Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 7/20/2012

7/20/2012 Friday:

How can one person contain Faith when the one thing you want seems so far in distance. Love is at a distance within our life, in order to teach us that we are human. Love is universal. The love we sometimes want is simply our desire to leave one situation for another. We carry the same baggage with us everywhere we go. So here I advise you to let it go. Drop the baggage on the ground...actually this is what I say to anyone who wishes to be in a relationship with me. I advise them that love is all that is needed. It is compassion. I turn to them and state "Here is my backpack. Put anything you want in it. I am willing to take on anything you got, for I am strong. I can travel to hell and back, with such great intent, and still muster up enough strength to move a mountain."
Does this scare people?
Of course, because most of us are not willing to allow someone else to have so much faith in the face of chaos and danger.
This is who I am. I have always been this way. This is what I have to offer. Do you think they can offer me the same thing?
I know they can.
If a person is given the chance to shine, whether it be 10% or 100%, they will come out the wiser. They will come out strong and full of inspiration. It can sometimes be just enough to create the change they wish to be.
Be careful though. A giving heart can also become a cold heart. With all the people, or planets, traveling within your gravity, they can sometimes take and not give back. They can sometimes give with strings attached. They only know one be a planet.
There is no need to blame them. I know that I must move forward no matter what. It is up to them to either take my hand and walk with me, or stay in their safe spot, looking forward, while I wave Good-Bye in the distance. Sometimes the distance will allow that person to make a move. Take just one step, and start the flow of energy again. They will find out very shortly that I was there all along, just on another plane of existence.

Blessed Be.

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