Monday, January 30, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/30/12

  The Empress.
We move from one phase to another. So many lesson cards during this month. The Counterpart to the Emperor card keeps coming up. So this tells me that we need to enjoy what the Divine is giving us. Open yourself up to every opportunity that comes your way today. It will lead you to something great. You will see the benefits of your good intentions. Remember that the Empress is not always about money. She can also be about the abundance of love and truth. She rules her kingdom with open arms and an open heart. She loves all that she sees and all that is within her kingdom. Be careful though, for you may let it get to your head. You may give with the contract of it will be returned. Do not become the shadow part of the Empress. The Queen who rules in vein.

Blessed Be.

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