Monday, October 24, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/24/11

  The Six of Coins.
What and whom are you giving your energy to? This card advises me that today we will have to stop and think about where our energy is going to. Why do we feel tired? Which chakra is leaking out energy?
Look within for answers. Give, but know when you need to not give anymore. Do not get lost within the illusion of this world. Move forward with full motion and intent. Love, but notice who you are giving that love to. Do they appreciate it? Do they laugh at you?
What ever they may do, understand that you give it freely and you can also not give it. You can choose to stop letting that energy go out and deplete your aura. You do not have to be their source of energy. Know that you have to take care of yourself, and in turn you will take care of others by being an example of health.

Blessed Be.

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