Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/1/2012

7/1/2012 Sunday:

Love is in the air. The hidden card of this day is Death. The card for the day is Two of Cups. What does this tell me?

Are you wanting to move forward with a relationship?
Do you want to get out of one?

Death is just transformation. So, the relationships within your life will start to change and take shape. Maybe it is time to have "The Talk" about where things are going with the current relationship.
Maybe you need to check in with those you love, and spend some time with your family.
Think about moving forward with that special someone.

Love has always been a challenge for me. I use to struggle because I thought love had to be a certain way. That Prince Charming would come into my life and sweep me off my feet. I now know that I make my path in life, and any person who would like to step foot on it and walk with me, can. Love will grow no matter what. Love enters when we choose to love ourself.

There use to be a feeling of envy when I saw others in a relationship. Thinking to myself, "Why them, and not I?"

What I didn't realize at that time, is that my Ego was stating to me that I thought less of myself. That I was not good enough to be in a relationship, and that I was unlovable...even to myself.

Now I shine bright and understand that there is a perfect relationship within me and it is Source, and it is Good. Through this thought I am allowing that Energy of Love to take form and shape. That person is there at this very moment and they will make themselves known. I have to understand that I must keep on walking my path. I can not wait, look, and think to myself that it will surely take place if I stop everything I am doing, so that he can find me.

Fuck That!

I love myself! It has taken me 35 years to see, know, and tell myself this. So, say it to yourself!
Tell you that you love....You!
Love will come.
What you have to recognize is that when it happens, are you going to judge the package it comes in, or accept it for what is really is? Sometimes love can come to us in a vessel that we did not ask for, but Source knows that we are to learn a lesson about how we see ourselves. Remember that everyone in your environment is a reflection of you. Even the most handsome person has flaws. I would much rather be with a person who accepts the flaws within his life, embraces them, lets them go, and understands that they are perfect.

I am perfect.
You are perfect.
This moment is perfect.

Try stating this when you think that love will not find you. Believe me it will.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/30/2012

6/30/2012 Saturday:

The card I picked is the Queen of Wands. I associate this card with the sign of "Leo".
The Queen in any deck can be considered a wise woman. Like the King, she rules with trust and honesty, but also she is compassion. Where the king can sometimes be cold and fair, the Queen understands that sometimes we just need a second chance in life.

Is this about a person within our life. Well, it can be, but we are all connected, so in some way the Queen of Wands is within us or her energy is trying to present itself through us. She can be of magick decent and also she shines through. She has to be in the limelight of everything. The Leo wants to be recognized.

Recognize yourself.
Shine through in every situation.
Be present and give of yourself freely.

This is what the Queen teaches us. No matter what happens in your life, or who you decide to be with, you still exist. Shine light in every corner of your soul. You are the music maker, now create.

Be mindful, sometimes you can get lost within the hussle and bussle of the flashing lights. You can go blind with fame. Remember to stay grounded and humble. Accept what Source has to give you, but remember when to take your final bow and move on. The curtain must always close at the end of one act, so that the props can be set up for the next scene that is to take place.

Blessed Be.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/29/2012

6/29/2012 Friday:

Now, we move into the Six of Wands. It is the card of victory, but sometimes that victory can be short lived. This card is a minor arcana and deals with everyday issues within our life. Small victories can lead into a bigger one, but we must remember that everybody wins here.

The hidden energy card is The Fool. It is speaking to me about a new journey that we must take, for Source has advised us that we are ready. Remember to hold strong to your dreams and understand that everything happens for a reason.

The journey exists, because you exist. You create the road.
You add details to your background. 
You place the boulder on your path.

The card is talking about the new journey we have started in our life. After the destruction comes clarity. Now we pick up our things and walk on. Some may sit next to the mess and wonder why, where others may decide that a time of grief is not needed.

I think the greatest lesson the card is telling me is that:
  We are still alive.

So, push forward and enjoy your life. You are awake today. I am living.
I exist! I am still here!

I am alive and that is the greatest victory in the world.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/28/2012

6/27/2012 Thursday:

This card has been bugging me all week.
The Tower card rarely brings up emotions of worry. I know that the Tower is a wonderful card that announces destruction within our life. The destruction that breaks down our whole being and leaves us with very little to work with. What is left within this time of destruction is the essence of Source. Love.
One Mind.

These are all left at the bottom of all the stone and brick. The Tower causes us to confront things within our life that have been causing us harm. Remember that even the things that may seem healthy can cause us harm, and by harm I mean, the act of holding us back from moving forward and becoming that great and awesome person, we were born to be.

The hidden card is The World. This is an ending of a system of things. After this is the Fool. We begin a new journey.

What does this tell me?
Things are going to start to slow down within life. The Destruction is finally at an end, for the time being. When I first looked up the meaning of the cards, to get a better feel of what they could be speaking of, I saw that the Tower can sometimes mean a natural disaster. Could this happen?
Of course. Anything could happen at this time, but the real lesson is allowing that destruction to take place and moving forward with our life.

We must learn to accept what ever comes our way, let the circumstance happen, allow it to move forward, and keep on walking down your path of greatness. Only we can stop our state of motion.
The Tower card just shakes things up a little, so that we can view it at a different angle.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/27/2012

6/27/2012 Wednesday:

The card that was picked for this day is the Seven of Wands. This card speaks to me about standing your ground.
What are you guarding?
Is it your self worth?

