Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/11/2012: Movement and Disruption

9/11/2012 Tuesday:

I look into my crystal mirror and it speaks to me. Smoke. Clearing. Knowledge.

A Chariot is racing towards the tower that is already burning. What will he find?
He finds only the remains of destruction.
Does he weep?

Sometimes I arrive a minute too late. Thinking that I could have somehow stopped the destruction from taking place.
I am sure Source is laughing as this thought leaves my plane of existance and enters into the great Vortex of energy.
How can you stop destruction from taking place?
Good luck in doing so.
Once change is in process, there is no turning back.
Like I advised in other entries before; one can not plan for an experience to take place, but they can prepare
for it.
Today the energy will be about the change that is taking place within our life. The movement that the change will produce in our life.
Are you ready to push forward?
I know that I am ready to move within the light. To create that which is desired.
To live within love and joy.
Find the good within everything.
Your movement starts with your gratitude that you are alive.
Gratitude with the breath you breathe.

The crystal mirror speaks about fire. Destruction and change comes with fire. Fire can burn anything down to its core. What can be left is the rising phoenix. Where will the phoenix be in your life? What are you wanting to create change in?

Blessed Be.

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