Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.30.13: Scared of the Sacred Journey Home

Sunday 6.30.13:

The card of the day is Six of Swords. The hidden energy card is The Devil. The card sits in the position of Daydream = Imagination, allow your mind to wonder, quiet time. 

There are moments in your life when you must return to the very heart of your existence. You must return to the place where it all began. Is the journey scary? 
Hell yes!

With every step, or moment of reflection, the Ego begins to reveal it's true plan, and this causes us to see the boat as being unstable. The cradle will rock and down will come spiritual baby, cradle and all. Smack!

What happens when we hit the floor?

We have two choices. To either get back up, and keep on moving, or sit and cry. Sometimes we have to do both. There are moments where being scared is called for. To accept the possibility of what can happen. Even if it means dealing with the worst thing possible. This method of acceptance will allow us to let go of the issue. Allow us to let go of the worry. 

When you are faced with the possible outcome of failure, there is a sense of worry, for if you are to make a mistake, then you will be judged. 

No one can judge you for doing the greatest thing possible in this life. For existing and doing something that scares the living daylights out of you. You have grown. You have experienced and you are the wiser. 

When you begin to get scared, the trick is to keep breathing, and take the next step forward. 

Even if you do not have to do anything more. Your ability to shine and be calm, while you wait, will surely show that you are moving past the chaos. 
Today will be a short entry. 

The message has to deal with a journey and we must forgive our little worry voice, for wanting to be heard. Sometimes the roar of your scared voice is greater than your joy voice. That is okay. This happens. Let the worry be heard, fill it with love, and send that it out into the Universe. 
It will be received within the light of love. Believe me. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.29.13: Take Inventory of your Positive Thoughts

Saturday 6.29.13:

The card of the day is Death. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Waning Moon = Introspection and self-inventory. 

When I turn to my spirit guide for information, regarding the cards, she speaks about taking inventory of your positive thoughts. 

If you were to sit down and take inventory of what is positive, how long would the list be?

As humans, we are always taking inventory of that which is negative. It is the easiest to recognize. When something goes wrong, we naturally look at all the flaws within the experience, rather than look at the positive. Be cautious though. Some people will only look at the positive, when the real issue is staring them right in the face, and they choose not to see it. The chance to correct that flaw is present, and you have the ability to make a change, rather than allow it to demolish the manifestation of your greatness. 

Let us take inventory:

I am greatness
I am love
I am joy
I am peace
I am prosperity
I am abundance
I am perfection

That is the key statement....I am perfection. 

If you were to take inventory of all that is positive within your life, you will notice the perfection that sits within each and every moment. You will essentially knock your spirit back into place and within alignment of your Divine Plan. 

What is your Divine Plan? 
Simple. It is the knowledge and understanding that you were born to exist. You were born to be the best that you can be. That means checking into your life and living it to the fullest. It means you are constantly flowing, moving, and grooving to the heart beat of the Universe. To the music of life. 

What would your soundtrack be at this very moment?

I am going to invoke the spirit of Karen Carpenter, today, and state that you need to "Sing. Sing a song. Sing out loud. Sing out strong. Don't worry that its not good enough for anyone else to hear. Just sing. Sing a song."

Sing the song to the soundtrack of your life and you will see that things are not that bad. You will see the positive in your life and the inventory list, that you thought was small, is now gigantic. You will see items on the page, that you thought were lost, are now present. You thought that you had to write them off as a loss, but really they were hidden behind the abundance of negative thoughts. Negative thoughts that you were trying to sell off. A "negative thought store". 

You would be a millionaire! Negative thoughts are the new pink. 
Just kidding. 

If you opened up a positive thought store, then you will surely make millions as well, but your marketing strategy would have to be aggressive. An aggressive Mystic? I love it!

Be aggressive and sell your positive thoughts to those who require them. Here is a thought "for the price of one cup of coffee, you can feed a negative spirit, with a positive affirmation". Sell it to them in style. Razzle dazzle them! Throw glitter at them and tell them that the magic is working. The positive thought is manifesting. Did you see the fairy dust? Ya, that fairy had so much magic to give, she was farting out spiritual blessings. 

Sometimes you have to be creative and laugh at the moment. Know that there is only greatness on this path. Do not get frustrated with the process. Enjoy it. State to those around you "there will surely be good at the end of this journey".

Blessed Be. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.28.13: Take a Step in any Direction

Friday 6.28.13:

The card of the day is Ace of Cups. The hidden energy card is The Fool. The card sits in the position of Dolphins = cosmic consciousness, breath, sacred geometry.

With the ending of one cycle, we move into the next great adventure. I think that the cards are speaking of a time of peace. To have faith in the process. The details will work out in my favor. With one foot out the door, the other will surely follow. We must move our body and return to that which is known. 

Remember how much love you contain. Remember that you can do anything, once you set your love in motion. 

If you have anger, then let it go. Give the gift of love to those who cause you pain. The only person who is affected by the hurt, is you. 

It is time to understand the anatomy of our journey. It is time to break down the winding path and obstacles, set before you. 

To see the life flow within the new adventure. 

Sometimes we have to look at the flow of energy. We have to understand the pull, before the true nature of the push is figured out. 

Support from your family does not have to be in total. It only has to contain the essence of love. No matter what a person's religion or belief is, blood is thicker than water. 

I think that some humans get caught in the struggle of what support is and what is should look like. Anyone can have different views, but when it is all boiled down, there is only one thought that pushes through. The thought that "We are all part of the whole, expressing our true nature, and becoming that which we were born to be". 

Did you know that you were born to shine?

Today will contain the essence of the thought. New step in a direction that you should have taken months ago. A new step into a new relationship. Source is knocking on your door. Can you hear it?

No matter how subtle it may be, Source is still knocking. Opportunity is a constant. We simply have to recognize it. 

The world is yours to take. The time of planning is over. It is time for action. 
It is time to create. 

