willing to take a path less traveled on, if it means that I am allowed to shine. I am not willing to take a path that forces me to not exist, for I was born to exist.

Blessed Be.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/27/2012: Balance and New Beginning

8/27/2012 Monday:

With the physical comes the spiritual.
Balance within one self and balance in the Universe. Thank you Source for taking care of the small things. The balance of life and death.
Balance of the Earth and the Universe it lives within.
Balance with the light and the dark.
Everything within our world contains the opposite or complimentary part of itself. Shadow and light.
Shadow is not dark completely.
It is not absence of light.
Shadow is simply the unseen motion that pushes everyone into existance.
We all see the dark before entering into this world. Knowing only the spinning cycle of the Cosmos.
This is Brian's nickname that has been attached to him as he grew up in this world.
Do I wish to use it?
Sometimes I want to call him by it. Letting him know that I recognize his past and that everything within his future is set within my skin.
Other times I struggle with those who have loved him before, who cause harm to him now, and I think that it should stay in his past. I can come up with a name that suits him within my world.
I have to remember that his love contains everything within his life that was from before. I accept it.
I advised him that I would only use it when I get upset or mad and really need him to pay attention. I have not used it once so far.
I joke with him and state that I will gently call him by his first name:

If he does not listen, then I will address him by:
Mr. Calvin

If he still does not listen then I will call him by his nickname:

What does this have to do with the energy of the day?
Well I understand that there is no separation within this world, just our outlook on it.
We all contain everything within us. We truly never forget what has happened or who we were at one time. We simply let go. We let go of the attachment of the past, but we still contain the energy that was once associated with that memory.
It does not contain power over us nor is it a reflection of that person that we were. The shadow part may still show up, but one thing is for sure...we will know how to use it to our advantage.
It does not have power unless we allow it to take over and become temptation to our heart.
The temptation to return to the pain of the past.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/26/2012: Challenge and Ending of a Cycle

8/26/2012 Sunday:

Most of the time I would write about how one must listen to their inner voice. Actually, I would write about the life that is being lived at this very moment. There will always be an obstacle in our life that will aid us in our growth process. There will always be a cycle that ends and a new one begins. I was thinking about this the other day and it came to me.
Death is the ever changing force needed to transform.
Life is the ever giving force that keeps us moving after the transformation takes place.
An obstacle will be the challenge that aids us in breaking out of the cocoon that we have built around our self.
Do you want to break free?
Some would state that they like the cocoon and would rather suffer in their own agony, thinking that they need it in order to grow....well they are right.
If they choose to sit within their own pile of crap, then have fun. For eventually spirit will come by and break down their shit tower, leaving them to start all over again.
Some will rebuild the same tower, adding bits and pieces of crap that they have found all over again thinking it is something new.
How it sparkles in the moonlight.
Others will move forward seeing that what they have been sitting on was truly a big pile of crap. They will get up and state "Something stinks around here".
It is time to clean up and move out.

The obstacle can be such a small piece of item, but one can eventually add so much value and worth to it, that it grows into a tower.

It is time to end the cycle of shit building. Time to get up, see the light, and understand that it is just a pile of crap that stands in your way.
It is time to climb that pile of crap again, sit down, and wonder "what stinks?".

Blessed Be.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/25/2012: Fertility and Judgement

8/25/2012 Saturday:

Today will be about the Birthing of our idea and desires into reality, but the Hidden energy card states that it will take an awakening of our spirit to make it happen. What would that look like?
Two cards speaking about waking up and being born.
I know that with every idea that I put in motion causes me to grow.
Growing is about being born into a new thought and form.
I am given the choice to either make the same mistakes as I did the day before, or move forward and take a different route.
Here is the kicker...
What if the choices I make, whether I choose to repeat the same mistakes or take a different path, would lead me to my destination. The process is simply made up of details and time.
An example:
I am to catch a cold, sometime in my life, and it will cause my body to become immune to that certain virus. So here I go living my life. There is something that I do not like about sick people. I know that if I was to spend time around them, then I would get sick. So I have two either get the cold now or avoid it for as long as I can.
The primary thought one would think is try to avoid it as much as possible. For change is scary.  I would take all the precautions necessary by secluding myself from human touch, if any person seems sick, and also miss out on life. The other option is to touch every human being that is sick or healthy and take the chance of getting the cold in a few seconds or a few years.
What will you choose?
Destiny, in my own thought, is certain actions and experiences that we are to go through, whether it happens two minutes after we are born or whether we are two minutes from dying. They are the sign posts that will guide us. Destiny is change and growth.

Today will be about that change and growth coming into our life. Are you ready?
What if you got exactly what you wanted?
Would you accept it or deny it?
Birth can be associated with death. Birth is gift. You get to start over.
You get to start over every morning when you wake up and are faced with a new day.