The hidden energy card is Judgement. An awakening. A phoenix rising from the fire.

It is time to stand out. It is time to shine.
You are strong and can do such great things. Now is the time to make them happen.
Coupled together, the cards speak about the nature of your being. Do you wish to exist or do you want to be pushed down by your Ego.
You are in charge of your life, now is the time to make a decision to accept what is being given. To accept that you are deserving of great and wonderful things.

Do not hold on to old things that keep you tied down. Do not return to the past and think that since you are different, that the environment will be different as well. Also do not return to the past and think that the outcome will turn out different. No one else has taken the time and energy to change, except you. Stand your ground and understand that you are moving forward.

You may struggle with the waiting game. Like the cards picked yesterday, you must remember that the wheel is turning and if you stand strong, then that energy will return to you full force. Think positive and understand that your life is a good life.

I was going to bed last night and decided to take a moment and think about the cards picked for today. This day is not about defending what you have in the material world. It is about protecting that wonderful Child within you, and allowing him/her to grow. Do not snuff out the light that guides you into the realm of unknown. Do not allow others to dictate the level of your happiness.

Today is about protecting yourself from the harmful thoughts of your Ego. We are to change our thoughts of worry, doubt, and fear to thoughts of joy, love, and understanding. You can do this!
You can move past the obstacles of the day.

Blessed Be.

I am adding on to this entry because as I was working out, it hit me; the card is about finding your second wind.

It is about moving forward with a new energy that you thought you didn't have. Now you have found it. Understand that you can get through what ever obstacle is set before you. Give it a chance. Let Source take over and you will find the energy to push past anything set on your path.

I was working out at the time when this thought entered into my mind. I was telling the work out tape to "Fuck Off" as I was jumping around and doing push ups. That is when I knew the Seven of Wands was speaking to me about how I can do it. It was stating to me that I am able to push forward and do this workout, that I had been doing for about three months now. There was nothing different about the workout, but I was able to push myself a little harder and to perform the workout at peek performance. I was able to breakthrough my Ego thoughts and finish this wonderful experience. Now the cards are speaking of this ability to push forward, muster up all the energy that you have, and become a vessel for Source to fill with strength and power.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/26/2012

6/26/2012 Tuesday:

What goes up, must come down. This is what comes to mind when the Wheel of Fortune card is drawn from the deck, but it means something more. When you decide to take that first step on your journey, you understand that the wheel is constantly turning. Even if you can not see the wheel turning, you know it is there constantly spinning. You see it in the reflection of that wonderful person in the mirror. Time keeps moving forward and with it comes Age.

Let us take a closer look at the Wheel of Fortune. It is coupled with the Sun card as a hidden energy card. The Sun speaks to us about returning home and receiving what is needed, in order to move forward. The Sun card talks about a time of happiness and celebration. What you desire most has been fulfilled.

Now reading these two cards together, I see that the Wheel is coming up and that time of happiness and celebration is to take place. You will receive an answer to your question. All things will start to look up, but do not be fooled. An answer full of gold and silver can sometimes lead us down a road of pure distruction. You may think that since you are all right, that you are indestructable. We are all human and find that everyone must learn to deal with the act of struggle. An act of obstacle.

Do not lose hope. This is about cultivating that joy and happiness, that abundance, that source of love and connection within your life no matter what road you decide to travel. The Wheel is not turning in a up and down fashion, creating a high and low, it is turning with the energy you send out. The Wheel takes that energy and pushes it out into the Universe, bringing back what was sent out to begin with. If you give out love, then an abundance of love will be returned.
If you give out worry and doubt, then an experience of that loss will take place as well.

Cultivate that joy and love. Push it out into the Universe and know that the Wheel is constantly turning. Let it return that energy to you ten fold. Let it bring in the light of a new day.

Blessed Be.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6/25/2012

6/25/2012 Monday:

The card associated with this day is Judgement.
What does this tell me?
That during this time of change, we rise up again just like the phoenix. We hear the trumpet blow in the distance and rise up from our grave of sleep. Remember that we sleep to receive information from Source. We wake up in order to apply that information to our life.
No one can bring you to the point of Death, unless you allow them to. You decide to give up. Death is just transformation. We die in order to rise to a different level of thought and movement.
This card talks about the many opportunities that lie ahead of us. This is when  you come back swinging. I would say that this is our time to shine. Be on the lookout for such great miracles today.
The hidden card of the day is The Moon.
This is our journey.
The journey may seem like danger, but we all must take that first step. Danger is just our perception on the situation. We create Danger. We create the outcome. Cultivate only knowing and safety. Look at your journey in a different manner today. Take the first step and understand that the Moon also takes over the phases of our life. Some days we are waning and others we are waxing. Our true destination is to be whole again, like the full moon.

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6/25/2012 - 7/1/2012

Major Arcana Group:

I see a new way of thought that is taking place during this week. As the Wheel of Life turns, so does our journey. It is not about the up and down or the High and Low of life, but the puttin gout of thought and receiving of thought into action.
What do you want to cultivate?
Be prepared for the breakdown of what you have created. This is a good thing. You get to start over. You get to pick up the pieces that are left and move onwith less cargo.
Now is the time to rise up and move forward with the change tha thas been offered.