I must admit that I am scared of what can take place within the next two weeks. I am not home yet, and I must come to the conclusion that no matter what happens, I will be content. Stay. Go. Live. Die. 
I must not be scared of what is to come, for it will only contain greatness. How funny that one change in the sentence can create a snow ball effect of joy and abundance. 

I wish to welcome all the lost socks from my past, to be found. They are not needed anymore, but to welcome that which was lost, advises me that something wonderful is taking place. 
I think it is funny that now I have a lot of time on my hands, and I thought that I would be able to write a book with my entries, but they stay the same in length. The thoughts are simple and to the point. Filled with great symbols but easy to understand. 

This is just confirmation of just how connected I am and how everything is part of the whole. Take your next step in a direction. Know that it is of good. That you will not be bound and tied to a certain decision. It will all work out in your favor. Believe me, it is much easier to say it, rather than to believe it. But like any other situation, you need to start at the beginning, and understand that mistakes will be made. Now let us put a twist on it. Mistakes will be made, but they truly are not a mistake, for it will lead you to the next phase in your life. 

Take a step. Any step. Know that it will all work out. You will walk on air, if you truly believe that the process is perfect. Believe me. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.27.13: Burn that Bridge!

Thursday 6.27.13:

The card of the day is the Ace of Wands. The hidden energy card is The World. The card sits in the position of Lady's Mantle = Mother, healing, and alchemy.

When you set off on a journey, there is always a product of your work, that you look at and think "I really hate the way it looks and wish to destroy it". 

When someone states that you must not burn your bridges, for surely you will have to cross over them again. Did you know that there are other places that a river can be crossed at?

Certain rock formations make a natural bridge to the other side. You are never stuck on one side of this wonderful body of water. As a matter of fact, you probably could grow wings and fly across. In the spiritual world, anything is possible. 

Today brings about a new wave of inspiration. Opportunity that will come out of left field. One cycle of destruction leads into the other. A time of healing is taking place. To release all that is before you. To let go. 

We struggle with the flow of energy. In that process we move up and down, left and right, and the rocky starts shake us to the bone. 

We feel it as the decent of the waterfall sits before us. 

I am afraid of the change that stands before me. I am afraid of the good that will come from the burning of my bridge. Setting fire to the only exit that is visible, can be scary. 

Prayer and meditation seem to be calling my name. They beckon me to knock everything into place, while I travel in the astral plane. 

I need a little inspiration in my life right now. I need to go out and walk. To get out and just think. Think of the great things that are within my life. That is what the day is going to bring. A new way out. A new bridge. It does not take long to build. You can use anything to cross over the calm river of water. No one said that it would be a raging stream of water. The perception is all within your eyes. What do you really see. The water only reflects what you are feeling. 

Be calm and the river will be calm. Be upset and the river will be upset. 

Maybe it is time to burn that bridge. Burn it to the ground. Who is stating that you need it? Maybe it is the very thing in your life that you need to let go of?
Let go and fly. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.26.13: A New Environment of Great Thought

Wednesday 6.26.13:

The card of the day is the Two of Swords. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The card sits in the position of Fairies = Environment, playtime, and enchantment. 

It feels weird to wake up and face the fact that I do not have to punch into a clock at 8 a.m. 

Now the choice to stay or to go, is on my mind. There are moments in life when you have to choose a different path. Two paths set before you. One is of dark and the other is of light. Both will lead you to your destination. The real question is "Which one will be going with the flow of energy and which one will move against it?"

When I decided to leave my current job in Austin, I started to walk home and felt...happy. 

I could feel the path become clear again. I could feel the pressure, to conform, leave my environment. I was free. The details will work out in my favor. The stress of what is to come, was not on my mind. I understood one Truth: If I believe everything will work out in my favor, then it surely will. 

There is no pain. There is no anger. I move forward and things are good. All is as it should be!

Maybe the choice to stay or go is not really a choice. Maybe it is not a question, as to which path will benefit me the most. 

Both paths will create happiness. One may look dark and scary, but so did the choice to leave California in the first place. The path will be made clear. The light will shine on everything and everyone. Even those who appear to hurt you. Even with the decisions that were made. Forgiveness starts within you. 

I forgive my self for trying to shut up my inner voice. I forgive myself for not listening. I forgive myself for stopping the flow of my existence. 

Even the Mystic can be blinded by the light of glimmering things. 

I think that we need a catalyst, so that we have to choose a certain path. We have to move forward and when we cling to things that have no meaning, we need someone to pry our hands from it. 

Be calm. Be love. Know that we must take a stand and create. Create power. Create change. 

When we get frustrated, it is our inner voice, advising us of our own spiritual strength. 

We can move mountains with such little Faith. 

Maybe we need a little bit of playtime, to create the inspiration and thought, that will lead us forward. A new environment. A moment to just forget about the problems that are present in our life. No matter what, things will work out, and all things will be made whole. Sickness and discomfort are simply the warning signs that something is not right. 

Sure, I am scared of what the dark path may contain, but I do know that I am protected. I will surely be guided past the pit falls and booby traps, set on my path by my Ego. 

Laugh at your Ego. 
State to it the very Truth, that we are deserving!
Deserving of great things. Deserving of everything working out in our favor. 

I want to post this before the decision is made on my right, as a gay man, to marry the person that I love. 

A new thought will come into action and I predict that the decision will be made in the favor of gay rights. A right to marry and be happy. A time of enjoyment. A time of great hope. 

Even if they decide to state we are not worthy of marriage, things will turn over in our favor, for the people are coming together to state "Enough is enough". 

Eventually life will move on and with every great moment of progress, people will move on to a new project, a different change. 

We progress forward. We move with great intent. I think that the government will know when they have to conform to the movement of the Universe. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.25.13: Meditation with a Smile

Tuesday 6.25.13:

The real adventure begins when the chord is broken. When we strive to move past the norm, then we perceive that, the greatest outcome is possible. Life begins to unravel. We move forward with our true dream, with our true desire. 

I was faced with a decision. A choice. The choice to place one foot forward. The choice to exist. 