Blessed Be.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/24/2012: Spiritual Strength and Achieving the Goal

8/24/2012 Friday:

How long have I been holding out for that inner strength to come shinning through?
Well in the eyes of my Ego...a very long time.
Actually the Ego will be waiting forever, because it will not see how strong it truly is.
Just imagine all the energy that is used to make you stop the process of moving forward. All that energy just being used to push against the flow of energy.
Imagine what it would be like to simply go with the flow of energy. To go with the flow of Destiny and also to believe that all things work out in your favor....for they do.
I know that I simply have to recognize it.
How strong are you?
Some would say that you are weak in manner.
Others may think that you are strong as an Ox.
The real test here is how strong are you within?
Can you muster the test of time?
Can you hold strong within the test of holding to your morals?
Will you be sold out?
These are the real questions you have to ask yourself in times of danger.
I know that within me, there is so much strength that I am practically giving it away to others. Better I suffer than the person next to me, for I know I can get back up and create once again.
Others are left in the dust at times.
They sit there and stare off into the distance like a deer caught in headlights. What will you do?
There are two choices that are offered to you when you are in the face of danger:
Fight or Flight?
There is a third action that no one recognizes. It is not really a choice but a statement.
Stand still and let things take place.
A lot of us want to either fight the current flow of energy or run from it.
The real option that most mystics take is to stand within the energy and flow with the current options and circumstances that are being presented. Today is about the outcome of that statement.
To state I am here.
I live.
I am.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/23/2012: Sacrafice and Intuition

8/23/2012 Thursday:

The Hanged Man and The Moon can mean a lot of things. Sacrafice of the person that we are and the journey that is needed to be taken in order to become that person can be hard at times.
The road ahead of us can seem dark and gloomy, but it is the way we look at it that makes it so.
What if the Sun was shinning down on you and you still saw only the shadow parts of your life.
Would it influence the nature of your path?
I understand that....

Sometimes this can be difficult. To write so many words in such a small frame of time.
Time can be tricky. It will try to weigh you down and make you think that there is a limit on the project at hand. What if I gave it all up?
Sleep seems to be the most important thing on my mind at the moment. Sleep and work.
Work is also intertwined with my happiness, for if I am not working them I do not feel productive.
Is this a belief that was handed down to me by my
I have come to understand that if I am not moving, then I am choosing to allow outside influences to create my environment. If I move and try, fail, and then get back up again to do something else, then I am co-creating with Source.
Faith is required within my life, because it allows me to understand that whatever I do, produces a circumstance.
Circumtance is just an experience that is created by an action set in motion by our thought.
Our thoughts can be of Faith nature. Our thoughts can cause us to sacrafice, but what are we really giving up?
I know that I am willing to give up anything that does not serve me at this time. I am willing to sacrafice anything that is causing me pain and heartache. I am willing to sacrafice everything in order to be within alignment of my divine plan.
To pick up my things and walk. If Source gently nudged me to do so, then you will see me on the side of the road with a little napsack in hand. I will begin the journey of The Fool again.
That is okay.
Sometimes the journey is about giving up so much within your life that does not serve you, because one needs to understand what it means to be empty. Truly empty. To the point where there is a lack of tears within your eyes. Where the pain is no longer pain. It is just an emotion.
Use your intuition and move forward. Kinda like the game piece on the board. You know that the dice has been rolled, but you also know the count of the spaces that need to be taken. Damn! "Go directly to jail". You see it coming, but yet you hesitate.
My advice is to go to the jail space, sit and relax, meditate, and start your turn over again. You think that if you were to take a detour, that your life is over. You will forever be in that space. Not true. Understand that this where Faith comes in.
Know that there is something wonderful that will take place. You will eventually get to roll the dice again and maybe you will get to land on "Free Parking". Maybe...

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/22/2012: Commitment and Hope

8/22/2012 Wednesday:

The navigation of our heart within a relationship can lead us down a path of memories. The Star can be viewed as a mirror. The intent can be placed within the Universe and in turn it is shown to us in different forms.
Sometimes the relationships we hold dear can be simply a reflection of what we want to be or what we wish to have within our life.
Relationships have to move forward or they get lost within the shuffle.
They seem to slip through the cracks and we lose out on a wonderful gift that the Universe has given us. The ability to be loved.
Funny when one is faced with love, if it does not show up in the silver box with small symbols that state "This is it", then we look past the gift of love from another person.
Remember that if they desire to be with you and give you everything you want without asking, then that is compassionate love.
If there are rules and standards attached to the gift of love then you are going down a path of destruction. Do you wish for this destruction to take place?
I know that I always ask for change within my life that will lead me to grow in nature.
I also know that I will not sacrifice my self worth in order to move forward in life. Source does not require us to give up a piece of our existence in order to receive good. Source also does not want us to love with boundaries.
One must give with out the expectation of receiving. Remember your dream is there and Source is advising you that it is within the minds of all people. Are you willing to follow it and believe or simply give up because your Ego has caused you to believe that you can not achieve it?

Blessed Be.

