Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/16/11

  The Five of Swords.
Have you been feeling sick? Have you been under the weather? Is something wrong within your body? Are you losing energy? This is where Dis-ease begins. We give our energy out to people and things that we come in contact with. We give our energy without even knowing it. Then when Dis-ease happens we wonder what could possible be wrong? We go to the doctor and ask "Why am I sick?"
We stay in relationships with people who are not right for us at this time. We hold on to past hurts because we do not want to move forward. We suffer because it is so much easier to complain, then to go through change. This card is talking about health. Our energy and where it is going. The key word for this card is defeat. I do not see the energy of the day as defeat, but as surrender. You must surrender yourself to the process of healing. You must let go of those attachments that cause disappointment. You must let go of everything in order to receive information about the process of healing. Let the joy and happiness happen all around you and enjoy it. Know that a lot of what you are going through is being caused by loss of energy. Take back your personal power and start the process of healing. Healing your spirit.

Blessed Be.

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