There are moments in our life, where outside influences try to snuff out our flame, and we must struggle with the choice to give in or burn bright. 

Sometimes the Mystic has to figure out what the true lesson is. Where the good is within their life. 

The door from one opportunity closing has opened up another. 

The card of the day is Four of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Sun. The card sits in the position of Mirrors = Truth revealed. 

Truth has been revealed. Good is in front of me. Good is within my life. The path has been revealed and I am to walk back to where I started. What is to come next?
I only know that it will be of good. That Source will provide. 
All things are perfect within my life and through this wonderful state of existence, life flows forward with the intent to create. 

I am scared. 

I am scared of what is to take place. The obstacles that may arise. My Ego is screaming at me, "What the heck have you done?"

It is advising me of the mistake rather than the possibility. It is advising me of what can not take place. Of what negative items may take place. 

I have to turn to my affirmations. The intent to move forward with my greatness. This was a true test, for within the process, I found my voice. I found my inner strength. I understand that all things work out for the best. All things are positive. The balance of polar opposites must take place. 

I am coming up with nothing else. It is almost as if I have nothing to state because I am not upset with my decision. 

The Four of Swords is how I feel. I feel like sleeping for a thousand years. I want to wake up renewed. I need to meditate. To return to my practice and be inspired. I have training in a week to learn Reiki I and II. This will add even more depth to my gift. My gift of reading spiritual signs given to us by Source and applying them to our every day life. This life of greatness.

Blessed Be. 

Monday, June 24, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.24.13: The Science of Spiritual Evolution

Monday 6.24.13:

Science?! Blah!

I am a Mystical Nerd rather than a Science/Math nerd. I like charts and equations that develop the soul. To find the answer to a mystical word problem excites me to no end. 

If John is traveling down a path of destruction and received four tools; One of fire, earth, air, and water, then how long will it take him to manifest his desire? 
If he decides to stay in one spot, will the tools be lost, and if so, then how will that impact his ability to create?

If I saw this on a test, in high school, I would have surely passed it. I would have turned to the class and said, "Oh, that is easy!"

I wonder what the formula would look like?

(The Moon/The High Priestess-The Sun)
         -------------------------------------     = Manifestation of Desire
                The Fourth Chakra

I will give you a little time to figure this one out. 

Just kidding. 

The science of spiritual evolution can look difficult, but with a little will power and faith, you will surely find the answer. You may not know the equation. You may not know the formula. One thing is for sure: the answer is always found within. 

The card of the day is Balance or Justice. The hidden energy card is The Moon. The card sits in the position of White = Source, Divinity, Enlightenment. 

This journey has a destination. There is a sign post ahead that reads "Welcome to _________"

Where are you going?
What level of spiritual evolution are you on?


Are you finding the element of Earth in everything you see? 
The Science of Spiritual Evolution is related to the seven Chakras. We move through phases, breaking free from the crowd, and moving forward with great intent. 

The body must follow what the heart and mind do. It will mimic the good that is put forth into the Universe. 

The path may seem dark. 
You will see the light. It shines within you. Let it out. Let it be seen. 

Use your spiritual gifts to move past the obstacles set before you. If love is your gift, then love the very thing until it is within the same vibration as you....within the harmony of peace. 

I think I always state that you must go with the flow of energy. I now understand that the statement must be updated. 

You must go with the flow of energy that is always moving towards good. Towards your greatness. 

Solutions are within your field of existence. You must reach out and pluck it from the Great Divine. It is presented to you within the falling of the leaves. Within the crashing of the waves. Our spirit is in tune with nature. How did we figure out our problems before the time of college, education at a school, and the Internet?

We learned from experience. We learned from those around us. We would seek out the wisest person in the village and ask for help. The greatest teacher you can ever have is the one who will simply nudge you in the right direction and allow you to figure out the answer. To have your very own A-ha moment. 

You will learn your lesson. It will become part of your bag of tricks. To know that you can create. To know that you are strong enough to move forward. To Trust that things will work out in your favor. 

The language of science, within the spirit world, is never finite. The formula you use on one question may not always work for the next one, even if it looks the same. Be kind to your spirit. Be kind to Source. The answer is there, but the confusion of life and all of its problems, can cause us to see only the question. 

I now understand that when I saw a word question, I use to freak out, because I would get caught up on the information that was useless. Find out what it is really asking for and use the tools you have to open the door. To open the gate. The gate to greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.23.13: Have Compassion Towards the Endless Chatter in Your Head.

Sunday 6.23.13:

Another week has gone by and the energy was about victory. 
What did you win?

I recently put five dollars into a vending-machine, to pay for a $.75 bag of peanuts, and received everything in quarters. I yelled out "I won!"

No one was around to hear me, but just the fact that it felt like a casino slot, made me smile and think about what I really had won. Sometimes the victory of one battle is simply a degree of winning, by evening out. The same amount of deaths on either side and same amount of Van-damage. 

We put so much energy and time into something, that when it produces a "pay out", we think that we are ahead. This is not always the case. 

There are times when you have to come to an agreement in order to move forward with your life, due to the opposing side having the same amount of force and power, causing a stand still. 

An agreement must be made in order to reach your goal. The answer can sometimes be the act of agreeing to disagree, and walking away. 

What are you walking away from? 

How much time and money you have put into the battle? 

I use to think that if I put enough energy and compassion into a relationship, then surely they will see just how spectacular I am, and want to never leave my side. Silly Mystic, unobtainable men are for kids. 

I use to over analyze every move that I made. I use to over think every reaction the other person would give me. 

He did not respond to my text. That means he is getting tired me. That means that he does not want to talk to me. What do I do?

Oh the endless chatter in my mind. I have to calm my crazy ass down and state "All is as it should be". I came to the understanding that I am worthy of great things. If that person is not part of it, then so be it. I had to let go. Have compassion for the pitfalls and booby-traps I was placing on my own path, back tracking to the start, stepping into one, and screaming "How could this happen?"

