Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/30/2012: Truth and Hope

9/30/2012 Sunday:

Dear Brittany,

  How are things going? In this lifetime there are small miracles that create truth within your life. Are you ready for the truth to be revealed?
It can sometimes be hidden within the scars around our heart. It swims with our love, that flows like a river, in our body. At times the miracle can move into our reality. We acknowledge it, with great expectation, and then dismiss it in the sunset light, at the end of our day.
Why do we dismiss it?
The miracle is small and tiny. It hardly sparkles within the shadow of our life. It only glimmers at times when we are blind and lost. The miracle is faint in manner, but great in spirit.
What we do not see is the process of the miracle. Did you know that there is great energy behind the miracle? How many hands had a play within the happening of that miracle. The stone had to be set in the middle of the road by someone or something. The person driving the truck had to sway at the right instance and propel the rock in motion. A driver in a car had to have their windshield cracked in order for them to meet a man who could fix it. The man who could fix it, had to feed his family, and in turn that humbleness leads to the giving of what little he has to the family that can not afford food. And so on, and so on. The miracle keeps going, but we only choose to see our side of it. The pay off of our small miracle. We keep on moving and think to ourselves about what more can be brought about in our life to make us happier. What if everything you desire is right there, in front of you? Would you notice it?
Today is about Truth and the Hope that comes along with it, but we must focus on our small miracle first. The rest will come later in time. Creation must first start with intent.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/29/2012: Opportunity and Movement

9/29/2012 Saturday:

Dear little Light Bringer,

My letter, to you Brittany, is not just for you. It is for all the Light Bringers that swim within the ocean of life, being thrown this way and that way. I simply apply the truth from the cards to my life, and frankly, the thought of you comes to mind.
Movement within the ocean of life is not always without great intent, on our part. I was talking to Brian the other day and he started to talk to about the journey of life. He was stating to me that it is crazy how the road can sometimes seem twisted and contain dead ends, but it all works out when it is over. We reach our destination and it makes sense.
I looked at him and said, "Yes it does."
You would think that I would have so much to say about the subject, but nothing really came to mind, until today.
The energy is about movement and opportunity. The movement is the step we take in a direction. The opportunity can be small; such as a dollar bill found on the ground, to the grand; getting exactly what you asked for.
Opportunity is always around you, within you, at this very moment. It is making itself known. Can you feel it?
The path can be scary and also fun at the same time. It is all about how you look at it. The spirits are advising us to look only at the good within our life. Take every step and know that you will move forward with great intent within this ocean. The waves might try to bring you down. You may even drown a little bit. The spiritual path of a Light Bringer is not easy, but if you keep on walking, you will find out that the act of being thrown this way and that way, can lead you to a great destination.
It may not be what you expected but it will be exactly what you need.
Have you ever heard of the song by the Rolling Stones "You can't always get what you want"?
In the lyrics, and I paraphrase, it states that "you can not always get what you want", I know in life we sometimes want what we can not have. It does not mean that you do not deserve it.
The lyrics go on and state that "if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need".
Wouldn't you want exactly what you need?
That is all you have to do, is try.
That is how I see the energy of today. A Light Bringer simply trying and getting what they need. It is not about the size or shape of the item, it is about the essence of it. So make it happen. Take in the power of light and shadow and create.

Blessed Be.

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/28/2012: Love and Harmony

9/28/2012 Friday:

Dear Brittany,

The wind was blowing yesterday in an intent to make things move from their spot. I have witnessed this kind of wind before. It always comes into my life when there is a change taking place. A change that would cause me to leave everything behind and move to a different place. Some would say that I was a nomad. A nomad can be a positive thing at this point in time.
Have you had this kind of wind enter into your life?

There was a time when I would sit and listen to the wind speak of change. I use to listen with such heart and move with every guided step. Sometimes I would question the information being given and other times I would simply allow things to manifest. Now I understand that the wind was not causing me to move. I was choosing to make the change happen and to simply take a leap of faith. The wind is blowing again but this time it is advising me that a change is going to happen, and I must be prepared. It can only bring about good change. So I welcome it with open arms and allow it to take me to a great destination.

The cards speak of a relationship that will be of harmony. Maybe a new blood-tie will take place. Maybe a new friend will be made, and in this process, opportunity will happen. One thing I want to mention to you, is that all things work in a circular motion. It goes in and out, up and down, and side to side. 

If you were a client and the two cards showed up in a reading, I would ask certain questions, but this is not about what the card could mean, this is about how the card's energy can be applied to your life. Love is eternal and it is the power source that you can pull from, as a light bringer, to create and destroy. 
Even the smallest obstacle can be destroyed with Love. Today is no different than yesterday. Time is still measured in minutes and hours. The sun still sets  and the moon still shines. The ocean still exists. 
Have you ever noticed that things do not really change, it is the person that changes and notices the wonderful things that have been around them, for so long?
What will you notice today with the new found eyes of Love?
Will you understand that when change (the Hierophant #5) comes walking into your life, there will always be a time of Peace and harmony (the Lovers #6). 
Now I understand that the cards are not here to reveal truth, they are here to help us understand that truth has been there all along, now it is time to apply it to the experience we have created. Created with Love. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/27/2012: Doubt and Wisdom

9/27/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany,

  Doubt, Fear, Stress, and Mishaps can lead us down a path of destruction, that causes more harm than good. Have you ever noticed that when you sit in traffic, you wonder about things that have happened or may have taken place in the past?
I was thinking about life before Christ was born. Do you think they had traffic within their life?
Maybe a temple or building was being constructed and there was a traveler stuck behind a giant brick being moved. Do you think they complained and had road rage?
Was there even a road to follow?
Let us take this thought and apply it to our life. Where is there traffic within our thought process. Do you think Source is the car complaining or the car causing the slow down?
Or do you think Source is the car caught in the middle?

I guess I am stating that stress, doubt, and fear are a constant within our life, because they are associated with change. Accidents happen on our path to advise us that we are to take caution to the signs along the way. If you did not pay attention to the destruction within your life, then you also would not have paid attention to the signs from the Universe that are all around you, advising you to take a left or get off on this ramp. 