Minor Arcana Group:

A time of love and new relationship. The coming together of people and thoughts.
A Leo like person or woman of mystery and magic shall enter into our environment to heal and change things within our life.
Stand your ground and know that you are moving forward with joy and love.
Follow your set course or action and be strong. Be on guard of what you have and do not let others dictate your level of happiness.

Final Note:

Thursday contains a major change and the card that is associated with it is The Tower. The Tower speaks to me about the breakdown of things. Are we not listening to our heart. Are we not open to the gentle nudge of Source. Be careful, but allow this day of destruction to take place. Understand that sometimes you have to go with the flow of energy and know that everything will work out in your favor. Destruction is never a bad thing. It teaches us to let go and accept the greatness that is waiting on the other side of that destruction. Flow with the energy.
Also I went to look up this card and understand it on a deeper level.
A lot of Tarot Practitioners advise that this card can mean a natural disaster. Be on the look out. Earthquakes, Tornados, and a Tsunami. Why would this scare us?
Because it is distruction manifested in our reality, but remember that this destruction also is reflected within us. We take on Earthquakes, Tornados, and a Tsunami every moment that we decide to take a different course of action.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Great Things May Come.

To open our heart up to the light of Source.
To follow our path with no questions of how we will get to our destination.
This is how we must live our life.
We love with such greatness. We love without demand nor constant acknowledgment.
What we seek within this life is to be recognized by one self.
Look no further than your room. You are the wonderful person that Source has made.
Understand that Love is the act of compassion.
Give with no expectation.
Give with no return.
Love with no boundaries and soon all will reveal itself.
The card of today speaks of inner strength.
We all have it.
Now use it.
You can do whatever is set before you.
You have the knowledge and power to create with the Creator.
I am not afraid of what may come.
I know the only thing we worry about in our life is the first step.
That is where all our power is held. That first step puts us on our journey.
I walk with no fear in my heart. I walk with Faith and Light.
Understand that every step is within alignment of that wonderful Divine plan.
It is there. All you have to do is reach out for it and take that first step into Glory.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 6242012.1

6-24-2012 Sunday:

   The card is a major arcana card known as Strength. The hidden energy card is The Star.
The two cards can be something so simple as Hope and Faith, or be a paragraph within our Book of Life.
Since they fall on a Sunday, a time of rest and relaxation, they are advising us to be ready for the coming week. How can we do this?
We must cultivate and understand that at this very moment you are worthy of all the great things within your life.
We must look to the small miracles that pull together and create such great circumstances. What if you decided to just let Source guide you?
Where you would be?
I know for a fact that if you let Source take over and guide you on this wonderful day, you will be living within that good life that you wish to have. You will be set on a course of action and faith, rather than worry and doubt.
I am not advising you to fully do this. I am advising you to give Source a chance. Let Source drive for a while and see where you are taken. You may end up in another state.
You may end up on a great journey.
You may just find yourself in love, with that perfect job, on that perfect day. You may find that if you let go and let Source take over, you will be exactly where you are to be at that very such a great life that it takes your breath away.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The act of letting things take place.

So, I am going to let such great things take place within my life. Sometimes I stop the flow of energy within my life by advising myself that I am limited.
That without the funds, I can not do. You must move forward with great intent. Do you want to have fun and do wonderful things?
Of course I want to have fun. Well then let Source guide you. What if all I had to do was take this moment....
Even now I am scared. What if I can not do this, or what if I can not do that. It comes down to me being not worthy of what is to take place.Who cares?
Really I must let things simply happen. Let them unfold within my presence. Take one step and then the next. You can not jump two spaces ahead of the situation. Breathe and remember that I am love. I am joy. I am full of light. God is good and therefor I am good. We are all good. I will allow such great things to take place within my life at this very moment, at this very time. It is time to get up and walk. Walk past the fear, pain, and anger. Walk right into your delight. Walk right to that open field of joy and peace. Walk right to your state of happiness and sit for a while. Enjoy.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 6232012.1

6-23-2012 Saturday:

    The card is the Nine of Swords. Remember I talked about this card at the beginning of the week. Do not let things get you down. They are only circumstances that have been brought about, due to our thought process and the knowledge or limitation of our self worth. It took me all week to understand this card, to change my thought process from one of negativity to a positive state. Maybe this was the lesson of the Nine of Swords.
I woke up with great joy because I am choosing to move forward with my life. I am choosing to be this great person, in any situation that is manifested.
I woke up with a thought:
  I am not afraid.

I am ready to live within this life in a positive manner. This past week I had this feeling, as if something was missing, and then it hit me. I was not stressed, worried, or doubtful. It seems that my body was missing these negative emotions within my life. So, I recognized this action, took it into my being, and released it.
I am moving forward with my great life. I know that all things will take place in my favor. I know that everything will happen for a reason, and it shall be good.
What a wonderful thought. That no matter what circumstance is given to me during this day, for we can only think of today, it shall be good. The final outcome will contain such joy and happiness.

Look to the Nine of Swords as a positive card. It may contain a picture of a negative aspect, but in the end it speaks of our ability to move forward to the Ten of Swords. This is the card of ruin. We wish to reach the end, in order to see the new beginning.

I was talking to my friend the other day, and I am seeing this wonderful pattern within this thing called life.
Light bringers go through this time of distraction. A time of great stress, frustration, and discouragement. No matter what happens we must understand this emotion, take it in, and release it. We must keep moving forward after our time of complaining. It is okay to be frustrated, we are only human. The big picture here, is that the Universe is distracting us, so that this wonderful and great circumstance can take place. When you feel like you can take no more, know that something wonderful is happening behind the scene. There will be an answer very soon and you shall be part of that wonderful card known as The Empress. You will be abundant. You will see light again.