I want to share a shadow side of me. I use to go after men who were unobtainable because I knew that it would never work out. The Mystic thought he was safe if the end result was pain and heartache. How quickly the men in my life would latch onto my compassion. They understood that I would sacrifice every ounce of light I had within me, to make sure they were okay. 
I was creating my own down fall. 
I came to realize this pattern within my life and had to really let it go. To state "I am worthy of a healthy relationship, with a man who will treat me just as wonderful, as I treat him."

I had to speak of clarity. I knew that I was this spectacular person who had so much to give. That wonderful man had to be a vessel that would be able to transmute the energy, I had to give, and in turn reflect it right back into my heart Chakra. He needed to be my compliment. 

The real key is to stop the endless chatter in your head. Focus. 

Focus on the moment you live within. The flower will grow much faster than the worry weed that you have been watering. Believe me, it is so wonderful to find that wonderful person who thinks the world of you. It is not rare. You have to start with the acceptance of who you really are and loving the very vessel that you sit within. 

Blessed Be. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.22.13: Breaking Down of an Old Thought Pattern

Saturday 6.22.13:

The card of the day is the Four of Wands. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The card sits in the position of Sun = illumination, growth, God Energy. 

When I first looked at the cards, on this day, I started to remember the Water Park in Ventura. My real journey began there. It was at that very moment of thought and process, while walking on the path, that started this wonderful journey to Austin. My spirit was yelling to me. Calling to me from across the river, from across the sea. 

The weather was perfect. I told Brian that if I ever return home again and place my roots into the ground of Ventura, I will never complain of the hot days again. The heat here in Austin is much worse. 

I miss the breeze from the ocean that would blow across my face. I miss the wonderful days of laughter and enjoyment as my friends and I walked down main street. I miss the great adventures of jumping over the mission fence, to take a short cut, to a friends house. The trips to the corner store to pick up a bottle of wine and call it a night cap, even though we started drinking at noon. 

What is the message of the day?

What more can I tell you about the breaking down of an old thought pattern? 

You must find the difference between a memory and a regret. I do not regret the choices I have made within my life. I look back on thoughts of old and smile. They do not pull at my heart strings and make me want to pick everything up and move. They are small moments of clarity that remind me of just how strong I am. Where my heart lies within times of trouble and confusion. It reminds me of my own self worth. I know that there are memories to be made here in Austin. The memory of spiritual growth. If I was to return to Ventura, I surely will hug everything in my path and treat every person as if they were a long lost friend, for I understand that you sometimes have to get away in order to want to go back home, again. To appreciate what was really present at that very moment. 

The old thought patter of regret must be broken. The cycle must be destroyed and a new thought of memory and acknowledgment must take place. Take place within your heart and flourish. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.21.13: The Ghost of Christmas Past

Friday 6.21.13:

After the moment of rage and depression, I return fresh and new, with the intent to create solution rather then destruction.

The card of the day is the Six of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The card sits in the position of Dandelion = vitality, empowerment, and perseverance.

There are moments where we must speak up and then there are moments where we must be calm. As a human being, we wish to be heard.

If something is wrong, change your environment. Change your thought process. Change your outlook.

Understand that no one has control over your level of happiness. I can not stress this enough. We tend to lend out our energy to those around us, that will abuse it, and in turn blame you for their downfall.

What is a healer to do?

The process is simple. Aid as much as you can and if they show signs of Vampire-ism, then pull back your energy!

Memories will linger back into your life, today. Past relationships may haunt you. I must learn to process my Karma. It will be present today. Actually, it is always present, we just choose to not deal with it, and in turn it causes us dis-comfort.

Have a rat in your house? Got a fox sitting next to you?

Look to the cards around you to see if there is a solution to the issue. This method is used with Mlle. Lenormand cards.

The past can come back to haunt you but you must stay strong. If the past wishes to make itself known then you can also use your past lessons to demolish that nasty ghost. What have you learned?
Where did you come from?
Did your past kill you? Are you dead?
Why are you worried then?

The past will always repeat itself. Wars will still be waged. Chaos has to exist in order for us to understand change and that we can overcome any obstacle set before us.

Memories keep us going. We live to laugh again in the sunlight of a perfect summer day. With friends. With family. With  the one you love.

To return to a person that we were in the past is useless. They did not know the wonderful and great things you know now. This Mystic is finally coming to terms with the chaos that is around. No matter what, I still exist. No matter how hard the Big Bad Wolf blows, my house is built with cement and bricks. Source has supplied me with a solid foundation and the tools needed to create. I have found them. Hiding beneath the dirt and mud of things that have passed.

Let old flames be ignited. Let the ghost of Christmas past be present and known. Let us journey into the unknown together and understand that we are strong, we are beautiful, we are love.

Blessed Be.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.20.13: Tools of Change

Wednesday 6.20.13:

The card of the day is the Magician. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Angels = Spirit and guidance.

I sure do need a little guidance right now.

This Mystic wants to go home. I always state this. I am tired. This Mystic needs a safe harbor. A place to rest. To be whole again.

That place is Ventura.

Have you ever been challenged by the darkest night? The deepest black hole?

Have you ever found yourself struggling with a decision that is to have this huge impact on your life? 

Have you ever noticed that it turns out to be part of the greater scheme of things? It was not the great obstacle to get over. It was simply part of the obstacle course. 

When people train to be survivalist within the great wide open, I am sure they are given some supplies to get started. What if you had nothing? 

What if you were stranded on an island with no supplies? No knife, no phone, no food, and certainly no pot to cook with? 

Sometimes I feel as I am on an island. Searching for the right tools to simply survive. 

What if no tools were needed? 
To set sail on a piece of plank. To just jump into the ocean and know that things will take place for the better. Kind of like the adventure I am having at this very moment. 

Should I jump into the ocean and see what takes place? Or should I stay on the island and wait?

What could I be waiting for? A sign? A glimmer of hope? 

Listening to your inner voice can be hard. It is scary. To have so much Faith in what is unknown. In what could take place? 

