Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.30.13: The Lover

Tuesday 4.30.13:

Court Cards...Blah! 
My mantra for when I pull a court card should be "Oh Crap..."
Actually, that would not help me at all. I am only kidding. I have learned that when a court card comes up, there are some questions that need to be asked. Mainly me asking my spirit guide "What, who, and where in the heck is this card referring to?"

She simply smiles at times. She understands that as human; frustration is part of our everyday vocabulary. 

I know that in the coming days, there are a few court cards making their presence known, and I have meditated, coming to the conclusion that they are an energy that I/we will have to take on. 

Now, I begin with the King of Swords. I was taught that the archetype for this card is the Lover. Astrological sign, to me, is the Libra. My dearest friend Shaun is a Libra and he lives it to the fullest. Or rather to me, he lives it to the fullest. One must always leave their words open to many interpretations. To state that something is concrete and set in stone, can lead you to many talks of disagreement. Is that a bad thing? 
Nope. For everyone has a given right to form an opinion and thought. It is up to us, on whether we wish to amuse them and disagree back, or find the truth within the statement being made. 

Wow. Today will be about communication. 
The hidden energy card is Death. Transformation. 

I know that I must be very fair with the people that I will come in contact with today. Fair in regards to listening to both sides of the story and making a decision based off of clarity, rather than emotion or bias opinion. 

There must still be a sense of compassion mixed in with that fairness. The scales must balance on both sides. One containing the lie and the other containing the truth. What if they were always balanced, only becoming unbalanced when we decide to place false emotions (or rather a bunch of crap) on either side of the scale. 
For even a lie, can be true, to the person who is stating it. That is another subject, for another time and place. 

This is true. A thought is created and born. Life takes place. The reality is stirred with great intent and passion. Then after the experience has been experienced, the dream dies. A new one is formed and shaped and the process begins again. 

So, what am I getting at? 
Well, I have to look at the card to understand. To receive a message. 

We must have a clear mind, when entering into a meeting today. We must cut through the storm. 
I once knew a Curiendera who could stop a hurricane and tornado with an axe. splitting it into two and causing the energy and momentum to go elsewhere.
I miss my healing arts teacher. Even though there was a language barrier, the energy and thoughts, were understood. 

This is how I view the King of Swords. Clarity is your weapon. Truth is the point at the end of your sword. As a matter of fact, you do not even have to swing your sword. Standing your ground and holding up your sword of truth (or for Wonder Woman fans, a lasso of truth) will create that energy of balance and fairness. 
If you have to strike, and I know that there are times when we must, then understand that you do it with wisdom, rather than emotion. 
Kind of like a power move in a video game. You use the sword filled with energy to push your opponent back. Kind of like a stun move. Giving you a few seconds to tap on your buttons, going ape shit crazy with a 10 hit combo move. Sweet! geek side wanted to be present.

This day will test your patience. Will test who you are. Remember Inner Strength is setting the stage.  
What power talisman will you refer to, when things get a little tough? I always state, that they are only words. You can always walk away and do something new. No one says you have to sit there and listen to the person talking. As a matter of fact, you have every right to punch him in the nose, but that will only get you into trouble. Compassion and Clarity. You could turn the other cheek, with fist clenched, praying that the person will slap you again. Or not...the choice is yours. I know that I will be thinking of this in my head, but I return to that which true. Love does soothe the wildest beast. Even our Ego can be tamed with one stroke of compassion. 

Blessed Be.  

Monday, April 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.29.13: Strength

Monday 4.29.13:

A new week is presenting it self. Monday brings the dawn of a new light. Actually, everyday contains the dawn of a new light. 

The card for this day is "Strength". 
What kind of strength?
The kind that requires us to really think before we speak and take action. Inner strength is needed when things do not go as planned. Do things ever go our way, when we plan a certain route?
Life has many detours. 

The hidden energy card is "The Universe". An ending of a cycle. Are you ready for it?
The ending of a cycle is nothing new. We begin with a fresh new idea and follow through with great action, that leads us to the ending of the that cycle, and the beginning of another. We can have many cycles going at one time. Our hands dipped in many projects at one time, but have you ever noticed that they all have one thing in common? The intent of getting you to reach your highest good. 

Since "Strength" sits in the position that sets the stage for the week; I can tell you that there will be a lot of moments in our life that will require us to hold strong to our inner strength. To take energy that is directed towards us and manipulate it. Take in that which is negative and relate it to a positive thought. 

As I type this, I see a person taking energy that is hurled at them with great speed, and catching it with great ease and motion, clearing the negative energy to be neutral, and attaching it to a positive thought. It gets released, like a balloon, into the Universe. 

One must try to be like that person. Taking in energy and transforming it to neutral. Using it to push their dream into existence. 

Inner Strength is setting the stage for the week. There will be a lot of people that will be around you. A lot of energy that will either benefit you in a positive way or try to pull you down. Weave your intent of good. End this cycle with a big bang, so that you have enough energy to propel you to your next point of destination. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.28.13: The Ending of a Cycle

Sunday 4.28.13:

The Vicious Cycle of gaining weight and losing weight is always in the back of my mind. I am looking to relate the card known as The Universe, to the energy of today. I could only think of one thing. My ability to try so many crash diets, lose a couple of pounds, and then proceed to reward myself with a full weekend of eating unhealthy...Can this really be associated with the the tarot card "The Universe"?

Of course. This card sits in the position of Bee/Forgiveness/Compassion. The hidden energy card is The Hanged Man. 

I am going to state that I am only five pounds over my average weight. Actually, my story begins three years ago. I was very overweight and was always depressed, thinking that I would never fall in love with anyone, or rather, no one would fall in love with me. Then I was advised by my spirit guide to go on a journey. A journey to find Aaron. I decided to lose the weight, get healthy, and find the person who mattered the self. I went on a strict diet at first, then found that the diet started to become a way of life for me. It was all that I knew and understood. I would go out and enjoy myself with out the over indulgence of eating food, drinking alcoholic beverages, and tasteful sweets. I could say "No" to things that were placed before me and become an example for those who also were looking to simply eat healthy and exist. Beauty was no longer about how skinny I was, but it turned into how beautiful I really am. The pounds started to come off, because my attitude also changed, into one of being comfortable with the person I once was. Before all the failed relationships, ups and downs of life, and the detours on the path of life. The person who I once knew to be independent, strong, and beautiful. 

I feel wonderful and great, now, and find that when I splurge a little on sweet temptations, I can lose the weight again. I am not going to return to the 230 pounds of unhappiness. The cycle ends and begins again. This is the Universe at work. We find the end of the what? Well, I know that I will surely go searching for another one. The greatest joy is always found on the path to the rainbow. The people you meet, the places we rest at, and the family that you reconnect with, again. 

