Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 9/6/11

  The Eight of Wands.
I always think of rain coming down and a tornado starting to take form in our reality. It can consume all things within its path or not. It can cause destruction to one place and leave another untouched. At the end of the destruction there is beauty left behind. We find memories and thoughts on the ground. We pick up the pieces that mean something to us and say good bye to those things that were lost. We wave good bye to yesterday and say hello to the future. I love a tornado and its raw power. I love how they can start anywhere at anytime and leave our vision within the blink of an eye. What we see here is that the destruction it causes contains power and truth. It contains beauty and love. Look for that beauty and love within the destruction in your life. Within the destruction from your tornado.

 I am a Force that moves forward with great intent.

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