The funny thing about it, is that either way, you will not fail. 

Whether you stay and try to work it out or get up and leave with just a pack of Tarot Cards, you will not fail. 

No one can make or break you, except your own Ego. Nothing is set in stone. 

Sometimes people of this world worry about their jobs and security. Can I state something? 
That job that you are working at is not secure. It can let you go at any time. You can get up and leave at any time. You may have to put your letter of resignation in, due to the fact that you have to leave the state. The life you are living at this moment may change, you will have to stop working, and then what? 

Life still pushes forward. You still exist. You are still breathing.  The stage is set and the performance is still happening. So why worry? 

Take your first step. 

In my life, there has never been a person, that stated to me they knew exactly what they wanted to do at 22 and they are living the dream. That dream can be shattered. 

The Mystic understands that change is always happening and when you get set in your ways, then Source is there to break down the security of that wall. Today should have been the Tower card. Destruction of that which has held us to the ground. 

I may be tired. I may state that I am tired but one thing is for sure; This Mystic's lantern will keep on shinning. That fire will always burn. 

Maybe I just needed a small change of course and now it is time to head home. Return to that which I tried so hard to get away from. Now I know that Ventura was a great place. That the bored part was simply my inner spirit needing a little bit of change. To see how strong I am. To see just how great of a Tarot reader I am. Verification of that awesome spiritual side. The only difference between me and a person going to an ashram, is that I decided to meditate and be enlightened in Austin, within the grit and grime of life. The light within the dark. 

I know that this is to be positive but even the greatest Mystic gets the blues. This will pass. It must start with a step. A step into the unknown and the Faith that it will all work out for the better. That there is good. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.19.13: Great Expectation

Wednesday 6.19.13:

A new day brings new beginnings. The card of the day is the Star. The hidden energy card is the Fool. The card sits in the position of Winter = reflection, transition, release. 

Yesterday was a challenge. It took all the strength in me to not get up from my desk and walk out. I was fed up with everything around me and really missed my friends and family. I was a mess. With the destruction of Chaos comes clarity. The storm has passed and I am picking up the pieces. It is hard to be calm within the eye of the storm. To let the items swish around and hit you but it is all part of the process. 

I am awake on this day and with a fresh outlook on life. I move through this day with clarity and find that there is always an answer.

I found that I really needed to take charge and speak up. I had to let go of the chains that I have placed on my life. The chains that keep me tied to the ground. I realized that I was allowing others to take control of the reins and drive me right off the cliff of negativity. 

All I wanted to do was press the restart button but there was something more happening on the outside. Change was happening and I was resisting it. I understood that by going to bed last night, I would wake up with a changed outlook on life. I just had to make it through the day. I shut myself off. I pressed the pause button on the movie of my life and waited. 

Waited for everything else to settle down, so that I could press play again. 

Hope is in the air. Hope of a good day. The goal is there in front of me, all I have to do is keep on moving. 

A new path has opened up. Hmmmm? That was not there yesterday. 

Sometimes we are distracted by the very reality we have created. We must look past it. Look past the obstacle and see the answer. 

Sometimes you have to be short and sweet with an entry. Some people only want to get down to the nitty gritty of things. Long winded people are rarely heard because humans sometimes want the cleft notes to life. 

Oh, if it was that easy. 

The challenge for today is to view your new path, new project, or new beginning and see one good thing about it. 

Look at it and state "I see this wonderful path which contains *blank* and it is good". 

Change your thought and change the circumstance. 

Sometimes the answers can be found hidden in the memories of yesterday. Hidden in the absence of something. Hidden in actions that were taken to get you to here. At this very moment in time. This moment of greatness.

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.18.13: The Year of the Ego

Tuesday 6.18.13:

The card of the day is the Devil. The hidden energy card is the World. The position that the card sits in is Nettle = boundaries and caution. 

This year has really been about the damn Ego and all of it's bullshit. It flings it at us when we have just taken a bath. The Ego throws all of this turmoil our way, to watch us either react or not react. Either way he is getting what he wants. He is getting our attention. 

One by one, the stone is hitting us on the face. Small pebbles of reality and illusion. Just smacking us upside the head. We do not let it phase us at first, but eventually it gets to us, and in the end we lash out. 

"Stop It!"

There is only so much a person can take on. Why are we required to always stay positive? 
There is a difference of being ignorant positive and spiritual positive. 

People are always stating, "Well you have to stay positive. Look at the bright side." 

No. You look at the bright side! You may like what you do and how your life is going, but I am not going to subject my spirit to confinement. I am not going to be told that you have to do this and that is the final word. 
I did not work on my self, grow in so many ways, and be told to return to the person who I was, before. 

You stay stagnant! You stay in your life and be happy! I am going to move onto bigger and brighter things. I always come out on top. I can choose to leave or stay. This is my right. Money will come and money will go. Contracts are written and contracts can be broken. We break our very spiritual contract, everyday that we do not live within alignment of our Divine Plan.

Have you ever noticed that people come and go with a job. You look at them rise above the rest and then leave for something wonderful. What if I am just playing a game, because I am scared of the wonderful possibility of success, if I was to venture out on my own. Create my business. Create my life. 

Why do I think that my gift is not worth anything. I see it every time I aid someone on their journey. I see the information flow. I see the connection happen. 

Maybe I am just complaining. Maybe I should just pick up a few of my clothes and leave. Get in my car and drive home. Drive back to my place of sanctuary. People do it all the time. People try, find out that it was not for them, so they pick up and leave. Leave their space of stagnant water and drive. Drive to a new destination. Some may think that you will always be a nomad, but I have seen many nomads travel the world and settle down in the very spot that they were born to thrive in. At the perfect time. In the their own perfect way. As if all the mistakes and mishaps, formed and molded that very moment of clarity, into shear perfection. Without every fall or clumsy mess, there would not have been the perfect opportunity of light. 

