Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Eight of Cups (R)

- Not wanting to grow or expand. Hanging on to what no longer serves you. Also, it is better to stay than move on.

So if you are wanting to leave a place of business or job because of the enviroment, then I would take a hard long look at what your next step will be. This card is a search card. When upright it means that you are looking for an emotional balance. The longing for love in your life. Well reversed states that you are not wanting to change. This year is about major change. This year is about growing as a person and becoming this great being of light. This year is about finding that path of greatness to walk or realizing that the path you have been walking on is the path of greatness. Today may seem gloomy. Today may seem like a lazy day, but we must always keep moving. Remember that decisions need to be made with Faith and that all things work out in the end. They may not seem like they are in your favor, but really they are there for a reason. The biggest step you have to make is the first step. Take it! Go! Move! Know that all the positive energy in the world is at your fingertips. Use it!

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