Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/1/12

  The Hermit.
This card has been coming up a lot. So this blog entry will be short and simple. You must be in the dark before you can understand the light. If you do not know how dark is can be at times...then you will not recognize the dim light that shines at the end of the tunnel you have entered.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/31/12

  The Three of Wands.
Planning. Is the world set before you? Of course it is! You are planning on making a change soon. I can see it. It is within you. You may not know it but the Divine is getting you ready for a great adventure into your future. You can see the sunrise happen. You can see the sunset take place on things of old. You are letting go of those things that keep you tied to this world. Understand that it will be a new day and you will find happiness in the great scheme of things.

Blessed Be.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/30/12

  The Empress.
We move from one phase to another. So many lesson cards during this month. The Counterpart to the Emperor card keeps coming up. So this tells me that we need to enjoy what the Divine is giving us. Open yourself up to every opportunity that comes your way today. It will lead you to something great. You will see the benefits of your good intentions. Remember that the Empress is not always about money. She can also be about the abundance of love and truth. She rules her kingdom with open arms and an open heart. She loves all that she sees and all that is within her kingdom. Be careful though, for you may let it get to your head. You may give with the contract of it will be returned. Do not become the shadow part of the Empress. The Queen who rules in vein.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/29/12

  The Hermit.
Look within for the answers you seek. If your spirit guides are advising you to wait...then wait. If they are advising you to move...then move. If they are advising you to change in order to heal...well then please take their advise and change.
What we do not see here is that when we go inward and keep to ourselves, we are trying to cope with the change that is happening all around us. We need to understand that even though the sea may be calm, there may be more happening underneath the surface. The Hermit is a reminder that sometimes we must acknowledge that spirit within us. We must move forward with the power of our own energy. Others can aid us but really they can not make the choices that are needed to create the change in our life. The other side of the Hermit is the teacher part. Once you figure out what the change is and how to deal with it, you can embark on your journey and lead by example. This does not mean that you can judge others. It means that you can become part of their experience and aid them on their journey by simply being a healthy being of light.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/28/12

A lesson of inner strength. Do we have what it takes to see the truth? Can you handle what is to come?
Most of the time we already know what will transpire from our decisions. We already know what the consequence will be in the future. We can sense it and maybe even see the future events. So why do we go through with it?
We walk sometimes with the Faith that things will turn out great if we keep banging our head against a wall. Maybe this hit will be the one that breaks it down. It is sad to say that while you were banging your head against the wall, the Divine constructed a doorway in the wall. Placed a doorman in front of it and put your name at the top of the door. The Divine is giving you a way out, but we choose to look only at the task in front of us. Maybe it is time to have a little Faith and stop what you are doing. Move in a different direction. Look at something else in your life and focus on that. You may just receive the answer you were looking for. Have faith in the Divine, that it will lead you to where you need to go.

Blessed Be.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/27/12

  The Seven of Cups.
The past few days have been very hard. I find myself not wanting to write about the card of the day. I try to grasp the meaning of each card. Where the spirits are guiding all of us and what we should be focusing our attention on. My spirit calls for change. Change that can be seen. Change to pick us up and shake everything around. To leave only things that are needed. To let go of those dusty dolls and old pictures of memories that burn and cause pain. So here it is. Here is the dream. Here is the window of opportunity. This card speaks of a focusing of energy into one thought form. To focus so much and give all you have to one intent. This dream can become reality. Pay attention to last nights dream. Think about it and try to figure out what it means. Take that dream and let it take you down the river of love. To be born into the light of a new dawn. To be born.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/26/12

  The Hanged Man.
I can tell you that today will be about having faith. You must understand now that everything you do must be given up to the Divine. You must have faith that everything will be okay. That great things will happen. That you will receive just what you need. The Hanged man knows that he will be taken care of. That is why he hangs upside down by one foot. He knows that through this challenge, he will find his answer.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/25/12

  The Empress.
So many Major Arcana cards. The cards I have been picking contain wonderful lessons within them. They each show us that we are strong. That wonderful and great things are in our future. Actually wonderful and great things are always around us, but some of us choose to only look at what could happen. The Empress talks about abundance and prosperity. Have you been waiting for a great opportunity to take place?
Well wait no more. Today will contain the answer. Today will contain the truth. Today you can move forward and know that great things shall take place. Enjoy what the Empress has to offer. Enjoy the prosperity that awaits on the other side of the mountain. The real question is "Are you ready to climb the mountain?"