Blessed Be.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6222012.1

6-22-2012 Friday:

   The cards talk about an Aries type person who is very business like. This person is the Warrior who can rush into things without thinking. They are here to aid us on our journey. We also can contain the characteristics of this card. They think with great intent and can be the person who starts a new project. They are the inspiration within the group...wait! That is it!
   The Court Cards must be looked at as a group of people within a certain environment. Okay I went off track there for a moment.
   Now, the King of Wands is associated with Fire. The element that can heal and hurt.  A fire can burn in the darkest cave and dungeon that we put ourselves in. It keeps us warm at night and can cook our food that feeds our body with fuel. We move within this inspiration, but at times we can also get burned by the same fire that does such positive things within our life. Do not stand too close to this person or invest too much time with an Aries type person, because some can contain a shadow side to them, that you have never seen. You must be willing to go with every sunburst of energy that the Aries can manifest. They can fringe the ends of your spirit with their light, if you do not understand their ability to shine. You must let the Aries create and cause such great inventions to be thought of. Be like the King of Wands and think of such great ideas within your life. The next lesson would be to move forward with the creation of that thought into our reality.

Blessed Be.

The Card of Courtship.

The morning brings new light. I decided to make an entry in my blog regarding the card that could be applied to courtship.
What is courtship?
It is an act of love that leads up to the manifestation of our desire. We all long to be wanted. We all long to be cared for.
Sometimes we apply the wrong emotion with the act of courtship. Love becomes Lust, and in turn can ruin the great opportunity that is attached to said act.
Courtship can be associated with the Two of Cups. We see the love that two people have. They come together and in turn cling their glass to the toast of new beginnings. It is a new start and they plan on taking it forward. The act of clinging their glasses together forms an unseen pact. They state with their unseen thoughts, that their soul will learn to grow with this love. They will begin a new journey and along the way they may fall, but one will be there to help the other up after the stumble. For all we really do within this life is a stumble into the next. No one ever states out loud to Source, that they want all the stumbles that Source can muster up. People want to walk through life with very little turbulence, especially when it comes to love. Love can be tricky. Love can bring even the strongest person to the ground.
So why write about Courtship?
It brings up an emotion that I can not seem to get rid of. It brings up a state of inspiration that advises me to write. Write about the thoughts that swim within my head.
I think that with all this time on my hands, I can really look at my gifts that Source has given me, and take them to a new level. I have to understand that every word I write is there for a reason. Someone who is looking for the right thought and emotion shall read it and understand. They will see the sign post that has been laid on this road of great discovery.
It is like an off ramp sign. It doesn't really state the street you are exiting on, but it contains a code, a number or symbol, that only you understand.
So open up your heart to the symbols and signs that Source has to offer you. Source can not make you listen, for we all have the gift of free will, we all contain it and in turn we all can misuse it.
I always state to people that when it comes to your life, there is so much room for error, so do it! Who cares what IT may be, as long as you gave it your best and know that you will have no regrets in the future, then you will be a better person, who at least tried.
Most people are afraid of trying. They are afraid of the big fall at the end. The Tarot always states to me that the fall is the greatest adventure that you could take.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6192012.1

Tuesday: 6192012
  The card that was picked for today is "the magician". This is the start of that wonderful new project. Expect good news and also that understanding that you CAN DO IT. The tools are right in front of you at this very moment...use them!
The Divine always gives us exactly what is needed. Here you will be given a sense of knowing and accomplishment. A sense of self worth. People will acknowledge who you are and what kind of a person you can be, if given the proper training and advice. Walk forward with the knowledge that you are moving into a new lesson. That lesson will lead you to something wonderful and great. Possibly a new love, new job, new outlook on life. No matter what it may be, always look to the Divine and give thanks. On this day you should start a new project or hobby. Start a new creation or meal plan that has been wanting life within this reality. Know you can do it!
Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 6182012.1

Monday: 6182012
    Monday has come and gone, but we can reflect on what the energy was like. The card was the Eight of Cups. To me this card advises us to look for what our heart desires. If it is love then set out on your journey, and understand that sometimes the journey will lead you right back where you started from. The hidden energy card is Judgement. This is the phoenix rising up from the ashes. Here we see a burst of inspiration and movement on your part, leading you to your next destination. We are all walking this wonderful journey set forth by the Divine, now it is time to seek out that which you want.
Blessed Be.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6182012 - 6242012

First Impression:
  The Nine of Swords card stands out the most. It speaks of a time of stress and possible depression. I turn to my spirit guide for guidance. She speaks to me with a kind heart and advises me that it is not a card of negative thought, but of a lesson. The lesson teaches us how to turn the negative thoughts and emotions into a positive experience.
   I decided to look up the meaning of the card for a little more insight, and the card can mean the death of a loved one. I am not going to take this literally, but spiritually. Everyone dies a little every day. We shed a skin from one day, and move into a new one the next. We sleep every night and in the morning we wake up with new thoughts and a revived body. Death is not an end, but a beginning. The hidden energy card is "The Tower", and talks about a break down of system and morals. We fall from our tower of defense, landing smack on the ground, possibly dying, and getting back up. We pick up the pieces from out life and rebuild again. The nine of swords could mean a death of an idea or cancellation of appointment. Ah ha! What does this mean?
   What may seem as an ending, will turn out to be a great understanding. A rebuilding of thought and foundation. We shall rise up and create again.

