Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/2/11

  The Four of Coins.
The key word for this card is Possessions. What we hold in our hands. What we crave in the dark of the night. This is about materiel things and the effect they have on our body, mind, and soul. Items can keep us stopped in our tracks. They can place us under a spell and advise us to stop what we are doing and watch out for people who steal. The real person we have to watch out for is our self. Our Ego makes us believe weird stuff. Our Ego advises us to build up expectations so that we can constantly be on a roller coaster ride of disappointment. Today watch out for your Ego. It can creep up on you so fast and make sure that the walls you build are secure. It can keep you from growing into the wonderful being of light that you are. Understand that items come and go. The more you hold onto something, the more it will want to leave. Let go of those small things you carry around everyday within your spirit. Let go of the pain, hurt, and heartache. Move forward into the light of day. Move forward into greatness.

  I trust and believe that the decisions I make today will lead me to great things.

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