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/24/12

  The Hierophant.
Sometimes when we return home, after a long journey, we seem to not fit in. Everything looks the same. Everything smells the same, but we feel different. We search for the reason of this feeling and come up empty. It is not until we look into the mirror and find out that we have changed. Everything else is the same and has not moved, but we have moved. The lesson of the Hierophant is about the tradition and ritual we partake in everyday of our lives. We move in circles around things and people that can not aid us on our journey. They only cause us to sit and stay in one spot. We move with the hope that something new will happen. That someone will eventually come into our life and put us on a different course of action. I can tell you that no one is capable of doing this. Only with the help of the Divine can you be put on a new path. It must start with you. You must choose to take the offer from the Divine and move out of your zone of comfort. Understand that returning home is a good thing. Returning to something familiar can give us the inspiration to pick up our hat and seek a new adventure. Home is always there in the end. Home never leaves. Actually home is anywhere you wish it to be.

Blessed Be.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/23/12

  The Three of Wands.
We wait for our ship to come in. When will it happen? What shall we take? These are the questions we ask ourselves every day as we leave our safe harbor. To walk our journey and not know what will come next is very hard. What circumstances shall fall on our path?
I can tell you that everything you need to take on this trip is within you. You contain all the answers. You just have to find them. It is like having an oversize bag. You pack so much because you have to be prepared for whatever is thrown your way. When you arrive at your hotel, there is no time to unpack and you have to find that one item that is so small to see. You dump everything out onto the bed and look frantically through your stuff. You give up and decide to sit and think. Then something nudges you on the side of your leg. You look and there is the item you were looking for. Funny how when you decide to not look for it, then it shows up. The Divine works in mysterious ways....or does it?

Blessed Be.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/22/12

We begin another state of transformation. We move forward and close a chapter in our book of life, and start a new one. Death is always happening. Death is a constant. We always must die a little in order to understand. We lose things within the process. We become a different person who sees life for what it really is. Death can be hard. To lose something that has been a constant in our life. To lose something that we could put the blame on. To blame something in our life for the hardship we have put ourselves in. The only thing I can say to you about Death is that we all must go through it. It is up to you on whether it will be a great experience or a harsh one.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/21/12

  The Queen of Wands.
The Leo. The Chosen One.
We talked about the King of Wands yesterday and how the warrior pushes forward and has to acknowledge his companions in battle. The Queen of Wands understands who her companions are and how to utilize them. I see her as the glue that holds them together. She can be mother, sister, friend, and High priestess. She aids us to see what our full potential can be. She is magick. She is power. She also uses the power of fire to get things done. She understands how to use her ability and is balanced. Where as the King of Wands can get out of hand with his power, the Queen of Wands can put her Ego in check.....sometimes. The Queen also has a shadow side. She can do things in the name of others, but really be doing it for herself. She can sacrifice her companions in battle, so that she may live to fight another day. It is very hard to always be the center of attention, because there is always someone or something wonderful happening every second. My advice to you is to let go. Move forward and know that your actions are not based on your peer's opinions.

Blessed Be.

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/20/12

  The King of Wands.
The Aries. The Warrior.
He sits on his throne with a wand in his hand. He understands what inspiration can do and how fire as an element can damage or heal. The King knows how to use it to his advantage. He understands what all of his hard work can lead to, but he still finds challenge in the object of his affection. He sometimes can get lost within the battle. He can fight for a great cause, but find out in the end that the battle could have been won with words. The Warrior is strong and willing to save anyone from danger, but who will save the warrior. I think of Conan the barbarian. He starts on his journey alone, and on the way he picks up many companions that each contain an answer to the puzzle.
I also think of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She would always argue that she is alone in the battle because she is the chosen one. What she finds out, three seasons in, is that she is not alone. The warrior always has companions to fight along side him. He just has to recognize them. Recognize your companions today and use their gifts to move forward on your journey.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/19/12

  The Hierophant.
So many lessons this new year. We are heading into known territory. We have gone through this lesson before. We return to familiar places with new thoughts and information. We return wiser. But are we ready for this return? Can we handle what comes next? Return to tradition. Return to something familiar in order to comprehend that new you. Are there any changes that you like? Do you not like the new you? Do you wish to return to the old self and live in self pity? Do you want other people to treat you like dirt? You move forward with so much speed that your body needs time to catch up with your soul. I advise you to return to the familiar place and sit in your thoughts of change. The body will eventually catch up and you will feel complete again.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/18/12

