Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/13/11

  The Two of Coins.
The Ego advises us that we do not have enough. How are we going to pay our bills? How can I ever get ahead if I keep taking three steps back? I never seem to win at this thing called life.
The Ego (Devil) has a way of speaking to us with a silent voice, that whispers such questions in our heads. The funny thing about the Ego is that it really has no free will. It can only suggest. We are the creators of our reality. Why do we listen? Because we are afraid of what could happen. We are afraid of the prosperity and abundance that waits on the other side. We are afraid that our consolation prize will be two milk dudes and a shirt that says "I took the leap of faith and all I got was this lousy shirt".
The Two of Coins coupled with our lesson card advises us that the energy will be about balance. Balance between our spiritual side and our material side. Between our freedom of choice and freedom of letting things happen. A juggler comes to mind when I see this card. He learns his craft, much like the Fool, and sets out on his journey. He practices until he can not pracitce anymore. He rests and works on other things within his life. He understands that you must find balance between the love of one item and the mundane tasks. Today look to the lesson within the mundane task. Know that everything you do has purpose. Everything you do contains value. Even if you think a mistake is made, you will come to find out that it was done for a reason. Walk on to your path of greatness.

Blessed Be.

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