I think that Source is the car that is complaining...complaining that we are not listening to the good within our life. 
I also think that Source is the car causing the traffic....causing the traffic, advising us to slow down and listen. 
I also think that Source is the passenger within our car, pointing out that we need to keep our eyes on the road and keep moving. The distraction is not of importance for it does not involve you. 
There is so much to think about when driving. So much to ponder. 
What will tomorrow hold for me?
I really do not know, but I do know that there is traffic within my life at this very moment. So my advice to you is to go with the flow of it. Sit back and enjoy. Drive. Even if there is no movement for five minutes, there is movement on the other side of it. Eventually you will see that it was all worth it. The process is where all the laughter, joy, and happiness also take place. So laugh at the stress in your life. Laugh at the doubt. Laugh at what may take place, for you know that it will be good. Laugh at those who state that you will get no where in life with that kind of attitude, for they have just as much doubt as you do. The only difference with your doubt, is that you are willing to leap into the unknown. They are willing to stay stuck in one place and hope for the best. You are willing to take action and know that the best is happening at this very moment. 

I do hope that this finds you in good spirits Brittany. Take care and enjoy the car ride into greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/26/2012: Pleasure and A New Beginning

9/26/2012 Wednesday:

  Sometimes Source can speak to us through music. I was driving to work, worrying about the Blog entry I had to write, and one of my favorite songs came on. I took this as a sign. The song I heard was by a group called "Switchfoot" and the song is called "I dare you to move."

When I am listening to certain songs or thinking of the entry I am going to write, I am sometimes advised to write it in a letter form to my lovely niece Brittany. My spirit guide advises me that my entries should be in letter form so that all my emotions can be put down into form and shape. Here it goes...

Dear Brittany, 

The morning light has been shinning bright within my heart. I do miss you everyday that you are away from our family. If your choice was based off of clarity and good intentions, then this letter would have never been written. The entry into my blog would not be happening at this moment in time, for I would only be thinking of your good and how you are doing such great things within your life. 

I do hope that this finds you in good spirits. The cards are speaking to me about pleasure of material things and also a new journey. Are you taking a trip anytime soon? I guess I just wanted to write to you and state that I was listening to a song this morning and thought of you. As a young Light bringer, you can be faced with many challenges and mishaps, because your ability is new and unharnessed. Heck! Even an old Light bringer, like myself, can be faced with the same thing, but one thing is for certain, I know that things will work out in my benefit. What would be my advise to you today?
To keep on moving. Even if the yellow brick road is paved in gold, you keep on moving. The gold bricks are not for you to take, they are for you to follow. There will be a time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor, but for now you have to pick up a shovel and dig!
Do not let anyone within your life state to you that you are not worthy of such greatness. Even now as I write this I am thinking of another friend of mine. Nicole is also coming into her gifts of Light and at times a light bringer will find themselves in turmoil with the decision to exist or not exist. Existence is that feeling you get when things are going wonderful,even if it is raining or 10 degrees below zero. The non existence part is a feeling I like to refer to as "The Em-pending Doom Feeling" you feel in your stomach. Watch out for it. This can either save you or  lead you on a horrible detour. Keep the light on within yourself Britt. Do not let things get you down, for there will be a day when there will only be sunrises, rather then sunsets. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/25/2012: Holding On to Things and Letting Go

9/25/2012 Tuesday:

Is anyone out there?
I write the entry in order to understand my own energy. Sometimes I do not want to state anything about the nature of today. Sometimes I feel like it is a chore. That it is work to state something so obvious. Is anyone really reading this?
I know there are a few who truly read the entry everyday, but is it making a difference? I have been faced with such great opportunities within my life and sometimes there are people, places, and things that I need to let go of, in order to move forward. Is this Blog one of them?
Time spent on it everyday may be simple, but there are other things that I would rather be doing. The spiritual need to explain things will always be within my grasp, and even the strongest Tarot Readers have day jobs. I am not ready at this moment to take on more clients and make Tarot Reading a full time job. Also I am not willing to compromise my life and all its joy just to please someone else. What does my spirit say?

Well I woke up and decided that there is too much to take in at this point in time. The Obelisk was speaking to me, asking to be taken to work, then my Tarot Cards starting screaming at me "Take us, Take us!".
So I took three minutes out of my morning to pack them up and put them in my bag. Then I started to wonder, what in my life can be put on the back burner?
There are three major things going on in my life at this time: Love, Work, and School. 
Everything else within my life are just details. Do I have the time to focus on all three? 
I really only have the time to focus on two major events at a time. Yes, I may be a great multitask-er, but eventually even a person of this nature must focus on Oneself. 
Wait! I forgot that is the most important thing. To focus on Myself. 
Great, now there are four major things going on in my life....but isn't doing all of this taking care of myself?

I understand that you have to let go of things in order for the energy to return to you. I have to spend in order for money to be produced. The cycle must take place or it will blocked by unwanted energy. 
What am I trying to state here?
That when I do a one word, sentence, or paragraph entry then you are getting a bang for your buck. Most Mystics talk and talk until there is an A-ha moment within the person's life. This Mystic is advising you that you have to maybe do the talking for yourself with the information that is given to you in certain entries. If it is a one word entry, then maybe meditation on what that one word is may be required. 

Blessed Be.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/24/2012: Mastering a new skill and Truth

9/24/2012 Monday:

    When I become bored, with what I am doing in life, I ask for a change to take place. Sometimes the change is unexpected. I think that Source is not listening when I become enraged, shake my fists in the air, and complain. I think that Source is also smiling, when I complain, at my thoughts and anger. Source knows that it is only a small moment within this life. It is simply a pebble that is thrown into the vast lake called "my spirit".
    The pebble may cause a ripple on the surface of the water, but deep below there is no movement from the action. The water below still flows in the direction of my divine plan. My spirit is recognizing the truth. I may not be seeing it at the present time, but my spirit is feeling it. You can not hide from Source. You may be able to hide from the life you are trying to live, but eventually your spirit will pull you in the proper direction. You will make a decision that will seem like an out of body experience.
    The Mastering of a new skill does not mean that you will learn something new, for nothing is new within this world. Truth is not new. Your life is not new. We will come into a skill that will add to our current spiritual gift. We will attach one more wonderful thing to our "life resume".
Have you ever written a life resume?
Imagine how long it would be, for you have done so much. It is not just the wonderful things that you have done within this lifetime. It is composed of the small mishaps, joyful mistakes, and crazy adventures that you have had here on this Earth. What if you were hired at a job for the charismatic dances you did when there is joy in your life?
 You know, the ones that you do in the bathroom when you think no one is looking, or how about an employer tallies up the small miracles that you had a hand in.
    What if you were hired at a job, for blowing out all your candles on all of the birthday cakes you have had so far?
What if you won a prize for trying?
Wouldn't that be wonderful. To win a prize for taking a step. For breathing. For getting up in the morning and checking in. How delicious would that be?
What if you were rewarded for helping a person, by returning their grocery cart for them?
What if you were given words of encouragement when you fell, instead of having the obvious pointed out?
What if?
What if all this is happening right now?
Did you know that you are rewarded every time that these things take place?
You are.
The sun rising is your reward. The moon and the stars are your reward. The gentle breeze across your face is your reward. The car you drive, the friends you have, the love you receive from your partner is your reward. So tally them up. Count them on a piece of paper. You will soon find out that, by doing this, the job you want will come your way, the world will turn in your favor, and the stars will shine brighter than before.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/23/2012: Recognition and Abundance

9/23/2012 Sunday:

    If you looked for recognition with every work you did, then you would be waiting a long time to be satisfied.  The recognition must come from within. You may see an abundance of recognition for a job well done, from others today, but the satisfaction will be short lived. No one can stand next to you and say "good job" every time you climb a mole hill. In fact, your main goal in life is not to seek recognition, but to be pleasantly surprised when it happens.