  The Ace of Cups.
This is the element of water. This is about love and relationships. When I see the Ace of Cups, I think of a new relationship. A new beginning with someone else. A start of a friendship. The Ace of Cups talks about the first step we take on our journey of hope and love. We dive head first into this new relationship and hope for the best. Since the Hermit is coming into play as our lesson card, we are going to take all that we have learned from our past relationships and apply it to this one. We shall weed out the things we did not want in our last relationships and move forward with the things we do want. No matter what happens, the Universe always brings us exactly what we need due to the choice that we have made. Sometimes the choices we make regarding love can give us a lot of lemons. It can be the beans that create our beanstalk. It can be the evil stepmother that leads us on our adventure to find love. To keep hope alive. To move forward with getting what is needed and becoming our own hero.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/17/12

  The Hermit.
Now our journey takes us inward. We must look within for our answers. We must look within to see what we need. We must look within for the Divine. The Hermit advises us to learn what we can from being alone. We enter our cave, which is our inner self, and ponder about all the things we must face. We look for answers and in turn we find them. We listen to the Divine. We listen.
The Hermit now leaves his place of security to enter into the world and become the teacher. He is ready to share his information. He is ready to aid others on their journey. The one thing he finds out on his journey, is that not everyone is ready to listen. No matter what you must keep going. You must not stop. You have to keep showing others by example that you live within the light.

Blessed Be.

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/16/12

  The Moon.
We start out on our journey today. A new journey. We have been awakened from our sleep with new ideas and thoughts. We have come out of the dream world and into our reality. Now it is time to look for the sign posts that the divine has given us through our dreams. Understand that every journey has change within it. The real question is "Are we ready for that change?"
This is the challenge. We could go with it and find out that there has to be no struggle on our journey, or we could fight against the tide.
I can offer you this little bit of information: what you choose to do is not a subject of failure or praise. It is a decision based off of necessity. What do you really require at this time? What are you really looking for? Also once you have that certain subject, do you find yourself happy or disappointed?

Blessed Be.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/15/12

A new lesson to be applied to the cards that will follow. Judgement is about a new beginning. Waking up from the sleep you have been under. This card is about the Sunrise. That sunrise you have been waiting for. The lesson here is trying to adapt to the way you see the world. Apply the new way of thought to your old way of living. Your new way of thought can be applied to your past and to your future. You walk with your goal in sight and now you understand that it is not about reaching your goal. It is about the adventure and possibilities that happen every day. It is about the miracle of forgiveness, faith, hope, love, and joy. It is about the journey. It is about the shedding of one skin and that first step you take into the light.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/14/12

  The Four of Wands.
Foundation. Celebration. This card can mean a lot of things. What I feel and see is a safe haven. The harbor. It is time for your ship to come in and for you to rest for a while. It is time to put up your tent and sleep. You have been traveling for some time now. You have been walking towards your goal. Now it is time to rest and be ready for when you reach your destination. You do not want to reach it tired and sick. You want to be able to dance and participate in the fun and joy. You want to be ready to mingle and talk to those that will be around you. The Divine does not want to wear you out and have you sleep through the celebration of your arrival. Be ready. Rest now at the midpoint of your trip and be ready to dance. Save up all your energy for the moment that you shake the monkey off your back. For the moment that you push through the sludge in your life. For the moment you see a sunrise instead of a sunset.

Blessed Be.

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/13/12

  The Five of Swords.
Well the Justice card is our lesson card. So we have to see the five of swords as defeat in legal battles. Did we win or did the other person win? Legal does not have to mean a court case, or jail, or dealing with documents. It can mean legal issues regarding our spirit. What Universal laws are we trying to cheat. What Universal laws are taking over our life and making it hard for us to move forward. Is it really the Universe that is going against us? Or is it our Ego?
Remember that I advised you there was never a winner or a loser in a battle. We only see conflict being unresolved. We see the push against energy within our Universe. So go with it. If things take place that look bad, then turn it around. Go with the flow of energy and see where it takes you. You do not always have to go into battle. You can bypass it completely by following your own path. By following your own heart. By following your own inner voice.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/12/12

  The Page of Swords.
The swords are about communication. Air. Words spoken in the heat of the moment. I want to say this much: that everything said to you will contain an answer, clue, or truth. Well actually all of it will contain truth. Truth about who you are, who you have become, where you started at, and where you are going. My spirit guide is telling me to "look to the East." Imagine what we will see when our spirit is set in motion. We travel at the speed of sound. Travel at the speed of love. Travel at the speed of you. The sword can cut through anything. It can cut through the lie in order to receive the truth. It can cut through obstacles and make a new path of greatness. Today look for the truth and set things in motion.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/11/12

  The Knight of Cups.
We saw this card a few days ago. I want to add one thing. We must learn to be like water and move with what ever flow of energy that enters into our life. Understand that we are on a journey and this character is the Apprentice of the element of water. We are still experiencing new things regarding love and emotions. Matters of the heart.