Why do we subject our spirit to the torture of being dimmed by others. As if they are holding a candle snuffer and waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it. We see it behind their back and yet we proceed with the journey. 


I am only tricking myself. I am only tricking myself, if I choose to stay in one spot, to see what happens, and then be advised to keep trying it. To keep trying what? To keep hitting my head against the wall? 
To keep going in circles? 

Have you ever heard someone tell you, that when you are lost within the woods, to keep walking? 
Keep walking in different directions, so that someone can find you? 
I doubt it. 

People always advise you to stay in one spot, if you are lost, so that you can be found. Find shelter and seek safety. Hold your spot if nature allows it and have faith that they will find you. Shine your light. I am tired of searching for my perfection. It might have very well been in Ventura. I am always searching and walking, that I allow nothing to truly find me. 

This part of my life may have been a safe harbor at one time, but something keeps telling me that it is time. Time again to pick up and leave. There are more important things in this life. More important than being secure financially. It is false. It is a false process. It would suck to always think that you have to make money in order to exist. 
I need to come to terms with the fact, that I have been trying to fit my spirit into a job, that is not me. Into a position that is not part of my life, anymore. 

I find myself stating "I do not know". 

I should be stating "I want to know". 

Source give me the answer. Make it known. 

What if this whole time, Source has been giving me the answer? To get up and leave. To move. To get what is needed, not wanted and accumulated, and leave. 

What if my resistance to all of this is causing me this pain and hurt. This frustration. This state of unhappiness. If you were to ask me what I want to do at this very moment, it would be to get up and walk the F*ck out! Who cares! To pack up my clothes and just walk away. The lease will end. I will find a job. I will work three jobs to pay back the debt that has been created and be new again.  Be happy. Be home. 

Sometimes the cards speak of more than the surface of things. At this moment I am in struggle with my Ego. With my wall. 
It is time to end the year of the Ego with a party. A celebration. To state "Stop it!" and move forward. 

Blessed Be.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.17.13: A Phoenix Victory

Monday 6.17.13:

The card of the day is the Six of Wands. The hidden energy card is Judgement. The position that the card sits in is Silver = Goddess and insight. 

We leave the harsh cold of winter behind us, moving from one state of existence to the next. Small battles take up our time and energy. When we enter into the great battle of who we really are, then we must pull from all our resources. We see the big picture and understand that some battles could have been avoided. Will we win this battle?

Will we be able to keep the enemy at bay?

The gate is locked but who are we trying to keep out?

Your enemy hides within the shadow of the sunset. The enemy is not outside your castle. The enemy is hidden within. 

By allowing death to take place, transformation can proceed with great movement. Death does  not mean that the vessel will be dissolved. Death can be spiritual. Your spirit may need to be put to rest, so that the fire of life, can burn through all the sludge, and the spirit can be reborn. We must look within for the answer. 

As I sit here and write this message, I am listening to Larisa Stow's song "Kalikayei". 

The Goddess Kali destroys that which is not needed in our life and pushes us to grow. She allows the obstacle to be eliminated, even if we think it is not an obstacle, and she propels us on our journey. Pushes us to the next stage. Some are willing to accept it and others refuse. 

The fire of spiritual enlightenment may burn with great pain but it is needed. We must let go of the past and move forward into the light. The light of a new day. 

Wake up sleepy heads...
It is time to shine. Time to show everyone your light. 

Time to expand your state of being. It is time to become that wonderful person that you were born to be. A being of love. A being of light. 

Blessed Be. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.16.13: The Answer is within the laughter of joy.

Sunday 6.16.13:

The card of the day is the Four of Cups. The hidden energy card is the Sun. The card sits in the position of Fairies = environment, playtime, enchantment.

When I was young, the laughter would fill my belly and explode with great force. To return to my childhood and examine that moment. The moment where laughter was present. I have been home sick for the past week. I miss my beautiful friends Michelle Conant and Shaun Prater. The fun times we use to have. The joy of going out and laughing so hard that I had to fan my face to cool myself down. Oh Lward!

The many trips to L.A.

All of the many nights when we were drinking and dancing with not a care in the world.

I found this today within the essence of my partner. I found this with the time spent with a new friend. Laughter of life and joy. Laughter with a phone call from my mom. The joy was in abundance today.

Blessed Be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.15.13: Are you going to believe that which is told or that which you know?

Saturday 6.15.13:

The card of the day is The Solar Plexus Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Moon. The card sits in the position of Problem Solving = resolution.

I was talking with Brian Parker, the other day, and it was confirmed that I should start to write my weekend entries early.

So, here it goes.

What thoughts come to mind when I think of the cards?

Are we being true to our inner self?
When people piss on your feet and tell you it is raining, do you usually believe them?

What if you did not see them do this and in turn you are feeling that something is not true. What are you going to believe. The physical objects in your life or believe in your inner voice that is screaming "Liar!".

The journey will be difficult if you choose to believe everything that people are telling you.
The statement of "you can not" will be screamed at you several times. Do you know that it is possible to do anything, in this lifetime, with a little bit of faith in what is known. I know that good is in front of me. I know that if I choose to move forward, then there is nothing that can hold me back.

I have to remember who I am. I have to remember what my voice sounds like. I have to be able to be heard within the crashing sounds of a storm.
To exist while everything around me is ripped to shreds. What do you think I will be left with? What tools will fall to the ground? Maybe I will be left with exactly what is needed to move forward. 

Blessed be.

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.14.13: I am not afraid of You!

Friday 6.14.13:

People seem to think that a Mystic will not speak up. That a Mystic will simply accept what is being given. They are very wrong. 

A Mystic is here to understand what happens when we do this and create that. How it effects our environment. What it does to the spirit. The Mystic is not here to take on other people's crap. We are not here to make you do anything. You have a choice. The information is there. The Mystic can point you in the direction that has been traveled and explain what the outcome could be. You have two choices. One is of light and the other is of dark. 

I love to see a person push the Mystic to the limit. To see what the reaction will be. They think that if a person is positive then they will do what ever is said, because a negative response is not within the Mystic's vocabulary. Bullshit!

