Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/31/2012: Hope and Destiny

10/31/2012 Wednesday:

I am going to relate the card known as the star to how one works a spell. Since this is Halloween Day, we will be looking at what is required when performing a spell. 
First there is the thought. A spell can not be effective if you do not know what is wanted. Then there is the action. What do you plan to do with the items gathered? Will you use a wand, a candle, a feather, or just the intent. A spell takes action on your part, such as thinking in the right manner, using the proper tools and also timing of the action. Do you want to do it while the moon is full or maybe waning?

The Star speaks to us about action. If we take a bath in the lake at night, then it surely cleanse us of all negative thoughts. In Hoodoo, a spiritual cleansing is usually done by taking a bath. The bath gets rid of all the negative action and in turn, you would dispose of some of the water at a crossroads, which would be a sign of leaving things in the past. The crossroads is a mysterious place. It is the between part. Between light and dark, like I spoke of yesterday. 

Your Destiny is set and in turn you must perform certain actions in order to have it fulfilled. Do you want to be happy? Do you want to be healthy?
Then maybe your thought process must change first. If you are frustrated, then frustration will be all around you. If you are upset, then the mood of your day will be of only anger. Change your thought and change your environment. Change the intent behind the spell and the actions will reflect that change. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/30/2012:Patience and Enlightenment

10/30/2012 Tuesday:

We have received the answer we needed in order to move forward. Now it is time to apply this information to our reality. It is time to take that creation of good and greatness, and live within the light of things. Take it and move forward aiding those on your path. 

Temperance speaks to me about a balance and a time of healing. The act of healing doesn't mean that the illness will go away, but it means that you will accept what is to come. 

So what if the world ends tomorrow. Let it all be demolished, for we all die at some time. 

So what if you did not get that job. It simply means you will receive a better one. 

So what if the outcome did not turn out as you expected. It simply means that you take a different route to your happiness. 

If you do not receive what is desired the first time, then maybe it is not what you needed. Maybe the brown fuzzy statue of Jesus is not what was desired, but you will soon find out that it fits within another person's puzzle. It will be the key to solving their puzzle, leaving them time to aid you with yours. 

That is it!
What you have in your environment is not always for you to use. The tool is simply a tool. The keys you have on your key ring of life are not keys that open doors to your past and future, but they are keys placed on your ring to aid others with their locked doors. Our purpose in life is to walk through the doors that are open, unlock those we can unlock, and when possible, take the time to open doors for others. 

The time to open a door. 
It is only for a few seconds. 
You do not have to hold their hand as they walk through the door, nor cheer them on when they take their first step. Also it is not your job to make their foot move past the thresh-hold. Keep on moving baby or you will find yourself trapped in the between of things. Between light and dark, shadow and smoke, spirits and spells. 

Use your keys as much as possible and in every locked door that you come across. At least you can mark that door off your list. At least you can say that you tried. The healing will take effect. As a matter of fact it has already happened. You simply have to acknowledge it. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/29/2012: Light and Hope

10/29/2012 Monday:

The tools that are given to us by Source may not come in a lovely box with ribbons and bows, but it will contain exactly what is needed. We may not understand why they have been given to us. As a matter of fact, the tools may not even be for us at all. People come and go within our life. Some are here for brief seconds, others are here for the span of a lifetime. 
The tools that are given to us might be for those around you to use, in order to aid us on our journey. 

The energy is about receiving great news and wonderful words of encouragement. The light within us shines forth. We must always stop and recharge our battery. We have to recognize that the light is constantly flowing within us. 

Hope is more of a belief. I believe there for I exist. I know there for it is so. 
We must know that everything turns out to be in our favor in the end. We may not see how at first, but eventually it will all make sense while walking on your path of greatness. There is no time to worry. There is only a state of knowing. A state of existence. 

Today I feel like writing a short entry, because there is only one thing that can be mentioned. This wonderful thing called you is knocking at your front door and you have a choice; to either ignore it or invite it in. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/28/2012: Dark Path and The Vessel

10/28/2012 Sunday:

Our path can sometimes seem restricted. It can sometimes seem dark and gloomy. There may be treacherous things that await us. Some may relate this to the Wolf and Little Red Riding hood. Others relate this story to Hansel and Gretel. They all enter the woods at some point in time. They all must face a danger much greater than them, or so they think it is greater than their inner strength.

What happens at the end of the story?
The characters learn that they are much smarter than the evil that is set before them. They can out trick and out smart it. The Witch eventually gets pushed into the oven, and the Wolf get chopped up by the woodsman. What really  happens after that?
Do the characters just stop living? Does the adventure end?
I see everything on our path like a history book. We write down what has happened. We give a date to it. We read it over and think that we shall surely change our path next time, but do we really change?
The path may be different but are your choices different? Our adventures are all recycled and put back in a different spot. Painted over and buffed up, so that they will shine and glimmer. We will want to make the same decisions and choices as before because we surely think that this new item and experience will lead to someplace different. Funny, it eventually leads you back to the beginning. Back to the start of a new year. Maybe you should start looking at the signs from Source that are around you. The landmarks you have been putting on your path are not working anymore and frankly the compass you contain within you is not set on Divine path, it is set on the path of desire.

What character will you be today? The character and archetype are simply vessels that the energy is carried in. Our body is simply a vessel. It holds and stores our love and truth.

