Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/20/11

  The Wheel of Fortune.
What goes up, must come down. The wheel is constantly turning and we are constantly changing. What may seem as something bad that is happening in our lives, is all part of the ebb and flow of energy. The Universe is constantly moving. It never stops. Energy is always moving within us. We can get blocked at times with excess energy, or stagnant energy, but that is why we seek council with a spiritual adviser. There is always a balance to things in life. Never think that nothing is happening in your life. Understand that we are always walking on our path. Know that even if you were to stand still and think that you are going to do are still breathing, your heart is still beating, your hair is still growing. Know that the wheel of fortune is always turning.

Blessed Be.

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