Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/21/12

  The Queen of Wands.
The Leo. The Chosen One.
We talked about the King of Wands yesterday and how the warrior pushes forward and has to acknowledge his companions in battle. The Queen of Wands understands who her companions are and how to utilize them. I see her as the glue that holds them together. She can be mother, sister, friend, and High priestess. She aids us to see what our full potential can be. She is magick. She is power. She also uses the power of fire to get things done. She understands how to use her ability and is balanced. Where as the King of Wands can get out of hand with his power, the Queen of Wands can put her Ego in check.....sometimes. The Queen also has a shadow side. She can do things in the name of others, but really be doing it for herself. She can sacrifice her companions in battle, so that she may live to fight another day. It is very hard to always be the center of attention, because there is always someone or something wonderful happening every second. My advice to you is to let go. Move forward and know that your actions are not based on your peer's opinions.

Blessed Be.

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