Your path will contain doom and gloom, but with a little bit of Divine intervention you will come out okay. With a little bit of guidance you will eventually find out that you are much smarter than the Big Bad Wolf.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/27/2012: Victory and The Ego

10/27/2012 Saturday:

We fight. We win. We move into a new stage of battle. The war is never over. The Ego is constantly at work trying to advise us that we are not good enough.That we should turn around and go home. To start over, when really we have all the power we need to push forward. There will always be an obstacle on our path, but we must learn to accept it as a blessing. The Ego hides within our spirit in small holes. It waits. It plots and plans to thwart our next move. It tries with all its might to show up in different shapes and forms. It arrives in our life as people that are familiar. In places that we call home. We listen to our Ego and it gets us no where. We stand in one spot as the scenery changes. We carry our baggage into the next phase of our life when we should let it go.

Victory is short lived. We cheer with excitement and we may think that we have won the war, but the Ego sits silent in the background, laughing with joy at us because it got the best of us for a moment.
Do you ever state that something is going to happen, something bad, and when it takes place you state " I knew it would take place!"?
Do you ever get mad at yourself for making the same mistakes or realizing that the victory of one war simply leads into the battle of the next one?

This is your Ego. The battle is not with the environment you live in, but the fact that you are not allowing the flow of energy to take place. That you are wanting to stay stuck in one spot, because you are afraid to move forward. How do you break this cycle?
With this statement "It is your right to take a step forward. It is your right to make a choice. All your choices will lead to positive things."
What are you afraid of?
That you will get exactly what is wanted? That you will be healed? That everything will work out in your favor?
Funny, I would be just as scared if I knew that I would get everything I wanted and be happy.
Wouldn't you?

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/26/2012: Defeat and Balance

10/26/2012 Friday: 

Brian always tells me that for every good that happens there is an equal and opposite bad that takes place within this world, and vise verse. Let us discuss this a bit further. 

The energy of today is about defeat and the mark it leaves on us. Sometimes we are ahead and sometimes we are behind, but the race is only against our self. There is no one else trying to beat us. There is no competition on this path. You are running because you think that if you are not first in line, then someone surely will be. Defeat is not about losing. Defeat does not mean that the war is over. It simply means that you are on a different path. That you are allowing the good to take over, you finally stop trying to go against the flow of energy, and go with it. 
No matter what takes place, whether it is good or bad, it is always taking place because you need it. Destruction is never bad, nor is destruction a way of defeat. It enters into our life to cause the change to take place. One thing that should be kept in mind is that you are still alive. It has not killed you. Destruction is simply the reaction that takes place when you ask for an answer. When you scream at Source to get you out of the state of stagnant energy. 
There is always a balance of energy happening. That is why the common statement that "the wind from one door closing opens another" is stated when the act of defeat takes place. The energy of one action leaving our existence flows into our divine path and attaches itself to another thought of action. The right thought of action. 

Sometimes defeat is needed in order for us to see just how worthy we are of the good in our life. Sometimes others have to suffer in order for us to understand just how wonderful our life is at that moment, and that we should stop complaining about how we didn't receive what was desired, because sometimes we receive exactly what is needed. The wind has to come from somewhere, from someone, and in turn you can not tell the wind where to blow, nor give it any kind of order. The wind blows at just the perfect moment and in turn at the nick of time. 

Blessed Be. 


Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/25/2012: Ending of a Cycle and Transformation

10/25/2012 Thursday:

The Circle never ends and we keep on moving. The cycle of destruction may end, but it returns in a different form and pattern. Today is about the ending of one cycle or lesson and our transformation into the new. 

The World is viewed as the break through point. We come out reborn. We die in the process and our new spirit is formed. I can relate this to a possibility of someone breaking through into the spirit world. They move through the sludge of reality and....

What can I say?
This is the moment where we get what is needed in our life. We have learned our lesson and it is time to move on with everything else. It may be that our season of love is over, or that the season of Winter is at an end. What we find is that the only thing changing is our thought process. The snow still falls during winter, the leaves change color in fall, The flowers bloom in Spring, and the Sun still shines in Summer. What we take on in the Winter should be left in the past. We move forward into a new season, whether it be a season of winter again, and carry nothing over into the future, for if we do then a state of depression and regret take shape and form. You must let go of one skin and move into the next. Death does not allow us to take our belongings with us into the new plane of existence. Death is the destruction that takes everything away, leaving us new and unbound to that reality. 

Have you ever noticed that we tend to hold on to things that have happened a few days ago. Heck! We hold on to things that have happened three minutes ago. The experience is gone. Now it is time to move on. This is what an ending of a cycle is all about. We think, we perform, and we experience. Now we must move forward with who we are and learn something new. You are never in the red. You are always free and flowing. Only your thoughts can stop the movement. Only your Ego can drag you down. Today you must transform into the wonderful being that you were born to be. The season will change and in the process you will find that it is only an experience. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/24/2012: Planning and Faith

10/24/2012 Wednesday:

Dear Brittany,

Sometimes the soil in our life is so filled with nutrients, that we simply need to place the seed on it, and watch it grow. No tending needed. The light of the sun is so potent, that it not only grows in the physical realm, it also grows in the spiritual realm.

Today is about that soil.

Faith comes in many shapes and sizes. It creeps into our heart when we sleep at night. It moves within our spirit and aids us on our journey.
Faith is the Sun that shines down on the seed. It is the rain that falls. Faith is the soil that the seed sits in. The seed only knows one thing. To grow. It lives to grow and flourish. It lives to produce. It lives to be the best that it can be.

