Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/23/2012: Transformation and Transformation

10/23/2012 Tuesday:

Dear Brittany, 

The energy will be about transformation. Actually it is about double transformation. Just when you think the struggle to break free from the cocoon is over, you find that you are to break through one last layer. 
You will probably think to yourself "Another state of change?". 

Sometimes I give Source a look of "Really?!"
You know the one where you just stare and think that surely this will be it. That there can possibly be no more added stress that you can take. Funny how we try to advise Source that we surely can not take on anymore. 
Did you know that you are the only one who knows a limit. The items were brought on by you. Co-created with Source in every way. So if you think you can not take on anymore stress, try again. You are made to handle any situation that enters into your life. You are made to shine in the dark, even if it is a dim glow. Kinda like the stars you use to put up on your ceiling in your bedroom. 
They still light up the room, dispelling any dark shadow that may try to manifest itself. 

The transformation is only scary if you decide that you are not ready to do so. 
It can only bind and suffocate you if you decide that the fight is too much. That you are not worthy of this change. 
Believe me, sometimes I find myself thinking that I am not worthy of the Good in my life. That when a mistake is made, I should be placed back at the beginning and everything within my realm should stop. 
You know what I noticed yesterday?
That when I make a mistake, it teaches me that I am human. That even a Mystic must learn, and learn, and keep on learning. That there is no end to all of this change and transformation. That destruction is a great tool to use. 
My advise to you is that during this day, you must allow the energy to take over and lead you to greatness. Have faith that every step you take is within alignment of your Divine path. 
I know that I am on mine. Even if it seems like a path of destruction, I know that I am still walking within Good. Do you know how I know this?
I know this because I am still breathing. I am still alive. I am still able to move forward with great intent, even though it may not seem like it is what I desire, it surely is what I need. 

Blessed Be. 

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