The Mystic will speak up. If truth needs to be stated, then the Mystic is the person for the job. Truth can seem harsh. It can create a Monsoon and Tornado. It will break down walls. It is power. A Mystic can be positive. A Mystic also understands boundaries. Healthy boundaries. I will not and I will. Power statements. Power thoughts. 
I am not afraid of you! 

The Mystic states to those around them "Bring it on, for you are the only one who will waste precious energy on not needed things." 

God, I sound so angry....

Change the thought, change the environment. 

The card of the day is the Nine of Wands. The hidden energy card is the Star. The card sits in the position of Red = passion, survival. 

Let me downshift to a lower gear.....

Let us start in neutral. Place the clutch in the center and get a feel for shifting. 

There is a person who drove a manual car in first gear from one city to the next. They messed up the clutch. Hell, they messed up the damn car!

Sometimes we are unaware of our surroundings. Sometimes we drive from one destination to the next in first gear. We need to shift to second with ease. 

If you find that you are stuck, then shift gears. Downshift to a lower gear to get up the hill or shift to a higher gear to make the ride a lot smoother. 

Guess I am stuck on cars today. 

I am dealing with the power to speak up in a positive manner. Some may see it as complaining, but I see it as control. I am in control of my life. I am in control of my path. I walk within the light. 

I feel like this is not a good day to write, for all of my negative emotions are coming out. I am planting weeds in my garden. 

Maybe I have to start at the beginning. Neutral. Maybe I have to start with the simple task of turning off the car and sitting for a moment. Rest. Meditation. Calm. 
Let this be my starting point. Watch out. Once I get started again, there is no stopping this Mystic. 

Blessed Be. 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.13.13: Force of Nature

Thursday 6.13.13:

The card of the day is the Ace of Swords. The hidden energy card is the Tower. The card sits in the position of Dolphin = cosmic consciousness, breath, sacred geometry.

The two cards put together in this position, makes me think of a storm, that appears out of nowhere. It destroys all that is within it's path.

It cuts through doors of steel and abolishes that which is not needed. Material things that do not need to be within our environment. Some will be left penny less and others will be no different than when the storm first started.

The storm is swift. It enters into our life for a few seconds and causes everything within out life to be lifted up off the ground, swished around in a circular motion, and hurled back to the ground. It forces us to rebuild.

Rebuild our life from the ground up.

To take that which is left over and start over. The reset button has been pressed. What do I do now? 

I was talking to a friend the other day about how everything was just not working out. I questioned my path. I questioned my very existence within the land of AuZ (Austin). 

One thing kept coming forward as we talked, that I needed to return to that which got me here. The techniques that helped me to advance into my greatness. I was slacking. 

Now I know to be like the Sword and cut through all the crap that is placed before me. I am to be the Force of Nature that picks up that which is not needed and hurls it across the world. Destroy that which is causing pain and leave only what is required. Leave only the good. See only the good. 

Destruction does not have to be bad. It can hurt, but it is always what is needed, in order to advance to the next level. Cosmic consciousness. 

We receive it everyday, when Source downloads our next mission, into our head, and we are set free to accomplish it. 

To be a spy. 

To have power. To have the power of nature at  your expense. What would you do with it? What kind of rage would you cause? What kind of destruction would you create? 

Sometimes we wish to have power. To create that which we want. To control the process. 
You know that the process is the best part. To enjoy what is to take place. To find the good within it. 

The process can never be controlled. You can only have influence on it. You do have control over the final outcome. 
If you create a storm, expect there to be loss. If you create a drought, expect there to be no water. If you create winter, then expect there to be cold. 

Understand that you are in control of your environment. The seasons will change, bringing the harsh cold of winter and the abundance of harvest in summer, but you have to remember how to prepare for what is to come. If you know how to chop wood, then you must prepare your house for the coldest winter. We have all experienced this on our spiritual path. We all go through the seasons of change. 

The real lesson is to move with every swift motion that Source has to offer. To flow with the energy that is being created. I would rather ride the wave of Abundance, then the wave of Self Pity.  That would be the dullest ride of my life. That small wave would sputter out half way and get  me no where. 

Go out and experience the journey. Understand that everything will work out, if you keep positive and re-enforce that positive thought with another positive thought. 

Blessed Be. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.12.13: Wisdom over Ego

Wednesday 6.12.13:

There are days when I just get so tired of it. Tired of all the small details that take all of my spiritual strength and make me want to blow up into astral dust!

This Mystic is depressed. This Mystic is tired of the juggling act. This Mystic keeps wondering why I am trying to hold onto things, when they are the very item that is keeping me from being happy. Have you ever noticed that when you are single, there is really no one else you have to worry about, but yourself. 

When  you enter into a relationship, you find that your Universe crashes into theirs. Things get jumbled. I find myself in turmoil because I am usually calling the shots. I say when it is time to go. I am in charge of my level of happiness. Well, I am not happy. 

I am having a hard time understanding why I am here. At this very point on my spiritual journey. Why this certain place? Why this certain building? Why this area? Why am I finding so many issues? Why am I having to be positive? 

Sometimes I want to complain. Sometimes I want to just drop the ball and say "Oh well". Everyone else around me seems to be doing it, but that's okay. I have to be compassionate. Well who is being compassionate towards me? 

I miss my support group. I am tired of spinning the wheels on my Bigwheel and finding that I am still at the start of the race. 

I decided to make a change. I decided to make a move. I had to have faith that everything would work out in my favor. So, here I am, shaking  my fist at Source and stating "What the heck are you trying to tell me?"

How can I turn it around?

There. That was my moment of complaining. Where I get to take the damn puzzle, mix it all up, and start all over again. That was my reset button. 

The card of the day is Wisdom or the Hierophant. The hidden energy card is the Devil. The card sits in the position of Kitchen = Creation. 

What wisdom am I trying to create in order to break through my Ego?