Maybe today you should be like that seed. Maybe you should be like the Sun. Maybe you should recognize that the Faith also lives within you and know that you have only one purpose in this life.
To grow. To flourish. To produce. To live and be the best that you can be.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/23/2012: Transformation and Transformation

10/23/2012 Tuesday:

Dear Brittany, 

The energy will be about transformation. Actually it is about double transformation. Just when you think the struggle to break free from the cocoon is over, you find that you are to break through one last layer. 
You will probably think to yourself "Another state of change?". 

Sometimes I give Source a look of "Really?!"
You know the one where you just stare and think that surely this will be it. That there can possibly be no more added stress that you can take. Funny how we try to advise Source that we surely can not take on anymore. 
Did you know that you are the only one who knows a limit. The items were brought on by you. Co-created with Source in every way. So if you think you can not take on anymore stress, try again. You are made to handle any situation that enters into your life. You are made to shine in the dark, even if it is a dim glow. Kinda like the stars you use to put up on your ceiling in your bedroom. 
They still light up the room, dispelling any dark shadow that may try to manifest itself. 

The transformation is only scary if you decide that you are not ready to do so. 
It can only bind and suffocate you if you decide that the fight is too much. That you are not worthy of this change. 
Believe me, sometimes I find myself thinking that I am not worthy of the Good in my life. That when a mistake is made, I should be placed back at the beginning and everything within my realm should stop. 
You know what I noticed yesterday?
That when I make a mistake, it teaches me that I am human. That even a Mystic must learn, and learn, and keep on learning. That there is no end to all of this change and transformation. That destruction is a great tool to use. 
My advise to you is that during this day, you must allow the energy to take over and lead you to greatness. Have faith that every step you take is within alignment of your Divine path. 
I know that I am on mine. Even if it seems like a path of destruction, I know that I am still walking within Good. Do you know how I know this?
I know this because I am still breathing. I am still alive. I am still able to move forward with great intent, even though it may not seem like it is what I desire, it surely is what I need. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/22/2012: Financial Security and Destiny

10/22/2012 Monday:

Destiny can be a tricky lady. I refer to her as a woman because the aspects of Destiny are female energy such as creation, movement, mistakes, and guided steps. 
Remember that Destiny is moments in your life that you are to take, whether you take them at age 3 or at age 99. They are signposts set on your path that you are to pay attention to. 
Today speaks about financial security and how you will find a firm foundation on what you want to do. You will probably have moments of Deja-vu, that will have you thinking that you are going crazy. It all happens for a reason. Take it all in and understand that you are to be exactly where you are to be. You are taking the steps laid out for you. You are moving forward. Are you afraid?
I would be. It can sometimes be scary to get exactly what you want in life, because then that means that you are worthy of good. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/21/2012: Third Eye Chakra and The Hermit

10/21/2012 Sunday:

What eyes are you looking through?
Who are you teaching or who is teaching you?

We create so many things within our life. We bring the good into our lives. The Third Eye Chakra advises me that things need to be seen through spiritual eyes.
The number 9 is the ending of a cycle. You have learned what you are to learn and now it is time to go out and apply it. Become the teacher of light and also the student of knowledge. What is known?
That we are wonderful and great beings of light. We can create good or create bad. The choice is yours. Do you wish to see the light or live in the dark?
The cave is only a small tunnel but we get so mixed up and turned around that we think the end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. So pick a direction, even if there is no light in sight, and keep on walking.  Eventually, you will reach your destination, and the process will be short. Shorter than what you originally thought it would be, while in a state of confusion. I know you can do it. I know I can do it. Now walk.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/20/2012: The Throat Chakra and Strength

10/20/2012 Saturday:


When life gives you everything you want, do you often find yourself hyperventilating every few seconds?

I have been doing it constantly. I think of the love and opportunity that is set before me and in turn I get scared. Afraid of always returning to what was in the past. Thinking that it will all end at some point, and the funny thing is that it will never end, unless I wish it so. The good within my life is constant.

The energy will be about speaking this good into existence. Naming it. Advising...

I am in such a mood. The spiritual strength does not come easy for a Mystic. Even spiritual beings struggle with the life they live. They wish to be on a different plane, away from the everyday sludge that is within this reality. I think that frustration can sometimes be mistaken for spiritual growth. We are constantly moving forward whether we like it or not. We can stand still and wait for things to happen, but then when we begin to complain that it is not what was desired, then we have to remember that we allowed it to take place. I can advise you that if you simply walked forward with the intent that everything is good, then you will receive just that. Good. You will be taken to the right place and the right time. Everything will work out perfectly, so let it all go. Stop worrying. Speak of only good. Speak of the good in your life and have that Faith that everything is perfect. Even the rain that falls is perfect.

Blessed Be.

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/19/2012: The Heart Chakra and Movement

10/19/2012 Friday:

Dear Brittany, 

It was so wonderful to see you last night at Grandma's Birthday dinner. The light inside of you is still shinning and the choices you are making now are going to lead you to something so wonderful. 

Memories are funny little things. They come flooding into our minds at different points in our day. They can sometimes cause us to cry, to remember, to feel pain, but one thing is for sure, they allow us to think of something we have done in the past to aid us in learning a lesson. The lesson we have learned can be applied to our life. We may feel pain but it is simply an emotion. Have you noticed that we still survive. We still move within this life and become something so great in the process. 

Have you ever noticed that we still move in a circular motion. That is how our Heart Chakra processes the energy we receive from other people. It moves in a motion that represents the infinity symbol. Always pushing the proper energy into the proper place, allowing us to become the light being that we are. When healers get into the grove of things, they feel for this source of energy. The Heart Chakra is also associated with the love we have for ourselves and others. Who do you care for?