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/21/2012: Prosperity and Disruption

8/21/2012 Tuesday:

Sometimes prosperity can come in the form of disruption. Confusion can lead you to clarity. You have to believe that all things will work out in your favor even when you sit in the eye of the storm of your destruction.

The two cards can mean a lot of things. My first impression is that the money will be from a windfall. It will come in right at the nick of time but will be unnoticed. Unrecognizable. It would be wise to pay attention to the small signs that linger in the corner of the the days sunlight. Can you see it?

It reminded me of a lottery ticket that is scratched and you win so much money that you think it is a joke. This does not mean that you should play the lottery, but it means that you will get what is needed. If you require an apple, then you shall receive 10 of them. Now the major question one should ask is:
   What will you do with your new found prosperity?

Some would rather give it all away, because too much material wealth in our lives can create disruption.
Disruption is just the abundance of confusion. It is the abundance of doubt. The challenge is to sit within that doubt and enjoy it.
Take it all in.
Understand that Source never wants you to worry about what will take place.
Know that Source only wants you to live a good life.
Disruption is something we have created as humans. We go against the will of our spirit. We hesitate within the darkness, because the fear of being hurt or falling take over. Fear.
Fear is nothing more than an emotion. Everyone feels it.
But there are those who embrace it and move forward.
This is about prosperity and the understanding that you can not rely on something to come through for you. The prosperity is there, you just have to allow it to take form and shape.
If you try too hard to create the vessel for it to fill, then it will break or come out deformed, due to the pressure that is applied. Think of it as clay. What if you pressed the mold in the wrong direction. Some are happy that they created something so unique, but in the end they become masters at their craft. They perfect the vessel and understand that you must allow it to take form and shape with little effort.
Know that you can also do the same to your prosperity. Even the smallest mistakes will be of good abundance.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/20/2012: Ending of a cycle and Temptation

8/20/2012 Monday:

The Universe comes through within us. One contains the Universe in the body, for where the body ends the Universe begins. Where the Universe ends the body begins.
I know that what is within us is also outside of us. That is why the Universe never ends. No one knows how far it goes out. I would think that it goes on forever and is like a circle that has no boundaries. What is projected onto it will be given back to us. So if one thinks it has a boundary, then one will only find an end. It is up to them to either change their way of thinking or move forward. What if you thought something was over, but come to find out that it is just asleep within the dark mists of our mind. It creeps back in a different form or shape and advises us that it is new.
Does one treat it as an old friend or a great expectation?
I know that I usually great it as an old friend, for it had never really left.
Temptation can even come in the form of something wonderful. The real question you have to ask is:
What am I giving up in the process of receiving this gift?

I know that I usually give up everything I have. I am willing to suffer in order to see another benefit, for I know I am strong enough to bounce back from the fall.
The fall can be the greatest gift given to you.
It can contain the courage and inner strength needed in order to move on. The fall may break a bone, but what you have to understand is that bones can be mended.
Bruises eventually go away.
Scars can be a totem, in which we pull from our inner strength.
Temptation is the absence of acknowledgment of who we are. One decides that they are not worthy enough to move forward in life, and in turn goes back to what is known. The Fall.
Do you really want to break another bone?

I know I do not. What I would ask myself during this time of an ending of a cycle, is a very simple question.
Are you giving up your existence in this decision?
I do not want to return to something that always causes me hardship. I do not want to give myself to someone who does not want to reciprocate the same amount of love.
I do not want to be second best within their eyes, because I choose to simply sit back and enjoy the ride.
I do not want to be passed by.
I still exist in this world. I choose to move forward.
I choose to be and enjoy this life that has been given to me.
What are you choosing?
The singer Seal has a song called "Don't Cry". In it, he states a phrase:
    "Don't feel alone, because its all you understand"

I reflect on this line. As a human being I sometimes turn to a place of loneliness because it is all I understand. I sometimes turn to a place of unobtainable, because it is all I have come to know. Pain is so much more easier to accept than joy. Standing still and being poked by Disappointment with a small stick is much more easier to take than moving forward into the unknown. It is easier because we get use to the pain of disappointment, rather than the pain of letting go.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/19/2012: Wisdom and Wisdom

8/19/2012 Sunday:

What does it mean when it is double Major Arcana cards that show up for the day? Well it means that we should pay attention.
What does it mean when it is the same card for both the Hidden energy card and the Card of the day?
Well it means that I should really think about the meaning of this in my life.

Wisdom is the action that happens when knowledge is applied.
Wisdom is the understanding of the circumstance that is attached to your choice, and making it regardless of the outcome, for one knows that all will work out in the end.