Major Arcana Group:
    We see three cards, The magician, Strength, and Judgement. Creation of what we want and the power we have to do this, the inner wisdom to move forward and break through any obstacle, and the new awakening of that thought and material item. We shall go through major change again during this week, just like we saw this change happen in the beginning of the week. Death, Temperance, and the Devil are the hidden energy cards that are influencing our thoughts during the week. From one change, to letting go of the old, to restriction again due to our Ego, will cause us bring into our lives the great opportunities we have been cultivating. Be patient and start new projects on Tuesday, end old projects on Wednesday, and re-evaluate your current desires on Sunday. The cards keep telling me that Sunday is the time to reflect on what has happened and where you want to go.

Minor Arcana Group:
    Be prepared for great news on Tuesday, a burst of inspiration from an Aries type on Friday, and a little bit of struggle on Saturday. Since I see a negative experience as a positive creation, understand that Saturday will be a simple hurdle. Do not stress over something that will happen no matter what. You create stress and worry, so think of something else. Understand that everything happens for a reason and that perfection rests within every moment of our life. Even in the most challenging times of our life, we can find perfection within that moment. You simply have to recognize it. The obstacle is only there because you are choosing to go against the flow of energy and not allowing your spiritual self to "ride the wave in".

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6122012.1

    Were you frustrated with certain things, yesterday? I was
I was frustrated with the outlook at that very moment. I had to return to the positive things within my life and that I was walking in alignment with that wonderful Divine plan set before me. As you can see from the man in the cards. He is being presented with so many opportunities within this world and from the Divine. But he looks down towards what is not there. He does not recognize what is being offered. I was reacting to what was not there. I needed to look at everything that is being taken care of. My needs are being met at this time. I am allowed to take this journey and move forward. So, if you find yourself frustrated, return to what you know at that very moment. That you can choose to return to the old, and deal with the worry and fear that you had in that situation, or you can choose to move forward and understand that you are allowed to be upset, but you are also allowed to change your thought patter and allow that greatness to enter into your life.

    The Knight of Coins is making itself known. This is male/female energy, working together, to bring about some item into reality. This card can be associated with the sing "Virgo". I was taught by someone that the Archetype that is associated with the Virgo is "the overseer". I think of a manager, or person in business, who understands that you have to plant in order to be abundant. The seed must be put into the ground and cared for. You must get the soil ready for the small delicate seed that will grow into an abundant fruit tree. So, you will either take on this characteristic or meet someone who will advise you of this. You will be walking down a wonderful path, that will show you that every step you take is the cultivation of your land. You are ready to plant the seed, and soon you will see what is produced.

    I know that there will be another person coming into our life, and this person will contain the quality of the "The elder leader". Remember that entry of the week. I refer to this man, or male spirit, as Giles. He is the watcher who takes care of his charges. Knowledge and information are his weapon of choice. Who do you seek council from, and who do you trust? You will also be looked upon to give that same information to those around you. If you do not have someone like this in your life, then you are the elder leader within your tribe. Remember that you can not let the Ego get in the way. You can not get to big for your britches, or reality will bring you back to earth and the information that you are willing to give will not be heard by others.

    We return to that time of defeat. The number 10 is associated with ending of things. This is the end of one cycle and we move into another. This card is advising me that we will be at our wits end. We shall think only of the negative. So, since we know that this day may bring about confusion, let us move forward with the intent of bringing into our life joy and happiness. All will be made known in the coming days. What if I told you that everything will work out in your favor and that you will not fail. What would your day be like then?
I think that it is the thought of failure and falling that scares us. What you can not see here, is that the Divine does not know of failure, nor worry, nor doubt. The Divine is only Truth and Knowledge. This is within you at this time. Return to this thought, that you are Truth and Knowledge. It runs through your veins. It runs through your spirit. When this card comes up in a reading, I always advise the person in front of me, that you must know the only way to go from up.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6112012-6172012

First Impressions:
    There are a lot of people in this spread. So much male energy, but it is energy that we can use to our advantage. This will show us what we are lacking or what we are abusing at this time. I decided to return to my very first deck that I received from a beloved teacher. This deck has been speaking to me when I work with a new spread.
    Our wish will be granted this week. We shall find out just how strong we really are. Last week showed promise of the future, and also it was about the cultivation of what is needed. This week brings about the manifestation of what we need and desire, also who can aid us on our journey.

Major Arcana:
    There is only one Major Arcana card and that is "The Star". This card speaks to me about hope and also about faith. We enter into the water to make a change. We enter into the water in order to understand that we are part of the whole. There is no separation from Source. I know that when I make the decision to recognize this, then great things will be observed. We are constantly receiving the aid and also items that are needed in our life. This card simply implies that we must return to the lake of intuition and understanding, in order to move forward. We must leave behind our old self and venture into the unknown. This week we shed one aspect of our life and die. We take on a new form of light and love, so that we can understand just how worthy we are of great things.