What if I told you that life is still moving forward and it will do so, with or without your approval?
What would you do then?
Would your choices and decisions change?
The Chariot carries us to our next destination. The Chariot is balance and also it advises us that we have everything we need to make this journey. All tools are there. If we get a flat, well pull out your spare tire and crowbar, fix the damn thing, and keep on going with your donut tire in place. Sometimes the donut tire will carry us 100 miles farther than expected. 

Take small breaths through out the day and smile through your Heart Chakra. Allow all the good to enter into your life and know that you are wonderful, you are special, you are unique. Has anyone told you that lately?
Well, I am stating it to you now. You are light, now shine!

Blessed Be.  

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/18/2012: Inspiration and The Ego

10/18/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany,

Sometimes the small miracles in your life can lead into great creations. Have you ever noticed that the air during this time is filled with magic. I can smell it and feel it all around. The spirits are everywhere and they all speak of change. 
Inspiration is at our door step. Are you ready to change?
The Ego can put a damper on our thoughts. It can eliminate all Faith that we have within us. The inner spiritual strength can be forgotten and we tend to stand in one spot, due to fear of the unknown. 
What if I told you that there was nothing to fear? 
Would you believe me?

Words will lead into creation, so do you want to create out of fear or create out of Love?
Did you know that even a negative thought contains Faith in it. Faith is the knowledge that something will take place or be created. When you think of all the bad that you do not want in your life, you are using a certain emotion and that emotion is backed by Faith. The Faith that it will not take place. 

The magic is in the air. Use it to your advantage. Feel it and use that source of inspiration at your convenience. Understand that you can create so much good within this life. Take it. The spirits are telling you to do it. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/17/2012: Patience and Patience

10/17/2012 Wednesday:

This is a double whammy card day. You get both Patience and Patience. The cards mean the same thing. That there is a time of healing taking place at this very moment. That all the creative juices within you are working overtime to produce balance and harmony. So live this day with balance and harmony. Know that there are things taking place within you that you can not see nor understand at this very moment. 
This one will be short as well, for I am feeling like there is no need to go into detail. All is as it should be within my life. Calm. 
This is what I tell myself as I complain and yell at Source for this frustration with things within my life. Believe me, even the Mystic get upset. Even the Mystic can have a bad week. Even the Mystic can feel blue. You simply do not see it. We tend to go within and really analyze what is going on. We ride out the storm with our little boat of Faith and keep on sailing. I always see a little raft within this horrible storm and there is this little monk sitting silently among it. He does not shiver nor move. He is simply existing. The storm moves on and he still exists. Be like that monk. Exist within the storm and exist after the storm. No need to be afraid. No need to think you shall die, for it all works out in the end. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/16/2012: Partnership and Transformation

10/16/2012 Tuesday:

The cards speak of the partners and opportunities we create in our life. They sit there within our environment. They sit out side of our reality, waiting patiently to enter into our field of existence. Today talks about the things that are needed in order to move forward. They transform and mutate into something wonderful. Can you see it?
People turn from bad to good, from good to bad, and in the process they reveal their true nature. 
So what does one do?
They keep on moving. They keep on trying. No matter what, they bring to the game a new state of being. They throw the curve ball that leads you down a different path. 
The bump on the head is not always a bad thing. It can enlighten us into a new thought pattern. A thought pattern of good. 
What does the future hold?
Nothing, for it has not been written. The acts you perform at this moment in time, create the pattern in the future. Do you want to use the magnadoodle or the pencil and eraser. 
The pencil and eraser will always have you backtracking, trying to correct what was written. Trying to get it right. 
The magnadoodle allows you to spin and twirl to your next destination. It does not make sense in the beginning, but at the end it creates this wonderful design. A design of love. Pick your weapon of choice. Do you wish to always live in the past, or do you wish to live in the moment at hand? Spinning and twirling to your next destination. Moving in an unseen pattern fashion, stopping only at the end, sitting back, and looking at your new pattern of design. A design of Love. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, October 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/15/2012: Deception and Faith

10/15/2012 Monday:

Who has been telling you a lie?
When will you understand that the lie is simply ones own outlook on life. 
What is a lie?
It is the words being spoken in order to achieve or deflect attention from another person. 
Do we all lie?
We tend to lie when there is something that we want hidden within the shadows. 
Why would we want to tell the Truth?
The truth can hurt. It can also propel us in a new direction. I would want someone to tell me the truth, because then I can make a decision on what I want to do with my life. Regardless of the fact, I should still keep on moving and understanding that there is good within my life. 
Wow. It just hit me. 
I should keep on making decisions based off of clarity, and not wait for an answer from someone, for that answer could turn out to be a lie. 
Deception is a funny game. You try to hide as much information as possible, until you goof up, and the truth comes out. What if the truth was the only possible answer? I am not stating to you that you have to blurt things out because you think it is the truth. I am stating that if you are asked a question, you must be honest and give the correct answer, which is truth. 
I have a feeling that you will be faced with many questions today. What are you willing to put up with?
What are you willing to sacrifice, in order to be spectacular?
To be the wonderful person that you were born to be. 
What are you willing to give up, in order to be healed?
I know that I am willing to give up everything in order to be happy. In order to be complete. In order to be whole. 
There is no other way. When you feel like you are being lied to, then maybe you are simply telling the lie to yourself. 
You are the only who is telling the lie. The lie that everything is okay, when it is not. 
Be honest with yourself and others will be honest with you as well. The truth will be the only thing left to state. The truth is all that will be given. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/14/2012: Movement and Universal Law