You should do things in life with all your power. With all your inner strength.

What are you really chasing after?

The recognition from other people can lead us down a path of great destruction. Is it for the better?
Well that is up to us to figure out. We make decisions within seconds and even if we take time to think about it, we still have the answer already picked, when we first hear of the question.
What we really are looking for is the recognition that what we are doing is correct. That what we have chosen will turn out okay.

Don't you think it will turn out okay?

I mean, Source gives us everything we need and want, so wouldn't it be okay with whatever we choose?

Your decisions do not affect anyone else. They only affect your reality. Everyone else still goes on living. They still move forward. There are those that are intertwined with our love and spirit, but they still make their own decisions. No matter how considerate you may be to their feelings, they do not pay your rent, car payment, and cell phone bill. You are in control and whether you are nice or not nice, you call the shots within your life.

What does all this have to do with the energy of today. Well, it is all about the person in your life that you are trying to please. Who's attention are you going after, and why are you letting them dictate the level of your happiness?

 I know that if my love was to leave me, I would still go on living. I would still breath. I would still sleep in the dead of night. It is only a choice, a decision, a remark within this thing called Life.
Now, I am not advising you to go out and make all the bad decisions you want to make. As a matter of fact, if you are not happy right now with the way things are going, you are probably making some of the worst decisions possible, and in turn maybe it is time to turn things around.

I am simply advising you that the attention of someone else is short lived. They will want something or someone else in the process of trying to make them happy. This goes for anyone in your life such as family, friends, co-workers, a boss, or the pope.

Today is about living your life for yourself. Move forward for the recognition of you. Do it for yourself. Create with the intent that you are being taken care of and in turn everyone else will be taken care of as well. Your ability to be healthy will be reflected on those around you, and in turn they will recognize the potential to be healthy within them as well.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/22/2012: Throat Chakra and The Journey

9/22/2012 Saturday:

    Today the energy is about the spoken word. The vibration of the sounds we put together to form a sentence, can either create or destroy.
Funny, it feels like I have already talked about this.
Let me turn to the cards and the overall idea of the new spread I have learned. You know I have not even come up with a name for the Tarot Spread.

Yesterday talked about being a survivor. I don't know what the message of today is. Maybe it is because I just woke up and I am trying to pull information out of thin air. Even my spirit guide is taking it easy. I picture Salis, my spirit guide, on a hammock, swinging back and forth, enjoying the sun that shines in the spirit world.

The Throat Chakra is about speech and communication. The opposite of the throat chakra, when working with healing, is the Sacral Chakra. The Throat Chakra is associated with your Will.
The ability to move forward and make things happen. To take a step in any direction. I think that is what the cards are leaning towards. Finding the Will to move forward.
I know that sometimes I want to stop. To simply lay down in the isle 5, of the grocery store, and watch time pass me by. The people would move and the world would still turn. I think, with that thought, I take a step in any direction.

The journey can look scary, but it is up to us to find the road home. That is all I am looking for. I am looking to return home. The cards are stating to me that everything that is needed can be found within. Transformation, change, strength, will, power, and truth can all be found within us at this very moment. The card that is talking to me, more than the others, is the Transformation card. It is in the position called "Owl". This is about Mystery and Secrets. I associated this position with the High Priestess, things unseen within our life. Things that happen for a reason, but it is not revealed to us. Do we really have to know why?

In knowing why, we find that, it can take the shine off of what is given. It can lose its value within our life, and we place it on the shelf with everything. We forget about it, while we ask for help from Source, even though something has been given to us. Which knick-knack is the answer?

When I think of this thought, I turn to the movie "Return to Oz".
Dorothy Gale returns back to Oz and meets many new characters, each a personification of the talents within her, who help her achieve her goal once again. She is put to the test by the Gnome king and is forced to walk through rooms filled with knick-knacks. She has three chances to save her friends, by touching an item and stating "OZ". If she is correct, the item transforms back into a living being, but if she is wrong then she herself will turn into an item and live in Oz forever.
Dorothy is much smarter than the Gnome King. She lives within spirit and at times the spirit within her is manifested. Dorothy decides, on her last try, to leave it up to chance. She twirls and twirls until she is stopped by a stand or statue. She happens to come across a green jewel. She takes a breath and states "OZ". The scarecrow is transformed into his human self. She figures it out and understands that the items to touch are to be green.
Why this reference?

Sometimes you have to leave it up to Source to find the real truth. Sometimes you need to be in a tizzy to understand that the will and power is within you. Take a chance, take a breath, and say "OZ!"

Blessed Be.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/21/2012: Dark Journey and Hope

9/21/2012 Friday:

The cards seem to be speaking about how people can sometimes forget just how strong they are. I decided to use the cards in a different manner. To set them up on a spread that will give me more information than what I already get about the Nature of the week. Is it a lot of information?

Now I am having a little problem with putting it all together. Maybe I need a little more time to look at the layout. Maybe it has to be done during the weekend.

How can I relate this information to a movie, song, or story?

Sometimes people forget their spiritual power that sits within. I was driving to work today and heard a song by Rebba Macyntire called "I'm a survivor". 
In the song she states: 
"I'm a survivor...I must of had my mama's will and God's amazing Grace"

This is what the cards have been talking about. The animals and their meanings are speaking of the will we have within us. The power we have to co-create our reality. Did you know that you are surviving right now?
As I type this, are you aware that you can do anything?

I know that I am able to move in any direction that seems possible. I know that I am ready to be moved. There are times in our life that we simply want to give up. To just let go and stand still for a moment. To take a breath. 

The spirits are talking and advising me that today is about that journey you are taking and the road that is ahead of you. Be prepared for the good that is here and that will enter into your life. Be ready to move. To take a stance. To fight for what you believe. Do not be afraid of what is coming. You have already survived the worst. 
What is the worst thing that has happened?