What wisdom do I already have that will propel me forward?

Sometimes you have to let go and trust that things will just work out. Not only will they work out but they will work out in your favor. 

When I was learning how to perform a cork screw with my hula hoop, I found that I was trying to grip the hoop as I brought it up above my head. That was a big no-no. You have to let the hoop turn and your hand is just the guide. The guide that lifts the hoop to its destination. If you grip it, then it will surely stop the momentum, and you find yourself getting smacked by the hoop. When will you learn?

I would get so frustrated and would really want to give up. To throw the damn hoop off a high building and watch it explode. 
I did not do that. I picked it back up and noticed when I was gripping. I noticed when I was not gripping. I felt my way into the move. I had to have a lot of confidence. I had to accept the fact that the hoop could hit me. That I will mess up the trick and get smacked. 

After a while I would state "So what!"
I had to keep on trying. Keep on turning. Keep on feeling. 

To feel. 

Sometimes, the Mystic, will place certain covers on the physical senses. Cover our nose, in order to enhance our hearing. Cover our eyes, in order to enhance our sense of smell. Tie our hands together, in order to enhance our sense of energy. Restrain our whole body, so that our spirit will learn to fly. 

Could this be a day of restraint? I think so. I think that our Ego wishes it could restrain every part of our body and make us think that we are not worthy of existing. We are not worthy of good. 

This is my lesson. To press the reset button. To return to that which I was before...of good. Of love. Worthy of greatness. 

Blessed Be. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.11.13: Speaking of Wisdom

Tuesday 6.11.13:

The Truth can hurt. Have you ever walked around and pointed out the obvious? 
I do it all the time. Some will look at me, as if I am crazy, and then state that my words did not need to be spoken. This can sometimes make a Mystic feel small. I know that I am only speaking of what is known. People do not like the Truth to be revealed. 

The card of the day is the Throat Chakra. The hidden energy card is the Hierophant. The card sits in the position of Stairs = Duration and timing. 

Let me get this statement out before I begin delving into this entry.

"When life gives you Crap, plant a garden."

So many times people speak of Bullshit. Just oozing out of their mouth and falling to the floor. Wonder what that would look like. Brown stains on their mouth from all the doodoo they are producing. Ewwwww!

Today is about speaking clearly. Speaking about positive things within your life. Planting a garden and using the fertilizer, produced by others, to help your garden grow. An abundance of fertilizer! 

Wisdom must be placed in every corner of your house. Foundation is worthless without wisdom and truth. Let us take this all from the perspective of a person who is trying to get rid of labels within their life. Notice how their intention is to eliminate. What if you are trying to eliminate something and focus only on that certain thought. No where, is that person, working on producing positive change. What do you think would be better? A person producing positive energy or producing negative energy, by focusing on that which needs to be eliminated?

Did you know that Source manifests what we think of. Source does not state, "Oh this person is trying to get rid of this thing in their life, so let me read between the lines and produce what is really needed, change for the better..."
Doubt that is what Source is doing. 
It is up to us to speak of what is desired. The outcome. What will happen when we eliminate that certain item. Well, you will be happy! Right?!
Then focus on the Happy part. Focus on that which you really want. The elimination of the negative will take place within the process. That is if you do not pay attention to it. 

I am not stating that you be ignorant and state, "Well if I do not look at it, but state that it is still there, and ignore it, but know that it is still there, then surely it will be taken away"


You have to speak of that which is bountiful in your life right now. State that the answer is there, right in front of you. State that you are happy and joyful. That all things are wonderful and that you will move forward. 
Speak the words of wisdom. Follow that negative statement with a positive statement. Cancel it out! Fill it with so much love and release it into the Universe. 

The timing is all up to you. Change is happening all around us. The stairs we climb can be billions or it can be one. The choice is always yours. 

Blessed Be. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 6.10.13: Intuition Brings a New Adventure

Monday 6.10.13:

What is all of this energy that surrounds us. The world is big. The space between love and existence is minimal. We cling to that which brings us down.
It is time to let go of the chain. It is time to let go of the ledge you hold onto. 

A jump to the next ledge, on the mountain, will surely bring you closer to your spiritual goal. 

What is your spiritual goal? 

To use your gift for the greater good?

Sometimes we are given a gift of voice. 
A gift of love. 
A gift of emotions. 
A gift of wood working. 
The ability to close one chapter and start another. The gift of words on paper. The art of creating great food and wonderful pastries. 
Maybe you were given the gift to hike for many miles and be energized? 

Maybe you were given the gift of falling down and getting back up (I would call that perseverance)?

Which ever gift you find out that you have, use it!

Your inner being is advising you that it is time to create. 

The card of the day is the Nine of Coins. The hidden energy card is the Fool. The card sits in the position of Amethyst = psychic abilities and behavioral patterns. 

I did not write an entry, yesterday, because I was living life with great new friends and my partner. Is this an excuse? 
Nope. It is a statement. We must not worry about the small things. One missed entry is not going to kill my writing skills. It will not cause readers to stop reading. The message will be given to whoever is to read this, whether it was done yesterday or today. The cycle begins fresh. The new beginning is starting to show great signs of opportunity. 
Opportunity to spread love. 

I decided today, that the person who annoys me the most, will be getting a handful of positive energy. This will be thrown at them with the force of 10 pitchers on a baseball field. 
Imagine that. A small ball of energy, filled with love and great intent, flying right at the person I dislike the most. I think it will change my perception. That is the real lesson. To forgive that which is causing us pain. Causing us to see truth. Damn them for making us see the Truth in things. 

It just hit me! 
The person who annoys me the most is there to teach me about seeing Truth. 
Truth about how I am acting and what I am reflecting on my environment. See the negative and blockage on the outside, rather then the inside. 
Thank you Annoying person who makes my blood boil. Thank you for letting me throw a precise and wonderful ball of light and love at you, causing a reaction within me. The reaction to change my thought process. To change it from seeing the "lack of" to seeing the "abundance of".  

Blessed Be.