10/14/2012 Sunday:

If yesterday was about taking the steps necessary to move through the change, then today is about the Law that follows. Everything moves with one great motion. It may happen all at one time or may take years to manifest. The Laws are set into motion.
What does the Universe state to us?
The Universe advises us that we are wonderful and great people. We are beings of light. That darkness is only a part of the equation. What we must go through is simply a test. What if I told you that you would always pass. What if I told you that you could never fail. Would you live your life to the fullest? Would you take more chances?
I have.
The choices I am making are now perfect. I let all things come into my existence and live.
That is all you have to do. Is live.
Live and everything will happen in your favor. It may not be what you expect, but it will be just what you need.

I have to admit that writing this entry and the entry for Saturday, was very hard. I only wanted to speak of one simple thing; Life and all it's beauty.
I am sitting within my own victory. I can see things in motion. There is only good right now. There is only this moment and it is wonderful. Can you see it?
The sun shines bright, the wind blows cool, the sky is clear, and the scent of greatness is within the air. I can tell you that there is magic floating around. I can feel it all around. It smells of spells, incense, and chants. Let the energy now flow through all of us. To be blessed. To be loved. To find luck within the unluckiest places. It is there. So take a chance and dive head first into your greatness. Believe me there is a safety net at the bottom of this fall.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy: Conflict and Destiny

10/13/2012 Saturday:

Dear Brittany,

I forgot to write Saturday's entry. This will be about catching up. This entry is about struggle.
Did I struggle on this day?
Of course.
I had to talk myself through everything. I had to talk to my partner about what I was feeling at that very moment in time. Then I was centered, calm, and ready to move forward. Big steps were being taken and I was setting goals. I was ready to move past the obstacle and challenge. I was ready to exist.
I thanked Source for all that I had and decided that I was able to do what I wanted. Now I move forward with great intent. The struggle is simply the change starting to happen. Are you ready for it?

Blessed Be.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/12/2012: Defense and The Teacher

10/12/2012 Friday:

Dear Brittany,

The Hermit has seen the dark and also has become the light. He carries a lantern and shines it on the city below him. What does this mean?
Well my first impression was that a Teacher will make themselves known. What teacher is that?
It could be a spiritual teacher. 
A teacher at work. 
Someone to show you the ropes. 
What more could you learn?

The number seven relates to spiritual matters. We have learned what we need to learn and now we must stand our ground. Our choices must be based off of Faith. You remember what that is?
Yes, this past week has been rough. I have had to put things to rest, make harsh decision, and still try to keep calm within the storm. 

That storm is still brewing. 
The Hermit is stating that it is time to shine. Shine brighter than before. Even if people tell you that you are too bright. 
You can simply state to them, "I forgive you". 

You are the teacher now. So, teach. Lead the way. 
Today is going to be simple and sweet. Be that which you wish to be within this world. Express your love and that love will be given back to you. Express anger and that anger will be personified. Be peace and peace will be your greatest outcome. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/11/2012: Destiny and Spiritual Strength

10/11/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany, 

I was writing about this in my journal yesterday, and I started to think about Destiny. 
When we set off on our journey, we must always cross a body of water, whether it is small or large, a river or a stream, the ocean or a pond. The rocks or boat that you are traveling on, or in, can be viewed as Destiny. Sometimes we venture deep enough to see that there is no other route to take but a great leap of faith. Sometimes the storm seems like it is preventing us from moving forward. The waves become choppy. The rock trail ends within the stream. We look forward for another route. A rock trail leading us back the other way, if visible, but why would Source be leading us backward?
We could take that leap of Faith and end up swimming with the current, moving towards the great waterfall at the end, or we could travel backwards. The choice is yours. 
Then there is the time when you make the leap of Faith, and Source puts a new rock on your path, just at the nick of time. 
How much Faith do you have?
Our spiritual strength is there to guide us through the trials and tribulations in our life. It leads us to someplace wonderful. 

There are times in our life that we have to tame the wild beast within us. The beast that wants to come out and destroy all that we have created. 
The Wolf and the Three little pigs. 
The Wolf within us wants to huff and puff and blow our spiritual house down. I like to make the Fourth house a brick house and add a glass house in exchange, for the third house. 
The Wolf would eventually figure out that he could simply throw a stone at it and break all that we have built. 
Could a storm be like the Wolf?
The storm that brews inside of you. 
The Wolf only has power if you build all that you believe in, with quick materials set around you. 
The Fourth pig was smart. He gathered his materials, planned for his house, and put forth effort. 
But remember that even a Stone Tower can be brought to the ground by Divine Love. 
Do not get to big for your pants, for there will always be some experience in our life to humble us. 
Is this a day of being humble?
It is also a day of acknowledging just how wonderful you are, and understanding that so is everyone else. If you see good within your life, then others will recognize their good as well, and all will work out in your favor. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/10/2012: Patience and Force

10/10/2012 Wednesday:

