Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/24/2013: Inspiration


How do you know when inspiration is setting in to bring you to your next destination?
Simple, you have this feeling of anxiety and misplacement of small things within your soul. Kind of like a puzzle that is coming together. You can see the big picture, but you are trying to find those last few pieces to complete it.

I was watching "Sister Act" this morning and "Sister Act II", which I love both movies so very much, and Whoopi starts to tell Lauren Hill about how the book "Letters to a young Poet" changed her life. She explains that a young writer begins to write letters to a well known writer, and asks what he must do to become a great writer. The well known writer states that if all the young writer can think about when he wakes up in the morning is writing, then he is a writer.

What does this have to do with the energy of today. Inspiration is not about a simple act of Faith. It is more than that. Inspiration is the nagging feeling you get when you should be in a certain place, at a certain time, at a certain stage in your life. You should be there at that wonderful place called home at 12:00 pm, waiting for the cable guy to arrive. You should be working in the medical field. You should be going back to school and making something happen.

All of this is part of inspiration. It lingers, even with the major players in action, in the background of everything. It does not go away. We can use it anytime.

I am struggling with my healing abilities and what  my next plan of action should be. Should I take a class offered for Reiki, which is at a great price, even though I know how to heal with energy and have been attuned before. Should I go back for a refresher course?
Do I keep on learning through books and maybe start a practice? I found great books on healing with prana and also with crystals. I am a healer, a Tarot reader, and a mystic all in one. Maybe it is time to grow and shine.
How can you shine even brighter than before? What does the Sun do, when it already has reached it full maximum?

Experiments within Austin, TX. Maybe that should be my new subject to write about. How to clear and balance an entire bus full of people in about five minutes. How to un-attach yourself to the energy that others are giving off.

Subjects like this enter into my mind through spirit, not through body. I crave to meet my tribe. To meet my teachers. To meet my students. To meet my equals. I know they are there. I think it is the first step that is the hardest to take. The first initial take off. Kind of like a roller coaster. The climb is the scariest part of the ride. The slow clicking motion that takes place as you know the drop is about to happen. The pause before the great motion of life.

If your life was a roller coaster, what would it be called?

I would call my roller coaster "Aura Spark". I have always been drawn to this thought, this name. How an Aura can create sparks. Kind of like Jubilee from the X-Men.

Blessed Be.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy: Destiny on the Inside

Monday 1/21/2013:

I know...I know...I did not write during the weekend. I really had nothing to say, until I looked up at the Walgreen's sign and saw a little bird peeking out of the hole, in the letter "A". It probably had a little nest made up for his/her family. It touched my heart, because I related this to our spirit.

Sometimes our spirit peers out into the world, watching for danger or good fortune. With one eye looking around for our Divine path, it watches every so often. Then I went a little deeper and applied it to how things were. The old Aaron, when I was in love with those who did not love me. When I would attach myself to that which I could  not have. When I was blind at times to what was going on around me. That little bird, known as spirit, would poke it's head out and look around for that happiness. Sometimes the real Aaron would sneak out from amongst the neon lights, brick walls, and fiberglass, to say hello and reveal that I was still alive. That I was worthy.

Annie Lennox speaks of this feeling of free-ness in her song called "Little Bird".  Sometimes the bird needs to fall out of the nest, in order to recognize the tools that have been given. Sometimes we must fumble away, from that which is familiar, in order to appreciate what we have. Sometimes we must fall from the tree of life, in order to spread our wings and venture forward into our life.

Our mothers can only give us so much. They have made mistakes in their life as well. We must learn from their experience, but also understand that we have to fumble in the process of life, as well. We would not bet all of our life savings on that one stroke of good luck, only to find out being rich is not within our line of Destiny. We have to love with no boundaries, feel the pain of heartache, in order to understand that we are survivors in the battlefield of life.

How many scars do you have on your heart. Me? I have many. Sometimes the scars hurt and cause me to re-live a moment of shame, but in the end the little bird still sits in it's nest and advises me that I am forgiven.
What does your little bird state to you?
Does it sing a song of peace and happiness or a song of hope?

