Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 11/8/11

  The Knight of Cups.
Wait! I can see it all now. This card coupled with the High Priestess could mean a new lover. A new relationship moving forward to the commitment side. No....that is not what I feel at this moment. I think it is just one aspect of what could happen. This card is "The Mystic". What does this mean to me?
It means that the energy will be about your spirit and the journey it is on. It will be about information coming to you from the unknown. It will be about the Divine speaking to you about what you should do. What I also see in this card is a lover. In magic this card is used to call upon a lover. It represents a new person entering into your life. This card is about moving with the tides of the ocean. It is about water and the raw power that it can have at times. I am kinda all over the place today with this card because it has so much to say. I can tell you that someone in your life will pledge their love to you. This person can be anyone. It can be a family member or a stranger. The love they will pledge to you will be unconditional love. It will be about expanding your relationship and moving forward into the unknown. This could be a companion who wishes to walk with you on your journey. Do not let pride get in the way. Never expect them to be with you forever. You can only advise them to pick up their things and walk with you. You do not have to stop your existence if they wish to sit for a moment and rest. You can keep on moving. You can keep on going.

Blessed Be.

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