Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/16/2012

7/16/2012 Monday:

When I think of love, or a new relationship, I think of a state of perfection. Love is not about the physical connection.
I want to talk about my life and the love I feel and have at this very moment.
A feeling of existence. A calmness.
That is what love is to me.
The world seems to stand still and everything is all right.
When there is no feeling at all. That is love.
You feel like yourself.
I feel this way. I can still move forward and understand that the person I will be with will follow. They will participate and become part of my life.
They will want to be around me all the time, and in turn I will want to be around them as well.
We can be apart but still feel close. He will handle the small stuff and I will handle the major events within the journey.
I know that everything that has happened has lead me to this point. A path of love.
Should I proceed?
Do I want to take that leap of faith?
For the love I want, Yes!
I will gladly jump into the unknown if that person is willing to do the same.
I only ask of him to reciprocate the same amount of energy I give.
The cards speak of a relationship that is moving forward and the happiness that follows. Be open to the act of love. Be open to your happiness and know that Source is always cheering for you at the end of the tunnel.

Blessed Be.

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