Two opposite cards working together to bring about this great time of change. Did you know that you have been changing this whole year. Every card depicts a wonderful state of creation within all of us. As a whole, we are growing, and becoming so strong with our Faith. I had to deal with my Ego yesterday, and it showed me a lot of things that I was doing without thought or action. I would get upset because I thought there was this unseen competition between a co-worker and I. Did he know about this?
My motive of operation is to state that there is a situation that I am aware of, so in turn they should be aware of this as well. Then I proceed to put judgement against this wonderful person who is simply existing, and start to form regret. Regret for words unsaid. Words that were never stated to this person and then leads to regret for action not taken. Then I begin to blame, and blame is not an easy energy to dispel. It lingers in the dark of the night and can latch onto us with great force. Funny how all this happened within my own mind and never really took action or form. 
How did I get over this?
I simply understood that they are just as worthy as me. They are just as deserving of all the great things in this life. I was thinking that they are not, for the action and path that they are taking seems negative. Want to hear something funny?
I was walking down the same road as them. By thinking that they were unworthy, I was holding their hand while they walked a negative path into destruction. 
Did I decide to let go?
I sure did. I decided to send awesome rays of love to this person. To beam it out of every pore on my body and make sure that they felt that worthiness press up against their body. 
I understood that I was released from hurt and pain. Now I work with great effort and intent, rather than work to get ahead. 
Have you ever noticed that you are the only one running on this race-track? Have you ever looked down and tried to get ahead of your shadow? 
The key to all of this is to let go of all the old habits. The old thought patterns that have been with you since High School. Oh, to return to what we once knew as familiar. As easy and happy. To return to the past a little bit wiser. Would you make the same mistakes?
I would. 
I would relive all of it, for it has made me this wonderful person that stands before you. Well not actually standing in front of you, but you know what I mean. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/9/2012: Foundation and Chains

10/9/2012 Tuesday:

Dear Brittany, 

Sometimes when I am walking on my path, I find that I chain myself to a touchstone. That small touchstone that I carry with me gets bigger and bigger as I try to make it my safety stone, it becomes heavy and I am unable to move forward on my path. 
The stone becomes a weight and the chain is no longer held tight around my wrist. I placed it there, so I can easily take it off, but I do not recognize this because I am too busy looking forward and wondering why I am not moving. Movement is such a positive thing and can benefit me greatly. I cry in pain, but there is nothing hurting me. I sit there and shake my fists in the dark of night, but there is nothing holding me back. I can see that home is just a few steps away, but what shall I do with this thing called Burden, that I am tied to. 
People walk by and ask "May we help?". 
I turn to them and state "No thank you. It is my stone, so I must carry it to my home. This stone is what keeps me safe. It doesn't do really much of anything, but sit there and stop me from moving, but Source would not have brought it into my life if it didn't mean something". 

Now here is where you are thinking that I should know better. Source did not bring that boulder into my life, just as Source did not put the chain on my hands. Source simply created what was desired at that time. A touchstone to understand where my path was going. A simple object to carry with me that I chose to name my safe guard. I do know better, but sometimes the things we are so fearful to let go of, are things that hold us down. Ah yes! 
This all makes sense. I did not know where this was going to go, but if I write with great intention, it all comes full circle. 

What is keeping you from reaching your home? Remember that you are not alone on this journey. There are others that are taking the same steps as you, but in different shoes, with different outcomes, in different time zones. When you realize that we are all connected, the choice to have a touchstone, will seem like a thing of the past. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/8/2012: Abundance and Healing

10/8/2012 Monday:

Dear Brittany, 

A Monday can sometimes seem like a downer. You wake up and start the week all over again. Well, it can seem that way when you work all week and have two days to play catch up. 

The cards speak of an abundance of healing and balance. Hmmmm....

As I sit here an think about what the cards might be speaking of, I can only focus on one thing. The fact that they are such different cards. They are telling me story. The story would be about how sometimes what you want is exactly what you need. So the abundance part is the birth of a great idea, and the temperance part is the coming together of energies. 
The card sits in the "Turtle" position. This is about Earth and the basis of the question. 
What was my question?
To understand the nature of the energy. 
What is the energy speaking of within this position?

We are all just channels on a T.V. set. Source is flipping through all of them and at times it visits the station that we are on. 
The Empress is the Goddess at work. Female energy. Creation. 
It is not the start of the process, but the finalization of it. 
If you are looking for safety, then today will be about shelter. Maybe more than you can handle. This is a good thing. You get to pick and choose. 
If you are looking for love, then today will contain that love. So much love, that you will have to let go of the old memories that cause you pain. 

I think this one will be short and sweet. This entry will be simply about getting what is needed and how it will come in such a wave of greatness, that you will have to notice only the good within your life. This is a day that will leave you stating "What a perfect day this has been". 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/7/2012: Two Paths and Transformation

10/7/2012 Sunday:

Dear Brittany and Nicole,

The choices you are faced with everyday are choices that come and go. You lather, rinse, and repeat. The decisions and choices are recycled within our life. We leave one path to venture out on another. We think it will be different. That this choice will surely give me a new answer, but it will not. The outcome will be the same....always good.