Blessed Be.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/18/2013: Break It Down Again


The Tower card is showing up and with it, the smell of fire and burning wood is in the air. Destruction is a hard process to accept. When I see this card, I think of the song "Break it down again" by Tears for Fears.

"Break it down again. No more sleepy dreaming.
No more building up, it is time to dissolve....When its all mixed up, better break it down..They make no mention of the beauty of Decay..."

The picture of the Tower is about how a belief system, thought process, or relationship may go through a phase of destruction. Breaking down all walls, doors, and rooftops. Destruction is not a horrible process, but a pleasant one. Without destruction we would not have growth. This is not a time to build up anymore, it is time to dissolve everything and anything that is holding us back.
What is holding you back?
What do you need to dissolve?

There really is beauty in Decay. For you may find out the truth within the process.

There are times when we must destroy what we have built up, with our own two hands. Like a child we must allow our self to be frustrated. To kick and scream. To destroy the very blocks we have built our life on.

In the movie Forest Gump, we see this act of outburst, when Jenny returns home. The house is abandoned but ghosts still reside within. She if upset. This is her Tower. Her belief system. She begins to pick up rocks and proceeds to throw them at the house. A window shatters and she begins to cry. Destruction can be simple. This his her destruction. Now she must pick up the pieces in her life and move forward, but the breaking down of her past, must take place.

No more sleepy dreaming.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/17/2013: Our Ego


Have you ever started a marathon with your shadow side and found out that you were running in circles. That your shadow side, or rather Ego, was simply running side by side with you. And the race all depended on where the Sun was shinning down and the time of day. Did you know that the at noon the Sun shines directly down on us, leaving us with a small shadow to race with?

Sometimes our shadow self is ahead of us, and we think "oh no they are winning, I better pick up the pace" and other times they are behind us, and we think "yay! I am ahead of my shadow self I should slow down".
Then we find that at times they disappear all together. We think to our self that we have won and we do not need to do anything, but run.

Tricky trickster. Why are we running? Why are you running?
I just advised you that your shadow can never be too far ahead of you nor too far behind, as well. It all depends on where the sun is shinning and the time of day.

You do know that I am speaking about a Sun that is within our spiritual reality, not our physical one?
The Sun always shines if we want it to, as well as there is always a cloud of depression pouring rain on us, if you like that sort of weather.

The Ego can be tricky. It can cause us to doubt everything we possess and the good within our life. It is the caution sign that shows up when there is nothing to be cautious about. It is the stop sign that reveals itself a mile after you ran right past it. Not a cop, but simply the acknowledgment of a stop sign. It causes you to doubt your driving technique, your observation, and your will. You already ran the stop sign, you are a mile away, and you are not being pulled over, so why are you worried?

Sometimes we have to break the rules of Law, or rather Universal Law, in order to understand them.
What rule are you breaking?
Are you thinking positive or negative?
Are you cultivating love or hate?
I wonder what the flowers of Hate would produce, probably a tumble weed flower.
Even in a tumbleweed flower there would be beauty.

I find myself upset with the road I am walking. How sacrifice can lead to more sacrifice, and the outlook that I am the only one giving up things that I love. Comfort, warmth, time, energy, and love. There are times when I feel depleted. Depleted of everything possible. Do you think Job felt this way? Yet Faith did not leave him.
Do you think Dorothy felt this way?
Yet she still carried on. She still had compassion of that which showed her only dislike.
What about the wicked witch of the west? Did she have to overcome obstacles in her life? Bitter old witch. Sometimes the nature of magick can turn sour. You produce so many spells and such that you want more. More can sometimes require you to sacrifice of yourself, for the power of a witch lays in their will.

Where is your Will?
Sometimes we have to turn within and speak of only silence. How do you speak silence. Simply put, you have to not speak. Even in your head. Not speak or think of that which you normally would think or speak about. What if you simply nodded. Nodded in agreement with what is going on. Acknowledge the present situation, even if it looks awful. Nod and smile.
Acceptance is our Ego's poison. It makes our Ego sick to it's stomach. Kind of like the egg that the Gnome King ate at the end of the movie "Return to OZ". An Egg. Simple yet effective.

