Friday, December 21, 2012

The Nature of Today's Energy 12/21/2012: Shadow and Healing

12/21/2012 Friday:

When I see the Shadow card, I think of the Moon and all of the psychic energy that comes with it. We are alive. Really, we are breathing in energy and letting it go. What if this was how being healed worked. Being healed was more about the absence of holding on. If you keep thinking about just how sick you are, then you will always be sick. Accept what is being given. Every piece of it. Every experience. Every relationship within your life at this very moment.

Balance and healing come to you when you stop focusing on what you do not want, and turn to what you really want. What do you want?

I know that there is only good in my life at this very moment. This thought forms like a rock, it is thrown into the deep ocean of Source, and it ripples into the future. If I was to hold thought of how good my life is now, then more good will enter in to my life, because I am paying attention to it. Do you wish to focus on what you do not want, or what you do want?

It does not have to be specific, for there are those out there that think it should be precise. What if you just wanted good. Do you think that Source would throw you a lemon?

Maybe. That lemon may be just what is needed to bring good into your life. Sometimes the balance of negative and positive must be provided. You do not want to stop the flow of energy. You want to accept it. Once you accept what is being given, then more good will come, for you are going with the flow of current, rather than pushing against it.

The shadow side of me can cause much trouble, but sometimes that trouble is brought on by my own Ego. Trouble is only a form of fear that is set there, so that I will stop existing. Do you wish to not exist? Do you wish to burn bright and become the wonderful person you were born to be? Then shine baby, shine...

Blessed Be.

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