Maybe the forgiveness should be with the way we let our Ego treat us? Maybe we should have a little bit of splurge, in order to understand what insanely full feels like? Maybe we need to forgive our state of "always being in control", so that we can be able to return to that which we know. That we are beautiful. That the cycle must have an ending, in order to move into the new. Diets will always be there. There will always be something new to try, so that the last five pounds will surely disappear. Maybe it is the fun of trying something new that appeals to me? Maybe it is my spirit, longing to teach me, that I am still beautiful. Even if I gain five extra pounds.

I have not lost the spirit within me that states "I am beautiful!". 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.27.13: A Journey

Saturday 4.27.13:

Oh Dear. I waited till the very end of the day to write my entry. This will teach me a lesson. The lesson is to relax and let things transpire. I can relate to this card because it actually was about crossing over water. My partner and I decided to travel to this wonderful restaurant where they make everything with Doughnuts! Donuts?!

Yes, it was well worth the journey and in the end, I learned that just because it sounds like a novel idea, it may leave you feeling like a total piggy. 

Oh Lord...

The card of the day is the Six of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Sun. 

So much joy and prosperity was around me today. I was happy to be alive. There were some pitfalls here and there. A couple of minor waves in the water, but the precious cargo I was moving from one place to another, made it to shore. This will be short and sweet. My journey was not about the destination. It was about the people, places, and things that amused me along the way. It made the day go by so fast. Before I knew it, the clock was striking 10, and I was ready for bed. Energy moves in all directions...we move in all directions, but in turn we find peace at the end of the day. We manage to rest our bodies from all the small battles throughout the day. We recover with a small victory party. It may involve a doughnut hamburgers with bacon or a simple glass of wine. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.26.13: Standing Your Ground, Defense.

Friday 4.26.13:

When I was young, and the class decided to play dodge ball (which would be most of the time), I would always notice that one kid was fearless within the circle. He/she would not move from her spot, and taunt the other kids with the ball, making them throw it their way so that they could catch it. Remember when you caught the ball, you could call in a fellow player who was considered "out". Lucky for me I was on a team who had the best and brightest start athlete. 

School ground rules and regulations would set in and sometimes we are faced with the same issues that would happen on the playground. Someone not wanting to wait their turn. Someone who is not wanting to play fair. A star student at handball, who is winning every match, will not give up their title. A bully on the playground, taking lunch money from other kids. I see this sort of behavior within my life. Grown ups are simply big kids. Some carry the same thought and patterns with them into adulthood. The same tricks of the trade work on those who are weak. The same clicks move forward, either forming other groups in different social circles, or sticking together and moving from one pond to the next. Silly fishes. 

I am starting to get off the I will return to what the energy will be like, today. The one child who always caught the ball, faced the danger ahead of him, and came out with a positive result. This reminds me of the Seven of Wands. 
Defense. Standing your ground. 

The hidden energy card is the Moon. Unseen forces at work. Danger on the path of greatness. Spiritual forces advising us to keep moving. 

We must take on the spirit of that child. So brave. So willing to sacrifice the game, in order to bring another person in to the game. They had the guts to give it a try. To stand their ground, taunt the opposing side, and come out a Hero. And the children danced with glee. 

This can be our strength or our weakness. To be brave can cause us to win or to fall, in the face of danger. Brave is simply a word. Everything is simply a word, but it is the intent behind it that creates the experience. What are you fighting for? 
When are you needing to be Brave? To raise your hand and state "Why?"

You do not have to always put up a fight and be ready for the struggle. The defense mechanism, can sometimes be the state of calmness you are presenting. 

Is this mountain top worth fighting for? Are we simply standing our ground to prove a point that we know is wrong, but we do not want to admit it? Are we wanting to state enough is enough?

I think that the star athlete has only one agenda on their mind...catch the ball. So, should we have one agenda on our mind when faced with a struggle? 

I know that it is much easier to think of "I am calm", rather than "I will win this". There are no winners or losers in the game of life. There is only existence. 

I use to wish to be like that star player on the playground. I use to dream of catching the ball and understanding that I could do it as well. I sometimes would yearn to just have enough guts to try and catch the ball. I did once. I tried and I caught it, but then I tried a second time and failed. I gave up. I stopped trying because I did not want to risk being pegged with the ball, and in turn be "out".
I wanted to exist within the game.

What are you protecting? Why fight for others, when you are being attacked from all ends? Start with your self. Protect your spirit, first, then move on to others. 

As I started to develop my gift of reading tarot, healing, and psychometry; I found that I was a star player. I did catch the ball. I was willing to take a risk and try, when it came to spiritual matters. I am a star player in the book of life, and even if it is not on the dodge ball court, I am attempting to catch the ball, every time, on the spiritual plane by protecting my spirit. By defending my rights of existence. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.25.13: Movement

Thursday 4.25.13: 

One thing that I always have issues with, is when I pick a card of the day, and I receive the same card as before. I sometimes find difficulty in understanding what Source is advising me of. That is why I have developed the "#7 Spread". 
I was meditating one day and I was frustrated that I was having a hard time with understanding the card that I picked. I needed more information. I had the shadow card already figured out, but to pull from the position of the cards in a weeks reading, was leaving me with little or too much information. 
I had to find a meaning to the positions. 
My spirit guide started to speak to me and guided me on creating this wonderful spread for my weekly readings. 

Do not get me wrong, there are still times when I am confused, and need more information, but I soon start to pull from all the hidden meanings, that the cards take on for the week, and viola! Instant information. 

So, I am now going to speak about the movement that we all create, in this life. Also about the movement that we must take in the spirit world. Are they two different items? Not really. One could mistake them as different, but they really are the same in nature. 
We crave movement. We wish for it to take place. 

The card that was picked for the energy of today is the Eight of Wands. The hidden energy card is the Star. 

When I see the Eight of Wands, I think of a Tornado, that is non bias when causing destruction. It picks everything up and drops it in unexpected places. It can destroy that which holds us down and take us to new and uncharted territory (i.e. The Wizard of OZ). 
It rushes in at the perfect time and creates so much destruction, that we tend to only look at that which was broken and destroyed, but have you ever noticed what happens afterwards? 
It brings a community together, helps others call upon their neighbors, and also teaches us that life is precious. 

In the spiritual world a Tornado is ten times as strong and creates such an upheaval that our body feels as if we are on a roller coaster ride. When this happens in my life, I ask Source "What is in the Stars for me?"
I wish to have the destruction stop, so that I can have a moment of peace, to breathe. Spirit knows whats best for me. This movement is accelerated, in motion, and will serve me good, later in the week. Maybe on a Sunday, where we see the Universe's energy come full circle. 

As I write this entry, I am seeing a spell weaver, taking in energy, and casting out the intent of good...of love. 
A spell weaver understands what is required to create and manifest, that which is needed, and not desired. The spell weaver takes from the energy around them, tapping into the river of celestial greatness, and producing life.
Life to the dream. A spark of energy. 
It can take a lot of energy, or very little, and in turn the abundance is ten fold. 