I make a choice with clarity, because I feel and know that the choice I have made is the right one.
Really any choice one makes is right, one simply has to find the good within the circumstance that takes place.
I know that I can struggle with a choice, because it can contain many options and outcomes. I know that it is the fact that I do not want to hurt others with my choice, but really everyone is effected by what I do. We are all connected and it is not up to me to make them understand, but to lead by example.
They will view it as; if he can do it, well so can I.
Remember you are either the trail maker or the person who walks the trail laid before you.
I am usually the Trail maker and it can be a lonely walk, but sometimes in certain circumstances you get a companion. This person not only holds the branches back as you explore, but they can also see things that you may have missed.
The path may look like there are many choices to take, but remember that it leads to one destination.
That destination is home.
Everything leads to home. So make a choice. Take the chance.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/18/2012: Healing and a new Beginning

8/18/2012 Saturday:

The beginning can sometimes seem like the end. It will contain certain messages that should have been given to you a week ago, but one should no worry about when the information arrives. One should focus on where that information will take you.

When we are faced with an opportunity to be healed, or recognize the perfect state we should be in, then one is given a choice:
To grow or simply stay in dis-comfort.

I know that I always ask for the change that is needed to grow within my life. I understand that if it does not serve me at this moment and time, then it must be left behind.
Sometimes one looks for a person to latch onto. They will be our anchor if we drift too far into the unknown. What one must look at is the nature of the person. If they are not willing to pull you back when you drift too far or hold you down when you should be flying, then the anchor serves more as a prison cell.
Do you think the anchor in your life is hindering you or allowing you to grow?
If you were told that you needed to give up everything in order to be healed. Would you do it?
This is where your Faith comes in handy.
You must take the first step that will lead you in the right direction. Anything and anyone who really cares and loves you will be there at your new destination. Believe me.

Blessed Be.

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/17/2012

8/17/2012 Friday:

Signposts can be funny little things within our life.
Sometimes they appear right at the signal of an off ramp or a left turn.
What do we do then?
Do we miss our off ramp or simply plow through the nice green grass and cut a pathway home?

The card of the day is the Wheel of Fortune. Remember this is the cycle of energy that moves outward and returns to us.
It does not move up and down, but in and out. Like our breath.
We inhale oxygen and exhale CO2.
What energy are you inhaling and what energy are you exhaling?

I know that when I inhale, it is the energy of love and acceptance. Acceptance of what is.
When I exhale, it is the energy of love and acceptance. Acceptance of what can be, in this moment of greatness.
The hidden energy card is the World.
An ending of a cycle.
The sign post is changing. So am I to change with it?
Well, I only have two choices. They are both half chance. Everyone else is faced with the same choice as me. It may look different, but it is the same. The choices are:

To either get up and do something about it
Shut the Fuck up and sit down

Some would say that you should wait and let things play out, but then you would be doing something. Even if you were to be silent. You are still existing within the battle that is taking place around you.
Here is your sign post. What will you do?
Are you going to choose to do something about it, or complain and get told to shut the fuck up and sit down?
I know this is what goes through my head when I am faced with a decision. With a choice.
I always choose to exist, because in every decision there is the existence of our true being and the non existence of our true being.
There are those that say "Well, someone has already chosen my outcome"
No one dictates the level of your happiness. They only have control if you give it to them.

"Well what about those in prison or held captive? What about those faced with a tragic accident or a killer?"

I have to turn to what I know. That we are the creators of our environment. Remember, even if you were to be enlightened today at this very moment and understand Truth, everything that you were wishing for or spoke of in the past, would come rushing into your life, or not, and then you would be faced with the circumstance of  your action. So, mystics know and understand that things will happen, but they are neither good nor bad. It is what we see and what emotion is attached to that circumstance. When someone is faced with being killed or a tragic accident, one must accept what is being given, for in that moment they could be the most compassionate person in the world, and still the killer would choose to take a life. You have no control over anyone Else's actions but your own.

So think about what you wish to cultivate when you are sending out energy. Do you want to draw negative aspects of life or positive? Do you wish to see the good in everything or the bad?
Are you choosing to accept the signpost or bypass it completely hoping that there will be another one?

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/16/2012: Dishonesty and Clarification

8/16/2012 Thursday:

The card is a minor arcana and this tells me that simple things in life can carry a huge punch, when it comes to change. Even the smallest lie can lead to a blow up. Dishonesty is the absence of Truth. What Truth have you been holding back on?
I know that this can effect my day and the outcome of my choices throughout the day, but what we also have to keep in mind is that even a lie can lead us to clarification.
This is not about who told the lie, nor where the lie came from. It is about what the lie has brought about. You know that even a lie can contain some truth to it. We just have to look past the minor details that have been attached.
I think that this day will be about how you speak the truth as well. If you simply blurt it out and try to make someone understand, well then you have a long road ahead of you.
One must simply state the facts and how the facts can create the outcome that is attached to the action.
What outcome do you want?
Sometimes we can be blinded by the lie and the person who speaks it into existance. What if the lie was really a truth?
What if that person, or self, cried wolf for so long, and one day it really did happen?
Understand that a lie is simply an excuse to get attention. Who are you giving your attention to?
Would Christ pay attention to someone who cried wolf all the time?
I think he would know when the person was really telling a lie or the truth, as a matter of fact he would be so compassionate to this person and state the facts, that the person would be moved to tell the truth. To speak of their existance within his presence.
What I must come to terms with is that even if a lie is told, it should not effect me as long as I am in alignment with my Divine plan. You never know that lie may turn out to be the key to unlocking the next door within your path.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/15/2012: Power and Abundance

8/15/2012 Wednesday:

Two major arcana cards again. So much power within our life, heck within our week.
Do you have what it takes to move forward?
If you are shaking your head no, then you really do not trust yourself.
If you are shaking your head yes, then you really do not trust yourself.

