Friday, March 16, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 3/17/12

  The Ace of Cups.
This card speaks about love. This card has been talking about love for a long time. It shows up and then leaves. It shines light on what might be a new relationship and then shifts into the next phase. The Ace of Cups is the start of something new regarding love. Yesterday was about inspiration and information coming from a phone call. Could this new adventure be about love?
Love is tricky. Love can leave you on cloud nine and also leave you in hell. It can build you up or crush you to the ground. Love does not know good nor bad. We put evil into the world. We use tools for good or for bad. In turn love can also be used against others. Today is about how that love, or power, can be used to make the world go round. Remember to love without boundaries. Love with no regret. Love yourself more than you love others. You hold the power. You contain truth. You deserve more. We all do.

Blessed Be.

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