In the end the movement that we see as a bother or a problem, is simply Source pushing us in the right direction. I know that my boat and compass are set for North, when I should be going South. The wind picks up and Source blows me to my true destination. I may state "Wait, I am not ready for South. What is in the South?" 
I may turn back in the other direction. What happens next?
Source sends the storm of the century. A Tornado. One that pushes me to the brink of Death, and after everything has passed, I end up heading South. I could have avoided all that Drama, if I would have only had Faith, and listened to Source's advice. 

What Tornado is in your life at this time, causing destruction, and taking you to a far off land?
Are you ready to let go of that which is holding you back?

There are times when I ask for the change to be created, but I am not willing to let things be taken from my environment, for I fear that I will be lost. That the items within my environment make me. Mold me. That I exist only because they are present. The Tornado is there to cause me to see that I exist without the items I hold in my fist. That I exist, period. I am that which I am...perfect at this very moment. Words are there to describe, Emotions are present to understand, and Energy is there to create existence. Our existence. Movement is that same energy. Just like a spell weaver understands, that energy is  neither good nor bad, it is the intent of the person that creates the negative and positive effects. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.24.13: Wish Granted

Wednesday 4.24.13:

There are times when we try, with all our might, to manifest something so spectacular, that we are sure it will be the answer we need. We focus so hard on that which is desired, and in turn, we create that very item. Now what?

Are we left feeling satisfied? Do we want more?

Sometimes I find myself complaining about something so small, when there is so much good to be thankful for. 

The card that I picked, for today, is the Nine of Cups. It sits in the position of Owl/Mystery/Secret. The hidden energy card is the Tower. 

Sometimes our secret desire, is to simply be happy, and there are times when we believe that by manifesting a certain item, we will find that happiness. 

Our belief system has to be shattered, in order to find that perfect piece of the puzzle, that will fit into the empty slot. The Tower is working behind the scenes, destroying everything in sight, so that we will be left with the basic fundamentals of happiness. Sometimes we have to lose everything, in order to find value in new items. Sometimes we have to have a hurricane rush through our home, so that we can learn to deal with chaos in our life, by starting at the beginning. By starting with step 1: cleaning up the mess. 

A lot of books, regarding the Tarot, advise that the Nine of Cups is a Wish card. 

What are we truly wishing for? What is desired? Actually, what is needed within our life at this time?

For some it may be patience. Others it could be acceptance. I know that in my life, I am needing to return to my spiritual practice of meditating and praying everyday. I miss it. I use to pray and meditate everyday after I worked out. Soon I became lazy and started to cut back, then I started to not work out all together, and when I began to gain weight, I would complain!

Oh Aaron, get your shit together...

I noticed that the Universe was calling me to take a few moments and return to what is known. With starting at the very beginning. A very good place to start...and in comes Julie Andrews. 

It is true though. You must start at the beginning. Sometimes we become blinded by our gold and jewels. Blinded by the shiny things we have accumulated in our life. The mystery, or secret, behind all of it, is to snap our self out of the daze we are in, and return to our spiritual practice. A Mystic's job is never done. We can enjoy the achievement all we want, but we still need to keep on walking our path of spiritual enlightenment. We still need to keep on living, loving, and healing. 

Do not get too use to the feeling of greatness and satisfaction, for eventually that wonderful lightening bolt will strike our tower down. We will fall to the ground and be advised to build a stronger and better tower, than the last. We will be strong ourselves. To survive a large enough fall, and only come out with a few scratches, shows us that we were built to last. 

Then again you could be like other people, who's tower is struck with the lightening, they are thrown to the ground, and in turn they complain about the small scratch on their arm, as if it was broken and bleeding. Making a mountain out of a mole hill. 
The choice is yours. 

Blessed Be.  

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.23.13: Wisdom

Tuesday 4.23.13:

The energy of the day will contain the gift of Wisdom. This card sits in the position of Butterfly/Transformation. The hidden energy card is The Devil. 

Our Ego is never far behind. Even Mystics have to deal with the shadow part of their self. Can it be   difficult? Of course. 
The Ego can be our friend or our enemy. 

Our judgement can be clouded by our shadow part. We make decisions based off of fear, rather than clarity. 
But transformation must take place with the request of Death, in order to move into the next phase of our life. 

A great number of things can be obtained, when we surrender all the fear, worry, and doubt to Source.

Wisdom can smack you across the face at times, in order to help you understand, that everything has a reason. Everything has a purpose. 

We start to create Tunnel Vision and in turn Wisdom must smack us across the head to break our concentration. The trick is to see the big picture. To see what is happening behind the scenes. To see the stage that Hope has set before you. 

Transformation begins within our heart. Within our soul. We transform from one state of existence to the next. Is the transformation peaceful and smooth? Not always. Sometimes that transformation can seem like a pain in the ass. It can seem more like a punishment for that which we have done wrong in the past. 

Our Ego holds us down. It is kind of the like the bully who would hold you down and twist your arm until you said "uncle". 
When did it stop? For some the bullying has never stopped. They carry it with them into their adult life and take on defense mechanisms or behaviors to cope with people around them who can show a characteristic of that same bully. 
It stops when you decide to state "enough is enough". It stops when you decide to raise your hand and ask "why". It stops when  you decide to take your energy back. This is all on a spiritual level. I am not advising that you must stand up for your right in the physical world...or am I? This method of standing up to your Ego can be applied to situation of a real life bully. You are giving them the power to have control over you. Be not afraid of the outcome. We are physically and emotionally hurt every day. What is the worst that could happen? That you could die? 
Remember that Death can happen at any time. Death can happen right now and what would we say then? Nothing. 

Standing up to that which scares you on your spiritual journey is no different from standing up to that which is on your physical journey. I think the biggest gift you could give to yourself at this moment is the statement "I am". 
"I exist". Even after the verbal abuse and emotional trauma. I exist! I am still here! I am still standing. Even after the physical pain and damage. I am still breathing! I am still living!

Remember Source would not put you in a path of danger. If anything Source will take you off that path and put you on a new one. It may not look as safe as the other path, but we have to have Faith that it is. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.22.13: Hope

Monday 4.22.13:

The card that will influence the energy for the rest of the week is #17 Hope. It sits in the position of Turtle/Earth. The Hidden energy card is Temperance. 

Breaking free from the item that holds us back, can be very frightening. Humans are creatures of habit, and at times, they return to that which is familiar. 

Do we venture out into the unknown and possibly succeed? Or stay in one spot and complain about how it hurts? 

Hope is a single beam of light. A ray of sun. It shines in one direction and can penetrate any issue or problem. The issue that one might have, is that, are they ready to see what hope can manifest in their life. 

If a person is ready to see the hope, set before them, then it takes on a new form and instead of being a single beam of light, it turns into many. Threads of time and space, cast out into the sea of existence. Anchoring our dreams and connecting us to the all knowing. The all powerful. It allows us to tap into the heartbeat of the Universe. It allows us to connect to Sister Turtle. 

