Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/1/11

  The Ten of Coins.
The energy will be about happiness and family. We see a home filled with love and happiness on this card. We see a goal being reached and the celebration that comes with it. This card reminds me of Christmas. The decorations. The togetherness. The celebration. The family. The forgiveness. Christmas is not the only time to be nice to your fellow men. Today is about acceptance within a group of people. Acceptance of who you are and who they are as well. Acceptance of the wrong that has been done and the moving forward with the relationship. We think that we have to get rid of certain relationships because they are damaging. What we have to remember is that every relationship is brought into your reality because you have given it attention. If you simply stop paying attention to how bad it is, and move forward by paying attention to what you do want in life, then you will not have to get rid of anything. Eventually it will just move on as well. That person will see the change in you and move forward with their life. I think this card is telling us that wealth is not just about money. You can be wealthy in health, love, and joy. Blessed Be.

  I trust and believe that the decisions I make today will lead me to great things.

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