Did you catch that?
Yes, my respone would catch anyone off guard, if they only thought that every wrong turn would lead to certain disaster.
I will associate disaster with Death. It is only transformation masked by all the sludge and gook that life gives us, or rather that we decide to take on.
We do decide what is within our environment. Did you know that?
Everything that is within our environment is co created by us. We bring it into our existence, and when nothing is going right, I always advise, to change it. You have the power to bring negative things into your life, as well as you have the power to bring positive things into your life. So bring on the positive. When a storm...wink all around you, think of it as a path of transformation. The storm is not a bad thing, it is merely reflecting the change that is within you. When I returned from Washington, while it was snowing, I was determined to make it back to California. Not out of fear, nor to run back to something that was familiar, but to simply make it to my destination. I did not care about the outcome. I only knew that there was a path I had to walk and it was scary as hell. The snow fell hard and when you have a car with no chains on, the hill you are descending on, covered in snow, can cause you to slip and slide right off the beaten path. I was sure that everything was okay. I followed other cars and was moving at a slow pace, but I returned to something known in one piece. Was I afraid?
Of course I was, but I knew that something wonderful was to come out of all of this. I didn't care if I lived or died as long as I was moving. All I could do was try.
In the end I arrived at my destination and now I am stronger. I am love. I am peace. Even in the darkest storm, I know that I am walking within the light. It is never really gone. It is all around. Now it is time to recognize this light within you, and keep on moving.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/6/2012: Victory and Patience

10/5/2012 Saturday:

Dear Brittany, 

In this life, we all take on forms and states of action that can sometimes kill the flame that burns within us. We dive head first in the wrong direction, trying to stop mid fall, kicking and screaming for time to stop. 
Then there are times when we are clear and full of energy. Power is our middle name and we move forward with great intent. 

The energy is about the power we contain within us and how we use it. Though we may see nothing taking place within this world, we still move forward with great intent. We need to rest and relax. To come to the center of life, and our spirit, to find out that we are wonderful and bright. To shine once more within the dark of night. 

Do you ever notice that when you ask for help, it comes in a different form and shape?
When you look around for the knight in shinning armor to arrive, you get a toad on the back of an ass. 
What to do with all of this unwanted material wealth. Funny how we hold on to things that have no worth within our life. We hold on so tight that it leaves marks on our hands. An imprint of something so awful. Do you need it?
Nope. Eventually it goes away. The item does not leave a scar. It should. For, if we can not remember, then we will make the same mistake again and again. We will pick up the same item that caused us harm from before and grip on to it with great force. 

The Hanged man talks about a time of Faith. It sometimes state that we need to have patience and understand that all things happen for a reason. If we do not see anything happen within our life, it is because there is so much going on behind the scenes. So what are you worried about?
If you and I know that everything will take place and it will be good. Why do we sit and worry with beads of sweat running down our brow?
I think it is our human part, trying to warn us that something is going to take place, but it does not know what. 
It can not comprehend what our spirit already knows. That we are victorious. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/5/2012: Challenge and Universal Law

10/5/2012 Friday:

Dear Brittany and Nicole, 

I decided to write a little note to both of you. This will not be a long letter, but more like a little post it note that you can keep with you at all times. 
Today speaks of challenge and universal law. I was thinking about this on my drive in to work, and all that kept coming up was the small leak in my toilet and the traveler vs. the dreamer. 

I have a little leak in my toilet that was to be fixed, by my love Brian, a while ago. It still lingers when I least expect it and it is a small sound that can only be heard in the dead of night. It calls to me stating, "Ffffffffffffiiiixxxxxxxxxxx Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". 
So sneaky this little leak is. Then I started to think about how Source can be like this small leak. Source will state something so small to us in such a small manner, that we can grow immune to the call. I was frustrated at first with the small leak, but then I started to really think about this. I decided that I am thankful for this leak, for it reminds me of things that need to be done within my life. That I must make time for even the smallest jobs in my life, and take care of things that could lead into bigger projects, if left unattended. 

Then I started to think of the challenges we must face everyday within this life. I started to apply this to what I know and a subject that I can relate to. 
The traveler moves with one great motion. Finding so much within his life and looking for nothing in return. The traveler sets off on his journey and at times longs for a place called home. They move forward within this reality with great intent and at the end of their journey, they find out that home is within the people they meet, the places they visit, and the small nick knacks that sit on their desk. Home was never in just one place but in the memories that they hide in the back of their mind. 

Then there is the dreamer, who sits in a small box, with a small chair, in a small building, with small bricks. They never leave the comfort of their home, but with great intent they dream of what is to come. They dream in the dead of the night, when no one wishes to put in work or effort. Sometimes they find out that the pen is mightier than the sword. 
Both are great in manner, one not better than the other, but simply great creators. 
One creates with the energy in his environment and moves through this reality with great intent. The other creates with the energy in the spirit world and moves through space and time with great intent. 
f you are the traveler than move and create with your heart. Find your home within those around you. With the touchstones that you pass by and linger in while you travel. Find home within the memories and lessons learned on your journey. I am speaking to you Nicole. 

If you are the dreamer, then dream with great intent. Find your home within the papers you draw on, within the tablet you wish to write in, with paint and colors, and understand that there will be those who will try to push your body into a small box, but they can never put your spirit in one. Now create. I am speaking to you Brittany. 

With all this information on such a small sticky note, there is bound to be an answer given. You simply have to look for it. The words are within you now and so is the answer. Be safe and well. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/4/2012: Patience and Cycles

10/4/2012 Thursday:

Dear Brittany, 

I see that you have returned home. Home is where the heart is. Have you found your heart within the deep catacombs of your soul yet?

It can be hard at times to muster up enough strength to return to the past. To return to something that can sometimes make you feel restricted. I have been there before. The painting is not always as beautiful to some, than to others. A Picture can be worth a thousand words, but the words can also be "Fucking Awful" and "Piece of Shit". 
Do not worry. I have seen the face of love and light, but still cursed it with great intent, because I was afraid of what it would bring. 