Temperance is the hidden energy card, which tells me that through pain comes peace. A healing takes place. Maybe it is a healing of the heart, ego, or spirit. Either way, a person will soon figure out that balance of the energies around them is needed, in order to move forward. You must recognize the shadow part of a situation, in order to see the light. One must try to understand what is around them. Hope is setting the mood. Hope is setting the stage. 
What are you hoping for?

When I think of the word "hope", I picture myself standing around, looking at the sky, stating to Source "I am ready."

I can confuse hope for selfishness. I desire, so I should receive. 
Hope is about finding the strength to simply exist. In that moment of existence, everything that is needed will be given to us. 

Want to know what I hope for?
My heart hopes for the strength to decide on my next adventure. The strength to understand why Source has brought me here to this place and time. 
Did you know that even a Mystic person gets the blues? Oh ya, I find myself in states of confusion at times, due to the fact that the signs and symbols around me are not making sense. A blue ribbon mixed with the squirrel? What?! 
Oh source if you are playing a huge joke on me...?

Source does not require us to understand every sign that is given. We require the element of surprise to take place, and from a person who is part OCD, the element of surprise scares the living daylights out of me. 

I like things to be structured and to fall into place.
Life was not meant to be cookie cut and precise. Sometimes the detour must be taken, in order to understand why the choice was made, in the first place. 
To go left when you were advised to go right. Pitfall...oops. Well got to try again. Maybe this time I will not break a spiritual bone. 

Hope gives us the ability to keep moving, after we have bruised our soul. Sometimes mistakes need to be made on purpose, in order to understand the nature of who and what we are. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.21.13: Prosperity

Sunday 4.21.13:

The card, regarding the energy of the day, is the Sun. It sits in the position of the Bee/Compassion/Forgiveness.
The hidden energy card is Death.

Some state that all good things must come to an end.
What do I state? I invoke the great Karen Carpenter and quote "We've only just begun, to live."

My day was filled with so much food and happiness. I enjoyed the nice day in Austin and tried a new pizza place in the process. I had a hard time relating the card to the day, until the very end hours of this glorious night. It hit me after we returned from shopping. The energy did contain prosperity. The energy was about transformation. The day challenged me to see compassion in everything.

Did you show others compassion?

The day is not over yet and I want to advise you that the real prosperity lies within the moment. Your prosperity is in you heart. In the home you have made.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.20.13: Dreams and Choices

Saturday 4.20.13:

The card is the Seven of Cups. The card speaks to me about Dreams and Choices. I am not referring to the items we dream of at night. I am talking about the ones we have during the day. The goals we set before us. The manifestation of that which we desire. Choices are a part of life. They are built into our DNA. We make choices every day and when our ability to choose is taken away, then we start to create a revolution. Viva la Vie!

To live. 

I know that when I day dream in the darkest part of the afternoon, I find that it is not backed up by  a positive thought. I simply wish and hope that it happens. Choices seem to lead me down a path of destruction, but it is always good. 

The hidden energy card is The Hanged Man. Faith. 
Faith is always in the background. We require it. We need it. Some, even crave it. 

The card, of the day, sits in the position of Hummingbird/Energy. 

What is the Universe trying to tell me now? 
What can I relate this to? An example? An experience?

A dream or choice without clarity. The cups part of what is desired. 
Have you ever went to the Carnival and played the Fishing Pole game? The one where you would have a fishing pole that had a clip at the end of it, and when you would cast it across a black wall and pull it forward, after a quick tug, you would receive your prize?
Was it what you wanted?
Sometimes you would get the paddle and ball, a new toy watch, a wonderful little doll, or a teddy bear. Frankly, I always wanted rings and bracelets, like the other little girls would get, but the person who was in charge of this game would always call out that I was a boy, and guess what I got? A damn car or army man. Blah! I wanted a ring! ;-)

So, I would spend my money on the game, until I got a decent prize. This is kind of like the way we make choices and follow dreams without the clarity of the Swords, without positive intent. If all our energy is placed on seven different things, then we get a novelty prize. A small token stating "I played this game and all I got was this lousy tee-shirt". You get the point. 

Now there are other games, such as darts and the game where you shoot water in a scary clown's face. Now, I knew what the prize was every time, and if I won, which was most of the time, I would get to pick my pink bunny or favorite cartoon character, as a prize. I knew that with every win, I would get something that was desired. Something that I could see and visualize. This is a dream or a choice backed up with Faith. You see what is desired and you focus so hard on one item at a time. The others will fall into place, for they are all part of the same package, which is to be content and happy. 
Which is to live a positive life full of love and light. 

What are you trying to manifest within your life? How many dreams do you have on your vision board? Are you giving  your attention to one item at a single time? Are you focusing for five minutes, on each of the 99 projects that are there? Or are you focusing all your love and attention on the goal that is within the heart of the board, and allowing all that energy to touch every ounce of that board? 
The house might come before the family. The family may come before the love. The love may be the last great adventure to be marked off your Vision board. Source is the only one who knows. So, you can either focus on one item or the whole, but you should envision the energy flowing through you and into the world with the intent that all good will come to you. Your dreams will thank you. Trust me. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, April 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.19.13: The Idealist

Friday 4.19.13:

The Queen of Swords sits in the position of Lizard/Dreams/Strength/Weakness. 
The hidden energy card is Judgement. 

I turn to my spirit guide for answers.

Me: Is this a person in my life?
Spirit Guide: No
Me: Is this an energy that will be around me?
SG: No
Me: Is this an energy that I must take on?
SG: Yes. You must live it. 

When I speak to my spirit guide, there will either be a novel of information, or she will give me one word answers. How do I interpret the one word answer? 
I simply understand that my Spirit Guide is giving me a definite answer and that to question it will only cause me to form doubt within the process of love and life. 

I am to move through out my day and create that which is good. Good beyond belief. To move forward with everything that my heart is set on. Write...
She advised me to write what is within my heart, not within my mind. To create that which is good. To create that which is mine. I long for the past to reach the present. For that which has been, to follow suite and find my home once more. To regroup. To live within the moment of what is taking place at this time. 
To write. 

To feel pain of that which has passed. We all go through it. We all find peace in the moment that love presents itself to us. We think this is it. I surely can die and I will be happy. What happens when the moment is over. We wish for more. More of the same feeling within that experience. 

To write. 

She advises me to be inspired by what she is stating to me. It is not about the card, but it is about tapping into the energy that is around me. To write about what is happening at this very moment. 

If you seek Truth, then be truth. Be like the Queen of Swords. Speak your mind. You must accept what will come from that Truth. Are you ready to accept the Truth of the situation? Even if it means that you are wrong?
That I am wrong?

She leaves me with one last thought, one last statement. 
"If you wish to change that which is around you, you must start with your thoughts". 

