Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 2/4/12

   The Two of Cups.
This card has entered into our atmosphere, our galaxy, with great intent. This is the next step in a relationship. To be faithful. To commit. Sometimes we can get lost within a person. We get stuck within their glimmer, within their shine. What we do not see is the real person standing in front of us. We do not see what the other hand is doing while we focus on the trick. I would apply this card to a magicians trick. Nothing is up his sleeve. He commands you to focus on one hand while the other performs the trick. He causes you to be dazzled by nothing. This is how love can be sometimes. Look at everything within the relationship. Really try to see if this person or thing is willing to commit everything, or just part. Do you only want part of this person? Do you only want 50% of what they have to offer? Do you want more? You are deserving of the best. You are deserving of more. My advice to you will be about the amount of brightness you give out today. If others shine at a max of 10 then we will shine at an 11.

Blessed Be.

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