Monday, February 1, 2010

Four of Cups (R)

Ready for new challenges?

That is what this card asks us. New paths or reconnecting to old ones.

Today I am ready for new challenges. I find myself excited because my clientel is growing. I have more people asking to have their cards read. now I feel like I am on my path. I feel like I am using my gift for good. Well actually just using my gift period.

What is next? New adventures as a Spiritual Advisor. Learn more about Folk Magic and start to apply it to my works?

I read Tarot Cards for a few people the other day over the internet. I only require a picture of them, or to know them. If they are new then I probably need to make some sort of connection, either by phone or picture. I find that my clients are a younger crowd. I do not have an older based group of people. Maybe this will happen in time. Goodness. To be able to work with magic on a daily basis. To read cards for a living, or be a full time Spiritual Advisor. Why, I would enjoy my days so much. To return to school and study.

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