Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/19/12

We have gone through a time of healing, to a time of tradition and ritual, and now we are looking at the Laws of the Universe. Justice speaks to us about Karma and the energy we put out. If we put out only negative thoughts and actions, then we receive a negative experience. If we cultivate positive thoughts and actions, then we receive  a positive experience. Look at everything with a positive attitude. Understand that the Universe will take care of everything that is needed. Give it up to the Divine and Justice will be served. Remember that you can not live in the shadows and expect the light to find you. You must be willing to seek out the light, or truth, and it will be revealed. Justice is not always a bad thing. This could be the day that everything pays off. You receive exactly what is needed at the exact moment, because you planted the seed. Remember you had two options last week. You could have planted the seed and waited for it to sprout, or planted the seed and  moved on with your life knowing that it will happen.

Blessed Be.

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