Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/18/11

  The King of Cups.
I have been waking up upset and sad lately. I have been working through my thoughts and using a technique that stops me from thinking that "I am my thought". I have to remember that everything is in moments. Everything is changing. I try to hold on to a certain thought or emotion and think that "I am". When I am not. I am not my thoughts. I am not my body. I am not my relationship. I am working through the process of letting go. I am moving towards my true self and in doing so I can see the moment as just a moment. When I first started out on this journey I came to the conclusion that I would rather send love to a certain moment or thought that was negative and let the Universe take care of it. I would not find the root of the issue and ask my self "Why". Now I find that it is better to ask the question and then process the feeling or emotion, then send it off with love to the Universe. In doing so you can understand who you are. You can start to love yourself, because you will know yourself.
I seem to have gone off track with this card. I have been picking court cards and I get upset with these certain Tarot cards because you do not know if they are people or characteristics that we need to take on. As I travel through the day I look and in looking I can sometimes see the card take shape and form. Then again sometimes I do not see anything at all. My advise to you for the is that this card is about love. The perfect lover. The one who nurtures and takes care of you. The one who gives you hope instead of break things down. Understand that maybe you have been turning a blind eye to this person, or not giving yourself enough credit. Be kind on yourself. Be kind to others. Know that you are deserving of the best.

  All the relationships in my life contain worth and value.

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