Today the energy is about healing, the arts, and balance. We move in cycles and in the turning of the process, we can stumble with great force. Do not worry. There are spirits around us all the time that will cheer for our great come back. The only action on your part, is to stand up, dust yourself off, and keep on moving. Most people will sit on the floor and cry over how they got a scratch on their knee and call out for medics. They want a crutch to lean on. Really?!
Do you know how many times I have fallen on this journey? A lot!
I use to stumble all the time in the very beginning, but it was due to my own Ego. I let myself trip, because at some point on my journey Source advised me to tie my shoe that was unlaced. 
I just nodded and in the famous words of Brian Calvin, I stated, "I know", and kept on walking. Now who's fault was it, that I tripped and scraped my knee?
It was my own fault. 
You must pay attention to the signs around you. Yes, we enter our life in cycles. We move into a time of darkness, where we have to find the light within us to shine, and also into a time of Great Light, that can blind our soul's eyes and cause us to think that we are untouchable. 
Oops we fall again. 
The cycle may not stop, but we can soften the fall and stumble. We can simply glide down to the ground, lay there for a moment to gather our thoughts, and keep on moving with an even greater Force and Intent. 

I do want to mention one thing Britt. What ever you decide to do within this life, give it all you got, and if you make a mistake then learn from it and move on. Remember the light is always on and even though you may not see the candle burning in the window for your safe return, it is still there. Just look for it in the darkest of night, and you will see it glimmer in the distance. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/3/2012: Celebration and The Teacher

10/3/2012 Wednesday:

Dear Brittany,

The morning is still dark. Dark as the cave that some people are still in at this time in their life. The cave is the representation of our inner being. One tends to get lost within the cave, thinking that their spirit lives deep within. The funny thing about the cave is that there is no end. It simply keeps on going. You can take so many twists and turns that you would get dizzy in the process.

The cards speak of Love. Then again the energy is always about love, but this is about how much compassion you show towards others, and how you use the Love that is around you.
Did you know that compassion is the highest form of Love?

Sometimes, within this life, we have to venture deep into our inner sanctum in order to find our spirit. This adventure can be pleasant or scary. We never know what it will turn out like, until we really think about what we have been doing and the turns we have been taking. There are times when you will make the same left turn at the same junction, and wonder why it looks familiar. Believe me, I have done this many of times. This is where we can get frustrated, but do not worry for in the end you find just what you are looking for.

You change from the person following a path, to the person making the path. You become the trail maker instead of being the follower. This is what today will be like. You will decide that the path you are walking on has been walked on by too many people, and in turn, you will venture out on your own. The path you wish to create will be of importance to you, and you alone. Remember that no one can walk your path Brittany. There are some who will follow along with you on the side of the road, but you alone must take the steps on this off beaten path.

I use to think of this journey as a mountain. I would climb and climb and climb. There would be times when others would want to join me on this climb and would accompany me, side by side, to the top. Then they would decide that it was too high and would want to rest for a while. I would have to keep on going, for I knew that something wonderful was at the end.
Then there are others who I could see at a distance, climbing at the same pace and with the same velocity, but would only wave at me in acknowledgment. When the end was reached and I would stand at the top of the mountain, I noticed that the clouds would clear and what seemed like the top turned out only to be a small cliff to rest at. The mountain would extend even farther upward, and my journey would begin again.

This is what the cards speak about. The moment you notice that the clouds have cleared and that your journey is not over yet. Now climb....

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/2/2012: Recognition and Inner Strength

10/2/2012 Tuesday:

Dear little Light Bringer, 

Recognition comes in many forms. With the work that we do, we tend to look for someone to acknowledge what we have done.  I know that it can be hard to not look for acknowledgment from others. What I tend to think of when doing things, is that fact that I am doing this for myself. The only person who needs to acknowledge what I have done, is me.
You could move mountains and people will look at it and state, "But you didn't move the mountain I wanted". Sound familiar?
If you go through this life with the intent to create, and by doing so you happen to move a mountain, then rejoice in your spiritual strength. Faith is a great light that sits within all of us. It is all about how we use it.
Today will be short and sweet.....

  Only you know just how strong you are. Only you can move the mountain. Only you can recognize the level of your power. So recognize it. Just how strong are you?
You are as strong as a hurricane. As wonderful as the sun. You have a great pull that is as strong as the moon. Now use it!

Blessed Be. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/1/2012: Dreams/Choices and Movement

10/1/2012 Monday:

Dear Brittany, 

My little Light Bringer. The morning was dark. I was driving into work and the sun was not out yet. I was able to see the moon in the sky and it was beautiful. What does the sky look like to you?
As I enter into my day with good intentions, I will find that half of those thoughts are forgotten, and the other half are not. They become part of stress, doubt, and fear. I start to worry, instead of allow. 
The cards speak of Choices. What choices are you making in your life at this very moment? 
The choice to live?
The choice of what to eat for breakfast?

They are like the small miracles of yesterday. There is a lot that is going on behind the scenes and at times we forget the energy put into the choices made everyday. The choice to go left instead of right. The choice to believe. The choice to speak up, when no one else will. What must be looked at during your day, is the ability to move forward with your choices. You are making the greatest choice in the world at this very moment. The choice to live. 
Life takes on a new meaning when you understand that there is more out there than what society has told us. There is always more. There is always hope. The dreams we have in the dark of night can be nightmares, if light is not shinning on it. 
The light is Truth. Have you discovered it yet?
The truth that you are wonderful. The truth that you are beautiful. The truth that you are worthy of all the good in your life. 
Follow your dreams and find clarity within them. Make a choice on only one of them, so that you can put all your energy into it and create. 

Blessed Be.