Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/29/11

  The Chariot.
The Vessel. We are the chariot in some way. The major arcana in the tarot are considered Archetypes. They shape and form our life. We all pass through the cycle and become each and every part of the cards. We are sometimes the Hierophant. We are always The Fool. We can be mysterious as the moon. As crazy as the Hanged man. We slip into the dark like the Hermit and seclude ourselves from all human contact. We wonder if we will ever be touched again by a human. We are always asking the questions of life. Who will I be with? When will love enter into my life? When will I be rich?
  What we miss within the questions are the answers that are being given back to us by Source. We want it a certain way. We want things to take place so fast and with a big crash. We want to see certain people come into our lives. The Chariot advises us that all the answers are there within us. We contain all tools to needed to create our reality. We contain all materials needed to build our house of glass, and also to destroy it. Destroy your house of glass and sit within the rubble. Understand that it can be rebuilt again, but do you want it rebuilt? What materials do you have within your body, soul, and mind? Could you build it with love? Could you build it with Grace? Could you build it with Energy? Why if it was built with a substance that was liquid form. Then rocks would either enter and sink to the bottom or flow right through it. Either way you find that nothing can break it down.

  I trust and believe that the decisions I make today will lead me to great things.

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