Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.11.13: The Knight of Wands

Thursday 4.11.13:

The energy will be about inspiration, force of nature, and breaking through with great untapped potential. Instead of knocking on the door, I will surely break it down, with my war cry. 

The Knight of Wands can be a person who is influencing our life at this point in time, a great scholar. The person I would seek information from. The day is about finding a solution. Creating the final outcome. The hidden energy card is the Hanged Man. Faith in all of its glory. I act without knowledge of what is to come, but I know that it shall be just what is needed. 

Today may contain that Force that is needed to be who you were born to be, but be cautious of that Force. The knight is power that is not tame. Untapped and unrefined. I may break down the barriers, but I will soon see, that with destruction comes damage. What am I willing to lose? What am I willing to change?

This card sits in the position of Crow/Spirit. Our true nature within this week. What I pull from. The true desire of what is needed. I require Force and inspiration, in order to find resolution. 

I really had to go out and walk in the sunlight today. To think about what is happening within my life. What is taking place with everything and everyone. 

When my spirit feels contained or bottled up, I begin to really analyze what is within my life that needs to be changed. To be brought into the light. Like the plant that needs to be moved from one corner of the room to the other, so that it receives enough filtered light. So that it receives the nutrients that are needed to grow. To live. 

Funny, how one does not realize the true potential of their life, until they are faced with the Death of something. How fragile the moments we live in are. How seconds can contain the purest form of love to reach levels of great potential. 

Force with the element of fire is very potent. It can singe you in the process of creation. Burn you like the Sun on a hot summer day. Scorch the dream that you have worked so hard to create. One thing that I must keep in mind, is the knowledge of the phoenix. The potential to create a new dream out of the ashes of another. The idea may be brought into the light, under a magnifying glass, that burns the fragile creature to dust, but if you look closer, the spark of life still exists. A new form and shape must be created for the vessel to live in. I guess this could be associated to our family. To our children. They are the spark of a humans creation. The will to live on. To grow. To understand. 

Today is about the spark of life. The spark of creation. What will you create? A beautiful idea of great love and intent, or a nightmare? Do not worry. The rest of the week contains many tools that are needed to work through the process of destruction. The mind is only one part of the equation. Our spirit, the people we hold close, and the desire to live, is needed to move forward with who we are. With what we choose to become. A being of pure love. A being of pure light. 

Blessed Be. 

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