It was a trick question.
If you had what it takes to move forward, you would already be at your current destination. Actually, let me re-phrase that.
If you had what it takes to move forward, and you recognized that everything you need is within you, then  you would already be at your destination.

The abundance of energy still lingers within our life. I still can feel it. It is great and wonderful, but I know that I still struggle with the nature of that energy.
Time to find clarity. Time to take that energy and put Force behind it.
The Chariot card speaks to me about that Force and Clarity.
It is balance within our life regarding movement forward.
Do I have a story that I can relate this to?
This one stands on its own. The story is written in your book. The story has yet to be understood. The story has yet to be thought out.

What will you write about within your book of life on this day?
What adventure will you discuss with a stranger on the street?
The first step has already been taken, now it is time to live and enjoy.

Blessed Be.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/14/2012: Abundance and The Pull of Energy

8/14/2012 Tuesday:

Two major arcana cards. As a matter of fact there are a lot of major arcana cards this week. So much change and sign posts that I am to look at and review.
Abundance happens to us when we least expect it, and it also happens to us when we desire out of mishap. Abundance can come to us within a relationship with love or a job that creates the change needed to move forward.
The Journey can be dark at times, always putting our shadow part in front of us. I have learned to deal with my shadow side. I know that everything can be used for a negative purpose, but the circumstance would be the same regardless of the influence of the person.
Remember the energy is neither good nor bad, it is just energy. What will you do with the abundance that is placed in front of you? Will you look at it today and think:

 "Wow that is a lot of lemons. What do you want me to do with a lemon. I asked for an apple. I wanted an apple. Why did you give me a lemon. This sucks. Now I have to start all over. Oh Great what more can happen?"

Or Will you look at it and think:

"Wow that is a lot of lemons. What shall I do with them? I know that I had wanted an apple, but with all these lemons, I could make a lemon tart. I could also make some lemon-aid. How wonderful it would be that Source would give me so many lemons. I could sell some of them, give some away, and also keep some for myself. There is so much to go around that I do not have to worry about not having enough. I can trade a lemon for that wonderful apple that I was craving a while ago. Now I can have not just one apple but three or four, because I have so many lemons that I can trade as much as I want. Surely someone will want lemons today."

Do you see how a little positive emotion can also change the circumstance and power of the energy you were given?
What will you do with the abundance of light that will be given to you? Are you going to hide the energy and let it dissipate in the dark, or will you allow it to shine and share it with others. You know that if you were to give with the intent that all things come back to you in a great way, then you will see that you have more than enough.
Believe me.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/13/2012: Patience and Navigation

8/13/2012 Monday:

Sometimes when I get lost within my thoughts, or get lost in general with where I am going, I always turn to my constant. Well, my constant is my home.
What do I call my home?

I use to call home the place where my stuff was situated at. Where my shoes would be placed at the end of the day.
Home was something that was related to foundation and contained the elements within it. I have had many homes in my life. Some were made of stone, some made of wood, and some made of straw.
I could say that my life was like the three little pigs. Every house that I thought would be sturdy was demolished by the Wolf.
The Wolf was my shadow side. It contained all the dark of night, strange of shadow, and lies created by my Ego.
It would come creeping around and shake my foundation. I would run to another part of my life or new destination every time one house was destroyed. The Wolf was tricky.
He would follow me within the shadows and make me believe that I was safe. As time went on my houses were built stronger and better.
I understood that I could not build with materials that could be destroyed with one single pebble of doubt.
So, I started to build my house with stones of truth, joy, love, peace, wisdom, etc.
My home was now able to withstand many storms and earthquakes caused by the Wolf.
My constant was no longer the material side of this life. My constant was now within me. Home was within me.
The place where I stand is called home and one thing is for sure, that anyone who is invited to my house is welcome to stay as long as they want.

The hidden energy card is the Star. This card is a representation of home. For the Star is the constant within our life. The star navigates us to our next destination. When we are lost we can always look up and follow our star back home.