So many have spoken this truth in the past. 

I do want to warn you about the shadow side of the Queen of Swords. You may want to contain the power that she has, of clarity and truth, but you must pay attention to that power. Are you using it to hurt or heal? Are you really seeking the Truth or stating your opinion? 
You must be open to everything that is around you and accept that which is being presented. The moment you do this, the truth will present itself. The struggle will be no more. The tools you contain in your hand, whether it be paint, clay, Tarot Cards, Crystals, and such, will make sense and you will be inspired to create. To create that beautiful masterpiece called "You", called "Me". 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.18.13: New Beginning

Thursday 4.18.13:

The energy of today will be about The Fool. New Beginning. A new adventure. Taking a chance without knowing what the outcome will be. Good or bad circumstances are created with every choice. 

The Fool card, to me, means leading with your mind and perception of that which is before you, where as the Hanged Man means leading with your heart and having Faith. We start out with a single step on our journey, into the unknown, and walk with the absence of direction. All we know at this very moment, is that we should be moving. 

The Fool sits in the position of Crow/Spirit. I long for something new. I long to return to what I know best, the Tarot. I desire to move forward with my spiritual journey.I have been reading Tarot cards and reading books, since I was 13 and now I am 36. I have had clients and have done party readings. Group readings and two hour sessions. I have tried just using my Tarot cards as a compass and also using my intuition and psychic ability to receive information. I have formed a relationship with my spirit guide, who I cherish and give thanks to everyday. I found that I can do a reading through email, absence of the client in front of me. I have a niche for it. I have developed my ability and my thought patterns, so that I understand that information is all around me, and I simply have to fish through it. What is next? I want to develop my healing abilities. I want to learn, but the big question is "who do I want to learn from?"

Who will I give my energy, money, and time to? Who will aid me the most? 

This has been on my mind, since I moved to Austin, and now I am ready to search and find that which is needed. The hidden energy card is The Sun. I always associate this card with finding your way home. The path becomes clear. Maybe I will find exactly what I am looking for? Or maybe I already have and now it is time to make a decision. 

What will the energy be like today? It will contain the energy that is needed to take your first step, in a new direction.
I will use the example of jay walking. I know, I know, it is a crime to jay walk, but I have always had this fear of doing it. Not because the law states it is wrong, but because you can die! Ahhhhh!
My partner and most of my friends are dare devils and seem to think that it is more reasonable to jay walk and get to the destination a little faster, rather than take the long way around. 
So, one day I was walking with my partner to the store. He does not trust Texas drivers and would rather jay walk than use the crosswalk, because he thinks that the cars at the cross walk will run us over. I know it sounds a bit crazy, but that is why I love him. I decided to try his method and route on this day. I found that I was out of my comfort zone. Most of the people I know will either be behind you or in front of you, and when they feel good and ready, they will cross. Half way crossed, they will look at you and say "Let's go!". This has left me traumatized and since I trust my instinct a little more than others around me, I decided to listen to my inner voice. My partner, Brian, decided to pull that trick on me and I stated "No!". I told him that it seems safer to cross a little further up. Normally I would just follow and run, with much fear in my heart, across the street at the very last minute. This time I took hold of the reigns and walked a little further up, where there were no cars in sight and it was not close to the busiest part of the street. I decided to follow my inner voice and be safe, rather than just do it because it seems like a good time. 

That inner voice is your companion that everyone refers to as the dog within the Tarot Card picture. Do we always listen? Nope. Do we always get it right? Nope. Then again, without mistakes, a lesson would not have been learned. 
When I see the Fool card, I think of the feeling associated with jay walking and how, if you ever have to do it, then you know that you must sometimes believe in the unknown, listen to your inner voice, and run!

Today you will be filled with this kind of energy. The anticipation of something wonderful or something scary, looming in the air, and you will have to leap. Will there be water at the bottom of your fall? Will there be a mattress or trampoline?
Source is the only one that knows. The thing you must keep in mind, is that you will arrive at your destination with everything that is needed. Sometimes, on our spiritual journey, we have to jay walk, to get to the other side. Sometimes we have to jump off a cliff, in order to move to a new time and space. One thing is for sure. The leap you take today will lead to greatness, according to the Sun Card. It will lead you one step closer to your home. Your center. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.17.13: Ego

Wednesday 4.17.13:

The Devil card sits in the position of Owl/Mystery/Secrets.
The hidden energy card is the Moon.

A lot of Mystery lies within the day. Enough spaces for my Ego to hide in, to slip by with no warning, and cause the abundance of life to be squashed. The seed will surely not grow.

The Devil is not a bad card. It teaches us to be humble. It teaches me to be cautious of what my inner voice is saying. What intuition is telling me. When a light bringer is faced with decisions, they usually have to meditate on the situation. I always state to those around me, that I have to meditate, before I can give an answer. I must look inside and answer with clarity. Discuss things with my spirit guide. If it takes a month, then you better believe that it will be a defined answer.

The Ego will surely make itself known. Humans must learn to look past the noise that the Ego makes, every so often, and move forward with great Faith. Be Brave. Remember that the energy of the week is about Abundance of things. I know that the Abundance of negative thought can present itself to us in many forms.

So, what is the advice that must be taken in, for the day?

Be Brave! Stick your tongue out at your Ego. Understand that you must see it within your mind, before it can be created. The frame is simply decoration. The picture can go on forever. 

Last night I went to a class regarding the Goddess Tara. It was very interesting. The nun talked about how Tara is a bringer of swift help or the heroine. When one asks for help, she is known to bring about wisdom and clarity. She helps a person through ignorance. I had to ask about the word ignorance. What did it mean?
Was it about a person being blind to the Truth. The Nun advised me, that it was about the ignorance of a mistake. A person is constantly making mistakes within their life. The Ego helps us with that action. 
It was very interesting to learn about another Goddess or Deity that is related to so many others, such as Mother Mary, Kali, and such. 
The Nun advised us to have Faith. 
Faith is what tells our Ego to go away. It dispels all doubt within our mind and sets us on a course of greatness.

What course do you wish to follow?

To step out on a new venture. I sometimes struggle with my next step, regarding my spiritual journey, and this is where my Ego steps in. It states to me that I can not surely move forward, for I do not have the credentials to do so. I do not have a set foundation on what is to take place within my life. I am tied to my current job. I can not leave, for you will never make it on your own. 

I become stuck in the swamp of self pity. It is time for me to break out. Be Brave. Be strong. I must understand that I am unique in my gift. I can move forward and make profit from my gift. I can use my talent to do something that I love doing. Now it is time to invest in myself. I started to read other blogs and make my presence known. This is what I have to offer to the world. My light. My knowledge. My perception on life's journey. 

