Friday, January 6, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 1/6/12

  The Six of Wands.
Victory! This card speaks to us about returning home from a battle. We return home victorious. We have won the battle, but what were we really fighting about?
Sometimes we forget what all the fighting is for half way through the battle. We try to figure out what we were holding on to. We try to figure out the reason. We get lost within the emotions, the pain, the process.
Today try to understand that no one really wins when it comes to a battle. Everyone is just trying to stay alive. We return home bruised and beat up. We return home safe. Maybe that is the main goal on our spiritual journey. To return home safe, wise, and whole. To return home a different person who is willing to appreciate what we really have. To appreciate life.

Blessed Be.

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