The card of the day is about patience and planning. Am I patient?
Sometimes I am not patient. I get distracted and have to return to my center or my constant. I must advise myself that I am able to destroy my dream or create it. No one else can do this for me. No one else can destroy what I have built. Only I can give them the power to destroy my creation.
The day will bring about the energy to understand that I must keep on going, even if I think that I am going no where. I must keep walking, even if it means walking in a circle. The greatest thing you could ever do within your life is Wake up every morning and choose to exist. So, exist on this fabulous Monday and your choice to wake up and face the day is a gift in itself. Thank you for choosing to exist this day.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/12/2012

8/12/2012 Sunday:

Disruption within a relationship can cause the love to stop flowing.
Today is about the process of that disruption. Remember when we are in a state of disruption, we are not in alignment with our Source. Our body may be in tact but our spirit looks like a puzzle box. It is in many pieces that you have to slide into place in order for you to understand what the picture means.

Relationships are part of our life, so instead of wondering why things are happening, or when you will fall in love. Why not focus on the fact that you are loved. Who can love you better than yourself. A relationship needs to start with you. This took me a long time to understand. I would wonder why things were not working out. Then one day it hit me. If I am not happy with who I am, and if I think less of myself, then so will everyone else. We are all just reflections of the One Source.

Now is the time to push the pieces together. Bring yourself back in alignment with your true self. With Source.
Know that you are loved.
When you understand this, then all things will make sense. Actually you will find out that love was always there in front of you. That the person you are looking for will be revealed.
I guess I am on a "Labyrinth" kick right now. So let me use an example of what disruption can do with Sara's life.

As she walks in the outer walls of the Labyrinth, she is starting to wonder if there is an opening to the center of it. She begins to cry and gets frustrated, causing her to be in disruption. The pieces need to be put together and at that very moment of despair, a small worm states those magical words "ello".

Sara looks up and strikes up a conversation with the little worm who asks her to tea. Sara refuses and states that she is wanting to enter the Labyrinth. The worm advises her that she only needs to walk into the wall set before her. She is hesitant but follows the instructions and finds out that the answer was there all the time. She just had to be told that the impossible is possible. The pieces were put back together and she could move forward. Everything made sense at that moment.

This is how we should view our relationships and love. We need to listen sometimes to the small worm within all of us. For that worm was her spirit guide. Though it was small and tiny, it carried such great information. Sometimes the greatest gifts come in small packages.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/11/2012

8/11/2012 Satureday:

Death of our Ego....

What would that entail?
Would it be that we, as a human race, would be able to love without boundaries or judgement? That every color, size, and shape is accepted as the norm?
Transformation can enter into your life at any time. The card Death is associated with transformation. It is the space in between seconds.
Transformation may look like it is taking a while to happen, but remember that it has to begin at some point. The process is what takes a while. You may have to struggle a little, but always remember that it is just the change happening.
Transformation is the beginning and the end result. Everything in the middle is just details.
Details about our journey.
Our Ego may be a sign stating that we have to turn back.
I was thinking about the scene from the movie "Labyrinth", where Sara and Hoggle are walking down the corridor of impending doom and the walls are all stating "Turn Back. Beware. You will die if you keep walking forward".
I view this as our Ego.
The last wall starts to make his statement and Hoggle states "Shut up".
The wall begins to whimper "Oh please let me say it. I haven't done it in so long".
Hoggle then says "Oh go ahead".
The wall states how the path ahead will lead to certain death and then thanks Hoggle for letting him say it.
This is how I view our Ego today.
It will try to state the same old statements of doom, but being that we have already begun our state of transformation, we move forward and state "Shut up".
We are kind to our Ego and allow it to make its statement but no matter what our life still pushes forward.
Be like Hoggle today and brush off the warning signs. Follow your intuition and move forward with your love.

Blessed Be.

Friday, August 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/10/2012

8/10/2012 Friday:

Temptation and Temperance.
A state of Ego and a time of healing. Kinda funny how your day can seem so wonderful at times and then bam!
You forget your wallet. You scrape your tire against the curb. You are worried about what the weekend will bring and how you wish there was more time in the day to get things done.
Normally I would simply throw my hands up in the air and say "Fuck It!". My whole day would then be turned into a bad day and I would complain about everything. I would also state "See I knew it would happen" when something weird would take place.

This morning I forgot my wallet in Brian's backpack or as I would like to call it "his murse". I didn't even know I had left it there. He called me and advised me that he was on his way to bring it to me. I started to worry and complain a little about how things were turning out bad, but then I thought about it.

I smiled and began to state to myself how wonderful of a person he is to bring it to me. How wonderful that I get to see him for a few minutes before I go to work.
My thoughts changed and I started to contemplate about the cards that were picked for the day.

Temptation or the Devil card can be viewed as the Ego. This is not about our Ego in our reality or environment. It is about our Ego that sits within our thoughts. The Ego within our thoughts can cause us to create things in our life that we do not want. It can also cause us to destroy the process of creation of things we do want in our life.
So temptation to turn to the bad things and focus only on that which is lacking can get in our way of life. I know that today I will have to accept anything that enters into my life and then move forward with creating positive and good things. I do know that everything happens for a reason, and that reason is good.
This is the temperance part. The balance that is needed in our life, so that we can move forward and exist.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/9/2012

8/9/2012 Thursday:

Transition can seem scary.
I know that movement can cause such an uproar, that I get scared and want to turn back to my old habits.
The cards speak of a change that will add to the skills you already have right now.

