Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/23/11

  The Nine of Cups.
Coupled with the lesson card, Temperance, we see that this time of healing is a process of enjoyment. We should jump for joy at the fact that we are becoming stronger. We are taking back our personal power and can move forward with who we are. Now we walk with our head up high looking at what is around us, instead of looking at the ground. We know that even though we may stumble, we will be able to get back up. This card advises me that pleasure can bring happiness, but we must understand that it is only for a brief second. Today walk forward within this process of healing and know that the moment you give your life and purpose up to the Divine, is the moment that you will see where you are meant to go and who you are meant to be with. Believe me Faith can sometimes be a difficult process, but know that when it happens you really can move mountains.

Blessed Be.

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