Well, you took your first breath. That is the hardest challenge in this lifetime. The choice to live. You decided to give it another go. To wake up and start over, stay the same, or make a change. 
You are surviving as I type this entry. You are moving. You decided to read. All the actions within your life and yet people complain because they see that nothing is happening.  Something is happening right now. Life is happening and you are moving forward whether you want to or not. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/20/2012: Temptation and Disruption

9/20/2012 Thursday:

The path of a lightbringer can be filled with little nasties that like to linger in the dark fo the woods. What would I tell a lightbringer in this situation?
To keep on moving.

They want to suck the energy out of us. They want us to use the energy to feed their soul and to waste it on something that is not important. They sometimes are around us to teach us that we are strong and can overcome anything.

The energy is about our Ego and how it will try to step into our way. The boulder will be placed right in front of our path. This will cause the disruption in our life. We will be told that we are not good enough. That we are not worthy.

It is up to us to listen, or tell it to shove off, and keep on moving. There is always a path around, over, and under the boulder. It is up to us to recognize it.
Actually if you want to really move past our Ego, you can simply state that there is no such thing as a boulder within your path, for if you give it any kind of thought or power, then it is created.
What if you only had to change your train of thought.
To see only good.
This doesn't mean that bad is not present, but you will eventually see that even in the worst of times, there is good present.
Know that you have to start with forgiveness with yourself, in order for the process of healing to take place.

Distractions and Temptations are always around us. They linger in the shadows and also within sunlight. They do not sit behind things and hide. They make themselves known and can glimmer with such brightness.
How do you distinguish between what is true and what is not true. It is held within you. You contain this wonderful power within you called Intuition.
How do you know intuition is talking to you?
Well, I was actually talking about this to a friend this morning. It is that feeling you get within you, advising you on what to do, but there is no doubt or fear attached to it.
It is when you feel comfortable and safe after the decision has been made. There is no feeling of regret attached to it.
Intuition can be mistaken for misguided information from our Ego. If you hear "You can not do that. It is wrong to feel this way. You will never get what you want. You are not worthy of it. There is so much danger out there and you should be prepared for the worst."
Then this is your Ego advising you to stop existing.

If you hear "you are loved. You can do this. This is just an experience and a circumstance. It is time to move forward. Take a step. Allow it to take place and be still. You are peace." then this is intuition advising you that you are worthy and it is time to exist.

Try to know the difference between the two. If you feel uncomfortable, then take a moment and ask what it is attached to. Where are you uncomfortable within your life. Also ask for guidance. Know that the choice you make is the right choice. That only good can come from it. Then the disruption will be such a wonderful adventure and the Ego will simply walk away....for a while.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/19/2012: Inner Strength and Harmony

9/19/2012 Wednesday:

As I drove up to work today, one person came to mind while looking at the sea. I thought about my niece Brittany.

In this life there are those who decide to step into their gifts and become a Light bringer, and then there are those who try to hide it. They seek comfort in other people, places, and things. Substance abuse is a great example of this.

In my experience, I have come to the conclusion that most of the addicts within this world are simply Light bringers who have decided to hide their gift of knowing, or at least try to not to acknowledge it. So, they turn to other things within their life as a distraction, for if they have something else to focus on, then their gift will eventually go away.
I wish this was true.
To walk the road of a mystic is very hard. It can cause you to go through many forms of depression, for the change that is happening can be so fast and furious, that you would give anything in exchange to be normal.
I think that is what some addicts are trying to do. To feel normal within this reality, but they are not normal.
They contain a light within them that wishes to shine. Even if the light was to be dimmed a little bit, it would still burn bright within the dark corners of their soul.

What would I say to Brittany if she was in front of me at this very moment?
I would state to her what I have always said:

   It is time to see that life is wonderful and great. That you are worthy of so much more within this life. It is time to understand your gift of light. Energy is not bad nor good, it is simply energy and you must find a way to understand the nature of it. The greatest thing you could do within this life is to wake up every morning and try...give this life 100% of yourself. That is all anyone could ask of you.

I really think that this speaks to everyone within this world. It speaks to anyone who is reading this.
Get up and try. Move. Walk. At least brush your teeth.
If you decide to return to bed and sleep, well at least you woke up and decided to breathe.

The energy of today is about Inner strength and harmony. Relationships can pull at our hearts and make us feel like we do not exist. Then there are relationships that propel us farther than before.
I recognize that all relationships within our life contain meaning. Not that they have value, but that they contain a part of us within them, that we can choose to let go of or keep it within us.
How strong is your soul?

The soul can take on so much grime and crust, that when the breakthrough happens spiritually, it feels like you are clean and fresh. We glow within the summer sun and burn just as bright.
Then the process starts all over again and we begin to add more grime and crust. The cycle never ends, but we can choose to recognize it, take it in, unload at certain spots, and move forward. It will not always be this way. Soon we will see the patterns in our life that pile on the sludge and stop them. We are strong enough now to break through.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/18/2012: Prosperity and Tradition

9/18/2012 Tuesday:

Have you ever looked up at the Sun?
What happened?
Were you blinded by the light?

Today, as I drove into work, I kept thinking about the card of the day. I didn't pick one last night, because once again I was allowing myself to be distracted by my partner Brian.
Distractions can be great things. I know that Source will put things into our existence, as a distraction in our eyes, but really it is a blessing.
When we first glance upon something that is shinning in our distance, it is faint. It only glows like a small light bulb in a very large room. As you proceed and get close, the light begins to shine. Shine like the Sun above us.
It is not timid anymore and this is what the distraction looks like in our life. We move toward it or away from it.
In our human form, the light can be scary. It will shine on everything that is within our life, even the shadow monsters that live within the small cracks in our spirit.
It will illuminate the path on our life and we have to choices, to either take the road of light or return to the road of shadow that we have been walking on this whole time.
What will you do?
Sometimes the light can blind us. It is there to distract us, so that we do not see the good on the side of the road, waiting to be picked up.
Are you ready for a hitch-hiker?

Even the light can be viewed at as a shadow part of our life. We get set on a certain way that things should happen.
You state to yourself," oh no. I am waiting right here for Source. I know that it will happen in a certain way, at this certain time, in a certain manner"
Life rarely happens that way. Sometimes it is the distractions in our life that lead us to our next destination.

Today is not about the abundance and prosperity in my life. It is about taking a moment, realizing what I have, realizing how good it is, and sending a small prayer to that person who enters into my mind that could use a little goodness. This is not about sympathy, but realization that everyone is worthy of happiness.
Everyone is worthy of truth.
Who will you send love to?
Maybe this is the day that I must send love to my enemies, or those who I once thought were not worthy.
Maybe I will send that extra love to someone who can not see that they are worthy.
I do know that I would rather give the good away, then to hold onto it and smother it to death.

