Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/12/12

  The Page of Swords.
The swords are about communication. Air. Words spoken in the heat of the moment. I want to say this much: that everything said to you will contain an answer, clue, or truth. Well actually all of it will contain truth. Truth about who you are, who you have become, where you started at, and where you are going. My spirit guide is telling me to "look to the East." Imagine what we will see when our spirit is set in motion. We travel at the speed of sound. Travel at the speed of love. Travel at the speed of you. The sword can cut through anything. It can cut through the lie in order to receive the truth. It can cut through obstacles and make a new path of greatness. Today look for the truth and set things in motion.

Blessed Be.

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