Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/25/2012: Ending of a Cycle and Transformation

10/25/2012 Thursday:

The Circle never ends and we keep on moving. The cycle of destruction may end, but it returns in a different form and pattern. Today is about the ending of one cycle or lesson and our transformation into the new. 

The World is viewed as the break through point. We come out reborn. We die in the process and our new spirit is formed. I can relate this to a possibility of someone breaking through into the spirit world. They move through the sludge of reality and....

What can I say?
This is the moment where we get what is needed in our life. We have learned our lesson and it is time to move on with everything else. It may be that our season of love is over, or that the season of Winter is at an end. What we find is that the only thing changing is our thought process. The snow still falls during winter, the leaves change color in fall, The flowers bloom in Spring, and the Sun still shines in Summer. What we take on in the Winter should be left in the past. We move forward into a new season, whether it be a season of winter again, and carry nothing over into the future, for if we do then a state of depression and regret take shape and form. You must let go of one skin and move into the next. Death does not allow us to take our belongings with us into the new plane of existence. Death is the destruction that takes everything away, leaving us new and unbound to that reality. 

Have you ever noticed that we tend to hold on to things that have happened a few days ago. Heck! We hold on to things that have happened three minutes ago. The experience is gone. Now it is time to move on. This is what an ending of a cycle is all about. We think, we perform, and we experience. Now we must move forward with who we are and learn something new. You are never in the red. You are always free and flowing. Only your thoughts can stop the movement. Only your Ego can drag you down. Today you must transform into the wonderful being that you were born to be. The season will change and in the process you will find that it is only an experience. 

Blessed Be. 

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