Positive movement forward means that you have to let go of the past in order to achieve the goal in front of you. I always struggle with "the what could have happened" thought.
My goal is right there. In front of me.
Ready, not waiting, for me to reach out and grab it.
The Eight of Coins can represent the feeling or emotion that is associated with moving forward. I know that I have felt that I must keep moving forward with who I am and who I am becoming. I should not creep back into my old ways, and stay stagnant just because I do not want to disrupt the waters.

The hidden energy card is Death. This card represents the transformation that must take place, in order for us to grow. I know that I always chant to Kali to bring about the change, that will allow me to grow. So, here is the change coming full force into my life.

I had a dream last night about Stefan. He is a good friend of mine that I have not talked to in a very long time.
The dream was about us coming together and reuniting.
I was happy to see him. He drove this weird large car that made a lot of noise and at one point he was trying to scare me with it. I stood my ground and he stopped the car and got out. We talked. We hugged. We understood. We decided to take a trip to Arizona.
I left with my friend Michelle and my brother Anthony on this trip to Arizona. Stefan went in another car and promised to stay close to our car. We set out on our trip and Michelle decided to take a different path. It was not tended to and was under construction.
we stopped at a cliff that overlooked a river. She got out and we began to walk back to the proper road. Stefan was ahead of us. He called and asked where we were. I stated we took a different path.
The dream ended and led into another one, but that is a different story in a different time.

This dream represents a lot to me. It contains meaning, but at the present moment it is simply advising me that at certain points in my life I must take my own path, not someone elses' path. I must push forward and if it means returning to the beginning, then I shall embrace it full hearted.
Transformation is not bad. Death is not bad either. It simply means that you must shed one skin so that you can find happiness in your new one. Remember sometimes you can be wearing 75 different skins, and only shed one at a time, but the real accomplishment is that you are releasing them as you go along.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/8/2012

8/8/2012 Wednesday:

Cards can be read in different ways. When I pick two cards, regarding the energy of the week, I pick one at random, and the other is done by method of numberology. Both can give great insight into why things are taking place or how to take advantage of the good within your life.

What can sometimes happen, is that the cards can be read together or separate. It is all up to what my spirit guide states to me or what feeling I get when reading them.
For instance, when I look at the cards I go off of first impressions.
What do I feel?
How does the picture affect my life?
What could the cards be speaking about?

I think of these questions and then I wait for my spirit guide to advise me on anything else.
Today speaks about the beginning of abundance, or rather the manifestation of my desire into reality.
Remember I advised earler in the week that we had to focus on our desire and know that the Law will make it happen. Today you will see that desire take shape and form, but the Hidden energy card speaks to me about the Faith that is needed....Wait!

It is all about how the thought or desire is presented to you or me. It will not be what is expected. It will come into our life as a small gesture or grand performance, but it will be hidden within the background. Kind of like a movie, you view it the first time and see only some of the details and grand movements within it, but when you watch it the second time, you start to notice the lovely detail hidden within the background of the picture.
This is how Source presents your desire to you. All of the steps and situations put in your life at this moment will replay themselves later, when you reach your goal or find what is wanted.

I will look back and understand that small acts of Faith will lead me to exactly what is needed. Today is about taking those small acts of Faith and running to the finish line. Abundance is always there, I just have to acknowledge it.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/7/2012

8/7/2012 Tuesday:

What am I trying to build?
The construction of a thought and path, can sometimes leave me feeling unappreciated and accepted.
I stumble more each day on the process, but during the stumble everything seems to make sense.
The information that is gathered during the fall can be eye opening, and also give me the answer that is needed. You see a detour is not really a detour, but a secret path made for certain few to travel on.
I take detours all the time.
Walking in a straight line can be boring and leave me feeling stagnent. So I can decide where the new path begins and the old one stops. Sometimes they bleed into each other, and this allows the Ego to smile.
This is where the Ego can step in and try to confuse us.

The card speaks to me about foundation within our life. It also is stating that we have to sometimes give, in order to get. What am I going to give?
The Law is constantly there bringing everything we ask for into existance. I have to understand the process of letting go of the desire, in order for it to manifest. If you crave love and wish it to be in your life, then understand that it is there and move forward. If you keep focusing on the item, then you have a chance of smothering the thought to death, with your attention. Know that the Law is at work and that you have asked for the certain item. It will come.
I know that I sometimes have to just simply allow and let be. I have to state to myself that there is always movement and change within my life. I must give it all over to Source.
The hard part is letting it go.

Blessed Be.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/6/2012

8/6/2012 Monday:

I plan on living somewhere nice and cool.
I plan on making the day turn out great.
I plan on living  my life with connection to Source.
I plan on being wonderful to everyone I come in contact with.
The card of the day is the Seven of Coins. This is about the path of planning and waitin. The Hidden energy card is the Wheel of Fortune. This is about sending out energy and getting it back.