Minor Arcana:
    Well, here is where we see so much male energy running through our life. Actually running through my life. I am to acknowledge this energy and also take on the characteristics of the court cards. A warrior, an overseer, and the elder leader come into play. These are archetypes that we see in every movie, show, or play. I can only relate this to a show that I love and wish that it was still on T.V.
    It is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The warrior or King of Wands takes on the form of Buffy. She understands that she is the chosen one, as we all are, and she must deal with the evil in the world alone. Well, she thinks she must deal with it alone, but there are others around her to balance her out. Buffy sometimes forgets about her friends and what they can do to give her that advantage over her enemy. The warrior thinks that they must do everything with Brute Force, but later in the seasons she finds out that we are all connected and we all play a wonderful part in the battle of life.
    The Overseer, or Knight of Coins, would be Xander. He has no special power within the Scooby Gang, but he has heart and courage on his side. When things get really rough, Xander would step in and apply his humanity to the mystical bunch. He is applied to the overseer, because in the end he sacrifices so much that they look to him as the manager of tasks. He does remember some tactical information from the episode where his body was taken over by a soldier costume, during a Halloween party. So battle plans were part of Xander's gift within the group.
   The Elder Leader would have to be Giles, of course. He is the Watcher of Buffy and was there in the beginning. Now, Giles can be of great assistance to the group as far as information and knowledge. He is like the Father figure and at times advises those around him of the dire circumstances at hand. I apply the Elder Leader to Giles, because he is the one who is not afraid to get his hands dirty concerning his morals, where as the rest of the group is more of innocence and justice. Giles does have a dark side. In one episode he is upset that Willow brought back Buffy from the dead, and calls her a "rank amateur witch". Willow understands that he was upset, because she could have upset the delicate balance of Good and Evil. Giles is a human encyclopedia and this can lead him down a path of the Ego. He gets a little to big for his britches and sometimes can push others in the wrong direction, than the right one.
   Once thing I would like to mention, is that we know of these people and their influence within our life. We will either meet them on that day or come in contact with that energy. Also we shall receive our wish and move forward with our life. Understand that we move at the speed of love and that every step we take is within that Divine plan. There are no mistakes, just lessons. We may stumble on our journey, but with the aid of our friends, family, and strangers, we get back up and acknowledge our light.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 672012.1

    This day will contain celebration. The card is paired with the Sun card and it tells me that something wonderful will take place on this day. This is not about love, but the understanding that our dreams are coming true. We see the wheel turning again, and it is in our favor. Celebrate your life, and understand that all is as it should be. This will contain the answers you have been looking for.

    Here is the acknowledgment that the tools you need to move forward are within you. They have been there all along, now it is time to use them. This card is paired with Judgement. A new thought about how you should be living in a world of joy and love. Everyone is deserving of this right, and the Divine is always there to advise us of this. We received our answer and new thought yesterday, and now we are taking it into consideration. We are moving forward.

    This is where the journey begins. We take that first step into the unknown and we are okay with what will happen. For we know that only good will take place. This card is paired with The World. A new beginning to an ending of a cycle. All the knowledge is there for us to use, and we can create whatever we wish. Now is the time to use our power for the greater good.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Solar Chart Horoscope Spread: client #TR662012ML

Client #TR662012ML


The Solar Chart Horoscope Spread:

First House:

            This house is speaking to me about your beginnings in life. They seem to be the struggle. Most people find the struggle after the start, but with you it seems to happen when you first decide to make that change.

Second House:

            This house is speaking to me about your financial affairs. There will be a message about your finances that will come out of left field. This will be a happy surprise. An awakening or new thought toward your finances.

Third House:

            This is about relatives and communication. Remember we talked about a Scorpio woman who will aid you. Well she is showing up within this house. She is older and creative. This is someone who you connect with. Has someone returned into your life from your family? Or are you reconnecting with a long lost relative that is pointing you in the right direction?

Fourth House:

            This is about the ending of things. What are you afraid of that needs to be let go? The cards that fall in this house talk about your issue with understanding when something is over. The ending of a cycle with money and one opportunity is being presented at this time, but it is not what you were expecting.

Fifth House:

            This is about Love and Relationships. You are not seeing the potential of your creative side. What your worth in a relationship and what you can do. You must not think that you are not worthy, nor that that person or man is not worthy of your love as well. Take a second look.

Sixth House:

            This is a person who is within your life and is associated with work. This person is young and has a caring heart. They lead with their emotions and are under the sign of Pisces. Has someone been talking to you about your look or a new way of living healthy?

Who is this younger person?

Seventh House:

            This house deals with business partner or the public. We see that you were meant to work in the Service field. So your wish to work somewhere that allows you to shine will take place. You just have to cultivate it.

Eighth House:

            This is about planning and I am being advised of change and how you relate to this change. The cards are stating to me that once you make your mind up, then you can move forward and achieve the goal you want.

Ninth House:

            These cards are telling me that you have been having dreams about what to do and where to go. The Divine has been advising you on the path to take through  your dreams. Really pay attention to them in the coming months. This is how the Divine relates to you and answers your questions.

Tenth House:

            Everyone is backing you up. They all support you and know that you will be great.

Eleventh House:

            This is about groups and friends. A change is taking place and you are seeing who your friends really are. Also new thoughts about social groups and expanding  your circle of friends.