The Knight of Cups.
The Pisces. The Mystic.
We move forward with our plans. We have crossed the river of inspiration and our Higher Self has lead us to a new path. Now we make our choice. Always remember that we have to believe in the unseen in order to move forward in this reality. We have to believe that all things work out in our favor. They really do. If you make a choice that is in true alignment with the Divine, then great things will take place. Choose your path and be prepared for what is to come. Are you afraid of greatness? Are you afraid of letting things go? Are you afraid of falling?
Remember that even in the presence of what may seem like failure, there is truth. And truth contains knowledge. That knowledge can be used to harness your full potential, if wisdom is applied. Move with the intent that all roads lead home. Move with the intent that you will be welcomed back home. Every piece of you. Every ounce. Know that your tribe is waiting for you to arrive. To celebrate the reunion. For you have returned to what was once known. You have returned to the center of your heart chakra. You have returned to love.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/10/12

It is a repeat card. Please look at yesterday's blog. The only other thing I can add to it is to find the balance in your life. If you need rest...then rest. If you need to work...then work. You body requires certain things and your spirit will let you know when it is off balance.

Blessed Be.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/9/12

We move from a time of abundance to a time of Universal laws. The Justice card is about Universal law and the influence it has over us. We move forward in everything we do. What we have to remember is that everything happens for a reason and in every situation there is an experience to be had. Whether it is good or bad is up to you. Take everything that happens today and in the coming days as a joyful lesson. This card talks about everything coming together. Everything making sense. What we do with that information is up to us. No one can make us do anything. We live in a world of free choice. We also live a world filled with wisdom. Apply that wisdom to the knowledge you receive today.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/8/12

  The Knight of Cups.
The Pisces. The Mystic.
We move forward with our plans. We have crossed the river of inspiration and our Higher Self has lead us to a new path. Now we make our choice. Always remember that we have to believe in the unseen in order to move forward in this reality. We have to believe that all things work out in our favor. They really do. If you make a choice that is in true alignment with the Divine, then great things will take place. Choose your path and be prepared for what is to come. Are you afraid of greatness? Are you afraid of letting things go? Are you afraid of falling?
Remember that even in the presence of what may seem like failure, there is truth. And truth contains knowledge. That knowledge can be used to harness your full potential, if wisdom is applied. Move with the intent that all roads lead home. Move with the intent that you will be welcomed back home. Every piece of you. Every ounce. Know that your tribe is waiting for you to arrive. To celebrate the reunion. For you have returned to what was once known. You have returned to the center of your heart chakra. You have returned to love.

Blessed Be.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/7/12

   The Six of Swords.
It is time to leave the past in the past. It is time to move forward. It is time to make that journey. The card shows a boat, with passengers in it, crossing over to the other side of the river. They are ready to trust in the Divine and move on to their next destination. What I want to address here is the emotions that are attached to this process. We feel upset that we have to give up something we love. We feel upset that we are ready and others around us are not. We feel alone on this journey at times. One thing I want to point out is that our higher self is always with us. Our higher self propels us to the other side. They guide us and keep us safe. My question to you is this:
    "Are you ready to receive the greatness that lies on the other side of the river? Are you ready to be happy or stay drunk with sadness in the present?"

Blessed Be.

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/6/12

  The Six of Wands.
Victory! This card speaks to us about returning home from a battle. We return home victorious. We have won the battle, but what were we really fighting about?
Sometimes we forget what all the fighting is for half way through the battle. We try to figure out what we were holding on to. We try to figure out the reason. We get lost within the emotions, the pain, the process.
Today try to understand that no one really wins when it comes to a battle. Everyone is just trying to stay alive. We return home bruised and beat up. We return home safe. Maybe that is the main goal on our spiritual journey. To return home safe, wise, and whole. To return home a different person who is willing to appreciate what we really have. To appreciate life.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/5/12