So many things that I plan on doing today, but what if the planning was only the small part of this thing called life. I could plan everything out that I had to do, but what enjoyment comes from planning?
Planning can sometimes lead us to a path of Ego.
I know that when I plan something, destractions will enter into my environment and cause me to take a different course of action. I then become frustrated and that frustration leads to anger. I decide to simply give up on the process and in turn it brings me back to the beginning.
So, how do I stop this vicious cycle?

It is not about planning, but preparing. I always here people state "You should prepare for the worse to happen".
I say "Prepare for the good that will happen".
Be prepared for such greatness to enter into my life. Smile at the funniest things that happen during your adventure. Stop and take a moment to look at the scenery. Prepare for that wonderful Earthquake called Laughter. Prepare for that Tidal Wave called Love.
Seek shelter with someone you care for when that Hurricane called Abundance comes blowing in.
Dance in the center of that Tornado called Prosperity, when it comes twirling down your street.
A lot of the day is spent wondering...wondering how things will go wrong. Now, think about what will go right in your life. Think about what you would do if you were awarded a bonus on your next pay check, or received an all expense paid trip to your dream vacation spot. What if you prepare yourself for that person on the other end of the phone to simply work with you to complete your assignment?
What if?

Blessed Be.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/5/2012

8/5/2012 Sunday:

Fire is the element associated with passion. Air can also be used in conjunction with Fire in order to bring passion into your life.
Inspiration is associated with Fire and the card of the day is the Ace of Wands. This is the beginning of everything. Our thoughts start out with the element of Fire. The Moon speaks to me about the journey we are taking at this time.
Sometimes the journey will contain danger and mishaps, but it is all how we look at the situation. I know that in my life, I sometimes look for the wrong in a perfect situation. I look for the fall, while I am still taking the leap. Funny how the brain works. We start to put expectations on those around us. Do they live up to them?
Can I live up to them?
For everything within our life is a personification of who we are.

The creation of an item starts with a thought. It moves forward along the stages of the elements and is created into our existence through the element of Earth. Start with the thought first.
What is your dream?
What is your belief?
What is your standard?
I know that I can create such greatness in my life if I allow the energy to flow and not try to create with limitations. Source brings to me everything I need. I simply have to allow it to happen.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/4/2012

8/4/2012 Saturday:

What am I looking for within this time of disruption?
I know I am looking for peace and love. I am looking for self worth.
What am I worthy of?
I am worthy of everything that is good within my life.
Sometimes I will look away from the answer.
I am scared of what could happen.
What if I allowed myself to love again?
Would I be happy?
Sometimes the act of love and the relationship I am in can cause me to run.
I run because the act of love will mean that I am worthy.
The hidden energy card is The Star.
This card usually is associated with the word "Hope". I have come to understand it as the word "Believe".
What is it that I believe in?
I believe that the answer to all your problems is found within. Sometimes we can turn away from Source and the constant knocking on the door. Source just wants to come in and make itself known. To be recognized.
I know I must recognize myself.
Recognize that there is nothing missing within my life. That good is always there and everything within your life is an answer. Sometimes we just need a little nudge from Source advising us that we do not have to look for anything.

Blessed Be.

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/3/2012

8/3/2012 Friday:

The Tower card and Seven of Swords.

Disruption creates the change that is needed in order for me to see clearly. When I tell those around me about how the Tower card works, I usually state to them that our body is made up of blocks. When I or we start to feel worry, doubt, or fear the blocks begin to shift leaving us unaligned.
So, when we think about what we truly are, such as perfect and joy and love, the blocks begin to slide back into place, and it leaves us in perfect alignment with our Divine Plan. We are connected.
Today will be about the destruction of lies and dishonesty. The truth will come out, whether it is through your mouth or others. Things will be stated and either it will alarm you or make you feel at ease. Remember that destruction is part of the process of things and like yesterday, will keep you occupied so that greatness can come through and be present.
Always remember that everything is happening for a reason and nothing in your life is unasked for. You create the environment. You create the responses. So change your thought and you will also see the Truth in a lie. Lies are simply our human side trying to survive within a feeling of insecurity.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 8/2/2012

8/2/2012 Thursday:

I know that when I plant a seed of love into my reality, it is very hard for me to wait to see it bloom. Sometimes I try to rush the process by tending to it too much. Remember when I stated that the Universe distracts us from the intent we wish to create in order for it to bloom. If we are to stare at it for too long, then we become blinded by its presence. So, Source decides to take our mind off of things by throwing a little chaos into our life. What this does is aids us in letting that wonderful thing take place.
This is what the energy is about.
I know. I am late on this entry, but this is more about reflection and what the day brought. I know that I can try to rush such a great project, but all things must happen in their own time. Believe and it shall take place. Live and all good will blossom.

Blessed Be.