Monday, November 28, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/28/11

  The Two of Cups.
Such small acts of love. Such small acts of kindness. We move through this world with good intentions, but find that they can lead to great expectations. This card advises me that the energy will be about love. Since the lesson card is The Sun, I can tell you that it means love. A new love will enter into your life, if you are single, and building of a relationship that you thought was once lost, if you are in a relationship already. I know that you must still keep in mind that you exist with or without the relationships in your life. You still must move forward. Let it all take place. Let everything fit together and take shape. Understand that love is there, right around the corner, right in front of you. Love never leaves you alone and in the dark. Love can be found at any point and destination that you arrive to. You just have to notice it. So today notice love in everything and everyone. Notice how the heart beats with every step you take. Take that first step towards loving yourself and who you have become. Then take the next step into the love of another.

Blessed Be.

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