Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/8/11

This card is a repeat of our current lesson. I decided to repost this message. One thing I want to add is that today will contain a lot of male energy. A lot of Deep Thought. My only advice is to not get lost within your mind and forget to live.

The Emperor.

From love to power. Gee, you would think that they go hand in hand, but not in this lesson. I actually have to pair this card with its partner card "The Empress". What we see here is balance. We come from a place of abundance and prosperity that produces desires out of thin air. Then we move forward on our journey to the Emperor card which is about the process, in the role of creation. This card can sometimes confuse me. This card can sometimes stop me in my tracks when giving a reading. I get confused because it can mean a father, male energy, and deep thought. What do I tell this person? What do I advise? I usually have other cards to look to...wait. That is exactly what I will do. Guess what people you get two additional cards to help us understand.
The Two of Wands
This tells me that it is about our father, or a father figure. Someone who we look up to. Forgiveness. Who has hurt you? Who do we keep away, because of pain and words? Forgive. We must forgive them so that we can move forward and be happy. Let that pain and hurt go. Give it up to Source. Fill it with light and release it into the Universe. Forgive yourself for letting it take hold and plant a root in your heart. Forgive yourself for holding back love and happiness. Forgive.

   I am a Force that moves forward with great intent.

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