So, this is my example, on how to tell your Ego to get out of your way. Advise it that you are ready to be the great and wonderful person you were born to be. Tell it that you no longer require it's advice. Do something scary and out of the ordinary, or rather, trust that Source will lead you to the exact situation, that will propel you into inspiration. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.16.13: Generosity

Tuesday 4.16.13:

What do I want in life?

What path am I walking at this very moment?

What do I want to do with this information?

When I first started out reading Tarot, being a Mystic, and learning about energy, I had this great expectation that I would have my own business, aiding others on their spiritual journey. Then I was introduced to reality. The great curtain of Illusion. That which Ego lives in, advising me that I did not have certification, a paper with little letters stating that I was someone. I thought that I was not worthy of knowing, of understanding, of being perfect. There are great Tarot Readers that went back to school later in life, but took that leap of Faith into the unknown. They let Source lead them to their dream job. Many advise that you start out with a struggle. That you have to give a lot in order to move a small amount of space forward. 
Some Tarot readers did nothing but rely on their gift. Others read many books and took many classes, blessed with the abundance to pay for teachers. Then there are those who simply give up using their gift, because they think that they can not do it, without payed guidance. 

I use to think that I could not read Tarot unless someone advised me what each card meaning meant, what position it was to sit in, and how much to charge clients. I did not have Faith in myself as a reader, and also I was not practicing as much. Now I find myself in a new field of expertise. I have learned how to read the cards, trust my intuition, and use energy work with my readings. I now read books for new inspiration, rather than to learn the basics. I find myself wanting to write a book myself, not on Tarot, but how to recognize your signposts in life and use them to your advantage. 

There are a lot of classes out there for a young Tarot person to take advantage of. You can learn so much in such little time, but the great question is "What will you do with the information?"

I know that I am a healer. That my ability to take unwanted energy and transform it to useful energy is a wonderful gift, but I lack guidance. I think that I lack the certificate or paper that states "I am". I returned to school to see if I was ready to complete my education, but found that online classes are not the route for me. At least I tried to experience, rather than dismiss. Now I know that I need to be in a class setting. I also know that if I want to become a healer, then I have to start acting like one. If I want to be a full time Tarot reader, then I have to start acting like a full time Tarot reader. I know that I must pick wisely with information that I receive. Information that I spend my money on. This is my education. I am paying for it, so it better be awesome and well worth my time and effort. I found that they try to make you conform to their teaching methods and pay them for something they want, rather than what you want out of a school. They rely on customer attendance. They rely on a student completing their education. If something is not working, then they have to change. 

My life is, my life. No one else can live it. No one else can state to me "No". I move in the direction I wish to move in. No one can tell me to stop. To not exist.

I write because I think I have to. That if I do not, then I do not exist as a Tarot Reader or Spiritual person. My Ego will state that this Blog is a chore. That this job is not worth your time. That you have to keep doing it, or you will not exist as a person, or as a spiritual being. My Ego states that you must go back to school and get any old degree, so that you can call yourself smart. That is not the case. I am always evolving, always reading, always trying to improve my status as a person.

I guess I am writing this so that others out there who are not doing what they want to do, can read this, and state "I will do what makes me happy" rather than "I am doing this because I have to". 

The change can be small. It can start with one step, then another, and then one more. You may stay in one spot for a while, but eventually your spirit will direct you to move, or will push you to take a step in any direction. 

Education is the process of learning something new, evolving into something wonderful, and understanding when to apply the information. A certificate is required to state that you understand, but there are those who do not need the certificate to advise that they understand. It is reflected in the production of their work. They are great people and the certificate would only be a plus. The classes would be of interest, rather than requirement. 

I am not stating that someone should not return to school. Frankly, I know I will be returning to school in the near future, but for now I am wanting to understand what my next step is, regarding my gift and talent to read Tarot Cards and to aid others on their spiritual journey. 

The card is Six of Coins. Generosity. I give, I get. I give with no expectations, I receive with no limitations. 
One has to spread the love, spread the money, spread the abundance with others, in order to keep the flow of energy going. If you put it in bottles high on a shelf and state "it is safe for now" then it will never multiply. If you were to look at a beautiful seed and state "There is only one, so I better hold onto it and wait for the right time to plant this little seed". It may have cost you a fortune, but you have to plant it, in order to receive fruit. Whether it lives or dies depends on you. How much attention will you give it? How well will you tend to that seed? What if it does not produce fruit?

People are scared that it will die. That, during the process, a force of nature will destroy the crop.
Have it whither and die. 
Then the seed will die, so what!.
The dream is not over. You must plant another, and another, and another seed until fruit is given. You must plant more than one seed in order to be supplied with a healthy crop. You must share. You must plant a different seed. Maybe you were meant to plant lemons, and instead you were trying to grow apples. Source must let us choose in order to understand. There is a plan. Growing apples may not be part of your talent now, but maybe you have to grow something simple, that can die and be replanted with little effort, so that you can learn from the mistakes made with an easy seed, rather than one that is delicate. Eventually you will be a master at growing lemons and move on to apples. The dream is never dead. You must give, in order to receive. Production is part of the process. Your life must be lived. You must experience, in order to know. Now experience. Give, Give, Give! Know that more is there. More is waiting for you. There is always more than enough. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.15.13: Abundance

Monday 4.15.13:

The energy will be about prosperity. Female energy. The abundance of things. The Empress card sits in the position of Turtle/Earth. The basis of the question. The card that influences the rest of the week. 
The hidden energy card is The Tower. Destruction of that which we have built our life on. Moral belief and the changing of thought patterns. Everything must be broken down into smaller elements in order to find knowledge. 
Remember that I relate the Tower card to the song "Break it down again" by Tears for Fears. 

The Empress is a different card. A person strives to be like the empress, full of hope, full of love, and in turn they find that through creation, a birth of life and knowledge must take place. A change must happen, in order to receive the good. The bad must take place in order for the good to be recognized. This is taught within every religion. Through pain we find grace. Through pain we find peace. Through death we find life. The wheel is constantly turning. Up and down. Left and right. 
A circular motion of death and life. 
All humans must be reborn, to learn the next lesson, set before them. 

Sometimes I ask for abundance of things that I think will make me happy. Abundance of more time. Abundance of more food. Abundance of material items. Abundance of more sleep. 

Would this make me happy?
No. I would simply want more of it. 

I must learn to accept that which is being given. Maybe there is a reason why there is so much work on my desk. Maybe there is a reason as to why I have an abundance of Oranges, rather than apples. Maybe there is a reason to the abundance of dust bunnies under my bed. 

I also must think that the reason must be of good. 
Abundance is everywhere that you look. You have enough food, for you are not starving. You have enough air to breathe, for you are not suffocating. There is enough money in your life, for you are not homeless. 

Small things of lust and desire have a way of creeping into our hearts. I have to remind myself that there is always more than enough. That there is always a solution. There is always a way to make things happen. 

