Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/12/11

  The Devil.
Sometimes we do not see the new beginning. Sometimes the change is so small that we think nothing is happening. The Fool is showing us the change in motion. How we take a leap of faith and hope it will be okay. Hope that everything will work out. Hope that the Universe will bring it into our existence. Now the lesson changes. We meet our Ego. We see the Devil not as a beast with horns, but our shadow self. We see the walls we can build, place them in front of us, and then tell ourselves that we can not climb it. We put standards on everyone around us. We box ourselves in. The Devil advises us that we hold ourselves back. We put the chains around our hands and feet. We tie ourselves to our jobs, morals, relationships, and money. We bind ourselves to material things. We bind ourselves to love. Well, not real love, but conditional love. We scream out to the Universe for help, but look away from what is being offered. We scream out to the Universe for change, but stand in one place refusing to move. We scream out to the Universe for a sign, but look away when the sign reveals itself. We hide in dark places, not wanting to see the light. We hold on to things that have no meaning in our lives. Be advised that the Devil is not a bad card. The Devil is our Ego trying to hold us back. It reveals to us our dark side. It reveals to us when we are holding ourselves back. It advises us that we our the problem, and we are also the solution.

Blessed Be.

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