  The King of Swords.
Take on the characteristics of the King of Swords. Be fair. Be strong. Speak the truth. Take in all the information that is needed in order to make a decision. Understand. Love. Even though he may seem stone cold, the king also has a sweet side to him. Stick around and show the King of Swords that you are here for the long haul. That you have more to give than he thinks.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/4/12

  The Five of Wands.
So much change taking place right now. The number five is the catalyst that creates the change in our life. We begin to see conflict within the things we enjoy. We see conflict with others. It is because we are beginning to think about ourselves, instead of as a tribe. We take on new ideas in order to help us grow.
Conflict is not always bad. It is change in motion. Embrace the conflict and see what develops. Understand that you are never alone during this time of change. You have friends that love you, family that can aid you, and the Divine who will guide you.

Blessed Be.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/3/12

  The Five of Swords.
I can sense this great change taking place all around me. I can sense the Divine shifting the movement of the water in another direction. Now is the time to let go. Now is the time to start my journey of hope. Now is the time to release all the chains around me and move forward into the light. Yesterday we experienced a "bored state" on our spiritual journey. I experienced it. I looked up at the sky and saw only hope. I wanted to run. I wanted to drive away. I wanted to start this new path in life. The only thing holding me back is my Ego. I wish to hold on to things. I wish to keep stepping on the same crack in the same way every morning, so that I can ensure that something new will happen. How can something new happen if you do not deviate from your path?
How can something new take place if you do not leave your comfort zone? How can you begin to find love if you do not go out there and experience it?
This is what I am faced with on this journey. I want to take a new step, but find myself tumbling backwards towards the familiar. I see this as defeat. The card of the day is about the word "defeat". What does it really mean?
I see defeat as a resting period. I see it as a lesson. Is there really a loser and a winner?
When there is a competition to be the one is really a winner. You only get the person who is able and willing to sacrifice items and things in order to get ahead. Now how far they get ahead is up to them. Defeat is the few seconds that linger around before something wonderful happens. When you make your decision and you start to second guess it, but you already are knee deep within the process and can not turn back. This is defeat. So you have two either sit the fuck down and shut up or get up and move. Speak out! Cry! Jump! Do something. Look into the sunrise and wonder what the day will bring instead of looking down at the sunset and wishing that day would never end. You may lay your sword down for a moment, but who is to say that you are not planning your next strike.

Blessed Be.

Monday, January 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/2/12

  The Four of Cups.
Since this is a new year. Since it is a new time and place. Since our spirit has become strong. I offer you this card. This card allows us to see what is missing in our life. It allows us to see what is over-looked. It allows us to appreciate what is unappreciated. We look to the ground for an answer. We look to the sky for an answer. We look around us for a divine update or download to our next destination. What we seem to forget is that we are constantly being updated by the Divine. We are constantly being advised on what to do and where to go. The key word for this card is Boredom, but what does that mean? Are we really bored with where our relationships are going, or are we bored with the fact that we are not taking a chance? We are bored with ourselves and the decisions we keep making. The decision to return to things that hold us down. Are we bored with the chains that we have put around our spirit? Are we bored with the steps we have been slowly taking, when our spirit is advising us to run. Today I am bringing your deepest thoughts into the light. I am advising you to do something about it! If you want love in your life, then walk right into the battlefield and fight for your divine right to be loved. Love yourself! Start at the beginning and take a chance. Look within for your answer. Look within for your home. Look within for your perfect lover. You will see what has been misplaced, not missing. You will find that spark that shines in the darkest night.
On a side note. I use to think my perfect lover or next partner would walk into my life. That we would meet and it would be as if time stood still. I now know and feel that it is not "he" that will walk into my life. I will walk into his. I will move forward with what I believe and what I want to do and it will be "me" that steps into his reality, creating perfect peace and harmony. I know now that it is time to listen to the Divine and do what is needed. To walk where the Divine wishes me to walk. To run into my future head first. To jump with out thinking. To jump with the faith that all things are possible.

Blessed Be.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/1/12

  The Ten of Cups.
Be happy that the new year is here. Did you make your New Year resolution? Did you put a standerd on yourself already?
I can tell you this. The energy will be about happiness. It will be about family and friends. It will be about the joy you find within the company you keep. The Cups are related to love. The Cups are related to emotion. Today will be a great day, if you can move past your Ego. Today is about planning out the rest of the year. What is it that you want to do this year?
Last night I decided to invite joy, happiness, love, and excitement into my life. I decided to invite great things into my life, instead of getting rid of things.

Blessed Be.