Monday, January 2, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/2/12

  The Four of Cups.
Since this is a new year. Since it is a new time and place. Since our spirit has become strong. I offer you this card. This card allows us to see what is missing in our life. It allows us to see what is over-looked. It allows us to appreciate what is unappreciated. We look to the ground for an answer. We look to the sky for an answer. We look around us for a divine update or download to our next destination. What we seem to forget is that we are constantly being updated by the Divine. We are constantly being advised on what to do and where to go. The key word for this card is Boredom, but what does that mean? Are we really bored with where our relationships are going, or are we bored with the fact that we are not taking a chance? We are bored with ourselves and the decisions we keep making. The decision to return to things that hold us down. Are we bored with the chains that we have put around our spirit? Are we bored with the steps we have been slowly taking, when our spirit is advising us to run. Today I am bringing your deepest thoughts into the light. I am advising you to do something about it! If you want love in your life, then walk right into the battlefield and fight for your divine right to be loved. Love yourself! Start at the beginning and take a chance. Look within for your answer. Look within for your home. Look within for your perfect lover. You will see what has been misplaced, not missing. You will find that spark that shines in the darkest night.
On a side note. I use to think my perfect lover or next partner would walk into my life. That we would meet and it would be as if time stood still. I now know and feel that it is not "he" that will walk into my life. I will walk into his. I will move forward with what I believe and what I want to do and it will be "me" that steps into his reality, creating perfect peace and harmony. I know now that it is time to listen to the Divine and do what is needed. To walk where the Divine wishes me to walk. To run into my future head first. To jump with out thinking. To jump with the faith that all things are possible.

Blessed Be.

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