Friday, October 21, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/21/11

Another major arcana card. Another lesson card. Another day of healing. I am understanding what the spirits are telling me. They are leading us up to a time of great change. Healing ourselves from past experiences. Healing ourselves for the great new beginning. Healing from past relationships so that we can move forward into the next great romantic relationship. Forgiveness is one way to start the healing process. Letting go is another way to move the process forward. Understanding of one another and how everyone is connected can lead you to a powerful day of healing. Know that everything happens for a reason and also that you must let go of your want and desire to control others and situations. Know that all great things will come your way if you simply let it. Let go of things that have no meaning in your life. Let go of people so that they can grow in their process as well. Forgive yourself for holding on. Forgive yourself for giving away your personal power. Forgive yourself.

Blessed Be.

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