Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/2/11

The cards are speaking of this new time of healing. The days that are coming are about spiritual growth and healing. Temperance is a balance between our reality and the spiritual plane. Always leave things up to the Divine. Let it lead you where you are to go. Let it speak within you and give advice as to what is to be done. The Will of the Divine will take you to wonderful places and meet great people, but allowing you to make choices with pure intent, with pure light. When I see those that I care for in pain, my first instinct is to draw that dis-ease or dis-comfort into my energy field and allow my self to suffer. It is in my nature to take on others pain and hurt. I would rather suffer, because I know I am strong enough to handle what may come. I know that at the end of the pain and hurt is joy and happiness. I know the lesson that is attached to that pain. What I come to find out is that my decision is just a choice. I am choosing to give out a piece of my spirit to those I come in contact with. I am choosing to give my energy away. I understand now that I can choose to not do it as well. By doing so I am allowing them to grow. I am allowing them to make a decision and move forward to their consequences. I understand now that I must listen to the Divine and then decide if I want to follow the light or stay in the dark.

Blessed Be.

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