Maybe the card is speaking about the abundance of energy in our life. The abundance of love. Sometimes that is all we need to create what is needed. Sometimes that is all we need to survive. The path is always going to have a mountain that we must climb. I like to look at abundance as the rope we use to carry us to safety. What if the rope is already laid out for us to use, but since we are sometimes blind to what is in front of us, we want to make it a challenge and climb the mountain with our bare hands. Others use the rope set before them and we look at them in anger, for we do not see our rope. Where is our rope, that we are to have, to make this journey easier? 

You would probably find me on the side of the mountain gripping for dear life with one hand, and shaking the other towards the sky. Towards Source. You would probably laugh, because you can see the rope that is in front of me, Source can see it as well, but I am choosing to be blind. Abundance can be tricky. Too much rock, not enough rope. 

We must learn to change our thought. Too much rope, not enough rock. Find the happy balance between the two. Either way you will be faced with a challenge that must be approached with great compassion. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.14.13: Movement

Sunday 4.14.13:

Life can sometimes be viewed as a roller coaster ride that doesn't end until you die. Then again, death is only the beginning.

What if the brain was the only thing that contained our essence?
When we stop thinking or being conscious, do we really cease to exist? Would we really be able to see those who have passed on to the other side?
I would like to think that we will.

Spirits are everywhere. Essence of that which has been can be felt. An imprint on this reality.
Time marches on, and we must move forward with our love. The card of the day is Eight of Wands. Movement on our path. Accelerated movement. Is it for the best? Is it in the right direction? Only you can answer that.
This card sits in the position of Bee/compassion/forgiveness. The hidden energy card is the Devil. If we wish to make the movement positive, then you must first learn to forgive the person who is holding you back. Have you figured out who that person is? Good. Now forget them and look in the mirror. This person looking at you in the mirror is the first person you should forgive.

Today's entry will be short. Life is calling. Now it is time to live.

Blessed Be.

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.13.13: Miser

Saturday 4.13.13:

When one holds onto energy, it is stored into a small vessel, and it yearns to be released. How is a dream to be manifested if there is not enough energy to aid it on the process of creation?

What does it feel like to bottle up energy within your spirit. At times it can feel like you are full of so much energy, as if you drank 10 cups of coffee, and you need to clean everything in sight. Then again it can feel like you have taken a really crappy drug and you have no control over what is taking place.
To much energy can be a toxin. It can stop you from moving forward. Make you feel as if you are drunk and can not be controlled. The card of the day speaks about this feeling. The way that one can hold onto energy, money, time, and love, because they feel that if they give, then no more will come into their life.

They feel as if they can not share the love that is being given, for that person may leave them for something better. Who can be better than you? No one! There is only you. Perfect in every manner. Perfect in every state.
I think that I forget that I am such a great person inside, as well as outside. The hidden energy card is Temperance. A time of healing. Water and Earth.

The thought of a glow-worm comes into my mind as I write this. I guess Source is trying to tell me something.

To have that light within you, be so intense, and undying, that it glows in the darkest night. To follow a path of Glow Worms to home. To source. Every person is born with light. I wonder why there are times that we try to hide it. To try and cover it up. To mimic the light of someone else.

I always tell people that when I was young, and in love, or so I thought it was love, my light would be dim. Small in sight and stature. I would hide it, in fear that the other person would not like it. That if they were to see it, then they would run away with fear. Really I did not know that by me trying to hide it, I was sabotaging the relationship. Actually, I was becoming something, I was not.
I was looking for love, for me, all over the place. Wishing that I had perfect love. Wanting something more than what was being given. Funny, if I only would have let it shine, then I would have not gone through the heartache, the loss of who I am.

Now that I am in a healthy relationship, meaning that I am allowing me to be me and him to be him, then I shine all the time. I shine my light on everything that is around me, dismissing that which causes darkness, and releasing that moment of healing. Of perfect health. Of perfect thought.

Energy is held within due to frustration with the way of the path. Who do we blame? Well, other people of course, when really we should be pointing the finger at our self. We cause our own frustration. Maybe we should see where the path takes us, before we start to bitch and moan. Maybe we should simply shut our mouth and keep walking. Who knows? We may be pleasantly surprised with what we find.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.12.13: Decisions

Friday 4.12.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Swords. A fork in the road has presented itself to you. One is of a path of light and the other is of shadow. Those who walk with the intent of learning Earth magic, walk this path after their first year of learning. To be of light or use their gift for their own personal gain.

We are all face with decisions and different paths. What
may look scary, can contain a joyful end. What may have looked like an easy path, contained the most foulest creatures ever thought of. We choose with faith.
Faith that it is going to work out for us in the end. That we will find our way home.
We struggle to be free and separate our spirit from the whole. To be Independent.
Towards the end of our life, we try our hardest to return to that same whole. To return to what was familiar. When we arrive, we find that life has changed, we have changed, and now we must venture forward.
The card sits in the position of Lizard/dreams/strength/weakness.
Death is the hidden energy card. Transformation of the spirit. Transformation of the soul.

What ever decision you make today, remember what you are trying to return to. A home that may or may not be abandoned, or a new home filled with love.
The world can be scary. It can contain pitfalls and traps that you are not aware of, but Source is always giving us tools and signs that will aid us on our journey. My thoughts are just one point of perception. There are other mystics out there with the same or different perception as me. Who will you take information from?

Sometimes our weakness can be our strength. Sometimes our strength can be our weakness. We must learn to harness and hone our ability and power. We must learn to move past the raw power of the Knight and move towards the King or Queen. They have mastered their talent and understand when and how to use it.

Have you mastered yours?

We are constantly learning. Constantly moving in a circular motion creating our own form of gravity. Round and round we rotate until we crash into love. Then we develop a universe. One so great that not even time can eliminate. The path may look grim but I have faith that you will be Brave. All dreams must pass through a trial by fire in order to be molded into the perfect form.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.11.13: The Knight of Wands

Thursday 4.11.13:

The energy will be about inspiration, force of nature, and breaking through with great untapped potential. Instead of knocking on the door, I will surely break it down, with my war cry. 

The Knight of Wands can be a person who is influencing our life at this point in time, a great scholar. The person I would seek information from. The day is about finding a solution. Creating the final outcome. The hidden energy card is the Hanged Man. Faith in all of its glory. I act without knowledge of what is to come, but I know that it shall be just what is needed. 

Today may contain that Force that is needed to be who you were born to be, but be cautious of that Force. The knight is power that is not tame. Untapped and unrefined. I may break down the barriers, but I will soon see, that with destruction comes damage. What am I willing to lose? What am I willing to change?

This card sits in the position of Crow/Spirit. Our true nature within this week. What I pull from. The true desire of what is needed. I require Force and inspiration, in order to find resolution. 

I really had to go out and walk in the sunlight today. To think about what is happening within my life. What is taking place with everything and everyone. 

