Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/10/11

  The Two of Wands.
The number two is the next step in the process. We take that first step into the unknown and now we are walking. We come to balance with the things we carry, to the partnership with inspiration and thought process. We find ourselves moving into a storm and the unknown becomes familiar. We carry our love with us at all times and even in the storm, we find our inner power. We come to love ourselves and in turn that is reflected into our reality. We find love of another. This is what the number two represents in our lives when it shows up in the cards. I can advise you that today will be about the process of inspiration. The partnership you make with the Divine to take over. To lead the way. To show you where to go. Now you can move with great intent. It does not mean that you will not find change along this path. That you will not hurt or feel grief. This is all part of life. It is all part of growing. We experience pain and hurt because we choose to go against the flow of energy. We are choosing to make it work. To fix what is not broken. We choose to go through it anyways in hope that we will get a different circumstance. That maybe if you change just one step in the process that the end result will change.
  Understand that in the end you will see the lesson that is needed to be learned. Then you will eventually give in to the Divine, and find out that you could have arrived at your destination with less bumps and mishaps. But Blessed Be for the journey. Blessed be for the chance to decide.

Blessed Be.

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