Friday, April 12, 2013

The Nature of Today's Energy 4.13.13: Miser

Saturday 4.13.13:

When one holds onto energy, it is stored into a small vessel, and it yearns to be released. How is a dream to be manifested if there is not enough energy to aid it on the process of creation?

What does it feel like to bottle up energy within your spirit. At times it can feel like you are full of so much energy, as if you drank 10 cups of coffee, and you need to clean everything in sight. Then again it can feel like you have taken a really crappy drug and you have no control over what is taking place.
To much energy can be a toxin. It can stop you from moving forward. Make you feel as if you are drunk and can not be controlled. The card of the day speaks about this feeling. The way that one can hold onto energy, money, time, and love, because they feel that if they give, then no more will come into their life.

They feel as if they can not share the love that is being given, for that person may leave them for something better. Who can be better than you? No one! There is only you. Perfect in every manner. Perfect in every state.
I think that I forget that I am such a great person inside, as well as outside. The hidden energy card is Temperance. A time of healing. Water and Earth.

The thought of a glow-worm comes into my mind as I write this. I guess Source is trying to tell me something.

To have that light within you, be so intense, and undying, that it glows in the darkest night. To follow a path of Glow Worms to home. To source. Every person is born with light. I wonder why there are times that we try to hide it. To try and cover it up. To mimic the light of someone else.

I always tell people that when I was young, and in love, or so I thought it was love, my light would be dim. Small in sight and stature. I would hide it, in fear that the other person would not like it. That if they were to see it, then they would run away with fear. Really I did not know that by me trying to hide it, I was sabotaging the relationship. Actually, I was becoming something, I was not.
I was looking for love, for me, all over the place. Wishing that I had perfect love. Wanting something more than what was being given. Funny, if I only would have let it shine, then I would have not gone through the heartache, the loss of who I am.

Now that I am in a healthy relationship, meaning that I am allowing me to be me and him to be him, then I shine all the time. I shine my light on everything that is around me, dismissing that which causes darkness, and releasing that moment of healing. Of perfect health. Of perfect thought.

Energy is held within due to frustration with the way of the path. Who do we blame? Well, other people of course, when really we should be pointing the finger at our self. We cause our own frustration. Maybe we should see where the path takes us, before we start to bitch and moan. Maybe we should simply shut our mouth and keep walking. Who knows? We may be pleasantly surprised with what we find.

Blessed Be.

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