Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Nature of Today's Energy 10/30/11

  The King of Coins.
Two days in a row. Looks like the spirits are advising us to seek out our elder shaman. Maybe we are the elder shaman to other people. They seek answers from us regarding their lives. They seek the Truth, but are they ready for it? Are we ready for it. We find ourselves with the same energy as yesterday. Maybe there is unfinished business we must attend to. Maybe there is unfinished love. Maybe there is a part of our spirit that we need to call back from that negative circumstance, so that we can move forward with our positive journey. Today I can tell you that no matter what happens, you will find joy within your day. You will see that the end result is much greater than the process. You will see that the process contains such joy and happiness, but you have to stop and enjoy it in order to understand. Be like the King of Coins and enjoy what you have worked hard for. Know that everything will be okay and you will find the Truth in the end.

Blessed Be.

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