Friday, December 19, 2008

Ace of Cups

Today I woke up wondering about what I am wanting and who am I? The card I picked for today is about Love, but not necessarily about romance. Love stands in our way sometimes. Love can break chains that have been shackled to our hands and feet for so long. We struggle with love at times and in the end we are victorious. We battle with demons in our heads and heart that never really are seen by other people. We fight and lose and fight again always making sure that we are in a pattern of change. We require that change to happen in order for us to understand ourselves. We need that change in order for our soul to grow. We look for the change in people around us hoping to find an answer to the questions we have, but really the answers are within us waiting to blossom. We look to a higher power to take over our lives and make things right. In reality the answers are there in front of us. God does not wait. God gives us everything we need and require, in this world, right in front of us. The two hands we look at every morning...the body that our spirit lives in...the mind that thinks when we sleep...we have all we need right in front of us. Look at all things in your life closely and wonder what that item has to give to us today. What that person has to teach us this morning or afternoon. Do not take anything for granted. In every thing that is presented to us today we will look and find that Love is required to make them work. Without love we will not be able to push that button on our coffee machine. Without love we will not be able to sing. Without love we will not be able to hate.
Blessed be!

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