Blessed Be.

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy: Death and A New Beginning

9/17/2012 Monday:

What is this thing called Death?

    I woke up and had forgotten to pick the card for today, as a matter of fact I forgot to pick the cards for the rest of the week. It did not stress me out though.
I decided to think about it on the way to work. I wanted to pick a card when I arrived at my desk, but I am not ready to come out of the Broom closet with my Co-workers.
So, on my way up to work, I was listening to Beth Hart's new album called "California".
I love Beth Hart and the way she sings her sweet ballads about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Well, not really the sex part, nor the rock and roll, but more like Death, Love, and Drugs.

Death, Love, and Drugs is very hard to talk about in this world, because when they are put together, it can be very taboo. No one wants you to know that they are an addict. That they are dealing with this need to do something everyday, which brings them happiness, and also pulls them one step closer to the Grave.
Most of the addicts I know always tell me that they have this disease or that they have an addictive personality, and this is why they use drugs. This is why they must switch to something else in order to take the edge off of the craving.
The thing that I tell them is; there is no separation between I and them. We are all alike. We all die. We all have cravings for something, whether it be Love, Coffee, Food, or Drugs.
We make the same mistakes. We feel the same way.
I know that I was always willing to give up the joy I had in order to find love.
Hell, I would have laid down my life for it.
Love can be just as addicting as a Drug.
I use to turn to Food when I was depressed, happy, sad, mad, angry, and in love.
Food was my drug of choice.

Some buy shoes, clothes, trinkets, knick knacks and such.
Some go out and look for a cheap thrill, a hooker, or they seek adventure with a near death experience.
If we are all connected and we are all part of the whole, then even an addict is a reflection of who we are and who we can be at times.

Death is simply the act of transformation. So, that is why I thought about this card while driving to work.
You are always shedding one skin to move into a new one. Death is always around us. So how do we co-exist with it?
By starting over again. By getting up and living.
Open your eyes to the new day. You get to start over. You get to do something new each day. We get to be the best that we can be, even if it means simply returning home.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/16/2012: Inspiration and An Ending of a Cycle

9/16/2012 Sunday:

What item, that is coming to an end, will bring us inspiration?

     I woke up this morning and really had to think about this question.  I complained to Brian about how I think I may have writer's block.

The energy about today will be about "Completeness".
Being perfect.

Yesterday, I injured myself and I really had to concentrate on the subject of being whole.
Of being perfect.
This was my mantra for about three hours.
I noticed a significant change within my body and also how I viewed the injury.
It did not stop me from moving forward. It did not end my day. I did not die.
I sat there at the Von's store on Victoria, with Brian, eating chicken and hummus. I viewed the people that walked by and noticed that my injury was not as bad as what others may be struggling with. Some struggle with constant pain, others struggle with pain that comes and goes, and some can not move at all due to pain that is felt deep within their bones.

I know that this injury was very minor. I thought it would ruin my day. That I would be out of commission for a Whole Day...

Funny how I turn to the worst. In the process of telling my self that I was whole and perfect. My body started to reflect my thoughts. I am whole and perfect and the injury is completely gone.
We should not think that we will be whole and complete, for this would mean that we are looking at the lack of.
We should be thinking that we are already whole and complete at this very moment.
Inspiration can come from anything and everyone. Even the smallest ant, who carries 50 times its weight, inspires the most complex person, to move. To keep on trying.
To make the tallest mountain set before them, into a mole hill.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/15/2012: Possesions and An Awakening

9/15/2012 Saturday:

What do I hold onto at times?
A crystal.
A watch.
A certain situation at work.
The negative thought of the day.

I use to think that the Four of Coins talked about holding onto material items. The card goes much deeper. I have to remember that the cards are speaking about the spiritual side of things. It can be related to the small trinkets within our life, but really it is much bigger than we think.
What goes around comes back around is what Beyonce's song states.
This is how I view the energy of the day.
What am I cultivating at this very moment?

I was thinking about a certain situation that is going on within my reality and I had to talk it out with my partner Brian.
I always ask for his opinion, now that I have someone who is also spiritual and can bounce ideas off of, when it comes to things of this matter.
It was funny. I like to talk and talk and talk, ask for his opinion, and before he can answer, I talk and talk and talk, leading me to the solution. He sits and nods every so often. I love him. I think it is just the fact that I am not judged. I am not being told what to do. I am actually seeing through the eyes of my clients.
So, the conclusion that I came to was that I have to have compassion for those around me. Even if they are mean and I think they are unworthy. I must show great compassion. I do not have to agree with their actions, but I also can not judge.
Remember that every person within your life is a personification of who you are.

That being said, this is where the awakening happens.
What will you awaken to?
What will hit you over the side of the head to make you realize that compassion is the answer?
Who needs to cut you off during traffic, in order to make you think?
What spiritual conflict needs to take place to help you understand that: 
    "What goes around, comes back around"

I always look at it this way....

Remember that hole that was being dug up yesterday?
The one will all the shit on it?
Did you put your thoughts out there with intent?
Well eventually the shit clears up and you find exactly what you were looking for...Clarity. It is behind all of that crap that you keep putting in front of you. Stating that eventually you will get to it. Eventually it will get dug up.
Maybe now is the time to let go and start digging.

Blessed Be.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/14/2012: Throat Chakra and Abundance

9/14/2012 Friday:

Sometimes the words that come out of one's mouth can taste awful.
Such as speaking of the truth.
The truth is not made up of sugar and spice.
Actually the truth contains an essence that does not taste wonderful to the tongue of a liar.
A person can get lost within the shuffle of life, and in doing so can create an outcome that is not desired.

When I hold my tongue against something that is not of truth, and I do not say something, I find my self in turmoil.
There is turmoil within me at this very moment.
What am I to do?

I must remember that Love is Universal. That everything within Source is perfect.
Perfect in manner.
What if it was not up to me to say anything?
What if the only action needed was to fill the whole thing up with Love, send it off into the great Void, and let the whole thing take form and shape.
A lot of times I do not wish to look at the obvious.
The train wreck will take place whether you are looking at it or not.
You ever notice that?
Things take place all over the world, whether you are looking at it or not paying attention to it.
Wars still move forward. Death still takes place. Babies are still being born. The light still shines on gloomy skies. The house will still stand after the bankruptcy has taken place. In the end the person who you have given so much energy to, will still move forward in life. Whether it is a good life, or a bad one, is not up to you, but it is up to their choices.
So, why do I sit here and worry?
Worry about what is taking place that has nothing to do with me. I still have the intent to move forward, but when I sit and think about how unfair things can be, then I stop the flow of my own energy. It begins to move in the direction of the person I am thinking of. Do they care?
Their war still moves on. Their sky is still filled with gloom and sunlight. Their house still stands after the bankruptcy. Death still takes place within their life.