When my spirit feels contained or bottled up, I begin to really analyze what is within my life that needs to be changed. To be brought into the light. Like the plant that needs to be moved from one corner of the room to the other, so that it receives enough filtered light. So that it receives the nutrients that are needed to grow. To live. 

Funny, how one does not realize the true potential of their life, until they are faced with the Death of something. How fragile the moments we live in are. How seconds can contain the purest form of love to reach levels of great potential. 

Force with the element of fire is very potent. It can singe you in the process of creation. Burn you like the Sun on a hot summer day. Scorch the dream that you have worked so hard to create. One thing that I must keep in mind, is the knowledge of the phoenix. The potential to create a new dream out of the ashes of another. The idea may be brought into the light, under a magnifying glass, that burns the fragile creature to dust, but if you look closer, the spark of life still exists. A new form and shape must be created for the vessel to live in. I guess this could be associated to our family. To our children. They are the spark of a humans creation. The will to live on. To grow. To understand. 

Today is about the spark of life. The spark of creation. What will you create? A beautiful idea of great love and intent, or a nightmare? Do not worry. The rest of the week contains many tools that are needed to work through the process of destruction. The mind is only one part of the equation. Our spirit, the people we hold close, and the desire to live, is needed to move forward with who we are. With what we choose to become. A being of pure love. A being of pure light. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.10.13: Pain and Heartache

Wednesday 4.10.13:

The card of the day is Three of Swords. This symbolizes our journey through pain and heartache, the reason why we hurt, and why bad things must take place. 

I am learning, when I was younger, that decisions are made with no thought or action. I simply act out with my first response and proceed in the opposite direction. I use to move against the flow of energy and when things would get rough, I would tend to leave. 

I did not know that I had the power to change the outcome. To change the environment that I am in. To reflect positive energy on the situation and in turn find solution. Even if that solution is to leave from one state of thought and existence to another. 

I think that there are times when I need to think and shut my mouth, because my words are simply excuses and tantrums. Then there are times when I am silent and in turn analyze the thoughts that are swimming around in my head. They are validated and in turn either dismissed or carried forward. 

Remember that the Star has set the stage for the week. It is about being cleansed. Washing away the old grime and grit on your spirit and moving forward with clarity. Sometimes we must speak out, so that we can hear our voice, calling us home. Calling us to center. 

Pain and heartache are in your life because it is all part of the change that happens to every one of us. We deal with this change and where those give up on what is taking place, others prevail by accepting that change and manifesting the good. Manifesting Truth. 

When I first started to read Tarot Cards, I use to look at this card and always think that it was about love and how there was a break up in a person's life. Now I understand that this Minor Arcana card speaks to me about the struggle I/we must face, when going through a major change in life.

Grief is part of our history. One must understand and accept death, worry, fear, doubt, and move forward with a positive thought. 

Some state that the change is too hard. That the change is so overbearing, there seems like no end to the dark tunnel. 

How do I respond to this?

Simple. The tunnel is only as dark as you make it. The tunnel is only as long as you imagine. Grief can last a day. Heartache can last a month. Pain can last for years. Eventually it will decrease in size and shape. Eventually, you move forward with your life. You find the good in everything, once again. You experience the connection to Source. 

I return to what I know, that everything does happen for a reason, and that reason is good. If we create action, then good will only come out of the positive action you have created. If you created negative action, then only negative action will be created. Then again you could create negative action and in turn find the positive from it. For it is a wonderful thing to find out that it happened for a positive reason. Mistakes are there to teach me, that I am still human, and that I have a lot of learning ahead of me. 

I think I like the fact that I think, think, think, and think some more, about things that happen in my life. When problems arise, I do not want to speak with the words of frustration, but with words of clarity. I only want to find the Truth. I only want to understand. Doesn't everyone else wish to do the same? To be understood? To be acknowledged? 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.9.13: Generosity

Tuesday 4.9.13: 

The card that sits in the position of Butterfly/transformation is the Six of Coins. What is the energy of today?

The Six of Coins speaks about Generosity. Giving that which we have abundance of, in order for the same form of generosity to be given back to us. What are you cultivating?

I always see the energy flowing outward, in a circular motion, that expands to those around us, then moves back in the same swift motion. 
Some state that it returns at a slow rate, but really it is moving at the same speed as when it was released. 

Good brings in more good. Negative brings in more negative. Stress brings in more stress. Movement brings about more movement. The thought of love, will bring in more love. Seeking attention, only leads to more of seeking attention. 
I think you understand what I am speaking of. 

"Love, love, love, love, love, till there is no enemy". Larisa Stow sings it the best. This does not mean that there will be no more enemies in your life, but with the outlook of love, there will be no conflict. There will be no struggle. You will move forward in your adventure and they will stay stuck in their circle of destruction. 

The hidden energy card is the Sun. Prosperity. Today will contain the abundance of joy and hope. Love and peace. Remember to share this with others. Share it with those around you. It may seem difficult, when there are those who wish harm on you, or who only seek revenge, but if you set "the stage" (look back at Monday's post) then all things will work out in your favor. 

The mode of transportation for the state of transformation is simple. You must rise above everything else. Glide on the wind currents of the Universe.

You must keep in mind that the path to getting to your good, is not always the same. You must not try to have the same experience, in the same manner, as before. We are constantly evolving and moving forward, that we can not repeat the experience twice and have the same reaction. 

So, take every moment as a new experience. If you happen to find love, then bathe in every moment of it. If you happen to find peace, then enjoy the silence. The real trick to staying happy, peaceful, or in love, is to not repeat the same process with the hope that it will produce the same happiness. 

I know it can be hard to stay positive. To stay happy. To keep on moving forward, when there are those around you who do not check in. Who mentally check out with each day and produce their small amount of energy, to sustain their small amount of life. Remember, Light Bringers, that we produce energy at 250% each and every day, and when we see those around us only functioning at 50%, it can make us mad. Mad as hell that they get to experience this wonderful life, set on auto drive. I have felt this way. I am living it right now. The trick to letting go of that anger, is to keep on moving. 

I have to speak my mind on another subject at this very moment. I want to advise you to stick to your guns. Your prosperity can not be achieved if you keep giving up, keep taking the same old shit that is thrown at you each and every day. If you want change, make the change happen. Take the change by the horn and rear it left. Rear it right. 

Do not allow others to take control of your happiness. Do not allow others to influence your life. If they do not like it, then they can jump off a God Damn cliff. Take a big leap into nothingness. Why not? We do it every day. Let them take the chance. I take a chance every time I decide to check into my life and produce my light. 

I think that sometimes I second guess who I am, due to the nature of my anger and light. Am I doing the right thing? Frankly, if you feel as if something is not right, and it eats at you for a couple of weeks, then it is time to stand up and raise your hand. Ask a fucking question. Stand up and walk out. Only your life is affected. The world keeps turning, whether you decide to change your direction or not. The world keeps on producing, so do not worry about what will happen if you decide to find your happiness. 

Blessed Be.