Twelfth House:

            This is about hidden limitations that restrict your creative ability. You must understand that when you love something, you are willing to scream about it to the world, but who will listen? Know that if they listen or not is not of your concern, because you are going through a great time of change. This means you will see the ups and downs of life. Do not let this stop you.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 652012.1

Yesterday was about a person, place, or thing that needed attention. This attention brought us to a place
of healing. That healing advised us that we are worthy of all the greatness within our life.
If you did not receive this healing, then take a look at the actions and experiences that took place
yesterday. Really analyze them with an open heart, and understand that your Ego was trying to
bring you down and advise you to "Not Exist". Remember that the person, place, or thing did not need to mention this to you. The worry, doubt, and fear of things is an emotion tied to the Ego. This is where the healing begins. You realize it as your Ego. Take any information in that the Ego has to give, and understand that no matter what you still exist and you are worthy.

Again we see the Devil or Ego come up behind the scenes. It may not be a person, place, or thing. It may be our own inner battles that will break down our fear of the unknown. The Tower card is the destruction of who we are. Our morals, thoughts, and actions are part of the tower. I always talk about the destruction of our life, the fall to the ground, and the aftermath of that destruction. We learn to pick up the pieces that matter the most and build our house of love with a new foundation. This is where that new beginning starts. It always starts with our thoughts. Even the process of manifestation begins with inspiration. It comes from the Divine. So you may find yourself struggling with the Truth and what needs to be done. The decision needs to be made. So, make it with the knowledge that everything will be okay.

If you think that nothing is taking place within your life, if you think that there is no light within
the dark forest, then look to your left. Hell! Look to your right. Look sideways and upside down. The path you are walking must not be looked at with narrow eyes. There are other paths along the way that you could take, secret paths that lead you to unknown gardens and houses. This day brings Hope and Rebirth. We have been defeated, now it is time to get up, dust ourselves off, and take that first step into greatness. It is only a few inches away, but we are choosing to look only in one direction. Now is the time to look up at the North Star and be guided home. Do you miss home? Home is security and safe harbor. Remember how we have been working on taking our home with us, so that
when rough times happen, that place of security is with us, advising us that everything will be okay. I see good news taking place on Friday. Push through to the other side and be prepared to work on the person that you are. Thursday will bring about that new path that must be taken. The real question is "Are  you ready to take it?"

You are a great person who can self sabotage your dreams and hopes, better than any other person within your life can, and we do this everyday. So, when the path looks unclear, remember that your Ego will try to tell you that you will get lost and die. Here is where Faith comes in handy. You can advise your Ego that you are grateful for its input, but you know that the Divine only wants to see you succeed, and take your first step into the dark side of your soul.

Our journey is starting to show us just how wonderful we really are. Look at how strong we can be, in a time of danger. Look how far we have traveled and still we are walking, moving, and loving. You are alive. So, take advantage of that strength. Learn how to see things with your Third Eye Chakra. Open up your insight and intuition and move forward into the unknown with pure happiness. Content with whatever may come your way. Whether it is small or big, be happy that you are able to choose which direction YOU want to go in. Be advised that today will bring about the feeling that "Every step you take is within alignment of that Divine plan"

Final Notes:
The Spirits are advising us that the world keeps turning, even if we choose to not exist. We must understand that things are taking place behind the scenes. We may not see that change happening, but it is moving forward with every step we take. That change will eventually make itself known and we will see the product of our labor. Look towards the Sun, even if the sun is no where to be found, look up and understand that the light is within you. It burns bright with every heartbeat. You shine with great intent. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Horoscope Spread: Client TR632012BA

The Horoscope Spread:

First House:
This is about the outlook on the world and your potential. The Star or Hope talks about how you keep plans hidden inside, and also the secrets you hold within. You do not like to talk about what you are doing and how you doing it. You hold onto things and at times find that you need to trust that person before you will speak of the great adventures you will be taking.

Second House:
This is about your financial affairs. My first impressions was that there is a journey you are taking, regarding money. As this is to take place. The card I picked for you deals with Past lives. This tells me the road you are about to set foot on will contain great meaning, regarding money.

Third House:
This house kinda confused me, because it speaks about brothers and sisters. There is a decision that you are waiting for. Maybe a favor is being asked and you or they are waiting for an answer. Has your family asked you to do something, or have you asked them to aid you in some way?

Fourth House:
This is the house regarding "the Father". Are you overcoming issues with your Father? Are you overcoming issues with your family? It seems that they are coming up when I ask my spirit guide for assistance with this spread. There is this need to prove yourself in some way. To be the warrior, or knight with everyone.

Fifth House:
This is about the stress level in all your relationships. This card shows me a sort of worry and stress that can effect your home life. What is this worry? Is it your family? Is it the search for something bigger with your life?

Sixth House:
This is about your health. When speaking about health, you need to start listening to your body. If it requires rest, then listen to your body and take the time to rest. We are dealing with the female side of things. Make sure to take care of yourself during the next few months.

Seventh House:
This is dealing with open enemies. They are being dishonest. They are telling lies about you at this time, and also telling you that they are your friends. You know who these people are and you are finding out what they are saying. Be careful and do not put everyone in this category.

Eighth House:
This is about your partner's money. They are having to stand their ground regarding who they are and what they can do. They are proving some sort of point at this time regarding their work and money. What is it that they have to prove and really is their money or job worth the loss or gain?

Ninth House:
This is about looking to a higher power for help, or that extra energy with our daily situations. This is about your belief in protection. Who do you pray to? You need to know that you are not alone. The final card speaks of this feeling of being alone. What kind of help are you looking for?