The Abundance of too many words within my life can cause a destruction that should have never happened...or should it have?
Do you want the Abundance of someone Else's life and turmoil?

Words can be like shit.
Have you ever heard of the person who is trying to clear the shit out of a hole and by just simply throwing it up in the air, it falls back down in a different spot in the hole, and the person gets frustrated with the fact that nothing is taking place?
Well on this day your words can be just like that situation. A whole bunch of shit just getting thrown around with no intent.
Why not direct it to a different spot outside of the hole?
Oh...A ha! It finally makes sense, or you could just keep on digging and smiling, wondering what stinks....what do you think?

Words spoken can either be aids or huge bats that will beat the dead horse to pieces.
There is no need to speak of truth in a situation that will eventually either take care of itself, or explode on contact ten years from now.
The only thing it is doing at this very moment is stopping you from existing.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/13/2012: Harmony and Psychic Pull

9/13/2012 Thursday:

Relationships can be with people, pets, or materialistic items.
What kind of a relationship do you have with your father?
Tarot Cards?

What kind of a relationship do you wish to have?
I know that I have a great relationship with my Partner Brian, friends, family, and also with my Tarot Cards.
I am building a relationship with my Crystal mirror, which I gaze into every chance I get, in order to get use to seeing things within in.
I am also trying to build a relationship with myself.
How wonderful it will be when I am perfectly in Love with...ME!
Do you wish to be in love with you?

Let us start with the single most effective tool you have at this very moment.
That is Love.
The energy around us is there to use.
So, use it to your advantage.
Love yourself.
Then love the pencil you write with.
Love the person who just cut you off in traffic.
Love that person who just told you that you look like you gained some weight.
Love the person who just bumped you and didn't say excuse me.

What will this teach you?
That if you want to change anything within this world, you must start with yourself.
If you personify love with everything, then that love will be projected out into the world. It will be the wind of a Butterfly's wing that turns into a Tornado of love in Kentucky.
I say Kentucky, because my neice is there and also Nicole is right next door in Tennessee, and since I can not be in two places at once, then I will project that love straight to them.

You have to look at it this way. Smother that person with so much love that they just do not know what to do with it, and in turn they will have to give it away. Imagine how blessed it will be when people have to give away love and acceptance, in order to deal with the overflow of it.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/12/2012: Abundance and Hope

9/12/2012 Wednesday:

As I look into my crystal mirror, I see the empress wishing for something. The spark of life is always around. The thought can be present within our life and we will never know it.
I feel an announcement coming forth.
Maybe the announcement of a child.
The thought of my niece Victoria comes to mind. A child may be concieved.

The empress returns to the water, in order to be cleansed and to create.
The star shines down on her and blesses her wish.
A wish.
What is a wish?
It is a prayer that enables us to move forward.
A prayer.

Sometimes the wishes that are sent out into the great flow of energy can clutter up. They can mix with a desire led by temptation. They can create the unwanted, because we think more about what can cause disaster, rather than what can cause greatness.
What is your wish?
My wish is to acknowledge the happiness within my life. To honor the good.
I can get hung up on so many things at work, that I forget the small miracles taking place.
I woke up with the intent to destroy.
Then I quickly switched my thoughts to the good.
I am alive.
I am breathing.
I am wonderful.
I began to pray. To perform a teatment on myself.
Now I stand within the good.
Now I recognize the good within my life and state it to be here at this present moment.
I had to bring myself back to the present moment.
This is where the hope starts.
I hope to recognize the greatness in my life at this present moment.
I know there is abundance.
Now is the time to see it.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/11/2012: Movement and Disruption

9/11/2012 Tuesday:

I look into my crystal mirror and it speaks to me. Smoke. Clearing. Knowledge.

A Chariot is racing towards the tower that is already burning. What will he find?
He finds only the remains of destruction.
Does he weep?

Sometimes I arrive a minute too late. Thinking that I could have somehow stopped the destruction from taking place.
I am sure Source is laughing as this thought leaves my plane of existance and enters into the great Vortex of energy.
How can you stop destruction from taking place?
Good luck in doing so.
Once change is in process, there is no turning back.
Like I advised in other entries before; one can not plan for an experience to take place, but they can prepare
for it.
Today the energy will be about the change that is taking place within our life. The movement that the change will produce in our life.
Are you ready to push forward?
I know that I am ready to move within the light. To create that which is desired.
To live within love and joy.
Find the good within everything.
Your movement starts with your gratitude that you are alive.
Gratitude with the breath you breathe.

The crystal mirror speaks about fire. Destruction and change comes with fire. Fire can burn anything down to its core. What can be left is the rising phoenix. Where will the phoenix be in your life? What are you wanting to create change in?

Blessed Be.

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 9/10/2012: Choice and Temptation

9/10/2012 Monday:

The choices I make in life are affected by the environment I have created. What is within my state of existance?
I can be faced with the choices that pull me down. I can be faced with the choices that can drown my dreams.
I make a decision and hope for the best...or hope for the worst.
What is the worst thing that could happen?
I could stop existing.
Not die, but stop existing.
Existance is the act of living.
Living in this world with the intent to be the exact thing that I was born to do.
I was born to live.
I am alive right now and I smile.
Temptation can be the act of choosing that which hurts our spirit.
I lean towards something that seems appealing.
Appealing to the vein eye.
Sometimes the path I choose is not the correct one, but I must remember that it will lead me to my next destination. It may take a little longer than usual, but I will arrive on time.
The real truth is within the decisions I make that get me to my destination.
There may be serveral of them just sitting on the side of the road. There may be many trying to catch a ride to greatness. Some may look dirty and others will be plated in gold. Which one will you pick up?
I know that there have been many shinny decisions that I have made, and came to find out that I wanted to kick them out of my vessel a few miles down the ride, and then there have been the dirty decisions, that I have made, and found out that they were the most beneficial.
Take a chance.
You may just find that it was the most beautiful decision you will ever make in your life.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/9/2012: New Skill and Wisdom

9/9/2012 Sunday:

Well what could happen on a non-work day?
What we do not see is the workings behind the curtain.
Every great actor knows that all the magick happens behind the curtain. Who works the lights?
Who designed the make-up?
Who made the back drop?
Who wrote the script?

So much work goes into the set up of the production. Do you appreciate the people behind the scenes?
Does anyone clap for them?
When it is all done and over with, they move forward with another project. They build and construct, loving the work they do, and create something so magickal.

