Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/9/2012: New Skill and Wisdom

9/9/2012 Sunday:

Well what could happen on a non-work day?
What we do not see is the workings behind the curtain.
Every great actor knows that all the magick happens behind the curtain. Who works the lights?
Who designed the make-up?
Who made the back drop?
Who wrote the script?

So much work goes into the set up of the production. Do you appreciate the people behind the scenes?
Does anyone clap for them?
When it is all done and over with, they move forward with another project. They build and construct, loving the work they do, and create something so magickal.

At times I think about the card of Wisdom. The Hierophant is a tricky card to understand at times. It is fickle. It can mean so many things to me and the distinction of what the card is saying can leave me lost in thought. I turn to my spirit guide for clarity...

My vision was one of great knowledge. I was visiting my spirit garden and talking to my spirit guide. I wanted to know where my love resided. I wanted to understand why we were ripped apart.
I was taken past the trees that grew on the outskirts of my sacred place. We traveled to a hilltop, and there was a group of people.
People I knew.
Other Lightbringers.
Then he reached out his hand.
This wonderful man advised me that it was time to listen and be advised of our duties.
The Hierophant stood on a hilltop, preaching, and screaming of love and justice.
He wore a white robe and had a white beard. This was the Hierophant card to me.
Then there was a rip in the fabric of time and the Lightbringers were falling into the unknown. They screamed with fear, but I knew it was time to depart the spiritual world and enter into the physical world. I was not afraid. I began to fall and my love reached out to grab my hand. He looked at me and said that he will find me. I began to fall and was brought back to reality.
I did not understand this vision.
Now I know.

Sometimes the energy will reflect our work ethic, but I have to remember that my real job is aiding people on their spiritual journey. A new skill will be added. Are you prepared for your new spiritual gift?

Blessed Be.

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