Tenth House:
Are you doing something to improve your status? The card I pulled talks about the ending of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. Are you thinking of your career and where it is going? Are you looking for a new job? This card is advising me that the only way to go is up. If you are thinking of making a change, then this is the time to do it.

Eleventh House:
Are you looking for a group of friends, or like minded people to surround you and aid you on your journey? This house talks about a group or friends. The card I picked advises me that you are not seeing the many great people that are within your life at this time, willing to aid you on your path. You simply have to recognize them, or stop turning away from those that want to help you due to your pride.

Twelfth House:
Do you feel alone at this time on your journey? The cards seem to be pointing towards a reaching out for help and you are finding that it has left you empty handed. The Hermit in this house tells me that you are counting on yourself for the answer. You understand that you have all the qualities within you to make things happen.

Final Notes:
Over all the cards seem to be focusing on family and a sort of issue that is going on at this time. I am receiving confirmation from my spirit guide that there is something happening. This is leading you to want to move forward. Have they held you back in your quest to find answers? With the cards that were picked, it would seem that there is a lot of stress in your life and that this is part of your destiny. You are to go through this in order to be that strong person for our family.

The Nature of the Week's Energy 6042012 to 6102012

First Impressions:
Three Major Arcana Cards.
They speak about moving forward with our dreams.
Leaving the existence of "the tribe" and moving forward into the unknown.
Will we be scared?
Of course we will be scared, and through that moment of fear we will push forward into the light.
I do see a new beginning taking place. Remember that in the past three weeks the cards, or spirits, have been getting us ready for this great payoff. I see it taking place at the end of the week. This is when your plans will be finalized.
You will hear an answer and it will be good.
Keep your head up and remember your self worth.
There are also a lot of water cards in this spread. Remember that is dealing with our emotions and love.
This is also dealing with that moment of healing. For me it is about the healing of past relationships.
For others, it may be about the healing of a physical ailment due to our emotions.
One thing is certain, that a healing is taking place and it will start to reveal itself to us during this week.

Major Arcana:
A new beginning will take place. We are walking on our path and last week I saw the journey taking on a shadow side. The Ego will try to trap us within dark of the forest. The Ego will try to win.
Now, things are starting to make sense. The answer will come out into the light and truth will take over. A response that will contain great news will happen this week. Be on the lookout. For it shall scare us. This is where we cultivate that self worth and state to ourselves that we are worthy of such greatness.
Become aware of the talents you contain within you and how you would be such a benefit to anyone and everyone within your existence. Move forward with your spirit and the tools that exist within you, so that your dreams will come true.

Minor Arcana:

A time of letting go, a time of celebration, a time of rebirth, and a time of healing.

These are the tools we can pull from. The knowledge and truth of what is to come. The existence of Source's love. The Existence of that love within us. Within others. Know that you are being led to that perfect place at the exact moment.

Final Notes:

What must be understood here, is that all of us have the free will to step onto that path. The Choice is only made by you, and you alone. No one can make you do it. They can only have influence on your decision.
Do you want to be happy or unhappy?
Do you want to be healed or sick?
These are the choices we are faced with at every turn on our path. So choose.
What I have to tell you is that there is no mistake. There is no wrong decision. There is only action. Then comes circumstance. Listen to your heart and make a decision bases off of clarity, not desire. 

Friday, June 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 6012012.1

 First Impression:
I seem to be stuck on the 7 of Wands card for Saturday. This card is about defense. What are you guarding or hiding? What journey are you not wanting to take? Is the trouble worth the pay off?

This is about inner power, and how we must use that energy in order to move forward. The journey will contain many challenges. This is okay. Without the process of change, we would not know our self worth.

This card is about spiritual union. A coming together of love, life, and spirit. Do I see a new relationship take form?
Not a new relationship, but the coming together of mind and spirit between two people. The relationships you already contain in your life will move forward, or be left behind, at this point in time. Understand that every person is in your life for a specific reason. Maybe they are there to teach you patience. Maybe they are there to teach you that you can be loved again. This is also an ending of a project and the gratitude that comes with the process of that project. Be balanced with love. Come together and create or breakdown the wall of imperfection.

This is the card that has been on my mind all week. It says to "stand your ground". Wait!
Yes, it means to hold on to your dreams, and not give up on the path you have decided to take. Know that you are walking with the Divine and that every step you are taking is leading you to exactly what you want to do. Know that you are worthy of that path and anything that comes into your existence. Know that you are this wonderful and great person who deserves such good in your life and you are living that good life right now!

Now we take our first step into the unknown. Our journey will be long and also contain many obstacles. They are just obstacles. Take them in and understand that the obstacle is there to show us how strong we are. This is about the intuition within you. Use it and know that you can do anything. Know that the journey should be enjoyed. There will only be positive circumstances left for you to handle. This card is sometimes called "The Moon". It speaks about evolution and how we can move forward. This also advises me that any path you were to take will lead you to your destination. No matter what you decide to do, or any path you would have chosen to take, you will have to go through the obstacles and challenges set before you. There will be no easy path.

Final Notes:
I can only tell you that you are a wonderful and great person who is moving forward in everything you do. Take the time to contemplate on the choices you have made and come to the realization that they have led you to this wonderful life that you are living at this very moment. Please advise your Ego to take a hike when it shows up. Blessed Be.