At times I think about the card of Wisdom. The Hierophant is a tricky card to understand at times. It is fickle. It can mean so many things to me and the distinction of what the card is saying can leave me lost in thought. I turn to my spirit guide for clarity...

My vision was one of great knowledge. I was visiting my spirit garden and talking to my spirit guide. I wanted to know where my love resided. I wanted to understand why we were ripped apart.
I was taken past the trees that grew on the outskirts of my sacred place. We traveled to a hilltop, and there was a group of people.
People I knew.
Other Lightbringers.
Then he reached out his hand.
This wonderful man advised me that it was time to listen and be advised of our duties.
The Hierophant stood on a hilltop, preaching, and screaming of love and justice.
He wore a white robe and had a white beard. This was the Hierophant card to me.
Then there was a rip in the fabric of time and the Lightbringers were falling into the unknown. They screamed with fear, but I knew it was time to depart the spiritual world and enter into the physical world. I was not afraid. I began to fall and my love reached out to grab my hand. He looked at me and said that he will find me. I began to fall and was brought back to reality.
I did not understand this vision.
Now I know.

Sometimes the energy will reflect our work ethic, but I have to remember that my real job is aiding people on their spiritual journey. A new skill will be added. Are you prepared for your new spiritual gift?

Blessed Be.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/8/2012: Searching and a New Beginning

9/8/2012 Saturday:

My process of looking for love, has led me to this wonderful place and time. I always thought that love would enter into your life when you least expect it, but I soon found out that love is always within your life. I now know that your partner does not make you, they compliment you.
Who is complimenting you?

When I think about all the twists and turns that I have taken on this path, I thank Source with all my heart. They were not mistakes but detours that have brought me to a great time in my life.
I only have to look for the good within it.
Sometimes I find myself still searching.
What is a person to do when you have everything you ever wanted, and the Ego comes creeping in to state that you are not worthy?
Am I worthy?
This is the question that enters into my mind when I look into my love's eyes.
My love.
He is the yin to my yang. He is the dark to my light.
What I have to remember here is that all of the qualities that he contains within him, is also within me. I simply have to recognize them.

Remember that a new beginning can be anything within our life.
We can start a new work out schedule, for sometimes the one we are doing is simply not working.
The results are not the same.

Now is the time to put all your ducks in a row and pick the ones that will benefit you on this path.
Remember that game "Duck, Duck, Goose".
Why is the Goose the bad one?
The duck can be just as mean.
The Goose can be just as nice.
Maybe we should change it to "Duck, Duck, Shadow side of Duck".
Haha....Even a childs game contains a spiritual side to it.

Look no further than your back yard for what you have been looking for. Look no further than the length of your arms. Every tool to create is within the wonderful instrument called "the body".

Blessed Be.

Friday, September 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's energy 9/7/2012: Mastery of a skill and the End of a cycle

9/7/2012 Friday:

Well it is Friday and of course the World would be the hidden energy card.
Ending of a cycle.
The card of the day is Mastery of a skill.
If I apply this to my work, or manifestation of what is wanted, then it means that the recognition of my hard work will pay off, but also will lead me into the dawn of a new day. Possibly a new season that will take place.
They come and go within our lives. Kelly Catrone said it best, when she states that there will be many seasons in our life, but they will not happen in sequence. There may be four winters in a row, one spring, one fall, and then another winter.
It is up to us to push through it. To relish the springs and summers that enter into our life and understand the harsh cold of winter.
I would not know what a summer feels like, if a cold winter did not happen. I would not appreciate what is before me, or how much I truly can love, if I did not know how empty I could be.
Certain situations may make it seem like it is the end of the World, but what we must remember is that it is just the beginning of a new world.
There has to be pain before you understand what beauty is. If not, then everything would be just pain, for a person is not programmed to think of only the beauty part of things. Believe me. Even the most positive person in the world still struggles at times. If only you could hear their thougths.
We all struggle.
It is part of this wonderful gift called "being human".
It is the act of forgiveness with ourself that will lead us to our inspiration. The creation of something wonderful, and the recognition that comes with it.
The cards speak of the creation of an item or desire within our reality and the impact it will have on our life. The ending of a cycle does not mean that it will not keep going. It simply implies that the struggle part is over. Time to work on the next part. For something is never truly finished. You could always add and subtract at times. Even a clock needs a battery change every so often, or a good wind up, to get things going again. It is never truly finished. Even a bowl needs to be filled, or a picture needs to be framed. Excessorize your life. Bling it up. Make the scars upon your soul shine with some jewels. Point them out to strangers and state,"See...See..I got this when I was ten. It doesn't hurt anymore, but I remember the change that came about because of it. I learned not to climb that tree in the front yard a certain way. It did not stop me, but helped me find a new path. A very great new path".
What is your scar that needs to be recognized?

I have been feeling the change begin. The turning point taking place. I am ready.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/6/2012: Wisdom and Awakening

9/6/2012 Thursday:

I know that there is change within my life. Everything is always turning, whirling, and moving within my environment.
What happens when change is not how you expected it to be?
The wind is my change.
I use to always get up and leave, when the wind blew a certain way. I knew it was time to get my things and take a long journey, into the unknown.
Now that I have clarity within my life, the change is different. I understand the nature of it. I get that things can seem difficult.
I understand that it must happen.
What do you tell someone,who does not understand change, when they are faced with disaster?

I simply advise them that everything happens for a reason. It may not be what they want, but Source gives us everything we need.
One has to look for the good within the destruction. One has to ask very hard questions, in order to receive an answer. The challenge must be there.
The Ego must be challenged.
In turn, once a person breaks through the barrier, then an answer can be found.

Why did I wear this shirt?
A shirt that fits perfect, until I move my arms a certain way. This bothers me throughout the day. This simple shirt, that is meant to cover my body, is giving me a problem.
Or maybe I am the problem.
This is a challenge. A change.
I could have picked a different shirt, but my inner voice advised me to pick this one...again.
I thought it would be different.
I thought it would fit a bit more loose.
Wait, it was the pisition of my keyboard that was making it feel tight. If I move it a little closer...there that is much better.
A shirt.
It taught me that not everything is a challenge, but it is an experience to learn something new.
What is your shirt?
Is it too tight?
too loose?
Will it cause you to go into a rage, or will it cause you to really take a look at what is there in front of you, and find a solution. A fix to the small struggle. For everything within your life is a small struggle, compared to Death. At least there is a choice to move or not move with Life. So choose and enjoy.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/5/2012: Crown Chakra and Prosperity

9/5/2012 Wednesday:

Information can enter into our life through the Crown Chakra.
Energy from Source must enter into our Crown Chakra in order for our spirit to process it.
Today will be about the information we receive from Source.
How to process it.
Also an awakening.