Watch your Ego diminish in the Noon day sun and be quite.

Blessed Be.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/16/2013: A Time of Healing


As I took a walk during my lunch break, I was thinking about why I stopped entering information on my Blog. I asked my spirit guide as to what may be next in my life. What is a person to do, when everything he has ever wanted in his lifetime has come true? What is next for a spiritual person when they have reached the end of one stage? Well, the real answer lies within our step. What if there was an equation that we could use to figure out just how much effort and energy was needed to create change, bypass the confusion stage, and break through into the next stage? I think it would go somewhat like this:

(the rate of your energy) + (the state of your emotion) - (the spirit you contain)
                                      the total number of pennies in your pocket

Such uncommon things that may have no effect on the speed of your love would have to be taken into consideration.
Doesn't make sense, right?
There is no equation that could possibly measure the time and effort that is needed to push through into the next stage. So, stop looking!
You have to take your first step, then another, and then another, until you have reached the edge of the world. When you reach the edge of the world, Jump!
You will be taken care of.
You will move forward in your adventure and begin the process all over again.
The energy you put out will be more than enough to break through.
Sometimes you just have to wait a bit, or not, in order to receive the tool that is needed to finish the project.
Then there are moments where you need to heal completely before you can move forward and create that change that will propel you in the right direction.
Even now I struggle with writing. I feel that I have nothing to say that is very passionate and moving. Even when I write in my journal it is about small things in my life. Pebbles thrown into the ocean.
Have you ever thrown a pebble into the ocean?
I am sure you were able to find it later in life, when you went looking for it. No?
Well, what do you think went wrong or rather what do you think went right?
You had to let go of the pebble in order to move forward. You didn't go home and stress that the pebble did not make it to it's destination. Then why do we do this with people and familiar places?
They are like that pebble. Sometimes we have to throw it, hope that it lands in a safe spot, and keep on moving.
What do you think?

Blessed Be.

Friday, January 4, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/4/2013: Transformation and Growth

1/4/2013 Friday:

No cards needed today. I have not written an entry in a while. Today I decided to speak what was in my heart. The idea of growth and transformation.

Have you felt pain lately. The change is constant and in turn we grow at an accelerated rate. Some become healers, others become teachers, then there are those who become the person they were destined to be. Simply put, they learn to shine once more within Source.

No special power but the ability to speak, live, eat, and exist. The snow can not cover them. The sun can not outshine their light, and in turn the rain can not wash their existence away. Try to over throw them and their rightful place in line, and you may find yourself being pushed twenty feet back. Remember that change can be very painful, because we are leaving behind what is familiar. What if you only knew the bad?
The good would seem different and scary. There is good in your life right now. Recognize it.

Sometimes the path we choose to walk down will contain traps and snares of all kind.

I was joking with my love, Brian, the other night. He had colored pencils laying on the floor in a row, separated into groups of his liking.
I wanted to flirt and be funny, so I picked up one and chucked it across the room. I glared at him for a moment and he smiled. I picked up another one and chucked it across the room as well. Brian started to ask why I was doing that?
I picked up a third pencil and threw it. He did not get mad but was a little upset over the action I performed. I looked at him and decided to turn the action I performed into a life lesson.

I stated, "Sometimes Source can pick up things we have within our life and throw them across the room, state, or earth. But what we must remember (I began to pick them up one at a time), is that Source also gathers up what is needed and returns them to us at the exact moment we require them. Leaving us to put them back into place."

I was at first joking when I started the lesson, but soon found myself understanding what I was telling him. We cry over thrown colored pencils sometimes, but fail to see the other 36 sitting in a row. What if you only counted what was present. The good in your life at this time. Would you be happy with 36 wonderful gifts or cry over three that may have been taken away.

I know that you are stating to me, at this moment, that the three items were so precious. I state to you that no matter what, you keep on living. Your thoughts keep on rolling in your head. You work at a job. You search for the unknown again after you have grieved for what has passed. In the end, you do not stop existing. You will receive what is needed from Source. So do not worry. It only causes you to suffer.

Blessed Be.