When I receive information from Source, there is a moment of hesitation, for it can seem so simple.
As if the answer is so easy, but we are sometimes trained to think that life must be hard. That there must be a struggle in order to have change happen.
There is a struggle.
It happens in the unseen world. We struggle with our spirit.
We struggle with our emotions.
Isn't it enough.
Understand that the information shall be good and will come from a reliable source.

Actually I have been struggling with writing my entries the last few days.
Information was trickling down to me, not flowing into my Crown Chakra.
I think I may have writers block...What?!
There is no such thing as a blockage.
It is all how I perceive my environment.
How do you perceive your environment?

What if the abundance of information was simply our acceptance of the Truth?

Truth can be very helpful. It cleans out the cobwebs that our lies have created. Truth is light.
You will be in the light today.
Light will shine upon you. Actually light will shine within you.
Be prepared for a download of meaningful information into your spiritual hard drive.
It reminds me of when Willow, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, goes crazy witch mad, and decides to wreak havoc on Sunnydale. She goes to all the books on black magic and soaks up all the words into her body. This is how I see us receiving our information. So much knowledge entering into our body, that we have the opportunity to use it for evil. Choose to simply acknowledge the power side and let your humanity part take over.
How do you think Willow was brought back from her evil streak?
Giles put the spark of life within her and Zander spoke to her humanity part. She eventually broke down and understood that destroying the world would not undo the death of Tara. It would only prolong the feeling of loss.
Revenge only masks the pain with an emotion that is gone within seconds.
Seconds that will easily go away leaving us broken and bruised.

Blessed Be.

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/4/2012: Standing your ground and a Harsh Path

9/4/2012 Tuesday:

Sometimes the Moon card can be related to out intuition. The moon pulls the tide.
I walk on my path and at times I have to stand my ground against the rocks that are thrown at my tower.
I am advised by the cards that I have to keep to my dream and walk my path, even if it means saying good-bye to the light at the end of the tunnel.
Do you see your light?
I build a tower so that intruders can not enter and break down what I have built.
Sometimes the tower can keep more than just intruders out.
It can keep our spirit guides out as well.
I know that I have to treat those who knock on my door with great respect.
I will allow the person to take advantage of me, just once, for I know that they are only existing.
We all exist.
I then ask them nicely to leave my house and never return with the morals they have at this time.
They may come knocking on my door again, looking different, and trying to sell me a sad story about how they have been down in their luck.
Will I let them in?
I know that if I let them in, then they have an opportunity to appreciate all I do. If they decide to take advantage of my hospitality again, then I have only myself to blame.

Standing your ground needs to be within alignment with your spirit.
Listen to what your spirit guides are saying. Should you go left or right?
Should you say yes or no?
Sit and wait for an answer.
Source may just give you exactly what is needed.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/3/2012: Transformation and Hope

9/3/2012 Monday:

If you keep telling yourself that something will end and you just want to move are telling yourself a lie.
Nothing ever ends.
It keeps going but through a different form and channel.
The vessel may break down in the process, but like everything else the energy can be put into a new one.
We just have to decide what form it will take now.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/2/2012: Sacrafice and Disruption

9/2/2012 Sunday:

The Tower card showed up twice, as the hidden energy card, this week. 
What does this tell me?
That there is a lesson of breakdown and destruction that must be learned.

Disruption and destruction are one in the same.
I know that I am disrupted when I begin to think in the negative about the situation at hand.
I am not in alignment with my divine plan, when I begin to have doubt.
Doubt about the future.
Doubt about what may come.

But with every life, there is a struggle.
If there was no struggle, we would not know just how strong we are.
Why do you think it is called Labor.
If Birth was easy, then it would not be painful.
To give life to an idea takes energy. It also has to go through the process of being born.

Where am I going with all of this?....

Change happens within our life, even if we choose not to do it.
Change can be painful.
It can be pleasant.
It also can be disruptive.
I know that when change comes a knocking on my door, I am more than willing to let it in, take me by the hand, and lead me into the next phase of my life.
Some, hear change knocking, and ignore the subtle whisper of it.
They sit and hide within their home, thinking that if they ignore change long enough, it will eventually go away.
Change can also be very persistent.
It will eventually break down your door, grab  you by the hair, and drag you out of the present state you are in, kicking and screaming the whole way, until you are at your next phase of life.

What will you choose when change comes to your door?
To let it in with welcome arms or try to ignore it?

Blessed Be.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/1/2012: Ending of a Cycle and Temptation

9/1/2012 Saturday:

Sometimes the act of letting go of our Ego, or rather the thoughts that come into your mind stating you can not, is a challenge.
I know that I am so use to thinking in the negative, for it was all I knew when I was growing up.
You better be safe than sorry.
Prepare for the worst.
Be careful.
Think before you act.
That is bad.

These are the thoughts that still surface when I am walking on this path.

Are you sure you are comfortable with this decision?
Is that a wise choice?

Why is it when I move forward in my life, my ego presents itself through others words of wisdom?
They are only concerned.

I become frustrated with the fact that it is always darkest just before dawn.
This day will contain that dark.
Am I ready to move past it?
If I keep focused on the northern start, will I be taken to safety?

Of course I will be safe.
I am always safe, as long as I am within alignment with my Divine Plan.
Source is never gone, but the choices I make can cause me to believe Source has abandoned me.
I think of my niece Brittany Weeks.

As I write, my thoughts go to her and the state she is in. I know that sometimes those born with a gift can lose interest half way through the adventure. Some want to give up, thinking that the road will go on forever. Others travel forward breaking through the wall that their Ego has built.
I reach out to her with my prayers and words. I know that she is fine and that she will return with an open heart and filled soul.
Filled with love and joy.
Everyone is worthy of this.
Brittany has a spectacular gift of intuition, to heal, to manifest that which she wants. We all have this gift, but like some psychics, my family was born with a slight higher degree of intuition. We are not above others, but since there is a higher level of it, we accelerate faster with our gift, if we apply our energy to it.
She is simply struggling with her dark night of the soul. She is transitioning into a spiritual being. So, it causes light bringers to become frustrated with the world they live in. Some believe this is the Hermit card.
I call to her advising that the light is still found within. That light never went out. It glows brighter than before, she simply has to realize it.
Wake up!
wake reborn into a new light.
The Universe card talks about the ending of a cycle of temptation.
What is your temptation? Who is your temptation?
Why do you return to something that creates pain and hurt in your life?

Blessed Be.